Ammar Alshukry – Emotional Visit to Shop Owner in Jerusalem With Our Blessed Voyage Group

Ammar Alshukry
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What is she? A lady said to

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me like you say y'all made him cry

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he's been closed for two and a half years. Well just send them all scatter the party let

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him and before that two and a half years the occupation restrictions on him has been beyond above and beyond one

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and I say to the youngest person here and it has demonstrable, I am a servant at your feet. On Jane Olivet commend to James and you're not coming as visitors you're coming to your house llama Schuco will live there if I said

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he said

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he said when he when he saw us, he felt that he had a family

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at random and

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he said it said Pune and

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he said I hope from Allah Subhana Allah you always come in to visit us in your house. Hood went ahead of you live today Well

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none of you are guests you are all coming to your home in a minute but

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he says that of course is a responsibility on our backs.

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Especially a medical officer, mainly a man is wearing Allah who

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he said my father gave me and trusted me with a responsibility with a task and a man who took care of him he said that it is a task on your neck in the * out of me. This place is an Islamic endowment means the club and that is why me and

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whoever comes here You are a servant at their feet and you are entrusted with them. And you are a protector for them rather than kill him.

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He said after dinner

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we can talk about the place the location itself in store or we can talk about it now. No, I would prefer we talked about it now because after dinner we're gonna be sleeping. Okay? So

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his name is Rima is how I will Khadija and what are the two. I was born here at mon naman Allah Nana Mouton Kim and I hope to Allah Subhana Allah that I die here also.

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Adam Hunka never I'm conservative. This place was five meters. Big, five square meters big when Allah hated it the setting for 30 years, one hour, same as luxury swing and I've been expanding it a little bit a little bit.

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I will not buy only out of our $3 million. He said just so that I can short story. The first offer that I was ever given for this place was $24 million. Then a $113 million. The second offering was $31 million. I still remember the last what Allah He out of $8 million I swear by Allah was $40 million

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these people are being bought out of their properties, their homes.

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They're receiving offers all the time. He was on a panel of data comes out of that I mean David but we'll come to that and I always said hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen predicament of it. I have underneath here underground. He has a map

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there Sean has a hockey because of this and Ebola cool what can

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I say to you again and again and again

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ahead, dammit, love could

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be giant Belen will come in sha Allah insha Allah Zulu, Daniel Majid luxol Zulu Ximena calibrate them of the Samara the bill was in me and he says and when I say to you again and again and again I mean servant at the feet of anybody who comes to this land and we say to you, for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah come and visit and quotes come and visit and messy the opposite makin messy that OFSAA always populated by Muslims lives why he mentioned loves all of us were super super mega man it the province of alliance and they've been trusted us lead measure solenoids to the message that AXA and I'll quotes Willunga magazine in it when I

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Good and when our brothers and sisters don't come to Jerusalem, in his hand is at one of the themes that familiar theme we feel like orphans. You know, we see it again and again shun Allah.

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And we say again and again and again for the sake of Allah for the sake of Allah but Allah hadn't come to Jerusalem

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and welcome you call him Allah.

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Allah, beneficial tequila mushroom and said Mr. Beckett, he said I feel like you're all my family and I become so happy when a Muslim enters into the city went to critical b&b.

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And all of you are or I'm at your every service was no setup.

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