Don’t Judge The Prayer of Others

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The transcript describes a woman who recites a song and discusses her experiences with a man who also recites a song. The segment touches on the concept of "monster" and its impact on people's behavior, including the use of shoes in public. The speaker also discusses praying with shoes and their imp 44% value, while acknowledging the significance of meditation in the Islam religion.

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So I give you an example one friend,

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or this, this young brother I knew he was once he went to MSG, then he had, he was hosting a chef like he was driving him around. And the chef came to give selected your mom. And so he went to go give the hutzpah and when he entered into the masjid, the chef pray to rock us as a greeting to the masjid to hear its admission, he walks in and he he makes and he and this guy was so enamored, he was such like a fan, right of the chef that he said, while the chef was reciting sort of the fat cap, I was reciting Psalter fat while also just to see like how long he was going to take and all that type of stuff. And he said the shift went to the court before I could even finish off the

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fight. And he said, My Eman went down.

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He was like, I was so disappointed, like, how did he? And my response to him was people are at different skill levels. Yes, it might take you a particular amount of time to recite Surah Fatiha, but that doesn't mean that it takes him that amount of time. And in fact, I shall have the law on how she said that the province little lady says prayer would be so light that I would wonder if he recited sort of defies her are not likely to finish a little bit faster. Right? So this is something that's important to keep in mind is that what takes you a certain amount of time to do something might not take another individual the same amount of time. What is an example of Susan's that's

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recited, like

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at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Rahman Al Rahim Maddy Kiyomi Dean er can Ambu er can Stein had been asked about animal study? That's my pace right? There might be somebody who goes even faster than that because like sometimes like her like you know people have to learn herbal elemental Rahman Rahim. Yeah, they connect everything. He just kind of like flow through it. Yeah. And but like, I think this is the I think the distinction here is like if somebody was doing that leading a congregation

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leading Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That's different. And I think this is where the gentleman might have kind of misconstrued the idea of really religiosity and virtue as like, like, is teacher here is doing a warm up. Yep. Right. And who knows what else he also has a gym that he's about to get up and maybe they're like, I don't know what the details were. But the idea here is that people have different paces recognize people's faces, some people will go slower naturally, some people are naturally faster. Number two, what is also not necessarily a

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something that is not considered a lack of for sure it is moving in the Salah. There's a famous Hadith that's actually week between weekend fabricated, and that is the province littlebyte SLM saying that a he saw a man playing with his beard, like absent minded lose his beard. And he said, If this person's heart was tranquil, their body would have been tranquil as well. And so because of this idea, you have this notion of, if I move in the salon, this is something that's dangerous to my prayer, even, I'm sure many have experienced this, maybe with a lot of experiences as well, a guy cell phone goes off in the slot, and it's distracting everybody and the guy does not move to turn it

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off. He does not move, he's just there. Because if I move, then that's going to that's going to mess up my soul. It's like, there are levels. And there are different things with regards to shift a bit. And Damien actually, let's go through this shift a bit and amiable him a lot. He stated that the basic ruling with regards to moving while praying is that it's macro, obviously, because it is a position of stillness, you are standing in front of the king of kings, you are in a position of servitude, I'm standing. And I'm reciting the words of ALLAH SubhanA data and I'm in front of a lot like there's supposed to be a poise that I have. And definitely if I'm standing in front of like a

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king, I'm not going to be sitting there going like this, and yawning and doing all of these things. You know, not only that, like if you say in front of King, your cell phone goes off, you're not gonna let it read, you're gonna turn it off as soon as possible. Absolutely, you're gonna turn it off as soon as possible. And so Charlemagne with me, he mentioned that there are obligatory movements, forbidden movements, micro movements must have movements and permissible movements. So there are obligatory movements in the prayer, what's an example of an obligatory movement and the prayer and obligatory movement is a prayer as you glanced down on your shoes, for example, and you

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realize that there is some sort of filth on them when I when I say filth, I don't mean dirt or dust, or something. That's an impurity. Yes, a person stepped on dog poop, for example. And they see that on their shoe. And so okay, I have to take off my shoes. And that's exactly what happened to the province level abiertas ended up the profit was leading a prayer once in the masjid. And he took off his sandals while in the prayer and the Sahaba who were behind them also took off their sandals. Okay, and this also quick tangent. This shows us that praying in your shoes and your sandals is perfectly acceptable in the province level like this, that I'm used to do that in the masjid. The

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question then becomes, well, how come we can't wear shoes in the masjid? Because they're carpeted.

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They're carpeted. So I don't want you to think like I remember one kid when I was in university. He wanted to follow the Sunnah.

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So he walked into the masjid with his shoes on. Like with his sneakers, he walked into the masjid. And obviously the community is not going to respond well, to that type of that he was young. And he was what I mean, an interesting thought would be that instead of putting carpeting and expensive all that stuff, what if they were to put turf? Yeah, so if you put turf or if you're missing the set, like, for example, the opposite example of that is, I'm in Sudan.

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Praying Juma and drama has always spillover, The later you come, the Masjid is full. And then they've got some areas of shade outside, those are immediately full. And if you came late, which I did with my uncles, we came late to the point where we're just in the sun. And there's a whole row of people in the sun, and they start taking off their shoes. And I'm like, There's no way this sand is so hot. Yes, it is scorching, but they're all like, No, you can pray with your shoes on. What do you mean, of course, you can pray with your shoes on. And this is the perfect time to pray with your shoes on. And so I've got, I'm standing in Morocco, and I'm like Allah, and this one's pinching me

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over here. They're

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like, take your shoes off. And I'm like, No, the other ones pinching me. He's like, No, and I'm like, No, I'm not doing this. And I'm the one coming from America. Right? So they're like, this guy doesn't know what he's doing. And so I'm like Allah, why don't I start praying?

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And after this law, I'm ready to have this debate with them that the province less than or pray with the Sushant of the province of Allah, I send them commanded. He said, Pray with your shoes. And so they they got up and I was like, listen, the Prophet and they're like, listen, we're okay. We just told everybody you're crazy.

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Everybody, you're

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like, we're not trying to have this debate with you. So the point is the province the lightest and them soft filth on his shoe. And so he took it off. And oh, that's why he told the Companions afterwards he asked him, he said, why'd you take your shoes off? They said, Well, you saw you do it. And he said, No, God came to me. And he told me that there was filth on my shoes. And so if a person sees that there's something or for example, your outer becomes uncovered or something like that. Yeah, that's obligatory you you you move to fix it.

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Sisters hijab falls off or something. I don't like just some movement to be done.