All The Light You Cant See

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In Al Hamdulillah

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Muhammad who is the you know and I still feel when our bIllahi min showed all the unforeseen our means say Dr. Molina Mejia de la Hofer la mala what may you read further ha the Ala Wai shadow Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allahu la sharika, Kedah. Why should one named Mohammed Abdullah Surah wasafi Yeoman fellow Te Waka Lilo Bella risotto. Amana also Houma telecom Island Mahajan, Bade la Nehru her Kana hurry, lazy line how he learned Axolotl. Abusir mid

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rebirth Allah, Allah Allah azza wa jal V Kitab will carry by the rules bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you are Latina I'm going to talk Allah Hapa Ducati he was to move to LA and to miss the moon or Kira Tara Yohannes to Taco Bell como la vie halacha Kumi Nuptse Wahida Wirkkala come in has Oh Jaha wallbeds them in humare jalankan field on one is with double la isla de Luna be well or harm in Allah can add a camera peba Bacala to Allah you already in Tapachula Huwa puluh Poland said either useless la coma ferula comes in Oba como mejor para la hora, sola, who forgot the visor Fosun Alima. I'm about our praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek

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refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves, and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides, no one can miss guide and whom he allows to be misled, no one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper, to proceed

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on the topic of today's cookbook,

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regarding the light that we cannot see.

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And at times a person's life may feel enveloped in darkness. And you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. And in fact, a person may look at the entire world and see nothing but darkness, nothing but despair, nothing but death, nothing but gloom.

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And what this inspires to me is the moment to reflect on the name of Allah subhanaw taala. That is one that is called out to by everyone who is going through that despair. And it is the name of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah teeth. And so you see what is going on in BUZZA. And you call out ye Latif, and you see what is happening in my hometown, the disintegration of Sudan and you say allottee if you see what is going on so many different places in the Muslim world. And you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for his looks, and what is not even a theory.

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He quotes or actually before that even Mongolian isn't allowed, he quotes him in a theater saying that Allah thief is the one who combines two major elements. And those major elements is number one, a RIF COVID variant, that a person who is lucky or Allah subhanaw taala, who is a Latif is someone who is gentle in their dealings, they have risk, they have that kindness and that is why it is translated at times as the kind

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but the second major pillar is ll be the caracal. Masada is knowledge of intricate benefits, and how to bring those benefits how to maneuver those benefits, how to manipulate people to arrive at those benefits from a distance. And so when you look at the name Allah, in the Quran, seven times it is mentioned, you will find that it is carrying these meanings Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Mulk Allah Allah movement Haluk Kabir Does he not know the One who created and He is Allah thief, he is the one who knows where intricate benefits lie. When you know that Allah Subhana Allah is Allah Cleef, then you become comfortable with what Allah subhanaw taala makes obligatory because you

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understand whether or not you see the benefit. Now there is benefit. And when you see what Allah subhanho data has made forbidden, you are comfortable, whether you understand it or not, because you know that there are harmful consequences even if I cannot see that far. Allah subhanho data knows where the most intricate benefits lie. And when you're studying this name, there is a particular Prophet, that so many of the scholars mentioned, if you want to understand the name of Allah Subhana Allah Allah leave, then refer back to the story of this prophet refer back to the story of this prophet. And of course, it is speaking about use of heavy cinema.

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Because the story of use of begins that opening scene where he says, Oh, my father, I saw a dream and I saw the sun and the moon and love and planets.

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frustrating to me. And he says, yeah, when he talks us all Yeah, God, I hate to go fakie do that, okay then and the story begins, and you go from this opening scene of use of it is that um, and he has this vision, this dream of the sun and the moon and the stars, prostrating to him. But for him to get to that combination, he goes through one stage to the other, and each one looks like it's worse.

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His brothers betray him, and that's horrible. And then they throw him in a well, and that's horrible. And then he gets sold into slavery in a foreign land, and that is horrible. And then that house where he's supposed to be secure as a slave becomes a place of seduction, and that is horrible. And then he goes from being a slave in the house of it as he used to being in prison.

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Here's, like, where, where's the story going?

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And where is the looks from Allah subhanaw taala. And how many prayers were lifted on the tongue of usif, throughout that period, and on the tongue of his father, a prophet longing for the return of his son. And yet we learned that Allah subhanaw taala does not do things on our timeline. And when we would want to, you know, use of ideas to know, when he's in prison, every single day that he's in prison, it's an injustice, and he is deserving of the mobilisation of the world around him and hashtag free use of campaigns. And he is, he is a he is deserving of support.

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And yet, we see that Allah subhanaw taala, does not remove him from prison. In fact, in that moment, in storytelling, this is a false victory in that moment, or use of interprets the dream of the prisoner and he knows that that person is going to be in the presence of the king. He says accordingly, and robic he says, Remember me with your Lord. This is his way out. This is his shot. Imagine how many hopes he had in that moment. And yet, Allah subhanaw taala says that prisoner for God's

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so use have stayed in prison for many years more.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala being that he is a Latif, I want you to know this, Allah may delay you to fast track you, Allah may delay you to fast track you.

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There are moments in time when you want something very much. And you see that this project, this goal, this person, this, this, this, this program, this client is your way out, and you make incredible day out for it, and it all lines up according to you. And you still don't get it and it's yours, before you're able to bounce back on your feet. And even then Allah subhanaw taala may be delaying you to fast track you because imagine if Yousif was remembered by that prisoner when he gets out? And let's just say that that king does give us if a presidential pardon for whatever reason.

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And use it gets out of jail. This the king in that moment, have a desire or a need to meet with us if no, he's just a random prisoner that he does he have a dream that he wants interpreted? No. And so a best case scenario may be use of would have wandered in the city for a little bit. Maybe he would have made his way back to Palestine eventually, maybe but Allah subhanaw taala by placing use of in that prison for many more years, was actually him being fast tracked so that when the king has a dream that he is obsessing over, and he is looking for anybody to interpret it. That's the time for the prisoner to remember I have a guy who can do this. And so use of it is that I'm comes out of

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prison, and he meets with the king and he gets a personal appointment with the king and the king sees the trustworthiness of use of the intelligence of use of the character of use if

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and so he says to him in Nicola Dane and Joe McKinnon, I mean, you are with us today. very trustworthy. And very, very inocle Yamuna, Dana McCune, I mean, he says, and he says to him, you are with us, given authority and use of it. Saddam has given authority over Egypt. Allah subhanaw taala delayed use him so that he could fast track him. And so it is very possible that as we are going out into this world, and we are seeking a ceasefire, I don't want anybody to think that because it's been three months, that you lose hope and Allah subhanaw taala being a Latif Allah Subhana Allah, Allah may be delaying us to simply fast track us. It may be that Allah subhanaw taala delays the

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ceasefire that we want, because he wants to bring an end to the entire occupation. Well, my daddy God Allah He bases but what we are required to do is to continue to push and to continue to scream and continue to try and continue to have hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala realizing that Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah is the One who does everything in his perfect time. And so when using my DSLR how beautifully is it when he eventually the culmination of his story when he brings his family from Palestine?

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He says, Yeah, but he had that will aim in Kabul, when they prostrate to him, he says this is the combination of the vision that I had from before. This is the interpretation of the vision that I had from before Khadija Haida ha Robbie haka, my Lord has made it come true. And my lord was good to me when he brought me out of prison, and brought you out of the desert. And then he says, After the CHE thought had crossed discord between me and my brothers, and then he finally concludes the verse by saying, in not ability for Lima, Russia, my Lord is lucky for wherever you wishes, and it may be very soon in our own lives

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that we see, as we are going through the prison of our own story, or the betrayal of our own story, or the temptation of our own story, or the enslavement of our own story, of the foreignness of our own story, just like the story of usif it may be very soon that all of the pieces come together, and you look back at where Allah subhanho data has brought you. And you say, by the gyla, how to be happy. This was my dream from before. Allah subhana wa Tada made it true. In notability, for Nehemiah, SHA, verily, Allah subhana data is lucky for whatever he wishes according to master Master Master for Allah Allah, we're looking for stuff that will not have already

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at home the last lesson on a lot of Soula wild ideas so have you seen him SeaMonkey theory? Allah subhanaw taala being a Latif inspires us to rely upon him. Allah subhanaw taala being a Latif inspires us to continue to call upon him to seek His kindness to seek his benevolence and to never lose hope with the interchanging of day and night from Allah subhanaw taala his mercy and his benevolence and so we ask ALLAH SubhanA died about his names and attributes that he bring relief to our brothers, sisters of Palestine, that he brings relief to our brothers and sisters in Sudan and in Kashmir and in a scene in China and all over the Muslim world. Oh Allah, we complain to you of

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the plentifulness and the multitude of our wounds and we ask you to heal the wounds of this ummah. Allahumma Inanna oolagah Kathrada Jetta hatin Al Hamra Hemi and Allah multifocal met Muhammad Allah multiple Muhammad Allah manana Luca Jin nama carta Bella hammock according to becoming a narrow marketability Hi Makoto Bilham Omar Kamara, Benissa de la Houma Komodo, Ben is Zerah Bob Durham, Houma Komodo, Benissa lira solid lightness and Mohammed Camilla Camilla Haddenham Kamala