Ali Hammuda – A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 6 – Nothing less than excellence

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses a culture where individuals perform job tasks as part of their natural tendencies and receive reward for their accomplishments. The culture includes a backstop for religious activities and a sign that changes one's heart and mind. The six advice for Muslim men includes finding the right person, spending money on good deeds, and being more concerned with their worship. hedge is a target of excellence in worship, and individuals are encouraged to set themselves a target of hedge to achieve their spiritual goals.
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Finally Advice number six.

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Set yourself a target of Alhamdulillah Broodwar a Hajj there is accepted by Allah.

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In the Hadith, which every pilgrim will know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men hijab Philomena first Wallah, we have so Raja Hi, can you hear me? Well, that who, whoever performs Hajj and does not have sexual relations with his wife nor commits sin, then he returns from Hajj as pure and free from sins, as on the day on which his mother gave birth to

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Malawi and he also said Alayhi Salatu was Sudan while HUD will Maduro lay Salah who has their own agenda, that carrying out a hajj that is my broad meaning accepted by Allah. There is no reward for this. Other than Jannah Allahu Akbar, there is no reward for the hajj that is more either than

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set your eyes on this as your goal or hajj that is noble, but to qualify ourselves for such a magnificent price, and magnificent Hajj must be what we offer Allah.

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A magnificent Hydra that is free from backstabbing, free from excessive complaining, free from Pride showing off free from treacherous glances free from time wasting. aniseed nomadic look at their ethic ya Allah in search for a hedge mobile or unless it nomadic entered into a state of pilgrimage and his companion said nurse me I know who they can Lehmann in therapeutic Rila he had their hand from Makka Pakka haram. They said we didn't hear him say anything

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except the remembrance of Allah till the end of his pilgrimage. Then he turned to us and said in the end, my brother, this is how a person behaves when in Haram.

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And Allah He said that I saw Abdullah Hibino Omar and Abdullah he didn't have bass, two companions. He said I saw them. You have to find even Beatty Jimmy one cannot see him acquire taka Shah. He said I saw them circumambulating around the camera. And they were so serene, so humble and silent. That it was as if birds sat on their heads

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and alpha he also said tofu water Eben Jamar Wahby habas phylum asthma AHA then men who Marietta kill them with Power of Ideas power behind Abdullah Hebron Omar Abdullah Hypno Abbas the two eminent companions, when I did not hear either one of them utter a single word meaning except with the remembrance of Allah Subhana.

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Now this type of ethic and hard work comes as no surprise because they were fully aware of what a hedge mob role entails.

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And that's for a lot of us. Sadly, Hodges a time to unleash that selfie stick to stream live feeds from Mecca. to carefully choose the most religiously scenic backdrops for the Instagram or Tiktok. Upload. Wherever you look, you can't help but notice the neverending posing, flashes videoing snapping, honestly is this the state of that humility that reflects the heart of a pilgrim who fears his sins and is desperate for a clean slate.

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A sign that your heart is mobile or is that you see a change in yourself when you return a change of heart, a change of mind a change in manners, changing priorities, change in purpose, change of how you spend your weekends, how you spend your spare time, changing sleeping patterns, changing hours of wakefulness, changing priorities, and accepted Hajj truly changes everything.

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You arrived back to your home, having realized that your head was an agreement, a contract that you'd made with Allah subhanaw taala a promise that you shall live as a muslim and die as a muslim, and that you will dedicate your life to Him and that you will never be the same person again.

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Know how these six pieces of advice that I've shared with you relate to the pilgrim I think, and I hope is quite clear and obvious. But I also hope that it has been clear to some of you watching this, that these six pieces of advice, they're not limited to the pilgrim, but they hold true for every Muslim as life advice as you sit in your home during the month of the hijab as a non pilgrim. Let me rewind and I

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Allow me to demonstrate. We said number one, before you leave, position your heart correctly. Do you remember that holds true for you as a non pilgrim as well?

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Position your heart correctly, because huge actions may be dwarfed in size because of an ill intention. And the opposite is true small actions may be amplified in size because of a good and pure intention. And then we said number two, your money could not have been spent on a worthy cause. That holds true for you, as well as a non pilgrim spending these days of the hedger

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find those who are in need, begin with your family, dedicate some money for the other half do it and set aside a small sum of money for each day of the first 10 days of their hijab, in the hope that your sadaqa will become an ethic of yours and your lifeline all throughout the year.

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And then we set number three, if you remember, be more concerned with the quality of your worship than its quantity that holds true as well for you as a non pilgrim.

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Because what propels worship is not so much what bees do, the name is what propels worship is what sits in here, your heart as you worship him, it's a race of hearts to Allah subhana wa.

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And then we send them before realize that greatness of time, place and worship have all come together. That holds true to a large extent for you as a non pilgrim as well. Okay, you're not doing Hajj, and you're not in Mecca. But guess what, the blessings of these days extended to every Muslim in sha Allah. And that's why some of the companions like you've no humbleness,

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permitted people gathering in mosques on the Day of Arafah for the purpose of reciting Quran and worship and vicar, they called it a daddy, if so, clearly, to them, its virtue, the virtue of this day extends to all Muslims in all locations, not just the pilgrims.

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And then we said number five, your reward will be proportional to your effort that holds true for you, as a non pilgrim as well, because people will reap a harvest on the Day of Judgment, according to the efforts that they had exerted today in sowing the seeds of good deeds. So expend every bit of energy you have in drawing nearer to Allah, tire yourself in doing so, because your reward is proportionate to the effort that you expend.

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And then we said number six, and we concluded with this set yourself a target of hedge, Labrador, the accepted hedge, right. In other words,

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the ethic of excellence so that holds true for you as well.

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When doing hedge, aim for excellence, and for a believer, nothing, he accepts nothing lesser than the ethic of excellence in worship, and dress, had private conduct and planning for their religion, the people of excellence in all what they do all throughout the year.

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