Ali Albarghouthi – Gaza Teaches Us This

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The emotional reactions of people who experience hardship and trials are discussed, including the belief that everything is possible and everyone can achieve. The physical power of Islam is emphasized, along with the need for people to trust and be prepared for upcoming conflict. The deception of the Sunless and the Af Af Afarism are also discussed, along with the importance of preserving people's identities and responsibilities in order to protect themselves from attacks on Islam. The segment emphasizes the need for people to be prepared for the "right and wrong" of Islam and to be aware of the "right and wrong" of human rights and human beliefs.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to stay you know when it's still futile when are all the wheeler he miniature Audi and fusina? We'll see TR Marlena me yeah the healer who furthermore the letter will make a good little fella her the Allah. Wash her do Allah Allah illallah wa the hula Sherry Kala, what no Mohammed Abdullah who are a Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA iodophor in the higher al Hadith the Kitab Allah heeta Anna, what's a URL had you had you Mohamed salah, Allahu Allah, he was a lamb where Sharon Ohmori to have aku llamada 13 Vidya Baku levy the atom, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah tin Finn now, a My bad.

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So needless to say that what is happening and what we're witnessing is heart wrenching.

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It's beyond distressful, it's beyond painful.

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When you see every single day,

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that level and amount of suffering taken place, and it gets repeated, and then it gets repeated, and then it gets repeated, without an end in sight.

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And emotions run high.

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And we have every right for that.

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But at the same time, we also ought to learn things that are more lasting and more substantial than an emotional reaction that may fade in few days or a few weeks.

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And one of the things that we may be able visit to visit today, one of the lessons among the many lessons, and we should really be learning, as we see

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is that Allah azza wa jal

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lets us encounter these hardship,

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these hardships and trials for a purpose

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that He subhanho wa taala. When you witness something like this over and over and over again,

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it's not that Allah azza wa jal is unable

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to punish.

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Then he can What are we or shall Allah who learn to Solomon whom If Allah wished, as he says in the Quran, if Allah wished he could punish them.

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Wala kill Leah blue about the Combi bout.

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But also he allows it to happen so that he could test you by means of other people.

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They're not the only ones being tested. We are also being tested in our reaction, how we can help, but also how we change based on what we see.

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The believer is supposed to because of eel of these sufferings that they see, when they understand that they cannot rely on anyone else except Allah, Allah azza wa jal for their patience to skyrocket

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for their trust and Allah subhanho wa Taala to be rock solid. For them to understand that the Promise of Allah azza wa jal is the only promise that they can believe in. No other promises. No other justifications Allah azza wa jal when he says Get up Allah Who loves leavin Anna Well, Rosalie Allah has decreed and has written that I and my messengers will prevail.

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Yeah, you hallelujah amen. Who in tonsil Allah Hayyan Surah como you with a bit of dama como you who have Eman? If you champion Allah, Allah will champion you and give you steadfastness.

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Plant your feet firmly on Earth.

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That is a promise that you and I will not understand until we are tested. And then we let go of everything else except ALLAH SubhanA who were to Allah.

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That's the patients that Allah wants from us.

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What will kill a yam who knew there will have a nurse?

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Allah says em says Concur Hongfa Cadmus salco Mercado homebirth Lu. It says if you are hurt, they were hurt as well.

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And these days we are alternate we change between people

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meaning one day is for you and one day is going to be against you you're gonna win some of these and you're gonna lose some of these then you ask why? Well yeah Allah Mala who Lavina Aman Waitaki them income Shuhada so that Allah will know who among you has truly believed and he will adopt from you shahada martyrs, meaning you can go through difficult times for what so that Allah will distinguish those who say only we believe and those who truly believe Makkah and Allahu Allah there are many in Allah and tomb Allah He had the Amis al Hadith Amina per Yip Allah who had not given a LIATE let the believers as they are in the state that they are in until he will distinguish good from bad

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what do ye potente? Allah Houma Lahoma for you, so Dori, Kamali, uma Hazel Matthew Kulu become Allah who wants to test what is in your chests and purify what is in your hearts. So you go through ordeals and hardships one after the other so that you could reach a stage where if they threaten you with overwhelming power, you trust Allah azza wa jal more than being alarmed by their threats. Alladhina kala homeowners so in the nasaka, Gemma showhome, this happened to the Sahaba of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When they were threatened by overwhelming force. They were told people are gathering forces against you. So fear them. What was the reaction? It increased them in

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Iman. They were in terrified by it. And it's only tests that bring these things

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and they said Allah is sufficient for us and He is the one who can take care of us. So Allah says, From kala Bobigny Mati min Allah he will forgive them em says swimsuit whatever ordered one Allah. Their outcome was a favor from Allah azza wa jal and no harm touched them, because they had what called on Allah subhanahu wa taala. And they didn't fear the physical threats of their enemies.

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So Allah azza wa jal wants us if you understand why these types of tests endure because Allah wants all of us to reach a level of Eman where we praise Him and thank Him SubhanaHu wa to Allah and trust him during the darkest of times. Even when there is no hope in sight, you still trust Allah subhanahu wa to either if and when you reach that level, then all of us become worthy of Allah's victory.

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Once the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was cold because one of his daughters, or maybe granddaughters because it wasn't named in the Hadith was dying. So the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he comes and he holds her tightly against his chest, and she passes away in his chest, in his lap, out of his Salatu was Salam. So Omar Amon starts to cry loudly. The prophets alayhi salatu salam turns to her and he said, Are you crying and the Messenger of Allah is right next to you, meaning you're crying this loud, and the Messenger of Allah is right next to you. She said, why wouldn't I cry and the messenger himself is crying. He told her I'm not crying, meaning not like

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you. He's shedding tears, but I'm not crying, but this is mercy. Then he said, we're in the MENA tune zone assuming benei Jen Bay he will Hawaii, Allah azza wa jal. He says the believer his soul will be taken from his body while at the same time He is praising and thanking Allah azza wa jal.

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You understand what he's saying here at AU Salatu was Salam. This is the most difficult moment in any person's life. Your soul is being taken care from its house, its body. And what are you doing if you having Iman at that most difficult of tests? You're thanking Allah Azusa

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and you're praising him SubhanaHu wa Tada.

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That's Iman.

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And that is the difference between and supposed to be the difference between those who have Iman on the other side.

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It's not physical power that matters most. Allah asked us to prepare and get physical power. But what is more important than the physical power is the power of iman. If you have it, then you are more powerful.

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One tool alumina includes meaning your will be uppermost if you have Iman,

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when the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, they were hurt.

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In the Battle of Hood,

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model the allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, line up behind me so that I can pray and praise Allah azza wa jal

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That's after a defeat and the death of so many of the Sahaba lineup

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okay within the Arab be so I praise Allah subhanho wa Taala even in moments where you are defeated when you reach that level that you could praise Him subhanho wa Taala whether you win or you lose when you trust him subhanho wa Taala even when things do not make sense, even if they Yeah,

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they went for Umrah and the Muslims were powerful then more powerful than they were before. And the Prophet alayhi salatu was Saddam was more inclined to have a treaty with the people of porridge. And Omar Radi Allahu uhnwi comes to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And he said, Let's know that they will come out and Bolton aren't we on the truth and they will follow falsehood? He said yes. He said on our dead ones in heaven and their dead ones in hellfire. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said yes. So Omar said for Adama naughty Daddy at the fidi Nina, why are we submitting to them like this? Why do we go back until Allah settles this matter between us and them? Meaning let's

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fight them. Let's fight them, let Allah settle this matter between us. Then the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said a word that we should understand fully holla in near Rasulullah, who allegedly I am the messenger of Allah and He will never forsake me. That is the belief of Muhammad Ali has Salatu was Salam meaning that whatever happens if you have that Eman wherever Allah takes you, if you believe Allah is with me and will never forsake me, then you're fine.

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Because then Allah is with you and will never forsake you. If you have that Eman, that patience. They can you can move mountains, Allah will come to your aid, Allah will defend you, Allah will guide you. So the pivotal question right here, as they're witnessing whatever they are witnessing when we are witnessing their suffering. And you compare our own complaints and our own sufferings, and they look so trivial compared to what they have. I'm so worried about this, and I'm worried about that. And you have a person who had lost his entire family and you realize that that in our existence, we really have been so spoiled, complaining about the trivial, the unnecessary, but as

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you look at all of this, you ask yourself, Do I have the trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala in his promise, that patience, into what cool?

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So that no matter what happens in my personal life,

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or collectively communally, globally, it doesn't matter as long as you believe in Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah azza wa jal says about Benu Esau II, and their story in the Quran is important to study it these moments what a medical image or a beacon has now, Benny Surah Isla de mouseover

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before it he says well worth nelco Medina Can you start off with a machete can all do Mareeba Allah to Baraka fear is to have given to the oppressed and they are the oppressed people at that time, oppressed by Pharaoh.

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It says we've given those who are oppressed

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power over the land that we have blessed

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What's up Matt Kelly, Metro beacon listener, Allah Benny is Surah EDA, BMO Savile Row and Allah's Frommers good promise stuben Who is row L was fulfilled because of their patience

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with a modern America and is now over O Muhammad again we are at issue and we destroyed what Pharaoh and his people used to build and erect whatever they did, got destroyed.

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So Allah is telling us here is an oppressed nation and oppressed people, what made them prevail, it is their patience, at the might of Pharaoh meant nothing to Allah azza wa jal, but Allah who wants to extract from the oppressed people who are worthy of the victory of Allah azza wa jal.

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So that is one thing that we should learn

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meisterwerk Quran Allah azza wa jal should be great. My trust in Him subhanho wa Taala Allah should be more than anything that I read in the news. My pursuit towards his pleasure should be my primary goal, because everything else goes away except him subhanahu wa taala.

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So may Allah azote and make us of those who see what they see and they learn from it. And these distinguish truth from falsehood and distinguish the promises of Allah azza wa jal from the delusions of the shaytaan Akoto Kalia that was the hula hula confessed a few

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Lillahi Rabbil Alameen hummed and cathedra on tube and ova can feel he will suddenly what was certainly more Anasuya he Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam and my bad.

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One of the important lessons

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that can be learned

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is that whatever a structure,

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a worldview,

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a belief system.

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It has a story.

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And that story is the story. That narrative is the story and narrative that cements its foundation that makes it possible for people to believe in it.

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And what is happening today,

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dismantles that story that is there on the other side that spin that twist.

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The idea that

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human rights,

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minority rights, women's rights, the rights of the individual,

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that all humans are created equal, with inalienable rights. We're all of these things

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are taken.

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And for a very, very long time they've been used against

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the Quran and the Sunnah, and Muslims.

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Here we are with our human rights, where are human rights in Islam? Where are women's rights in Islam? Were our minority rights in Islam? Where is the freedom of speech in Islam? Where is the freedom of assembly in Islam? Where is the freedom in general in Islam, and we because we were in a defeated position, we took all of this and felt that we were actually defeated. So we started to apologize for the Quran and apologize for the Sunnah, because we thought that what they had is the ideal, and we had nothing in comparison to them. So not only this, we turned against the Quran, and we said, we don't want some of this and some of that. And the sooner we don't want some of this, and

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some of that, because that clashes with the ideals that they are presenting to us and these ideals are the ideal. So we accepted that this is how the world isn't supposed to be. And this is how they are.

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Then come something like this. And by the way, something like this is not new, but we have short memories.

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Something like this comes and you understand that the freedom of this and the freedom of that only works in one direction, but not the other. And that can be contradicted as soon as it goes against their own interests. And you start to see this spin and you start to see the deception and the lies, and then you understand that what they had was really nothing.

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It's just simply that we accepted it. And it's not something new by the way.

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If you go again, all the way back to Pharaoh, Pharaoh spoke in the same way encountering Musa alayhis salam because against Pharaoh had a structure a belief system in place. He had to lie in order to maintain that belief system.

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Were called mela Amin calm if you're gonna injure her the Lhasa hit on a limb you read or you read, you're coming out of the Combi sorry.

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The people of Pharaoh sitting around Pharaoh and Musa alayhis salam comes and he presents them the miracles of ALLAH. So he is a prophet. And his only mission is what believe that's the only thing he wants from them. How do they reply to this? The people the elites are unfair or they say he is a truly knowledgeable magician who wants to steal your land.

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So you see how if you turn this from a message from a prophet into a land grab, you can fool people into supporting you because everybody is worried about their land. So that's how the spin is this is how he twists it

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back to

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India for you, but did Adina come? Here are the Enforcer. Musas romset let me call Let me kill Musa let him call in his Rob if he wants Let me kill Musa I fear that he will change your religion meaning corrupt your religion and spread corruption on earth.

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That's another spin that's another twist because Musa who is coming with reform we've got pleases Allah as though did now was being accused of being a magician who is spreading corruption.

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When Pharaoh

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asks his magicians to come and compete against the miracle of Musa alayhis salam.

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And Musa overwhelmingly wins and it swallows his miracle swallows all of their fabrications.

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And the magician is the price straight in front of everyone. It price street

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To Allah azza wa jal

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How does Oh How did Pharaoh recount or replay

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highlight in the hurdler macro marker to move in Medina TV to college woman, her Allah

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and he said in another inner her Delica Bureau Kamala, they

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he said in one instance he said, Oh, he is your teacher who taught you magic.

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And another instance in another time in another area, he said, No, this is just a plot between all of us so that you would empty the city of its people again, so that you would acquire that city. And he knows very well that these magicians could not have been the students of Musa because it is his people that he brought.

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But as Allah azza wa jal says, The Houma HuFa Allah, Oh, he belittled their minds, and they listened to him. Why in the home, Kendall Coleman fasciae thean, they are sinful people, and a sinful person will believe nonsense, because that is easier and closer to them, because the mind is already corrupt, and the heart is already corrupt. So nonsense is easier to accept.

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So human for our own understands that these are not the students of Musa and he's not their teacher, and the plot wasn't to get them out of the city. But if you can spin it like this,

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then you still can have people follow you, you could still fool them.

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So if we see these ideals that they probably get that they advocate

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freedom of speech, unless it goes against what we like, then you can't talk.

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Will you accept this later on when they come and accuse Islam of not having freedom of speech?

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When they say freedom of assembly?

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Unless what it goes against our own line? What do we then come later to accept from them that everybody should have freedom of assembly?

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You don't have those ideals? Why should I as a Muslim, submit myself to your own standards when Allah azza wa jal had given me different and better ones?

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You say equality between all people.

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And then you can believe this, when you understand that in their eyes, not everybody is equal and not everybody is a human being you see this or not?

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Not everybody is worth the same. So are you going to accept that from them? Or will you look at the Quran and the Sunnah, as a source for your ideals and the source of your understanding of the world around you.

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Are you going to accept that understanding where it came from? And what it wants to do? Putting men against women and women against men? Do you understand that structure is a disease structure? You didn't accept this? Knowing that they've never faithful to anything that they promote?

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Or will you adhere to what Allah said in the Quran and the Sunnah, meaning again, understand what is legal loyalty?

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Some Muslims, and you understand that it could have some benefit, they look at some brands that are supporting injustice and the boycott them, right?

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Is it enough to boycott the brand,

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but not the ideals that produced that action.

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It doesn't matter if you stopped drinking coffee from a particular place or eating burgers from a particular place for a week or two or a month or two. And then you later on, you come back and you subscribe to the ideals to the foundations that produce that rotten structure.

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Then you still being enslaved here in your head.

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It's easier to liberate a land.

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It's much harder to liberate the mind. And if we were enslaved in our minds,

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then we are enslaved.

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So if you want to live as a Muslim, look at all of this and say to yourself, Allahu Akbar,

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Allah is greater than whatever you promised, whatever, whatever charter has, whatever Constitution has whatever ideals you promote, because we understand that these things are only there to serve you. And never again, will I consider any of these things as points of attack against Islam because I understand the hypocrisy and these things are untenable.

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They're not lasting and they're not meant to last and they're not meant to protect me.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

So you want to understand the world around you the Quran, the Sunnah, you understand who wants to be equal and how the Quran and the Sunnah, and this is the trust that we should have in Allah azza wa jal, not every once in a while and come and say, How come Allah says this in the Quran? How come the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa

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Sit down sit in the corner where is your iman in light of all of this? Where is our EMA?

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Where is our submission? And then we say after all of this, where is the victory of Allah azza wa jal when you doubt him Subhana Allah to Allah. Why is this happening to me? Why are you being tested? This is so unfair, you say to Allah azza wa jal because something personal happening to you, Allah is unfair, and you want the victory of Allah azza wa jal to descend, you understand how much we need to sacrifice for Allah's victory, how many lives have to be lost, how many homes have to be destroyed, just look at the life of Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam, just him not anybody else, you understand how many of his relatives and loved ones died?

00:25:43 --> 00:25:58

How many of his tests he has to endure and the first sight of a test, we say, I've given up I have no iman, um, that week, if we are that week, it tells you that we're not ready for that Promise of Allah has origin.

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So we need to be have these two things. There is the strength of Iman and

00:26:06 --> 00:26:10

I trust Allah zodion more than I trust my own choice.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:16

More than I trust my own likes and dislikes, more than I trust any human being.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:21

If you have this, then you have it. If not, then we need to work on it.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:25

And then on the intellectual side,

00:26:27 --> 00:26:30

Allah zodat is the source of right and wrong

00:26:32 --> 00:26:34

is the source of what to do and society

00:26:35 --> 00:27:14

is the source of how we live is the source of how we understand the world. I'm not taking it from Eastern, I'm not taking from West. And I will not allow myself at least I will not allow myself to be fooled by claims, universal claims of this and that, because they said they said they said themselves he said after this is going to be very, very hard to convince the global South, whatever you want to call it, call it the global south of any of our ideals because we saw they saw how we break them. We can talk to them again about human rights, we can talk to them about democracy, we can talk to them about freedom of speech, we can talk to them about any of the because we violated

00:27:14 --> 00:27:26

one after the other. And this violation that is comes from people who are actually the originators of all of this should push you to understand that these things have no reality to them. So where is your reality?

00:27:27 --> 00:27:31

If it's not Allah and His Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam then we are lost.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:10

So let that be your reality. We ask Allah Allah Allah mean or hamara Herminia Allah, we ask you that you preserve the people of Gaza and Philistines or hamara Jaime and from all harm He Allah protects them from all harm, Yet Allah protects them from all harm He Allah repel the aggression of their enemies Yara Bella Allah mean Yeah, Allah repelled the aggression and the plots of their enemies era Bella Mia Yet Allah repelled the aggression and the plots of their enemy honorable Allah mean yeah Allah we asked you that you would close the oppressed in Lizanne Philistine and feed them Yahama Raha mean yeah Allah grant him era al al Amin yeah Allah Shah or your mercy upon them yeah Allah

00:28:10 --> 00:28:48

shower your mercy upon them. Yeah Allah be your be their helper because they have no helpers but you you are hamara Jaime, Ya Allah increase their image and increase their Taqwa increase their reliance upon you hear Allah accept their dead dead as martyrs for you Euro bill Allah May Allah take care of their sick take care of their elderly take care of their children who are now orphan Dr. hamara Jaime Allahu Allahu mussel boroughmuir hamara Haman Allahu Masoom Amen and whatever call and Elijah Muhammad Rahim Allah home in the home most of our phone energy him era Bill al Amin Allah who did him we met that didn't mean indica Juan Soto masala mean indicator of Bill al Amin once he did la

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Houma wish to the water column and other homie or hamara Hey mean yah yah as easily or Hakeem watch al Holly hem Sydney and Cassini you used to for Europa Alameen Allah who may Allah be Idina Allah Who Medina hadisha Bourbon he Denisa Anna Idina Yara Amina inamoto Hebrew Otto, Allah Maha Madonna Allahu Maha Madonna Allahumma Hamilton Allahumma Janome few Jannetty or Bella Alameen Allahumma de Shiva bene, Allah hadisha Bourbon Allahumma de Shabaab and Isla moto hipbone Allah Homoeopath Alaminos Luca and Hakuna Ali Taqwa Amin man Eureka or Bill Alameen wa jal Nermeen Elisa healthly what are the Jana mean early ma so yeah, what are the Jana amendments semiotica for out of the

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rubble al Amin yeah how you yaka Johan will be automatic and Esther leave us in Helena shenana kula will attack in in unforeseen autorefractor. I'm working Minnesota

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