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July 22nd, 2016

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I didn't want to stay you don't want to stop when I was when we landed in Somalia

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Marina de la dama de la

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la, la la barbed wire

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Why should I do an ammo handmaiden Abu Sulu national

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data anana have a lot of research on softer protection for longer with a woman

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had he had attacked me Athene, which is like a lot more now for your images nebia nanometric What are sold and how to resell it?

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Yeah, you have Medina, multiple Maha Tato party Viva La Mouton to Muslim on. Yeah yohanna suta hora Bakula de holla Papa minasi makeda masala fabinho jaha Baba Sabine Houma de Jalan Kathy Romani

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what's up la linea Tessa I know that he will come in number. A coma diva Yeah, Yolanda de la foto de de de use

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while you're here live on Nova con 1000. I'll leave that there in the hospital Heidi de la

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Mohammedan some A lot of it yourself. Or Shabbat morning to her wakulla

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wakulla Middleton balada wakulla de la infinite to man back. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Continuing with the series in sha Allah was started right after Ramadan is the

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last football we talked about one area and one Hadith

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in Allah da da da da, da da, da

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da aka

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those who said that our Lord is Allah and they are steadfast they're in the angels descend upon them and they give them the glad tidings and we are inviting to this life and the year after. We also talked about daddy robbing Mohammed Salah Lavanya, Salah was asked Tell me something in Islam that I would never ask anybody else after you. So he said, I meant to be learning from stopping, say I believe in our law and then be steadfast during so these series are supposed to be though path to get you to the agenda. So we'll talk about my dad is a senate he is the karma and so on, we'll talk about what do we have to be on to be on that straight path? And what do we have to do in order for

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us to reflect what we say it means the man and Island actions and belief that cannot be one without the other? And what is the definition of Mr. Baba? And what is it that you listed? So that and what is that reflection of only vida which is your

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all of that will come in a nutshell in the following series inshallah hopefully allows them hideout Allah bless us, after the month of Ramadan, to hold on to the straight path and hold on to the rope of Allah, which is a brand in order for us to follow the planets wind up and follow Robin warhammers on the lower limb. So give me an agenda. And that's the intention of the series. So let us listen with our hearts and show well what do we have to do in order for me to hold on, hold on that beautiful example and the feeling that I had Ramadan? And we told you before that the reason that you were so happy in Oregon, because you did what you were created for? And what will you go into

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tour? What am I

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doing? I have not read in synergetics agenda yet except to worship me. So when we started worshiping Allah, we tasted the beauty of demand. And when we actually worship Allah only we were free. We were no longer a slave to anybody else. Not a human being not a whims and desires not money, no loss, nothing. We were so free, we weren't ready to die. It was a beautiful feeling. You cannot put a price tag on this. So but the scholars will tell you lesson is the Dharma is the karma.

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Which means it's the karma cannot be called as the karma unless and until it makes you reach the goal. Otherwise you're not you're deviated. And it's very difficult. We're not gonna lie to each other. But what is it that why do we choose what is easy over what is difficult, thinking that it's easy. On the contrary, if you take the easy path, believe it or not, it's the harder path

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because you understand

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is Masia and the FDA has approved in the end.

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It also has a taste

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But the law says this act of disobedience, even though you will taste the pleasure, even no temporary, it will pass, it will be gone, but what would be left? The same. So if you commit a disobedience, an act of disobedience, you need to have a temporary pleasure, they will be gone. Whether you like it or not, it's temporary. But what is left behind the sin that you committed is exactly that. What is written in your decree the books, but even know the difficulties of you getting up in the middle of the night the brave took out the pleasure of lowering your gaze and not lying and not stealing and cheating and not backbiting. I'm not I'm not I'm not. It's difficult,

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yes, but it will be also bad the difficulties after you do an act of obedience will be gone. Whether you like it or not, it's temporary also, but what is left is the reward. shutdown.

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There is no difference between you do an act of disobedience temporary pleasure but eternal displeasure and you're doing some act of an obedience, temporary difficulties but eternal ease. And that's what we have to think about. And that's a smart intellectual individual. You don't think of a short term you live you think of a long term. So what this imagine when you're asked why actually, you know, Louis is difficult is shorter. You know, I you know, Amanda said, I'm gonna take the easy path. Because you know, this team here I love this lab. You know, don't don't get me wrong. I love a Muslim. You know, my name is Abdullah, what else do you want? I believe the best two names according

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to hygiene.

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And my name is like, the prophet Mohammed Salah. What do you want the doctor to love? That's the best right? But you know, I like it's not sweet looks really good on paper. You know, I like the people. You people look very nice. But I just don't want to follow this thing. That was born a Muslim. So why did you want to follow this very difficult? Yes. So you've chosen not to go to the difficulty I you know, I just want to chill. I just want to ride the wave. Dude, I just want to you know, with the rules and the homeys you don't want to get the blame laid down. I want to get the pro and the route and all that stuff that comes around. Yep. Just listen, I just want to live enjoy

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myself. Listen, I don't have great yet. I'm not receiving like I don't agree it really. I still got all my teeth. You don't have glasses on here. Again. I'm just a man who demands you demand. So I want to just prove one that I just want to draw my life. Good. So you take an easy way. Yeah, I'm thinking he's way good. Listen to this man. So you actually taken the wrong way and the difficult way? Okay, explain. So he says, you know, Laurie is difficult. I want to enjoy myself. Yeah, I look at the creation of a lot. I see a beautiful sister, you might even walk around

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to Panama. Yeah, it's an amazing, man. Lauren, this Yep. So I'm gonna let my eyes go. I'm gonna look at the website, bath websites. And my intention is to get married. I just want to get ready to get married. That's right, my man. So I'm checking this baby. I'm kicking this girl I want to get married. That's what your plan is doing. Unless you are you taking the easy path, you think you take it easy. But it's actually taking the harder path. Why? Because you're gonna have a temporary pleasure. You can look at this. And you look at that, and we all know protect us from that.

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But in the end, what happens to your eyes? Isn't this the cold of the Hellfire would actually eat them light on the hereafter. So you think you're taking the easy route, but really, you're not taking the easy path, you're taking the harder path. And that's what you think why? Because it doesn't now I want it now. I want the pleasure now. But if you actually help you lower your gaze and you actually live your pitch, the beauty of it, I love will get the reward that you will get up in the middle of the night and pray for God to him. That's what that's how it says, if you do an act of obedience, Allah will give your reward will give you a gift. And that's exactly what he says, if you

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do the act of obligations of love, loves you. But if you want to go a little further, you want to

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live more voluntary acts of worship, more than the price more than the obligation to Dory five prayers more than the fasting Ramadan, more than just as a catch. All Is that what happens? Allah subhanaw taala loves you a lot of work. And if Allah loves you, you will feel it in your senses. That's what he says. He will be the vision that you see with meaning what we talked about this before, you won't be able to see things you will have the automatic shutter belt. So if you see something, you automatically close your eyes, it's not happening. It's not beginning to hear the oldest stuff that you hear and talk about the things that you want to talk or listen to things that

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you don't want to listen to and so on and so forth. And that's what the whole thing is all about. But you have to work towards it. And that's what the process is about. So

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he says yeah, but when they

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now for you, America who and now because what our show, that will just not be Shall we do

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And then Jana Moscow

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one below that and now the idea which means you think it's good but whatever you do is good you think is good and pleasure what comes after it's a Hellfire is good, how could that be good? How can you do something you think is good and the people will tell you how good this beautiful feeling that she is that I'm enjoying this I love the sister, sister Sushil you know my knees are shaking my heart is aching She doesn't even begin extreme thinking and all that stuff. How could that be? How could I be wrong? How could this feeling be wrong? Yes. Yes, my brother you pay the price after how many people do we have crying in the office? Because they started their relationship they could not

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start they should not start it. And then the the pregnancy and and and so this is nothing that is pleasurable. What comes after it is hellfire. It can be called pleasure how to be called that a pleasure. How can you call that book? If the end result of what you think is good is the Hellfire? How could that be good?

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And he said, and there is nothing? That is bad when you think the show is evil, bad the agenda. After this comes genda is evil. You think it's evil? Yeah. Because that would be a fusion sport, right? Don't they tell you if you're a terrorist, you're whatever it is, but you actually adore it's not a terrorist. And you're you put the funds in fundamental, because you're holding on to the thing of a lot. They call you that the idea accuse you of this. Isn't that amazing? It messes with your head. They tell you you're doing 123 but you're actually holding on to the straight time from above. All you're doing is you're acting as a Muslim, but that apparently that was a crime.

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So they tell you whatever evil that people think is evil, but after that evil comes just as evil How could that be evil, because the end of that is done.

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And anything

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what you think this is a pleasure, the aim the aim? Do an agenda. Anything that is below the agenda cannot be is my own little doesn't matter what pleasure you get. If you don't get the agenda, it is belittled. It is not your ultimate goal, and no harm. Do not and now,

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you're actually pardoned. So panela No matter how much difficulties you go through in this life, in order for you to stay away from the hellfire. He says you're pardoned. You're lucky. You're healthy. So what do we have to do? My dear brothers and sisters now in order for us to stay on the straight path is the second whole bunch I love asking Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it is known as de

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facto salatu salam o Hara Mallanna v about another, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Understanding the difficulties you're going through, especially in the summer, especially when you have the summer holidays, especially after Ramadan, when they try to release now and you're on your own. All of a sudden you were in the gym and you are you coming to pray every night, all of a sudden you're on your own, there's no more and you can see them I said I'm not gonna make you feel bad all I can understand this, is that the reality? So what do you have to do? You're on your own now. So in order for me to be able to be protected, I have to have some roadmap in order for me to stay under study. There's also intentions behind it. So what is it? So they say, and simply do according to the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam asked us to do two things he said they do what Polly boo. So let's now explain this without him not being close to what you're supposed to do. I said that, what about haqiqa you're supposed to be following the truth, to get to your goal, or

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the truth of the actions and your intentions. And you're saying this is difference in things among the scholars. This is what you're trying to do. And since you think there is a target, I want you to imagine there's a target and you're trying to actually get the arrow right in the bullseye. That is said that so that no matter which path you need to hit the target right in the middle and also for you to understand this. He says yeah, believe it or not, according to APA lines. I want you to think that this target again, every day that you come close, there's an arrow let go it's coming for you. And that's what the eye of somebody interpretations says mostly but to remote

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is mostly but to know You know what, we'll see what the mouth is. As if an arrow coming to you and there is a target on your back. There's a target on your back and there is something that is coming for you. mostly about it is coming to target hit the target

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What is this Nuff said? do you do? You hit the target? That's what goes to that. Now nobody of us can actually attain this perfection, but we do our best. And that's why probably Mohammed

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says why party will walk or even walk? Instead they do. Do your best to come close to this, since we are just human beings, we cannot perfect everything, but do your best. But what is your? What is your proof that you're doing this is your truth of your actions and deeds? We mentioned before? Is it possible for you to say that I'm actually doing my best to be honest with him, but your reflections and actions and deeds are exactly the contrary, if we were told in the brightest, we're not like that people will say something. And I was like that.

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Those What did he do? He actually knew that we're not supposed to fish or work during the Sabbath Saturday. So what did they do? They put their

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nets in that Friday night, whatever it is, before they can not do it. And then all of a sudden, you know, Sabbath didn't work. And then they get it back on Sunday. That's that they had all right, that's up. You're working around it, you're working around it. So all you have to do is look at your actions and deeds now actually. Look at what you behave, look at who you have a threat, look at the environment you're in. And you'll find out and listen to what it is that said in our uptime data to FEMA above. If you want to know where you stand with a law, where did you love what you mean? I love so you are here in the US you won't have to be these are the ones that don't want to listen to hear.

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But our brothers and sisters, they don't even know this. And how could we? Is it possible? Well, why do we have some people in the office? A brother just became almost a brother.

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And all of a sudden the brother the other brother wants them to get circumcised. But the brother doesn't have what it takes to actually talk about his wife is that mohabbat Please don't be offended. Okay.

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And I tell him as he is this a father assume that it's according to his maturity.

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And the brothers just became a Muslim brother just just say.

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But he wants to marry his daughter, the first thing on his list is get circumcised. And please forgive me for the what I'm saying. But the reality is, but the brother who's asking this stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with what really is. So I asked him, Hey, is this for those who know what you're doing? Are you missing some of the stuff? Yeah. It's hard to do. You're not doing it. And you're asking him, you've been a born Muslim for years, and you haven't done the polite. You have not done that obligatory acts. And you ask him this new Muslim brother to do an act of voluntary, according the sooner.

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The sooner we follow this? No, no, don't get me wrong. But we have

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priorities of time. If you understand what this whole thing about, probably more

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than enough in 13 years, 13 years, they did not know that statues were Hello? Of course. Did you take an axe and hide it? No. When did you do that? When you get back victorious? 100,000 and Armstrong or 10,000 coming in? Nobody can we have established when we have this then we can do it. But that's what we have. My brothers were lucky. I was doing a wedding right here. A brother came to me for the best he was also. And the brother came to me the only thing says you know what? Some of the sisters are number 100. You have to get

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the brother doesn't have a beard I gave well don't get me wrong, don't go around.

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Just I'm just telling you this what we get, we have no priorities of what karma is about, and what we were supposed to stay on the path. So I asked What do you want me to do? So give me a solution. And that's what we have to do, unfortunately, unfortunately. And that's what we're all about. So this goes to dharma. So we say

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so are we on the straight path? You check, check your actions and deeds, let's go through them quickly. Allah subhanaw taala give you commands and easy permissions or we stay on the commands because it says that's a lot easier

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to follow. And we stay away from obedience. This will be nice. So look at yourself. We say taking the easy path or that hard pass. My brother asked me we when we asked him going it was difficult. Yes.

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Very good. Now getting up and I'm praying. We're not seeing it. yet. I know that most of us do now and we use it like that as a doula and all of us be able to help us inshallah we'll get you there one pack at a time, but you have to have patience. And that's what the scholar says if you want to be on the straight path. First of all, you have to have a plus this is your recipe now it's a long there are two books we're going through and more in order for you to get this a nutshell inshallah. So in order for you to stay on the straight path, what it allows

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you to told me at the end of sort of the gulf

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war in

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When I used to be academic so this is this is very what we say one of the things that the basis that we have to vote so what is it is this belly yeah I'm and I'm and I'm sorry the hot weather usually very bad that

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the scholar says these are the two conditions where your actions need to be accepted what's number one okay let's break it down sorry I'm sad we call him the letter fat is called tapping which means right away which means what was he before he did these doors What do you have to do any intention to close your eyes I tried this easy you know I followed my whims and desires I wanted to look at this I want to do you know my I put my tongue I talked about being my friends my brothers back no problems I look at this and I do it doesn't matter what I hear what I see what I say it doesn't matter. I follow my dreams and desires I actually took that easy path out so my now before I need

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the doors yeah love that now now meaning now. My intention is done tonight, before I leave these doors. Now Lana goes again into the middle. It's a very easy path. Lamb if it goes into a present tense it means a commander request. So Allah Subhana Allah is telling you this as a commandment requests.

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So yeah, man. So look at look at your actions and deeds are we doing what allows us to do? Are we doing what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us Luke, because that will need so there are three types of patients. It's not our topic, but what is preventing action actions and deeds is to a somewhat more more sober angle.

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So you have to have not just a floss, which I call it, this is

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the Yama.

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So the amyl Asana is, according to Windows Phelps, the righteous deed has to be according to them. Otherwise, it's not a righteous deed. And what isn't the only way to be accepted whether you should be about a trophy, which means there is no sliding partners onto a wall, which means you have to have sincerity in your heart in order for you to be purely for the sake of luck.

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Now, what do you have to do that submit this number two is that patience, a sub one sub random, which means you have to have patience in order for you to do the actions and deeds who loves you, you also have to add patience on what you stay away from Allah subhanaw taala told you not to do a prophet Mohammed. So these are the two pieces we'll talk about now. Very difficult for you to get up in the middle of night. Very difficult for you to come at night. Also the British are

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very difficult to for you to marry a righteous person will lie there was fights fights in the office, just for one, one condition, they will not talk about marriage and anything else that we're talking about some just because of this specific topic. I'm not gonna say because some of the people are, may know who they are. But just understanding what we make decisions upon. It takes patience, he actually in order for us to follow the sooner not difficult, not easy. It also takes patience to stay away from the loss of a loved father. So what do you have to do my brothers? Now if you have the intention, you're the boss. And you have the patience, you have to have lots of drama. So after

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every prayer, you're going to make this throughout Hello my enemy. I think it goes up goes day by day. Because it doesn't come from you. It comes from Allah subhanaw taala. In order for you to stay on this path, you have to have the drop thinking that you that you're doing this because you're the man. No, we say in our serata most of the guidance is pretty bad. That's a drop. Well, like the guidance really bad. But what do we say people that yada yada, yada, that's the aim. That means Mr. Etobicoke

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which means we asked your assistance or luck in order for us to stay on the straight path that we asked allow for power to Allah 17 times a day for so please don't think because you are a good look into your rich that you're on the street, but it's by the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala so that you have number four,

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the environment you're in, we're always talking about limits. I always talk about the two things the environment you're in. So where do you actually live? Where do you stay? Where do you go? Where do you work? Who do you hang around with? Which is number actually five? Which means what

00:24:23--> 00:24:33

are your five minimum? So casada the righteous company you keep we talked about this last time, five remedies you have to hold on to now

00:24:35--> 00:24:47

since you're gonna need a shin can number so that three Laila will map or suffer some map. The ship this act of shouldn't ascribing whiners onto a lot he says I didn't know the problem.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

Is this it's like a black and in a dark night on us under a solid rock. You cannot tell so what you also have to leave it to our life acceptance. Why do you think you see

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Stuff hola after that the target is for the simple reason that we haven't done that best of it and asking Allah to forgive us for whatever it is that we haven't done perfectly well we had an issue with a shift and so on. So a straight path my brothers sisters is the strongest and the shortest distance to allow supine agenda. Following What do we have to do now? homework, homework, actions plan, an action to do one page a day for the brand because this is your heart It's held l Mr. Lockhart, Robert Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was though in the belly of the hearts rusts your heart was what do I have to do? Oprah with Mohammed Salah it says two things. Little remote.

00:25:47--> 00:26:28

Remember that? At the end. So our homework one page a day for whatever it is one page you have to recycle and my teacher didn't even read it or listen to it in your car. Number two, at least the VA is at least the five obligatory prayers do it in your mouth. If you cannot make it in the masjid do it into that word dude into not at home Do it into mouth which means what you have to wake your son up I understand that the playing games all night. I know that look. You think we don't deal with it? Well, you have to do we have three teenagers Niala goes off. So what did you spend the night is when you get the headphones on there on the computer with your buddy right and

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just before but what to do

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just before the play all night, but now that means that your homework now you have to wake up. Now they come around you know they're walking around like zombies I understand but they will learn now if you stay up all night not doing the group Yeah, you're playing. You have to do brain not playing or even playing great. Let's do both. But that's the homework from now on five prayers in your mouth, whether it's work, whether it's home, whether it's the Mr. Viola we want you to come to the virgin 27 times every footstep you come one good deed is when one bad deed is elevated. What else do we have to do? family holiday every week, family holiday every week, that's you're in, you're in you

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need to recharge your battery. That means every one of us in the home you have to have a family holiday at home, or come to a massage and bring your family to the massage on the weekends. Everything look at the website, bring him down here because he needs to bring your your family with the most in order for you to learn. And what else do you have to bring the righteous people to your home you ask me if I listen, I get this all the time. My husband doesn't want to come to my school. My wife doesn't want to come to the rescue. My son doesn't want to come to the rescue. Alright, bring the message to them. What do you ever send me invite righteous people, but who do you invite

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we invite which people

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invite the people who has a job that I want or that I want to get married to. But now I want you to have a different criteria on a monthly basis at least on a monthly basis invite righteous people have a HELOC on your home. I know some brothers would like to get the machete thing they bring the people inside in the machine let your let your home BMS to be on the hub. You have to have this you have to be a beacon you have to be a leader. So with the pin What else do I have to do? I have to explain one honey so we have one one payment plan and we have to explain one howdy before we

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100 at least for now for now to start because the time is up. So let's recap real quickly. one page a day for 100 away for your family. Five praise and not gonna do it consistency, sincerity in your hearts patience on the act of worship. And this act of saving from the act of disobedience, righteous company righteous environment and a monthly halaqa for the bring your whole crew your whole family inside. Doesn't matter what it takes. I asked you for the sake of Allah to hold on to the straight path of Allah in order for you to see them Sula, again I mean life without 100

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but what was the last

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time I mean, why

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do I think the ship once again

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the author

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of a book bonamy was originally meant

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to be a hot

00:29:21--> 00:29:23

water cassadee along with me being an idiot on

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the bottom of the lungs from Obama wants me

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to be 100

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what actually been around the opacity weapon demands to be in the 100 level.