Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 02-11-2023

Akram Nadwi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone, and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a. We check Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Without further ado, we'll begin. Chef we have a couple private questions that we'll begin with. So the first question is,

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Chef, you have spoken about Senator Hooda and Senator other quite a few times in the country that I live in. In the West, people celebrate many festivals out of other For example, many people including Hindus, and Sikhs celebrate Christmas out of other and Halloween and anniversaries and birthdays Is it permissible for a Muslim to also celebrate Christmas and the valley and Halloween for example, out of order for the custom Zack located

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my Rahim

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you know two very important question. So let me explain again, what from the hotel so Florida means so, so not to the Hoda is the Sunnah the prophets Allah Allah seldom did it in order to act upon the Quran, to apply the Quran to their penetrate to the Quran to the guidance, sunnah to the other is those cultural things with the profit and loss and did it human being our or is an Arab in those culture things, you know, it'd be very important that the prophets and others do not follow the Arab people in those cultures which contribute to the Quran, like in Tawheed you know, unless Muhammad Allah being a one in

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RFC used to say that when the rain comes, it comes from for this reason, there's so many readers and the Protestant Pierside that a lot of medicine, about the diseases there have been some traditions, the prophet Some criticize them. So in the culture the person did not follow RFC, those TVs contradicted the authority or content to the ancient teachings of the Quran, you know, and the religious things

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so similarly in when we live in our time, the culture that people you know, something that we have to examine if there's something in the culture which content just ahead of Allah or the religion of the Quran, then you are not allowed to follow them, but things which are neutral, for example, you know, halal food, how to make it if people use it, eat it, like in a Western way, that's fine, there's no harm to the Western way of you know, the dress, if you cover your private part properly all up. And then after that your dress is according to Western no good people. There's no harm in that. But something which actually has

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something religious are part of the culture which somehow can affect the Quranic teachings that would not be acceptable Christmas actually is you know, celebration about all the sudden Islam you know, with all rounder but anyway it is religious thing. So Muslims can not accept data you know what they believe but it says long why do they celebrate that if you're looking deeper you can find it at origin the Legion and the teachings of Christian people

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what is and is not actually control this Quran very clearly Quran is so clear, what it says on many many verses. So, we have to be very careful. So, one has to understand that you are not allowed to follow those culture steps of any people which contradicts the Quran or guidance of the Quran or any part of religion or any other parts a lot of the things are neutral, then you know, it is possible, but still you have to see some tech where the waste of time. Sometimes it could be just you know, misunderstanding to love for example, when people celebrate the birthday or something like that. This is a new celebration in the world people in the past do not do to do it does not contribute

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images into Quran. But seriously, it gives him a lot of wrong impression. Because

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you know, the child is celebrating something which did not seem it even survived. Sometimes you achieve it, but you don't do that just somebody 18 year old become 10 year old. So it's everything that I think really, after 10 years, everybody will tell you're old I'm now 60 year old. So what are cyber I after 60 year I'm a 60 year old. If somehow I can do a Kurama miracle around 60 After 60 arrivato to be done I shall celebrate that the Kurama that's not me but in

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Something which are like the mirror, you know the wrong impression to the child that you don't hear the teeth of them. But if you memorize the Quran, you've done something good or passed the exam or something, and you sort of definitely find anyway. Simple might or even, you know culture can't follow the culture unconditionally. You have to compare the culture with the teachings of Islam.

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Desert located on shift the next anonymous question we have is dear respected chef, some people suggest that the Hadith found in Sahih al Bukhari stating hudl Quran min herba imply implies that there were only four profiles of the entire Quran during the life of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam, do you believe this understanding is correct? or would there have been more hope but as well?

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A lot of people come if people come and ask me that I live in Manchester. You know what? I've also done a study. And I mentioned you study with three people, three people, animation Devlin, and then people Reapered reporter after my death, the chef is starting with three people. I said three people in the context of the person coming from Manchester, even in Manchester, maybe after 10 years of the fibers if I do allow, I have more questions than after 30. Somebody asked I will give more names to somebody from Ansara comes who listen to answer and ask the person lesson Who should we study and in the profit measure some people from outside that's reasonable, but these people where they will go

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by somebody from Mahajan asked he will teach ask them to learn from Abdullah Massoud and people like some other people, it depends where you are, and also new people of the Quran. They keep changing. So when we were asked he said for then after that there could have been some more people. So when you read the Hadith read the context, actually people who love the Quran from the verse Allah Salam, and became good teachers, there are many many are good. There are also some women like Aisha, not Ana, she read the whole Quran and otherwise at the parser lon is among the Sahaba for Russia don't have to learn who they are honestly, there aren't many many unsalvageable more either Magellan

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presenting the fabric in order to learn so that we learn to live longer than the last of the blood was about all these people just love God not the law, all the learner the Quran, they knew the Quran. So whenever the professor loves and he speaks, he speaks in the context. If you miss out the context, then you have misunderstanding of the Hadith.

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Exactly, okay. Then, the next anonymous question we have is Chef what book in the Hanafi madhhab is a great book to study that explains every but every furore with the evidences is up Loquitur you know, I have written recently, an article do and that is the right order of study and books off Hanafi madhhab. To read that article to somebody who talks in English, or to somebody from Barbados has asked me that you

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found this article. And if I can translate for In other words, no one died out in Africa. Among all the Hanafi Booker's the best one, actually easy, but I also

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detail one, which I've got different opinions. And most often it gives the illusion from the Quran from the Sunnah

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from the author artha was just harbor and Taglioni. So that is a book on the coming. They're having a tendency in Hungary by the people in our time that you know, to prove everything hunky Vika

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so there are people who people have written a book, what are they doing you need all the the Monica de SHA are these two mistakes and support something they blame them on to show them that we're bad. So that is very dangerous, because those are these are the three marks I've never used because they know the district. And now these people is the name of the correct every all these mistakes and you know, put in the Hi Fi book, the delegates committee might have very very heated with. So be careful about that said that the best thing you just study

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tonight, and then after that books are for Hanafi MUFA defeat, Lackey monta harveysburg, several MyData daughter, you know, that will be very helpful to Sheldon.

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As an ally like a shark, we'll begin with the questions being asked now. So the first question asks, what is our responsibility during times of crisis in other countries? Are we supposed to protest?

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Yeah, so you know, these questions keep coming. Somebody has in one of the Imam and he didn't personally know.

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I asked him a few questions because

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the meaning and the condition to that pillar passing by I know in Palestine and the new super economic decline in the Jewish community there are Christians who have very different opinions in this matter for the Muslims

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and sometimes Muslims are in areas which are where they are very, very small number and fill it out a problem. So how they behave what they should do so right in answer to these questions in English so maybe tomorrow the day after tomorrow tests come out so the best thing to do instead if I answer no, do that article it

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will be helpful inshallah.

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Zack Hello here and check. The next question is by Sarah, who asks, I'm a female student studying Applied Math, PhD, and currently I'm working with a female professor. However, I would like to switch to a male professor whose work is more interesting to me having having a better a better perspective. Am I allowed to do this? No people come in men can learn from the women, we can learn from the

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lead all the salami like that, you know, I used to teach and many years after that, you know, all these young Russian men or women had been learning from each other. There's no harm but there is a some men or something that follow. You are not allowed to be with your male teacher, professor in a private room. If Glasgow was actually public, that's fine. When you come to the class, you know, we're in order you're not properly covering the parts that are important to cover. Don't put on you know, striking perfume. There's not that you know and talk properly with the proper voice, which does not give any wrong indication to if you follow these you know minus properly. You can learn

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fundament don't stop anybody from knowing anybody. But once you've know really that

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doesn't hotel wants people to live a quiet life with fear and loss Mutata

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is a global cleaner ship. The next question is by Fatiha, who asks salaam Yasha How can we relate the story of us hobble calf with another two verses before and after verse six. But I like a badly on nepsac and verse 28 was fair enough. Second I Latina in the light of emotional support, why a love brings the story of Sleeping for 309 years, yet he didn't make Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam arrested while being humiliated by his people just upload

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the sort of Kapha to either the surah which teachers are believers or the parcel of the first

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two important things that is,

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you know,

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I'm undecided on Southern that people should do good deed, and then they do soccer. So you know, that's very important. And when they do this, their love for hotel brings good results.

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And in this surah is that a part of the Southern evil that Muslims should should not claim anything on for themselves. So whatever happened, the past happened, because the will of Allah, and what was going to happen in the future will of Allah, the Muslims should always rely on data, even never related anything to themselves. So there are stories that measure the past and they said, Why did you say Mashallah. And for the future lesson what I said, if Allah wills, your proceed

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with the future, you don't need future alumnus future happiness a future year, not, not there. So a claim of anything that you know, people under highlighted given the access to the knowledge will be no, this is actually not allowed. People should be very, very careful. And don't talk things which actually makes sense to you and you'll benefit from them and dismiss you don't know what I'm about to tell you relate to a properly. Somebody who was under assault I mentioned the story of people have killed for a purpose. And now you know, that they love me the purpose and you know, how they were guided and how to help them.

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You start discussing the names of those people and how long did this lead? And you know, what were the dog doing and all those things?

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They have no benefit. First thing you can't know anyway, you don't have any, any way to know and the last ones that have nothing to do because today and not beneficial value value. So that about you know, you mentioned that to fish people that don't discuss these things to how long they stay, you know, Quran hinting to that, but does not

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clearly why the Quran wants to use that story to teach people don't waste your time in debating and discussing these questions, Destiny refer out the matter to a lot of hotter like in our time

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discussing one mark is going to come when I decided not to come in, but God is going to come all the time whenever some new problem happens. There are things just the keep meeting all those two, that's a big mistake. Because Allah has not given the authority to predict the future. You know that those predictions are for a purpose does not document people prefers to the Start Meeting prophecy, and whenever they met, they are wrong. So that is the reason we have to refer all the future in the past to Allah subhanaw taala on the right and Buddha slave in good deeds and be patient.

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Is that located on chair? The next question is by Eben Mohammed, who asks, Chef, what is the meaning of the Hadith? The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, although both are good. Is this literal? Or is this another sense? Yeah.

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If your health is good, on your physical, you are a strong person, and you will believe it. Because you can do so many things. You can play properly, you can fast properly, you can do jihad properly, you can help people, you can do so many things. But if a weak physically, you know, do your believer you are badass, but you can't do many things. To find out for something I feel very weak. I can't do my work.

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I'm not here to you know, because I'm beginning but simple as simply you know I'm not I say my when I go when I'm strong I do more things I can play properly I can teach properly. So booty strong believer he better than the weak believer doesn't mean really. But he's there are people that Sufis and all those things, they make it upside down. So don't go for those meanings, because it's very clear. And coffee ontology refers to that. If it meaning is it those who have

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a stronger faith, they are better than those who have weak faith. Tell me why somebody had to tell this. Who doesn't notice.

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You know, good A believer is better than the Bible believer who can't or not no strong believer is better than the weak believer who did not notice the proper use of this question about the amount of physical strength

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Zach Lowe had and shift. The next question is by Santa who asks, When I studied the Quran, it feels like Allah expects me to serve his religion, I feel like it's my duty to spread its message. Is it incumbent upon every Muslim to spread the message of Islam?

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Yeah, to bigotry, but according to the capacity of the people to live, for example of the women who are mothers, they spread to the children to the family, were there more time they can do other people to all events do tend to cut your capacity. Because Purana said a lot water does not burden people beyond their capacity, even the men, so people have to order understand it don't. Because if you will give your family and start doing it, you know, producing other people, then you can't do anything. And after a while you retired really. So always understand that the first thing to do to yourself, your family than other people. So believer should have, you know, a teacher in the gym to

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as much as possible. And I'm just not going to ask for them.

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But don't forget your capacity. You know what, what is possible for you. If people go beyond the possibility they already have and have everybody around them

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as an ally Laker share, the next question is by Selma to asks, I would like to know the ruling of having a small dog inside the house as a pet that the angels do not enter the house.

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You know, those are this is a song we think before the Muslim so people should not keep their dogs in the house. But if you want to kill the dog in order to guard your house, oh god the farm or anything else to keep the house I don't need to have him in the bedroom or the kitchen or things like that. That account most of you district dogs are sorry. So if they put the

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mouse somewhere if conducted, be able to pray, how to pray in the house and if the testing the peace and how can you eat and drink if you're very important to make your kitchen and your house safe if you want to refer them

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or keep them outside the house and the room you know, not your bedroom, not your chair, not where the guests say city. So

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I don't really think why you do this a

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lot of time. We spend money as well. And then he spends

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So much time

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they spent that time loving the Quran with your religion and helping the people talking to your parent and sisters. If you talk to them you get more reward than we after the dogs, you know dogs, sometimes they will eat their food wherever they are. You don't need to recover the

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different way. So your time is more precious. You should spend your time to those people. You know when you get more reward.

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Barcalounger picture the next question is by Cassie who asks,

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asking this on behalf of someone, is it haram to play with dice?

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What is this,

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like some gambling thing? Or what is

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I assume any board game that has dice in it, maybe it's linked to the Hadith, there's some Hadith that's been said that you know, it has some you know, gambling or something like that, that is not loaded, not gambling, and do not waste your time does not stop you from the player or something will be fine.

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And the second question by fasea is, how do we apply the Hadith in our modern times do not initiate the greeting with the Jews and Christians and if you meet them in the street, push them towards the narrowest part of it.

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context, the prophets are often used to help unbelievers

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help them take their burden and also make it easy to do to them. So when people are in doubt about your character, you push them somewhere else, they're not going to listen to you.

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What is wrong used to be dollar, but sometimes we were in war, they are hurting you or did they break the treaty? Let us do the Medina. So then the professor nothing has to work people they are careful about those people to like, when you live in the west of here you have ignored your which actually

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brings people in equally more or less. And then you have to respect every citizen of your country. Be nice to them and hopefully, they will listen to you they'd come you know Buddha wanted they

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don't differentiate you consists of up to them to come to the Randolph understanding by if you didn't know you heard them and you don't want to force them to even narrow path they will force you. So then all this conflict in tension the society to don't do this thing, understand that the Hadith have got their own context. So in the Namsom society, you have to be very careful even Muslim society.

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But except unbelievers, be nice to them in your house, give them food, help them more likely they will listen to you. And at least they will respect you they will not have enmity and hatred against Islam.

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Zach Hello, credit and check. The next question is by Nabil who asks, Chef, is it true that the late Sheikh Mohammed Ravi, and that we received an ijazah I'm from his teacher, Shalimar pa

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Oh, this is a very difficult question. I don't remember writing I wrote a biography of Ravi and all these other things Tinder but check out shahadi matava

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Some more likely people liked the data when the teaser delivery genre to all the restaurants so if we could guess that you are dealing but more our dinner remember that and other people do not remember that did he say this or not? But that he assumed that you would have given so that's one second thing is that some people

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have this opinion that was somebody teaches you it because

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so if you follow this opinion then you

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it's not really we're not really sure that she gave it up on it will likely go *

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or glow peak chef The next question is some Muslim women celebrate quote unquote, the divine within them referring to their wombs. Does this not contradict Islam by associating our bodies with the Creator

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first understand the word use of the divine within this deliberately so people are pregnant and they would like child and they are happy because they want to have a baby. That's not a problem. But if you're proud or something of their own ability have something

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to be proud of anything. You know does even even even on you proud and you look down at other women who don't have children or something like that, I don't know understand the concept properly. But it is being proud of

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Do not allow otherwise celebrating, you know something that would have been happy with

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the desert located on quick share. The next question is encircled Bukhara, verse 30, when the names of these are mentioned, for all his research led to the conclusion that these are the Prophets and Messengers. It is brilliant research and my heart settles on this. But I feel uncomfortable that no one previous has mentioned this interpretation, and that it goes against mainstream interpretations. can you advise

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me to give a talk on that ugly and maybe delicious, and I think it will return this. I think I've written an article on this review.

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It was not only prophets and messengers, meaning is basically all the good people in the family or the Muslim and distant data as the it doesn't matter for IOP enough, it actually is good from early generation to one of the great

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I think Tarbell, who is first off so much Portrait Gallery even reside, you know, he's integrating US aid or D has also that smartness, the names of the descendants of other Muslims not only from what you can see there

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I think there are some if some other people there'll be a despotic for somehow you know the other meaning it could mean South every creation indefinitely become more famous, or go on the subway.

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Really that formula for I think

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that also existed in the past.

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To Zack Lohan and Chef the last question we'll take is many people are keeping global fasts out of solidarity for Palestinian is permissible fasting is for Allah sake alone. You know, we don't like people to make religion something that you know, protocol you know, if our data is presented to the player the first thing is a carton they should be done the way I live in America so it'll be hard to create a new faster enforced loyalty just for that I learned so many things anyway, help the believers and work hard and support them in anything with our action article comm there you can do but there no guidance on perfect to faster you know, it's liberating that you can do remote move the

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nozzle that the professor whenever fasting, where if somebody wants to move to avoid fasting you do on their on your own without telling people on without making everyone just seem like man, can you faster, and

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you don't need to make no global fast or something like that. It's an art becomes even more productive. That's not what Allah wants her to put his group where it is, she will serve the religion deliver that, but that should not serve the politics. And we have so many ways to help Palestinian people or other people do that. We don't need to make a meeting that

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is that close here? And that's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Zach Lowe crunched for your time and just suck Hello hate on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week. Thursday at 6pm GMT as always, allow more alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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