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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik, ala nabina Muhammad, where are the he will be here tomorrow in America.

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So our topic this evening is the story of the Prophet of Allah. The Prophet Yusuf Ali Salatu was Salam. And it is

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a story that is mainly derived from the Quran from the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Because there is a as you know, a whole soul and a whole chapter dedicated to this prophet. And when it comes to the stories of the Koran, the general rule of the stories of the prophets in the Quran, is that Allah subhanaw taala only mentions snippets of their lives. He mentioned certain verses that pertain to certain incidents, or sometimes not even that much information. There are profits of the founder only mentioned by name and we have hardly anything of the story, and other profit to the names are mentioned. And the stories are mentioned, but it is not considered to be a biography. But it is an

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incident or two or three that pertains to them, and perhaps their people, their nation. That's the general rule of thumb in the Quran. But there are perhaps two exceptions to that rule. The first of them is the story of Musa alayhis salaam that is mentioned more or less we have the whole life of Musashi Salaam relayed to us in the Koran, from his childhood and from his youth and from his adulthood, his marriage, his time in Midian, being anointed as a prophet of a lot coming back to Pharaoh, and even after Pharaoh after the drowning of Pharaoh and his army, a lot of soldier mentioned a number of other incidents that take place during his lifetime. So here's the first

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exception. However, with moosari Sam, as you know, His story is dispersed throughout Oregon, you have verses beginning from Surah Baqarah. And his story continues in songs. For many, many times his story is mentioned in the Quran, it is not in a single place, it is dispersed throughout the Quran. The second example of a prophet that a large soldier more or less gives to us the whole life story is this prophet, the prophet Yusuf alayhi salam. And that's why we normally when you have lectures concerning the lives of the prophets, you'll find, as I'm sure that you have had in previous lectures on the series, where speakers will find it difficult to give you a wholesome understanding

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of their lives. Because what the Orion mentioned to us and what we know therefore authentically, because what is mentioned in the Sunnah, concerning most of the profits is also relatively little. What we find is that what a large division concentrates upon is only a few incidents from their lives in order to understand the whole biography, their background, the context of the time that they lived in. It is usually taken from what we call Sarah Elliot, from Judeo Christian sources. And those sources may be correct may be incorrect, maybe authentic, maybe inauthentic. But when you go back to the books of evil, classically the books that speak about the scholars of the lives of the

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prophets, like even funerals, also MBR and others, you'll find that they often rely heavily upon those Judeo Christian,

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we have the need to do that. We don't need to add much from Judeo Christian sources. We don't even need to add so much from the sun that even though the Prophet use of adding Sam is mentioned in a number of Hadith, in the student of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam, Anvil mentioned some of them as we go through the story. The story of use of is more or less the full biography, but the difference between it and the story of Musa is that a large xojo collated the story in a single place, one surah dedicated to this prophet, this prophet of Allah, why is his story brought together? Why is it not dispersed? The usual rule of thumb in the Quran is that a large donation

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when he disperses the stories of the prophets throughout the Quran mentions two verses here five verses the passage in the third place is because those particular incidents are what is relevant to the context of that Sora to the message of that surah. So if a large soldier is speaking about though he then he mentioned the story of the prophet or a prophet, it is because that particular issue in the story of the Prophet is relevant to the topic of delete, or if it's the topic of the importance of following your profits and your messengers alarm so to give an example from the lives of one of the prophets, because that particular incident relates to that message that a larger

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gentleman wants to bring up. But in the story of use of alley Sam, we have a whole topic in and of itself. The story of use of adding insulin is a message some of the spoilers and there is an aeration in the

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Books of Spybot and ozone, the causes of revelation why certain sources were revealed. It was mentioned that the orangish, Mecca, the some of them met with some of the Jews. And they asked them for a question that they could pose to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that only a prophet will know about. Because remember, the mccanns, this concept of prophethood is alien to them. They're not like the Jews and the Christians who are familiar with having prophets, Moses, Jesus, David Solomon, they're, they're familiar. But the Arabs, even though they knew of Ibrahim, and they had the concept, but the concept of prophethood is almost non existent amongst them. But the Jews

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and Christians claim to have prophets and there are a number of narrations about different passages of the Quran, where the Quran should go, and they would ask the Jews when they would come across them, give us a question that only a Prophet would know. And we will ask Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this duration says that they asked for for question of this kind. And they asked all the Jews said to them, that ask him what was the reason why use have left from Sham and he went to Egypt? But how did the children of Israel end up in Egypt? Because Ibrahim Ali Salaam didn't live in Egypt. How did the children of Israel end up in Egypt? And so they're referring to the story of

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Yusuf Ali Salaam because as we know, where the use of adding some end up, ends up in Egypt. And so they came on the Ask the prophets on the lower it will send him this question, and a large soldier revealed this surah that is an operation that is mentioned in the books of Babel newzoo. But I don't think that it is an authentic narration on a large soldier knows best. There is another narration that is authentic, and that is an addition in which some of the companions said O Messenger of Allah, because the Quran was being revealed and verses of the Quran revealed and they said, O Messenger of Allah, would you not relate to us a story? So Allah subhanaw taala revealed the opening

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passage of this surah and if ma t tilka, takita been moving in Santa Ana Arabi Allah Allah contatti loan national una casa la casa del costs, and the flam ra these are the verses of a clear manifest book. Indeed we have revealed to you a an Arabic Quran for people who comprehend indeed we relate to the best of stories. And so long as the origin then mentioned a number of stories and that's why many of the scholars said that so our use of is a Maki surah.

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The story of use of our Islam therefore is given this title of being a sandwich is one of the greatest or one of the most beautiful stories that you will come across. And one of the main messages of the surah is that the surah is a surah that speaks about love, love in its many forms, and in its many manifestations. Love is one of the most powerful emotions that we as humans have. The ability to love. And love is something and obviously is polar opposite is hate. Love is something when a person has it and it is deep and entrenched and strong. It can overcome many things, overcome anything make people do crazy things. The Arabs in the literature before Islam have

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the story of a man they call Magellan Lila Mujuru Laila the crazy man of Lila. And this man was overcome besotted by this woman that he wasn't able to marry, but out of his love for her, he would write and he would speak poetry, they still have this is something which took place hundreds of years ago, but his example is still given because love is something that is so powerful, can overcome. And likewise, it's polar opposite hate is also something which is extremely strong. And that's why the Prophet told us on a low and he will sell them. If you love someone, love them in moderation, for perhaps the day will come and you will dislike them. And if you hate someone than

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hate them in moderation, for perhaps a day will come and you love them. And there is wisdom within that. Because in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see people who are arch enemies of Islam. And what happens they accept Islam, they become Muslim, and people who before Islam, they were extremely close to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam and others and then as soon as Islam is revealed, they become their arch enemies. So this is a story that speaks about this powerful emotion of love and a large social gifts to us throughout this Sora different manifestations of love. And what love can lead a person to do love that is good. And love that is

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also not so good. Love when there is good and when it is had when that emotion comes into play in a way that is good in a way that is positive, loving Allah, loving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loving those things.

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And those people that a lot commands us to love. It is something which not only brings a person closer to Allah, it is extremely rewarding. And it is extremely beneficial not only for ourselves, but for the people around us as well. But that same emotion of love, when it is not done in a way that is praiseworthy, or when there is love of something which is not praiseworthy, then it is extremely problematic, and can lead to some of the major greatest sins. My love, can be love of wealth, can be love of honor, can be love of station and stature and position and fame. leadership can be loved in many, many different ways and manifestations. And so, Allah subhanaw taala dedicates

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the story, a story of love.

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begins by mentioning a dream, a dream that the young boy use of it Sam has before he reaches adulthood before he's given Prophethood he sees a dream that he relays to his father. Jacobian jacoba, as we know, is from the profits of a large religion. And his grandfather uses grandfather yakut his father is half as a prophet of Allah. And his great grandfather Ibrahim is a prophet of Allah, the prophets on a lower it will send them once asked, monochrome oneness, who is the most generous of people, and he sits on a low while he will send them well Kareem Abdul Karim. It will carry me bro carrying the gentleness one the son of the generous one, the son of the generous one

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the son of the generous one for use of the son of Yaqoob, the son of his heart, the son of Ibrahim alayhi wa salatu salam. They said no messenger of Allah. We weren't asking about that. He said then do you mean who's generous amongst us? The Arabs? They said yes, so Mr. Java law. He said the best and the most generous amongst us are those who are best in Jamelia before Islam. They are the best in Islam. Once they have understanding of the religion, once they learn their religion, they have the best point is that the prophets on the lower end he will send them gave him these titles alarms diligences baloney alarm so Jill says if Carla usefully Abby, your ability in Iraq to either Ashoka

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or shumsa will Amara, a Tony surgeon. This is what a large donation begins a story. Yusuf Ali Salaam is relaying the dream to his father, or my father. I saw in my dream, the sun and the moon and the 11 stars for streeting before me, jacobellis sam is a prophet of Allah in the stands, when something is correct or incorrect when something is true or untrue. And he realized that this dream of use of Le Salaam shows that he will have something amazing something monumental take place in his life, the sun and the moon are generally considered what those creations have a law that are high in the heavens, we look up to the sun, the moon, even in the history of religions, the sun is normally the

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source of power and depicted as the source of life and so on because there is something that we consider to be central to the universe. And likewise the moon. The fact that use of Allianz seldom sees them prostrating below humble before him. jacoba sam understands that this means that something big monumental will take place in his life, but he says to him, yeah, boonie Oh, my dear son, look at the wording of your Kubernetes Sarah, because sometimes our children come to us and they have an issue that they consider to be major. for them. It's a big deal. And we often dismiss them. jacobellis sam didn't say it's just a dream, don't worry, go away, go back to sleep, whatever it may

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be. He says yeah, boonie Oh, my dear son, la toxo Surya Corolla acquatic don't narrate this dream of yours to your brother's his own blood brothers, for your key do laka Qaeda because if you do so they will plot and plan against you in the shape on and in Sanya do mobian For verily shapen is a clear enemy towards people. Now Kubernetes Sam number one understands that there is rivalry between the brothers sibling rivalry, right? He understands and he also understands that she upon uses, the rivalries that we have within us, amongst us between us as a means of causing division and as a means of disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. How many times parents and children have problems

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because of those divisions. Because of those misunderstandings. It leads to divorce or leads to major issues. Husbands and wives, brothers, siblings, brothers and sisters amongst themselves and from the beginning of time

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Jealousy amongst contemporaries has always been an issue. The first crime to be committed on Earth as a law mentions in the Quran is the story of the two sons of Adam out of his center, and it is a story of rivalry and jealousy. sibling rivalry. This is an issue that occurs over and over again even in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when Abu Jahan was asked, oh Abu Jamal, why don't you accept Islam? What prevents you from accepting Islam? And Abu Jamal said my try bernama has room and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam boo Hashem have always competed with one another. When they would feed the pilgrims, we would feed the pilgrims, when they

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would give water to the pilgrims, we would give water to the pilgrims until we became like two stallions racing neck and neck, neck by neck. Meaning what? That now we're very similar. We, amongst the Arabs in terms of prestige, leadership, honor, we are equal. But now they claim that there is a profit from them. How do we compete with this, I will never believe in him. rivalry, tribalism, this type of rivalry is something which is real and it's something which exists, and it's something was shaped by exploits. And that's why the Prophet sets on a low early on seldom that she no longer has the hope that she will become prevalent in the peninsula of Arabia, Mecca, Medina, those areas

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should should was eradicated doesn't have that hope that it will become prevalent, but rather, he will make enmity between you that's a pandas enmity between you jealousy rivalry, using hate and love and these emotions, he makes problems for your key dolakha Qaeda, jacobellis and ancestry isn't they will plot against you. And that plotting that they do is an evil type of plotting. But a large region from the beginning of this sort of shows that when a person is connected to Allah, and their love is for Allah, based upon what Allah Xhosa loves, Allah subhanaw taala will give to them is divine care and protection. Because a large religion will say, many verses on towards the end of the

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story of use of a news have comes out of prison and now he's one of the leaders of Egypt, a large religion says and his brothers come to them and they don't recognize him. But they come to him seeking assistance. Allah says Cova Lika kiddin early use of likewise we planned for use of Allah His setup a lot of social plans for his own year. So person who's strong and connected to Allah, even when the people or others come to plot and plan against them. Allah subhanaw taala always makes for them. A good ending. don't relate this issue. don't relate the story, this dream that you have don't relate to your brothers. There will be problems between use of value cinemas a number of

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brothers approximately 10 at a time use of running cinemas the youngest from amongst them, but use the valley center is the most beloved to his father. We have an people who have children generally you have or sometimes you have a favorite amongst them. Islam doesn't say that it's not allowed for you to love one child more than another to have a favorite amongst them. jacobellis Alam clearly has a favorite, clearly has a favorite. And so that's why some of the scholars said that the 12 months of the year, I like the 12, sons of Yaqoob. And just as Ramadan, just as useful as the favorite son of Yaqoob. Ramadan is the most beloved of months to Allah subhana wa Tada. He has a favorite. What

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Islam says though, is that you must treat them equally in your treating of them, you're dealing with them in the way that you give and take, you must be equal to them. fair to them, however, doesn't mean that one, if he serves you more does more for you, honors you more respects you more strives for you more sacrifices for you more, that you can't therefore love them more, because that is a natural

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emotion that a large religion has placed within people. So what do they see the brothers of use of? They realized that their father loves us more than them. And they would only be able to gain that love. And again, this is another manifestation of love. We have the love of use Yaqoob for his son use of and now we have the love of the children, the other brothers, for their father, they want his love, and they want it to be for them. They want to remove the one that they consider to be a problem, the one who's taking all of the love, so the love would be shared amongst them. And look at how when that love when that emotion becomes so strong. And it goes out of the bounds of the Sharia

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and transgressors beyond the limits that Allah has set. Then how it becomes evil

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To lose a veto

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or become a large zildjian says that they said kill yourself or exiled him from the land. And then the face of your father the love of your father will become only for you. What a quantum embody a common solid in and afterwards you can become righteous people do this one sin and everything will be okay and you can live a life of piety. That is the trap of shavonne. That is the key the planning that jacobellis Sallam feared for his son Yusuf feared for him shavon comes and look at the extreme of the situation. These are his blood brothers, not just friends, not just neighbor as much as relatives, not just cousins, blood brothers. These are the people and he's the youngest from amongst

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them. If you have a group of children, brothers, cousins, friends, they go out and you have their 789 10. And there's a four year old, what do you always say to the group? Look out for the young one, right? Keep an eye out. For the youngest brother, keep an eye out for the young one. This is what they should have done. He's the youngest amongst them. He's their blood brother. These are the people who are closest to him, who he should have the most to, they should have the most love for, but instead the plan to get rid of him. And it is extreme. They're thinking of his death fall apart. You know, I mean, homeboy, one of them said it's too much to kill our own brother not to lose, don't

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kill him. Well, hufa better job, but rather take him to a one somewhere in the distance and throw him down the well. Meaning he may well die, leave him. Someone may take him not take him, find them, find him. But don't physically kill him yourself. You'll take a tobacco car, perhaps travelers will take him in kuntum ferried him. So they agree, reason, to some extent, prevails. They won't kill him, they will exile him, they will leave, they will drop him down around. So now they come to their father. And they say, oh, our Father, why don't you allow us to go with us your town. He will enjoy himself and he will play some of the scholars with you. They have a very nice point here. And that

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is how even the children of the prophets needed to go and play.

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Even the children of prophets iacobelli salaam is a prophet of Allah, and his children are coming to him his son saying, We need some time to play, need to chill out, we need to enjoy ourselves, and jacobellis salaam agrees with them. And he even though he's hesitant at the beginning, and he doesn't resistant because he fears something may happen. He allows them to do so. Right knowing understanding how to give tarbiyah to your children knowing their needs, understanding what's needed in the marriage needed preset to them, be careful with your brother, but a larger uses for them as a hobby, or a geography. Job. 10 of them more or less, I think there were 10 of them. They agreed they

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concluded, they all participated in the fact that they would dump him in a while, which shows the level of an animosity and the level of, of the evil feeling that they had towards Yusuf Ali salatu salam. And this is what she pondered. When love is twisted by shavon. When love is used in a way that isn't sanctioned by Allah subhana wa Tada. It goes to a level where a group of people can come and agree on a single issue that is pure evil, evil in every respect in every angle, every way that you slice. This is evil, but still they will go to that level. A large soldier says well, they agreed. They colluded. They were they had agreement amongst themselves that this is what they would

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do. And they hatched a plan. They will throw him down the wall. And then they would go and before they threw him down the wall. They would take off his shirt. They would go and they would sacrifice an animal. Throw its blood on the shirt go back to their father and claim the use of alley slam had been devoured by a wolf eaten by a wolf. wolf came grabbed him at Monterey. And this is all that we had. But what do they forget to do? With Jaguar law community he beat them in Kadeem, Allah subhanaw taala and by the woman they're throwing down the wall a large soldier says again to show how his divine care and protection is therefore his own here is the throwing him down to one a law says what

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oh hanaa III that will not be unknown. The Emory mhada wahama Sharon, and we inspired we revealed to use of that you will tell your brothers about this very thing that they did. And they won't even realize who you are and what inspired him at the moment of his

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If you like the moment where he's most alone, being left for them, no one to help him, no one to come looking for him, no one to come and aid him no one with him except Allah Subhana. Allah. Allah gives him this inspiration. A day will come, when you will tell your brothers about this is what they did to you. And they won't even realize what they don't know. So larger than continues, they go back to use valleys. They go back to jacobellis, and I'm the brothers and they have this shirt dripping with blood. And they claim that a wolf came and devoured use of, but when jacobellis sam sees the shirt, he sees that it's intact. No crow marks, no bite marks, not shredded, not ripped, or

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torn. Kind of woof is this that allows a child to take off his shirt, and then runs away with it. And it's intact. He understood that there's something going on here. And he remembers this dream, the use of RTS and I'm told him and so large soldier. And this is an amazing point. Because if you think about this, you know one person to be, for example, negligent of this is possible, right? You have one person and they want to commit a crime, and they don't think straight, so that one person makes a mistake. Two people make a mistake. Three people make a mistake. There's 10 of them here. Not a single one of them realized that this would be an issue. Because when Allah subhanaw taala

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when someone does evil and does Haram, and commits, especially a major sin of oppression against someone, Allah subhanaw taala always makes clear, always comes out whether then or later, many years afterwards, those things always come up. Because a large soldier never allows oppression to go and check. Never allows oppression to go and check people know who oppresses are always becomes open and manifest. The presses are never hidden. They never remain hidden. They're known either by the people of the community, or the people of their city or by their own family members. People know the people who are oppressive. You can't hide oppression. So large social mix is oppression known to iacobelli

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ceram despite the justifications and the reasons that they give to him, so he says for sovereign Jimmy, it is time to be patient. While LaHood Mr Amato see phone, Allah will help and aid me concerning that which was quite

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so now we have another manifestation of love. And this time it is the love of wealth, we'll just say Yara for

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a group of travelers. qingsiya. Yara doesn't mean car even though that's what it means in in modern Arabic. sejarah classically means it is the product of car, the person who's a traveler, person who commutes and that's why a car is called a car because you commute in it, the group of travelers came and they stopped at this watering hole as well. And they sent one of their servants to go and bring water draw water from the world and use valleys ceramah law describes him as being in the higher battle job in another battle job in the lower depths of the wound that if you were to look down, it's dark. In the pit of the world. You can't see anything down there. That's where they threw him

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right at the bottom. But when the basket or the drawing the pail of the pail with which you draw the water is taken down into the wall, you Safari Islam jumps on it holds on to it and is drawn out. So they see Bushra has

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some of the scholars said that this shows the use of alley slam was very young in age, the fact that he was able to hold on to this parent and be lifted up. And the person who's lifting doesn't realize just thinks it's the weight of the water doesn't realize that it's a human, a person a child clinging on shows that he was very young in age. But when they find it, yeah, Bushra has a hula. They immediately think we have something that we can sell.

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Well as a Ruby bar, they use them as produce as a commodity as something to buy and sell something to purchase. If you see a child that's lost, that doesn't have his father doesn't have his mother doesn't have parents, a young child, your normal reaction is to help them is to reunite them with their parents is to find someone in a position of responsibility that will take them back your first normal reaction is not Oh, I can sell him into slavery and make some money. Phenomenal reaction. But again, it is a manifestation of a type of love. A love for wealth, by hook or by crook we want money doesn't matter what we have to do in the process and told us that from the greatest of sins from the

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major sins, is to sell the free person to Stephen to take a free person and sell them into slavery. That is from the greatest of oppression. They realize this and because of their history for many a large audiences

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What's your Oh be feminine Boston. Dara Hema Duda. They sold him for a paltry price a small price for a few Durham's. Some of this positives you said for 20. Durham's, some said less, some said more, wasn't even the value that he would actually bring, but because they were in such a hurry, they were travelers, they have him and they want to sell him. They're not they're looking for the best price they sell him.

00:30:25--> 00:30:41

But a lot of social fevers and loss of $100 fee was him because the house that he ends up in is the house of the disease of missile, one of the leaders of Egypt. And this is where a large soldier now gives to him Prophethood inspiration revelation while I'm

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Athena hochma, losses and now Allah gave to him knowledge. And he gave to him wisdom was also bestowed upon him prophet with early Salatu was Salam. But now we have another manifestation of love, love again in a form that is common and well known. A love that is again a type of haraam love, and that is the love of desires, the love of desires when it goes unchecked. So the disease of Minnesota the leader of Egypt, he has his wife, use of value Sam is a slave in his household, but he treats him well looks after him. And he says when he buys him to his wife as Alonso dimensions in the Quran, a creamy mouthwash as a foreigner on a tequila, whether that be good to him, for perhaps

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we will either adopt him as a son or he will benefit us, be good to him treat him well. And so his master treats him well.

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But the wife of Jaco, the wife of the disease of missile, as use value, Sam rose up and he reaches adulthood, which is his prime years, he is endowed by a large zildjian with beauty, with handsomeness. The authentic hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam maratea use of shotwell hesson use of RT Salaam was given half of beauty. In another generation, the professor seldom said use of and his mother will give him half of beauty. So all of the beauty of humankind from the time of Adam and he sent Him until the very last person to come to live. A large xojo gave half of the beauty to use valleys and half. And if you think about the most amazingly beautiful person that

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you've seen, that you can imagine, they have a tiny portion of the beauty that a large soldier has dispersed across his creation, because half of that went to use the valley center.

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So she becomes besotted by him, she desires him. And so it goes to a point where she can no longer a noose around his thumb according to you know, some Judeo Christian traditions. He said the use of adding Sam knew of his own beauty, that when he would come out in public or when he would other people would be present in the house, he would cover his face veil himself, so as not to cause a problem for people. Anyway, Alonzo dimensioned, that he reaches a level where she can no longer hold back, what are the two lady who have EBT her and so she attempts to seduce him on a day when there is no one else in the house and the husband is absent.

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And this is where a large xojo main functions and interesting or an important point and that is that Allah subhanaw taala says well appa Hamad, Bihar, Bihar, Bala Mohammed v wahama, Bihar, Lola Ravana, ropey, she desired him, and he also had an inclination towards worried mocked that he had seen the signs of his Lord, every single person succumbs to a love of desire, be one bit opposite gender, be it fame, be power, whatever it may be. Love is an emotion that you have to have the emotion of love is not something which is haram, per se, just the natural emotion, because a large region is placed within us something natural, everyone has it. You see something that's beautiful, you're attracted

00:34:12--> 00:34:55

to it. You see someone driving a car living in a house and you think that's nice, I wouldn't mind that. That's not a problem in and of itself. The problem is, when it leads to jealousy, or it leads to hatred, or he leads to an action that is displeasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. She is offering herself to him, and he is a human. A large soldier says that he had an inclination, but what stopped him and this is where the lesson comes in. All those harem types of love Lola or Robert Hannah Robin, but he knew the laws of Allah. He had seen the signs of Allah. His Eman was strong enough that when he was pleased in that situation, he was able to walk away. And he does it by two things.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Number one, Parliament as a law he remembers a law

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

And he seeks refuge in Allah. And he seeks aid and protection from Allah subhanaw taala. Number two, he remembers the favours of his master and the harm that he would be doing in the hora be as an empath, why he is my master, meaning your husband is my master, and all he has ever done is be good to me. And then he says in the whole law, you flip of volume, because an oppressor will never be successful.

00:35:28--> 00:36:09

on a large scale, Virgil again, is showing this issue of oppression and how it's always comes out out there is always made clear and apparent to people to things therefore, number one, to remember a loss of panatela to seek His protection, his aid is refuge. And number two, to remember the harm of the sin that you're going to commit the harm, because with oppression, especially, there is always harm. When you take the rights of someone else. When you set the rights of someone else, when you withhold the rights of someone else. There is always harm always. And that harm should be a reason for us to stop. Like when the young man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he

00:36:09--> 00:36:48

said, O Messenger of Allah give me permission to commit Zina. And the companions became upset, kind of a question is this to ask? But the prophet SAW Selim said to him, would you be happy for this to happen to your mother, to your sister, to your daughter, and he named his close family relatives, his female relatives. And each time the man said, No, I wouldn't want this for my mother, my own daughter, my wife, my sister, my. And so he said, an either to other people like it for their mothers, and their daughters, and their wives and their sisters, and so on and so forth. Because when you understand the harm of the sin, because what to shape on do soul gain, gain gain, as at the

00:36:48--> 00:37:08

beginning of the surah, the brother, see that's kill yourself, then we'll become good people, because we will eliminate the problem never works like that. shavon uses it as a stepping stone. And once you step on it, you go to a lower level and a lower level and a lower level, and it goes down like a slippery slope. So lawrence o'donnell mentioned this.

00:37:09--> 00:37:51

Either way, her she's caught out, her oppression is caught out, and use of adding Islam is absorbed. By now she still isn't able to overcome this. So she goes another step further. And she hears the rumors of the city. Rumors of what people are seeing concerning her and how she's overcome by her love for her sleeve. Right. She's a woman of power, of stature of station of wealth. She's a woman who has a position and she's going crazy over asleep. So she gathers them together. And then she asks use of rallies to them to come in. And as you know the story they cut off their hands because of how amazed they are by their beauty and a lot of surgeon says and relays their words in the Quran

00:37:51--> 00:38:08

and they said Maha Bashara in her the Illa mela can carry this is not a human. This is an angel, that alarm surgeon has sent His name Angel, because of the beauty that Allah subhanaw taala gave to his prophet Yusuf alayhi salatu salam

00:38:09--> 00:38:44

so large so Jonathan mentioned that the wife of his master, the wife of the leader of Egypt, she gave him a choice that either he would agree to her advances, or she would punish him. So now we see another type of love. And this time, it was a love of sacrificing for a loss of Hannah Tara, a love in which you sacrifice your desires, your pleasures, your comfort, while you would rather have for something that a large soldier has called

00:38:46--> 00:39:35

a habit, la Maria de una de la. She said, Oh, he said, use of adding Islam said Oh, my Lord, prison jail is more beloved to me, than that which they are calling me towards. That's not an easy statement to make. He's innocent. The no harm, hasn't hurt. Anybody didn't ask for anything to happen to him completely innocent in every sense of the word. But now that he's in this situation, and he sees that there are two homes two evils, he chooses the one in which he sacrifices for a loss of data, and he's sacrificing something seriously precious is freedom, not something small, but something to be laughed at not something to be dismissed. It is his freedom that he is sacrificing

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

color of decision over law prison is more beloved to me than to do the harm that they are inviting me towards. And so a lot of social says what the hell am I gonna threaten he entered into prison and he entered in with him. There were two young men are large social goes on to mention their dreams. This issue of sacrificing for a loss of handle data is extremely important.

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

is one of the greatest ways of attaining a las favors. The Prophet told us on a lower hourly he was seldom men Takashi and nilah awada. Hiraman, Whosoever leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah will always give to them something better in return to sacrifice for Allah, it is the principle upon which worship is based. Rather, it is based on the principle of sacrifice. So when you wake up to pray, fudger, you're sacrificing. When you're giving money in soccer, you're sacrificing. When you're fasting in Ramadan, you're sacrificing, when your parents asked you to do something, and you're busy and you have other things to do. You're sacrificing. When you uphold the rights of your

00:40:41--> 00:41:21

spouse, and your children and those people around you. Even though you have other things that you could be doing. That is a sacrifice. When you come to the masjid to listen to a lecture, you are sacrificing every single act of worship that brings you closer to Allah has within it, this element of sacrifice. And so that is a love also, what is the difference between most average people, most average Muslims, and the people who reach the higher level of Eman what Allah mentioned in this first, the love for sacrifice, many of us sacrifice because we don't have a choice. We have to, or we do it because Okay, you know, I'm going to pray. I know it's an obligation, pray do it, but I

00:41:21--> 00:42:04

don't really do it out of love. I do it because I know it's an obligation. So I fulfill that obligation. But I don't reach that higher level of enjoying him and loving a man coming closer to a law strengthening in faith, because it is still difficult for me inside. Use of it some spur of the moment, has a choice doesn't say well, I need to think about this or, you know, maybe later on Oh, no, he says Rob decision immediately. Prison is more beloved to me. And so he enters into prison. And look at how Allah subhanaw taala allows things to play their course a large soldier has already inspired him, Allah subhanaw taala has already given him the glad tidings of prophethood and that he

00:42:04--> 00:42:49

will tell his brothers and that he would. But a large soldier also has a similar in his universe, there are there is a way and a means by which things must play out. And so the complaint that we often have of how life is difficult and full of challenges and hardships and so on, yes, because that is life. That is the sum novela when it comes to living in this world, the prophets of Allah do not escape those certain of Allah, those laws of Allah, the universal laws that Allah has laid down of hardship, and sacrifice and effort and loss. And all of those issues, pain, even the prophets of Allah do not escape from them. So then what about me and you? So he enters into into prison. And

00:42:49--> 00:43:32

here we see another type of love. And that is the love for righteousness. He has two men with him. Each one of them has a dream. And they come to us valleys. And I'm to ask him for the dream for the interpretation of the dream. And they see to him Why did they come to him in Nana Raka mina masini because we see that you are a good man. Even though he's in prison, what's your, you know, the general, the general thing that would come to your mind, if someone's in prison, is in prison. He's a criminal is a person who has done evil is a person who has done harm. But a large soldier shows that outside even though a person may be free and have wealth and all of a large xojo never honors

00:43:32--> 00:44:13

the evil doers and the oppressors. And it is a serious gross mistake to think that our wealth and position and leadership are under formal law. Because the law gives them to everyone believes disbelievers people that he loves them people that he doesn't. A large soldier doesn't honor people in those ways. Those are not measures of honor in the sight of Allah. They are tests from a large religion. So we think when someone has all of those pleasures of the dunya Oh, they must be very good. And sometimes we even have an inferiority complex towards them, because we think that they are so they have so good. But alternatively, we would think that someone in prison is automatically an

00:44:13--> 00:44:55

evil do a criminal, even though that may not be the case. lawrence o'donnell is showing that the light of a man of goodness of righteousness of piety shines even in the depths of prison. Whereas outside, even though a person like the wife of the leader of Egypt, has wealth and power and station oppression, and even becomes apparent even with all of those trappings of the dunya. So even in prison, they realize this is no ordinary man. This is a man of honor of piety of righteousness in naraka minomycin. So use Valley salami interprets the dreams, and he says to the one that he thinks one of them interprets that he will die, the other one that he will have a position of honor with

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

the leaders with the leader of the king of Egypt. So he says to him that when you arrive

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

That position, remember me, telling him of my situation? You know me to be an honest righteous person, tell them that I've been oppressed. But what happens when the these prison alarm, says shapen makes him forget Schaefer makes him forget a number of years pass, filibuster precision bid are seen in a number of years. Bill Barr is any number between three and 10. And a scholar said, it was most likely towards the higher end than the low end, nearly a decade in prison. Until one day the Kings is a dream. And in the dream that he sees, it is disturbing to him. So he asks advisors who can tell me the interpretation of this dream? None of them know. But the man who was a former

00:45:44--> 00:46:24

prisoner who's now in that position of honor, he remembers now, Yusuf Ali Salaam is a man who can interpret your dreams. So he goes back and he asks Yusuf Ali Salim Yusuf Ali, Sam, doesn't scold him, does a rebuke him, let's say, Where have you been for the last few years? Now you come to me. But he tells him the interpretation of that dream. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concerning use of any Salaam that he is carrying, even will carry liberal carrying liberal carrying the genuis won the son of the generous one, the son of the generous one, the son of the generous one, then he sits on a low hourly and we'll sell them where I have been in the position of my

00:46:24--> 00:47:04

brother used to have it set up in that position in prison for so many years. And that man came to meet to ask me about the dream, I would have said to him, not until I leave when I tell you, you get me out of prison, then I'll tell you. And that's what most of us would have done. Someone comes to that position like no, no, first you get me out, then I'll tell you, right, that's the deal. But use the Far East, and I'm right. And the other ration on that same Hadith says the process of instead, I'm amazed by his patience, the patience of use of that he stays for such a long time. And he doesn't even rebuke the man who comes to him for a favor. And by his generosity, his kindness of

00:47:04--> 00:47:18

spirit, that he asks a question. And he's not thinking selfishly selfishly about himself. But he's thinking about the wider good, because the dream is about droughts and and hardship for the whole entire country. So he turns him

00:47:19--> 00:47:57

on said, Why in that position, I would have said to him, No, take me out first, and then I'll tell you, so he tells him, right, and the profit center, by the way, would also the seven years of drought, that are mentioned in the dream of the king, the prophets of salami that are using the same punishment, when the process of settlement after he made his route to Medina and the group of companions who the Mexicans wouldn't allow to leave and migrate. The Rafah Selim would make dua for them in the Salah. And he would make dua for them and he would name those companions and say, oh, Allah help so and so and so on. So and so and so, and then he would sit alone, what attacker, Allah

00:47:58--> 00:48:37

Moodle, which Allah Cassini use of a large storage to make life difficult hardship punishment, upon the people of Milan Mulder is one of the forefathers of orange. The names are one of the forefathers of pressure anomic hardship upon the people of modern meaning the people of Irish and give to them the droughts of the droughts of use, meaning the seven years of the drugs of use of RT his setup either way, the point being here is that now that the man has nosed interpretation of the dream, he goes back to the king, he tells the king, the king says, Where did you get this from? And he says, well, there's a man in prison, and this is his story. And this is what happened. He says, Bring him

00:48:37--> 00:48:49

to me, bring him to me. And this is again, where the professor Salem is amazed by his personality, because now that the man comes back and he says you're free. What does he say? Does he come out? No.

00:48:51--> 00:49:35

He says, I'm not going to leave until you find from those women. What happened? First Allahumma balonus fertility Aparna idea home, go back to the king and ask him what about those women who cut off their hands? What about the accusations that they made against me? The things that he said the crime, supposed crime for which I was entered into prison, go and rectify that first, and then I need showing his honor, right. He doesn't want to leave and he still has a criminal record. He wants to stay to be clear. So the women absorb they agree they finally put up their hands and they say it was all us. He did nothing wrong. And so now he's bought out and the king honors him. And he says to

00:49:35--> 00:50:00

him, stop listening FCI will make you one person who is close to me. So use of it Sam says Allah Gianni Allah has a job. If you want me to help you, make me the head of the Treasury. Make me your finance minister. The issue now in Egypt is that they have years of drought and the years of drought mean what means that the people need rations don't have

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

In a food, so the food is stored centrally by the government by the king by the palace by the Royal Court. And when the people come, as the brothers have useful now, in the next part of the story, they will come looking for rations looking for food, looking for help and aid, who will distribute it the government equality fairness, because we need to have the seven years will be difficult. So, some of the scholars of the year they said the use of adding Salaam asked for this because it was the most important issue taking place. And this is an evidence of some of the scholars mentioned America theater and others, to show that if you are with a group of people, and you know yourself

00:50:41--> 00:51:24

that you have the most ability, the most capability, you're the best person for a specific role, it is allowed for you to ask and request a rock solid for you like use of adding cylinders give me this. So, how will use of alley slam have the authority of the king the king gives him his own vessel, his own golden utensil as a measuring instrument. This is what you will measure with when the people come and they see that it is the own cup or the bowl of the king, they will know that use of aluminium speaks with authority of the king. So now a large religion moves on and he says that he can make use of now the tables have turned use of rallies sermons and years of hardship and

00:51:24--> 00:52:10

difficulty test and trial. Now he comes to a situation a law says Now we gave him command in the meet him firm established him in the earth. And now you Safari Center, the tables have turned so the brothers of use of RDS and I'm come and they seek from him aid and food and he recognizes them and he knows them. But Yusuf Ali Salaam doesn't say anything. But when they finish he says to them. You have a brother that you left behind with your father, Yusuf Ali Salaam. Now after all of these years have passed, there is another brother by the name of Binyamin Benjamin, you have a brother that stayed behind with your father, if you want me to help you, you must bring him as well. I need to

00:52:10--> 00:52:34

see all of you How many of you that are then I will give you your share. So they go back to you know Sora is obviously fairly long way so we have to summarize this the the the brothers go back they see from their father, we need our brother to go with us because that's the only way that we can receive food. Father's like no, the last time I trusted you with one of my sons look what happened.

00:52:35--> 00:53:11

Useful jacobellis from showing that even though years and years have passed, perhaps decades, he still remembers still understand still remember, but they persist they insist and so on. So he says to them, okay, go back. And one of the things that he gives to them instructions yeah bunnicula to remember be worried what the Holloman Abu Dhabi motor fabric, if you go back Don't enter from the same gate, enter from different dates. Some of the scholars have said because of the use of use of spreaders well handsome he is the one that was given half a billion dollars, but there's also a very handsome so when jacobellis them would send them you would save them don't walk or together because

00:53:11--> 00:53:51

your beauty will only be exaggerated compounded, everyone sees a group of you together, but rather each one goes separately quietly so that you don't notice. Right and this is a principle in the show I'm gonna love gives you blessings that you know that some people will be will be jealous of an envy. It is not from wisdom nor is it from the center to go and lavishly show them and parade them in front of those people. Right? It is a Sunnah to speak about a lot of blessings in a way that will bring people closer to Allah. But it is not from the Sunnah to flaunt and to show off, and to make other people envious of the blessings that Allah has bestowed you with. So they go and they finally

00:53:51--> 00:54:36

enter upon the use of adding syrup. And I use Valley cinemas, we know the story goals and use of it Sam conceals the bowl with which he measures the bowl that is the authority of the king. He conceals it in the baggage of his younger brother Binyamin to show to them to show them now how the tables have turned. So they when use of alley slam or when his announcer calls out the bowl has been lost. And they want to search their brothers use a value system asks them what will happen if we find the bowl with you. They're like We're innocent. We don't have it. What will happen if it's found that they sell colleges oh man would you even want to sell the punishment of the one who's a thief is his

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

punishment. If he's a thief is a punishment. We agree. We know it in a simpler if that's what happens and that's fine. So he begins with all of their bags. And then finally he searches the bags of binyomin and he finds it there. So a large xojo says this is where he says kazaa deca kidnapped the use and thus we plan for use of the plan that they had.

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

At the beginning of getting rid of Yusuf Ali senem, of killing him of exiling him of not having anything to do a lot of soldier turned the whole issue on its head. Now they come back to that same brother in times of need and poverty, drought and famine, maca, Anna Lee Hoda, FAO v demil Malik, Illa insha Allah never would use have have been able to take his own brother, meaning Benjamin, and do this in the kingdom, or in the land of the king, except by the will of Allah. Not a pharaoh Dora jetman Sha. Allah says we raise people in levels and status as we please merfolk Baku Lydian Arlene, and above every one of my knowledge is one who is more knowing and more knowledgeable. But look at

00:55:44--> 00:56:14

the way the brothers are. That statement of this, that if we kill Yusuf Ali Salaam, we're going to be righteous, we're going to be good. All of that the sheep are more common. He comes in he gives us that spiel that he gives us the same argument justification over Sony one most and only one issue tomorrow you make Toba tomorrow, you make a step forward tomorrow, you start praying tomorrow, it's no never works like that. shaper never gives up. So now that they've been caught out, the brother has the vessel, all ears.

00:56:17--> 00:56:21

They should if he's a thief, there was a brother of his that used to be a thief A long time ago.

00:56:23--> 00:57:06

years have passed decades have passed. And now they're saying Yeah, he's a thief, because we've already had one in the family that we dealt with. And now here's another one. For a sub raha use of NFC, Allah says but use have kept it to himself. While I'm up holla. Home caller anthem shabu makhana. But rather you thought to himself, these are people upon evil. That's an evil thing to do. They know that use of an exam wasn't a thief. They know he was innocent. They know he was a child. They know what they did. But they have justified it to themselves. And this is what she does with sin. He makes us justify to ourselves, people who commit oppression, people who steal people who

00:57:06--> 00:57:46

take other people's wealth, always in their minds, they have a justification. People always justify to themselves. And when you speak to them, they're like, no, but this is why and this is they know that it's wrong deep down. But shade bond makes us justify things to ourselves. So they have justified their actions. He was a thief, and he's a thief. So now they go back to their father. And they tell him that your younger son that you entrusted us with, he was caught out as a thief. And we know that you're not going to believe us. But you can ask anyone they were there. Everyone was there. And they also the same thing happened. What is Yaqoob Ali salam, do whatever learn him, we'll

00:57:46--> 00:57:56

call Allah. Allah use. He turns from them. And he says, Woe to me for the memory of Yusuf. Who's been taken now.

00:57:57--> 00:58:43

Benjamin, my use of decades have paspa Who does he remember? It's almost as if this incident of losing the second son reminded him of the greater loss of losing the first son. So he remembers use varicella and then he said makes his recites that verse. The spellers or some of the scholars of the era of history said the Amara, the Allahu Akbar, when he came across this verse, if he recited in Salah, he would always cry. If he was reciting this verse in Salah, it would always make him cry, Bala in Moscow, bethey, Hosni illallah wa and Amina la mala, tell me this, he said, You are your job. This is he said, I complain of my grief and my sorrow only to Allah. And I know from Allah

00:58:43--> 00:59:26

vectrus, you do not know. Meaning that Allah I already know about the dream. I know that a large soldier has something plan, but I can't do anything. And this is a principle that is extremely important that we often forget. When things are beyond our beyond our means, beyond our control. We look at the state of the oma across the world and all of the problems and so on. But me as an individual, I have nothing that I can do. beyond my control, I have nothing that I can do. This is a prophet of Allah, who receives revelation, who alarm social sends angels to, but in this situation, it is beyond his control. So what does he do? He relies upon Allah and leaves it to Allah. Allah in

00:59:26--> 00:59:44

Moscow bethey was me in Allah, I will leave it to Allah. But he says to them, go back and speak to the king and speak to this man and find out about use of an his brother. Maybe they have some news. So they go back to use of an Instagram and the Ask him

00:59:45--> 01:00:00

or he asks them rather even before they can begin, because they go back to asking for more food and more rations. But he says to them, I'll help him to my family to be useful for our fee and tunja Helen, do you know what happened?

01:00:00--> 01:00:15

To your brother's use of, and now his other brother, or are you claiming to be ignorant? And now they realize that he only asked this question because he must be in power in the current use of are you use of color and the use of

01:00:16--> 01:01:00

he said yes, I am useful. And this is my brother, for the men, Allahu alinda. Allah has favored me. He spent years in prison years as a sleeve, years of hardship, but use the valleys and I'm in the stands, that those tests and those trials and those hardships were a means of a lot testing him and raising him to this situation. He doesn't say oh, I had such a hard life. Don't just look at me and I was the king was the the man in charge of the Treasury doesn't he says but men no longer earlier even the hardship. It is a fever from Allah. It is a blessing from Allah because as the Prophet told us on a lower it will sell them for the believer, even a test and a trial hardship and calamity, His

01:01:00--> 01:01:28

goodness. There is good within it for a person of Eman in the home in your hospital. For in Allah Allah God Rajaram seen him for indeed the one who has piety and his patient than a large soldier never lets the reward of the good doors go to waste. So then they say, now they realize all of the years of planning and plotting of shutdowns, traps of justifications and so on, all amounted to nothing.

01:01:29--> 01:02:11

called outta line lockout tharaka law thoracolumbar Lena or Incandela Hatim they said by Allah, Allah favored you over us, and we were the wrong to us, we we made a mistake, we sinned. And this is that amazing statement we use the valleys Salaam says, latter three barely communium nobody revenge will be exacted upon you today. Yo fear Allahu Allah, Allah will forgive you. Well, who will hammer rocky mean, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. It has said in some narrations, that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conquered the city of Mecca, and the people of Orange County came, and he said to them, what do you think that I will do to you today? And

01:02:11--> 01:02:54

remember, just as with use Valley slam and his years of hardship, the process of settlements had years of hardship, battles and wars, companions being killed, people being persecuted and tortured. What do you think I will do to you today, and he said, I couldn't carry him, even though I couldn't carry him. You are a generous brother of ours, the son of our generous brother. So he said, I say to you, as use of said to his brothers, there will be no revenge on you today, you may go free. And so a larger dimension of this here, and so use of adding Sam goes back. And he gives his shirt to two brothers. And he says, take it to my father jacoba come out of his grief has lost his eyesight

01:02:54--> 01:03:32

become blind, but when he smells, my scent, his eyesight will be restored. And so they go back and a large social resources, eyesight, and then all of them the whole family come and they come to Egypt and when they enter upon use the value system, they weren't allowed he or her ruler whose agenda, all of his family come and they prostrate before him. And as we know, before the sharing of our profits on the lower it was Selim prostration, was allowed as a means of respecting order of worship, as Allah commanded the angels to prostrate before Adam and Eve sent him it was done as a means of respect. And as we know, this was something which was done in other communities as well.

01:03:32--> 01:03:51

Other empires as the companion who went to the Romans and saw the Romans doing this to the to the Emperor came back and he did it to the profit center. And the process of him forbade him. Don't do this, because in our Sharia, now we only prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala alone. So they prostrated before him. And he says her that we

01:03:53--> 01:04:37

are gyla harrowby haka, and the new Safari tsunami concludes, and he says to his parents, oh, my father, this is the dream that I saw many years ago. Look at how many years it takes for a loss plan sometimes to come to fruition. You have a dream, you have an aspiration, you have a dream, and there are challenges and pitfalls and obstacles and hardships along the way. This is the dream, the interpretation of the dream that I had before. Allah has made it come true. And then he says, and this is for me is amazing etiquette with a law is respect and honor for a large soldier, that only the man is money's describing to his father the hardship you can imagine. This is a reunion that has

01:04:37--> 01:05:00

taken place after decades, between our father and his most beloved Son, they have so many things to speak about so many issues of what of what has happened, what took place, what's been going on, years and years have passed. But when you somebody mentioned to me at this point, and he begins with what is the most crucial point, the most important that's what you begin with, when you haven't seen someone in a long time.

01:05:00--> 01:05:43

You start with what is the most important thing? What could be his origin decision? He says to his father, Allah favored me when he allowed me to leave prison, doesn't speak about his slavery doesn't speak about entering into prison. Yes, those are things that happened in his life. But when he's talking about a loss fevers, he speaks about the fevers of Allah that are good and positive, even though everything's from the decree of a large surgeon, but it is from ethical to Allah subhanho wa Taala as the prophet of sentiments to see in his de la Rocha, Lu ba casado, Lisa illig, goodness, all of it is in the hands of Allah and evil is not ascribed to Allah. Yes, a lot, decrease

01:05:43--> 01:06:02

everything good and bad harm and benefit a lot decreases at all. But it is not from the etiquettes of a Muslim, that we ascribe that evil to Allah, as a point of respect and honor for a large telogen bakasana be the progeny ministration. Allah favored me when they allowed me to leave prison. What is

01:06:04--> 01:06:43

the progeny ministry Geneva Abbey communal bedroom, and then he caused all of you to come to me from the desert from the the village member the anessa, shavon, rubini, verbena equity all of this after what she bonded between me and my brothers. But while I'm brothers did to me Who did it? His brothers, brothers are the ones who did the action. They did it. They are the ones who are guilty, but he knows he's forgiven them. And that's what forgiveness means that he forgives them. So he says it was shaped upon he was the one who caused an enmity between us because we know all of that evil comes from shape and he is the one who whispers and he's the one who can stole seeds. And he is the

01:06:43--> 01:07:25

one who then encourages us to take up those seeds and act upon them. This is what he did in Nairobi. allottee fully Masha indeed a large soldier is gentle, caring to those whomsoever He wants in know what are the mon Hakeem he is the all knowing, and the old wives and alarm so until then, says that the end Valley come in amber in labor, you know, this is from the knowledge of the unseen that we have given to you. Why am I quintella Diem in Morocco mangium Quran because you will not there when they plotted against him, and when they planned against him, meaning that a large region has given us the story as revelation because of the many lessons that He has given to us. To summarize,

01:07:25--> 01:08:05

therefore, in conclusion, this is a story that speaks about the many different types of love, this emotion that is so strong and so powerful and can be used for good or can be used for evil. But the greatest form of love is the love that you have for Allah subhana wa Tada. And if people are willing to go to the extremes that we see in this surah because of the love for wealth, or because the love of the love for their parents, or the love of women, or the opposite gender, or the love of power and leadership, people are going to the most extreme lengths and extreme cases because of their love, than what about our love for Allah subhanaw taala shouldn't be we be willing to sacrifice more

01:08:05--> 01:08:45

than what people are willing to sacrifice for those other types of love? Shouldn't we be willing to invest more, have more effort give more for the love of Allah azza wa jal. This is the test of faith and a large social from his mercy doesn't demand from our love, that we go to those extremes. A lot doesn't command that we kill people because of our love for him. Whether we go to those extremes of sending people to sleep, that's not how our large zildjian wants, our demonstration of love. But Allah subhanaw taala does want from us the love of sacrifice, that when a lot commend something, when a law prohibits something, our love for Allah has more power than our love for anything else in

01:08:45--> 01:08:57

this dunya an alarm soldier knows best and knowledge is ascribed to Him alone subhanho wa Taala or sallallahu ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine Salam alikoum Rahmatullahi wa barakato