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bacon what I wanted to let everyone who's joining us here on YouTube for today's webinar with Chef Issa and emeralds Allah and brother Haroon Rashid we're very excited to go live and hamdulillah or the today's topic is going to be final wishes that Islamic will that your family deserves, please let us know in the chat if you can see us or see me clearly so far see and hear me clearly and where you're tuning in from around the globe in sha Allah. And we're very excited to bring this topic it's a very necessary one that attended in that Alma group has been teaching for well over a decade now especially it became important when we were bamboozled into in terms of how to address the extensive

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increase in deaths in our community in COVID. Under the law, this class was revived for that time and now mashallah it's been professionally filmed, and brought into the best experience the way possible that we have through a mugger of online in Charlotte today brother Haroon, Rashid and Jacob Louise are going to guide you through sacred duty of creating your Islamic will and it's going to secure your legacy to align your wealth with Islamic principles and to make sure that you you ensure a bright future for your loved ones. The course that is sponsoring this class once again is last breath on a mug of online if you go to a mug online you can find out more about it in Sharla but

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today we have a lot to cover with Brother Haroon and Sheikh Abu Issa Masha Allah Allah to focus Masha Allah who have joined us so does that Kamala fair for making time to be here for today's webinar. Once again, it's also being broadcast on YouTube. So you're welcome to share that live link there as well in sha Allah and I'm just going to make sure everyone there can see us clearly before we begin our content for today and Yes, I'm that in that we are live there. So inshallah with that said, of course, you know, our beloved chef, I want to make sure that we introduce our guests and we, for those who don't know who we do do a quick introduction before you jump into the content. So

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Brother Haroon Rashid pioneered the UK is first tax efficient Islamic will well over 20 years ago, in 2007. He founded I will solicitors, the first and perhaps still the only firm in the country that solely specializes in Islamic wills and related work is overseen the preparation of 1000s of wills mashallah to date and is widely acknowledged, acknowledged as a leading practitioner with regards to Islamic wills in the UK. He has a breadth of knowledge and experience in the Phillip field. And he's qualified his lawyer in 2000, working as Solicitor for some of the leading law firms in the country, and we're very honored for him to contribute his knowledge and his expertise to our class today in

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sha Allah, and of course Shikibu Issa, we all know and we love him, Masha, Allah, he's coming to you is not all not only as an all around expert in Islamic law, but he's been a community leader for years. And he's had hands on experience handling that's personally on top of his decades of studying Islamic, you know, study under the tutelage of senior scholars in the East and the West. He has also conducted countless Islamic is prerolls himself from the shrouding to the very end and as I mentioned earlier mashallah he specialized in this course for OIC teaching it for over a decade, we revived it and move it and now we're bringing it to you in the best quality Alhamdulillah through a

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McGraw online. With that said, there is so much to cover today there's going to be Inshallah, a lot of discussion will be some opportunity for question and answer in the chat. So hold on to your questions until the end for the q&a portion, but I want to bring on our beloved guests that shaved up what you sent me about the law and whether Haroon Rashid, and I'll pass it to you in Sharla for the remainder of the program Bismillah. So she believes that the status is similar.

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When it comes to America to have some before I do start, I just want to know how much did that introduction did it more than you know, so much. That's why I had to read it off. You know, I was like, I'm not going to get to do that off the cuff. Let me tell you something I have missed your hate. It's been way too rosy. It's been way too fun. And this is what I know that you know that the world is right? That everything is good. When you are the most insincere introducer in the history. And every person here all the participants they know it and they were laughing when you are doing that reflection they are saying she doesn't believe a word of this. She is being forced to do this.

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While don't have so so I just also want to add my voice to that. Well don't have some issue you can you can overcome your best self. You see that has how easy it is. Congratulations. If I get paid to do it. Absolutely, absolutely wouldn't, wouldn't wouldn't pay anybody else to do it. The best. The best in the business well done now. Your hijab is the same color as your face. Well done. Congratulations. Now you can go is that good luck? Wish me luck. Milan Rahimullah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. A lot more Sunday. We're sending a lot of ground in Vietnam Mohamed while early he was likely here as rain as family parents will love it occurred to everybody. Good evening. I don't

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think has any good mornings at the moment. Probably everyone is past that.

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I have some late folks in the Far East. But in the UK, of course, Asia time. And I'm currently broadcasting from Cairo. So it's quite late and ruins in London. And obviously we will have the Americans and the Canadians who are going to be in mid afternoon over there. Those folks who are going to be watching the recording then we were sorry that we weren't able to do it at a more convenient

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In time, no disrespect at all intended for the Americans and Canadians. They're the ones who are getting tough. In fact, even the poorest as well, but the truth is, is that we're taking a huge diversity with Haroon very, very busy guy. And here, I'll be taking the liberty with my wife will kill me if I do this any later than I currently because I have taken over the bedroom and she then can't go anywhere near her sleep unless this is done priorities people come first as always. But jokes aside, this is a very big moment for me, specifically, because this class, I should have said,

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has been taught for a long time.

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In fact, I remember the fear of death web conversion actually very common question this, this webinar is, as I said, sponsored by the launch of difficult death, the complete version, there are three almost presentations or versions of the call of death, there's a very light one, very, you know, a couple of sessions

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under the feast essentials portal, and then you had the double weekend, and also taught virtually through COVID, double weekend on site version, which was quite a comprehensive version of this class. And then you have this the full URL mcrypt online experience and those people who are new to this idea, then many of you would have covered the focus a lot that I used to teach around on site for the last 15 years. And then you saw the release last year, of course, it was the biggest class that we've ever done as an institute I've ever done as an individual, a huge experience of practical on site, off site, all the kinds of scenarios. Well, I said that there will be two massive projects

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that I will be doing when I released that class. And this was the one we just finished this now. And this was started before focus a lot went on during the focus of our recording and finished after. So it's actually bigger, quote unquote, in that sense. And we are super proud of it, not just because of his content because of how relevant it is because of how important it is. But because it allows us to showcase proper experts. And you know, everyone's a basic guy. And he's a very modest guy, but he is a He's truly a pioneer. I mean, you know, when I'm sorry, listen to stuff of death, I've got to get my carbon got to get kind of you know, we've got to get kind of depressive at some point. But

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when he passes, I know that in his obituary, they will be saying things about him that you'll be like, Yeah, I remember when I was, you know, when I saw him in a webinar, I remember what he did, I remember what he started he has, he genuinely has a legacy and not many people can say that you know, right now many people can say that, you know when when Rama Sherif Ali Rahmatullah passed away, the grief was real people recognize it wasn't just another day or another, you know, standing scholar or whatever the guy's legacy was real. So you know, real people, they have real impact, with proper work, proper knowledge, proper

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sacrifice and effort. And I'm so happy that he's getting his flowers now, not just in this kind of audience. But you know,

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it was starting off as a small practice as a solicitor where you started off in Birmingham. Now, as I said, the leading expert, why he got involved as a multi national global company, and invested in him as well because they know that that's the kind of person that you do invest in. And this is just one as I think having a massive class like this allows us to showcase excellence. For example, in the class itself. When it comes to the issue of organ donation. We went straight to the top of the board of the NHS, and the fatwa Committee, which I am part of, but led by our chair, the eminent Methuselah, who Haroon, of course has worked with, again, in financial parts for financial aspects,

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many and wills and the like. But his actual passion of course, is medicine. And his fatawa on life support and organ donation are important. His paper makes up the fundamental aspects of the class which we go through in a lot of detail. But then of course, on the issue of life support and end of life care and palliative care and the terminal matters. All of this is another bonus session that will be showcased. And then we've got Chicago lead coming in who is the head scholar on the leading scholars of the West, and then we've got our Solomon and he his contribution to the series is going to be fantastic as well. So I like I said the class is the celebration to allow so much to be

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showcased. So on that note, I want to introduce Haroon and salaams everybody and let them know a little bit about Yanni yourself and what you do bro

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Thank you for that introduction. Just a couple of corrections. One is I think have says face when a much brighter pink than a scarf.

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Secondly, I think the introduction, you've got the wrong guy. And I think you have so if you can just post what I've just sent to you. Yeah. When I saw the poster, I immediately thought that there's an imposter there. Yeah, my picture was with yours and shake bleeds and shake. Well, Muslim and everyone who's listening to this, you know, I'm a lawyer, so I'll have to caveat it. There is an imposter in the scene. And the imposter is me. It's definitely me. So we can get back to the screen now. So just to clarify that so, you know, you've spoken about the late Sharif and going in place in general highest agenda is inshallah that's the company that I'm not worthy of. I'll hang them my

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humble beginnings are I qualified as a lawyer? And that was it doing wills and probate work, then I came across Islamic wills. And I thought to myself, I don't even know what an Islamic will is. This was 20 odd years ago, and I thought I shouldn't do as a Muslim. So I looked into it and realized that nobody in the country was offering an Islamic or writing service. So the first thing I did was used my initial knowledge, looked into the verse in Surah, Nisa, the, the rulings on inheritance, and wrote my own Islamic role. And then I thought to myself, maybe there's a gap in the market here somewhere, and maybe there's a service that the Muslim community can benefit from.

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And I mentioned it to my brother, and he said, Now you mad, don't be solution. But I did give up my day job and 20 years later, this is where we are. That's, that's where it all started from.

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What *a Kalonzo Calaca. And, you know, nowadays, I guess, I mean, it's not difficult to get this done.

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Many solicitors now have taken from your templates and from your work, and they offer this kind of service at significant charges. It's not like it's for us another thing that we've got to say about the class, as part of the class, you will get access to a free comprehensive, high quality Islamic world as well. But we're kind of getting ahead of ourselves. The the, the intention, everybody that's here live, and those who are watching the recording is to this cannot replace when what we cover over three, four hours, content in the classes over 30 odd hours, and then the other resources with it will take more hours as well. So it's a big class obviously, is, it's not time limited, so

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I'm not fussed about that. You've got it for the rest of your life. So you can watch it over as long as period as you want. But we can't replace that. What we can do though, is to impress the imperative, the importance of you getting in the right mind or thinking scare you give you real piano situations that are absolute facts, and not some promotion or some sales technique, give you relief to let you know that there are solutions, and also

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allow you to ask some important questions that are on your mind, we've done a lot of kind of going back in whatever.

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Ultimately, what's the importance.

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I'm not going to, as I said, try to teach this subject. Ultimately, your wealth is yours in your life. Simple, simple as that wealth is, of course, on loan from Allah subhanaw taala, you have a huge responsibility for it, you'll be asked about it. That's why it's Huck is and knowing about that, that wealth, in terms of how you earn it is so important. And that's why we have classes like you're better than many of you have studied, making sure that it's full color that comes in, then you've got the class, which is coming up in a couple of weeks, our precious, my paradise portfolio department, which is on the rulings of the cart, and how to pay it properly in the right way. And so

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we learned, for example, one of the first rules of the card is that the the that the wealth that you have, is not because it's

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only certain people that are the cat is taken from but it's the wealth that is a cat is taken from and this is a fundamental principle that the scholars difficult, right, only the Hanafi is really stood for this when you study is a God. They are the ones that that said that. Well, you know what, when it comes to the cut, you say, the it's an act of worship, you got to be able to think about it, you got to be able to, you know, make the intention to do that act of worship, and mostly children use you know, they don't have the ability to do acts or wish because they don't understand what the intention is. They don't know what and how they're worshiping and I was forcing this idea of

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intention is important. However, we put forward the argument that when it comes to certain acts of worship, it's not about the intention, but about the thing itself, such as the wealth. And if our wealth is sound, even with someone who's insane or even with someone who is a child, and it's got to be taken from that wealth, is a game changer is understanding that there are rights upon money, regardless of who owns it. Muslim non Muslim aged out young understanding and saying not so. And so when we understand wealth

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In this sense that there are rights upon that wealth, and it's not just ours to do with what we want, then that needs the attitude that you learn in life and you apply and giving it to the right people standing up on your family and your wife and your, your parents and whatever, as you are obligated to ensure to give the rights to the people because the wealth has to go that way, that attitude has to continue in depth as well. So what you got to set up is what is going to happen afterwards, and you got to make a decision, you're either getting rid of all of your wealth in your lifetime. And you're doing that in a legitimate and responsible way with the family on board. Or

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you're doing that in a haram way. And initially, it will stop you unblock you. And that will come obviously in the class as well. But then when you're living in a non Muslim country, where you do not have immediate authority and control of what happens to your wealth afterwards, unless you put in certain caveats and moves and legal kind of instruction, then you will be held accountable in front of Allah subhanaw taala for in short for not ensuring that your heirs, your inheritors your family, direct ones that inherit from you received that correct share. And you might think that you know what the best will in the world where I mean, we're not in the legal sense, I mean, the

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intention, with the best intention in the world that mind was my family are practicing this, that blah, blah, blah, they will do it. Sometimes it's not the matter is not in their hands. Sometimes the matter is in their hands, but a person turns sometimes they're all very well intentioned, they are very highly practicing. But situation forces them into a different scenario, I'm going to share a little caveat that just happened between me

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last week. So I want you to know that the imperative for us to understand the subject property is not just the hug of Allah subhanaw. Taala is an act of worship, not just a hug of the people, because the wealth is death after you pass, but also to ensure that the law of the land doesn't block you. But then finally, and this is where I want her to take over here to make sure that you don't lose

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the amount or the maximum that should be getting to your family. Because you're ignorant to tax laws, you're ignorant to little moves and law pro tips that you could put in to maximize the amount that you leave behind. I mean, in the UK, and I know that there are folks who are outside the UK, but the principles are the same. Every country has some kind of law or some kind of way of trying to tax you at some level in the UK 40%, you could really mess up the amount of money you leave behind, if you're not thinking properly. If you don't just take that moment to say you know what, I'm just going to assign these people, it's already been done for me, I'm going to make sure I do this

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properly. And then I'm protecting my wealth, maximizing my family fulfilling all of the book that I just mentioned, through what's your thoughts on what I just said.

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There's a lot said there, so I'll try to digest it. The first part you said was just about to me not so much scare but emphasize the importance of it. So when I first looked into wills, I came across two for the for the process of selling one which specifies the time importance of it. And that's a well known how they would say the profit cells from said that it is a duty of every Muslim who has anything to bequeath not let two nights pass without writing a word about it. And the narrator of the Hadith said, I didn't let one name pass. And it's quite common knowledge companions are used to kind of sleep with their will or used to update it regular basis. So if you think about that, we

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often get calls from clients who say, Well, you know, I'll come back from holiday, or I'll do it next year or circumstances. And I very scary story. True story. I once met a lady before Ramadan, many years ago. And she said, Yeah, I'm interested. But I'm going to look at this after Ramadan. And we're going to be busy in Ramadan and look at it afterward. And sadly, she passed away, and there's a dispute and she passed away in Ramadan. And there's a dispute of her wealth between her children and husband after death after death. So it just goes to show you just don't know what tomorrow holds. And if you genuinely believe you do not know what tomorrow holds, then you will have you will

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prepare today because as you said, it's numerous rights, right for law right for the others, and just financial responsibility right of the ummah. And I'll come back to that when you're trying to, you know, show that a simple act to prepare your will how does the Ummah have right on that? There's a there's a direct link. And there's another Hadith process in which I came across, which at first, I didn't know whether it was true. I thought it was one of these WhatsApp thieves which if you bought 50 people, you're guaranteed Jana. And it sounds like that. And it says that probably sell some said a man may do good deeds for 60 or 70 years but if he acts wickedly and unjust in in last

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deed and Testament, than the deed will be sealed upon him, and he'll enter the fire because of it. Conversely, a man may do bad deeds for 60 or 70 years. But if he acts justly and fairly in his last will and testament, then the dead will seal upon and will enter the garden because of it. So I spoke to a local Sheikh Sheikh Sahara from Birmingham and I select Is this true? And he said it's from the same sound he says it's from Abu Dhabi manager and it's incorrect to leave and I couldn't understand that still poor, you know, how can you how can it all

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We'll come to nothing. But once you analyze the rules of wills and the laws in inheritance and the actual entire framework, you realize that at the moment of death when you're preparing your Will you have two choices, either your will because you want to leave it to your children equally or you want to leave it to your wife because she's going to be destitute without your wealth as if she managed as if she didn't manage before you and all you want to leave it Amanda's way and if you follow Allah's Will, then surely there's an expectation inshallah for John, but if you disobey Allah's Will, then surely there's an expectation or there should be a concern that there could be Jahannam

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after and the Prophet Sal seven was the living example of the Quran. And the Quranic eyes on inheritance. So this is number one to 14 of Surah Nisa deals with about 80 90% of inheritance, and eyes number 11. And 12.

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Did detail who gets what and for the male portion to that do females, etc. But the end of it, then very next idea, and they're quite long is it Lebanon 12, the HuFa say that is the most tricky to remember because talks about quarters and knaves and six thirds, not on behalf is anything but that's how I've been told. But the ID number 13 says these limits set by Allah, those who obey Allah and His Messenger, who will be admitted to gardens, to remit it to gardens with rivers open beneath to remain it forever, and that will be the supreme achievement, and the very next time, but those who disobey Allah and His Messenger will be admitted to fire too many forever, and they will suffer

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humiliating punishment. And it says to remain forever. So then I started to kind of realize that the 60 or 70 years of prayers, what's it worth, if you actually think it's your wealth? It isn't your wealth, it's as you've said, shake, it's a loan that Allah subhanaw taala is given to you use it responsibly whilst you're live as you please spend on like, things that you put the light to enjoy enjoyment of life, no problem. But when it comes to debt, then it stopped being yours. It's an Amana. And if you abuse that Amana, then you risk the punishment. So it's a very simple act to do in your will or you think it's just a personal act. But in reality, it has far reaching consequences,

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because it then does affect family and it does affect parents and rights. And also if you research the the actual amounts that each person gets, so for example, son getting twice your daughter's or what the parents receive or the wife receives, it's actually linked to their financial responsibility and their closeness to you. And there's a non Muslim academic at the time of the British Raj in the late 19th 20th century. And they he wrote a book, I think his name was Professor William Ramsay or Alfred Rumsey, something like that. He wrote a book on Islamic worlds. And I read an extract from me. And he said in the provisions, it was a quote, something like the Muhammad and

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law, which is what they call that, at the time, is the most just an equitable system known to the civilized world. That was the conclusion he reached. And it says it provides ample provision for those nearest of kin. Now you compare that to English law, which is supposed to be so much superior. And I've had a client who left everything to Jack and Jill, husband and wife said, When I die, everything to my wife and wife said when I dive into my husband, and when we both die, everything Jack and Jill said, If you don't have children, who are Jack and Jill, they said yes, there are cats. So 350,000 pounds is going to be left to pass or Jack and Jill, this is what the English law

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allows. And this surely doesn't allow. It does allow helping animals and leaving to Cat protection sites, etc. Up to 1/3 of your wealth. But two thirds is the right of the Phantom. Can you imagine family members who lose out to the cat and it's worse, it could be other animals? Yeah. And so that's what English law allows you to to be as foolish as you wish. Leave out your children leave out your parents was a shred of demands that we leave to parents, we leave children we leave to spouse. So in terms of the importance I could go on, and there's a huge amount of importance in terms of how it's distributed. In fact,

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a good old friend of mine teacher of mine, Dr. Abraham sutiya, passed away last year may Allah be pleased women Grand Prize, Jana is generous. He, he actually introduced me to Islamic world to give me a handout in Islamic rules. And from reading that I thought I need to look into this. But one of the things he said is that if the Muslim law of inheritance was applied, there'd be greater equality of wealth in the world. Just on that aspect, if you look into it the problem with the English legal systems it concentrates wealth on certain family members or between certain parties, whereas occasionally you will be a Muslim may be forced to not forced but may be required to distribute as

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well to his brothers and sisters. Now this is counterintuitive to us, why would I want to leave to my brothers and sisters? And because we are in our nuclear family, but in reality Allah Subhana Allah knows best he's always and after the verse of inheritance are revealed, it says you do not know

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Have your parents or children are close to you benefit? These are several portions of them but Allah Allah is known or wise. So it goes back to whose will are we going to accept? whose wisdom are we going to accept? Do we know better? Or do we put it to Allah and if we put it to Allah, then you can, you can expect, Jim. So as I said, I don't want to go too much. But hopefully, I've covered at least the importance of it one, the urgency because you just don't know when you're going to pass away. And secondly, the actual subject matter, it is not your wealth. As soon as we realize it's not our wealth is Allah's wealth that we have an amount over is easier to do the right thing. So the

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question I immediately pops up, especially with the global audience, I know that we're kind of UK centric, sometimes. But this is very much a global class global audience. Do you know,

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of any Western country or the liberal democracies around the world that do not operate with that system? of do whatever you want? Basically? Yeah. So interestingly, there's two system two opposite poles and systems that you can have when it comes to inheritance rules. One is known as testamentary freedom, and English law applies as close to full testamentary freedom as you can get. So which means do whatever you wish in your world, and then you have a system known as forced heirship, we're certainly inheritance must get a share. So French law, Spanish law, and the Sharia applies for stewardship, you cannot leave your estate to whoever you want, two thirds must pass to family up to

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1/3 can go elsewhere. English law doesn't have full testamentary freedom because people can claim against the estate, but it's as near as so French law, Spanish law applies a form of forced heirship. But importantly, there's no Western jurisdiction, not even in the US. And we have some people in the US as well, that applies the Sharia, they will apply their own version of a particular rules, even under England, if you passed away in England without will the rules of intestacy apply. And these rules are a one size fits all solution, whether you're worth 400 million or 270,000, the same system applies the first 270,000 to your spouse, everything else 5050 between spouse and

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children. If you have no children, then then it's war to wife, that type of thing. It's not the Sharia. And so therefore, it's going to lead to some form of inequity or

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injustice. As part of this webinar, of course, we're obviously educating the cloud is all about education. It's important for me to say right here, that this might be the Haram weird ajeeb aspects of the UK and US and Canada and the majority of the Western world, but it's also our strongest weapon to be able to make the Sharia compliant. Well, isn't it? Because if it wasn't like that, then we could have put the clause in that we become the trustee. And we then decide to give it by according to Sharia, right. Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, we're using the provisions that the law allows under English law and others to be able to adhere to the shadow principles.

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And I think that folks, that's, that's really an issue. Now, there's just two people that are going to be listening to this, there's either those that have that kind of legal financial mind, they're locked into understanding the nuances of what we're talking about. And to be honest, it's not easy. If you're not in that kind of area, and it's not your day to day kind of thing, then it's not easy. And so they're following this great, I would dare say that the majority, they don't, they don't understand this kind of thing. And they therefore have to put their frost, I guess, into the leaders that Muslims solicitors, their Muslim firms, their teachers, and scholars and Imams to guide them.

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And I want to say that that achievement now that has,

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that we're proud of, is that we will be able to do this all for you, according to, obviously certain limits, and to speak now a little bit about because we want to mention that point that you said that when it comes to rights, the right of Allah, the right of the family, but also the right of the OMA and I know that we want to definitely speak about the importance of charity from the well. But But before that, it is important that everybody realizes that as part of the last breath, there will be a detailed guide, where we go through the will, that allows everybody then to get a copy and then to sign it or to adopt it for the various countries that they're in very, very easily the template is

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there. And that's able to then take advantage of what we've just mentioned this this, this testament freedom, essentially, that the the fact to be able to say that we're going to take charge, and we're going to apply orthodox Sharia according to X, Y and Zed and you will have to have some technical terms to ensure that you know, but some crazies that come in with liberal opinions and you know, decide that well actually, Sharia according to me means this and no, this is the Sharia the Quran and Sunnah according to their support. And so we have, so it's not just good enough to say Islam, or it's not. There's more to this. There's a skill an illegal kind of new

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

wants to these roles that are required, alright. And for those folks that don't understand any of it, it's been made so easy for a large majority of you for absolutely free, just to literally put your name in, and just say it's one of those roles that says, type in here, sign here, whatever, you don't need to worry about anything. But it is important. And this is where I'd like you to her. And to mention that there are a number of people that a free well, as good as it is, is not going to be good enough, and they will need to be able to then see a professional like yourself and others and solicitors. In general, who are these folks gonna be? And I try and always try to make this as

00:30:38--> 00:30:43

global as possible, not just UK centric. Yeah, so

00:30:44--> 00:31:23

the the position is that we're trying to provide a world template so that those who are single, low wealth, we don't want to put a financial burden on them. Simple family circumstances will fall within that those who fall without a possibly greatest, I'm just kind of half scrolling through some of the questions. So for example, if you have disabled beneficiaries, you may wish to have a trust set up for their benefit because they can't manage your finances. If you have an elderly beneficiaries, you may wish to have something similar. If you have a larger state, then you have to consider tax laws. And again, creation of trust within the willing lifetime planning. If you have

00:31:23--> 00:32:01

multiple wives, that's always a tricky one for the non Muslim lawyer to manage. If you have second relationships, first one is divorced. And, again, you'd want to provide for your children from your first marriage and also from the second marriage. So things like the amount of wealth, the needs of the beneficiaries, or the vulnerabilities of the beneficiaries, the type of assets and joint ownership, pensions, life insurances, this is where it starts getting complicated, because sometimes you can have a joint property which passes outside of the world. So you need to have some understanding of the nature of the ownership between the parties. Occasionally I get it, get a

00:32:01--> 00:32:39

position whereby father and son or husband and wife will say, well, we don't know whose property it is enjoying names. But whose is it? I had that one very question earlier today from from a sister called. So there's anywhere where you have a kind of warning sign red flag, where it's not clear, there's a good thing is the the template I've seen with the guidance note, read the guidance note very carefully, and it will tell you whether the template is appropriate or not. And then it will flags as I said, the flags, divorced marriages, multiple marriages, assets in different jurisdictions. And that applies for those who are not UK based as well consider the circumstances

00:32:39--> 00:32:45

then you can go to your local lawyer equipped with some knowledge as to why it should have and hopefully there'll be able to

00:32:46--> 00:32:47

prepare something which

00:32:48--> 00:33:24

akin to aligns with the shutdown. So let's also be open. I mean, for me, this is not being open, this is being normal. But I guess people will say this is a bit open and transparent. But this is obviously a paid service people, solicitors and lawyers, whatever will charge what I get, everybody thinks everybody charges too much, but you'll be a significant sum of money, but I won't put you on the spot, I know that you will charge and deserve my opinion, because you know, you're not everybody comes to you that has a tricky, difficult kind of snare. But I want to put you on the spot and say that for what you charge for a complicated estate that could be hundreds of 1000s of pounds, or

00:33:24--> 00:33:29

millions, or whatever it is, or maybe not so much money, but really difficult family circumstances.

00:33:30--> 00:33:42

Leave out the fact that Muslims should be happy to pay that money because it's an activity that they'll be rewarded for paying the money that doesn't mean you need to do it for charities, your job, you get that as your payment that's fine.

00:33:43--> 00:33:56

And what they've paid for is and I wonder if what you've done somewhere right to say, it doesn't matter how much that money is you're doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because you could do it the other way around. Right and that's so important right

00:33:57--> 00:34:31

now, so the reward has to be from the practitioner but also the reward from the person who's paying there's got to be make the attention for it. And it's an it's an act of rebellion but to make it as always spoonful of sugar to make it you know make that medicine go down given a real time few examples of how paying that money can save money from simple moves like whether it's a taxation angle, or trust angle or something like that. And oh by the way, those were asking how all the details are in the class or how to contact the notice room but the experts in this field yet

00:34:32--> 00:35:00

so that's a very important point you guys can obviously we're lawyers now I don't know many cheap lawyers out there and they are the probably cutting corners etc. And we try to offer professional service my company's been running for nearly two decades now. So people have died to the pad our wills we've administered the estate, I've done the wills of their kids, and even the kids have died in some cases. So alhamdulillah we're still here, which is a good sign. Inshallah long may that continue. But one of the things

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

I've noticed or I've kind of realized when preparing someone's will, what is the impact on death. And every time even to this day, I get a call and say someone says, passed away. Inshallah I've done that well as best as possible because no one's perfect. Because it has a huge impact on the family. So one is, what is the cost of doing it wrong. And the cost of DNA wrong is a destroyed family.

00:35:22--> 00:35:56

If it's unclear as to what was supposed to go to this son or that son, or between the children or who owned what, and then you got a big fight afterwards, these children in evidence speak to each other have that same relationship. So how much is that worth? So when you educate your children, or you buy him a PlayStation, or you pay for the university fees, you'll pay 10s of 1000s of pounds. But if you're not prepared to spend a couple of 1000 pounds, and sometimes it costs less than that, often it costs less than that, and getting your will. Right, then it's a recipe for disaster. So that's one aspect. The second aspect is things like taxation. We have we've got one example,

00:35:56--> 00:36:02

currently, we're managing where the tax bill is a half a million pound more than it should be

00:36:03--> 00:36:41

a half a million pounds more than it should be. And that's all because the estate wasn't administered correctly, had it been done in a timely manner, the taxpayer would have been reduced by half a million pounds. So what's that worth? If someone's going to save me half a million? I'd probably pay them 1020 3040 50. How much would you pay you pay up to 100 200,000? If you know, obviously, if you can get the service elsewhere for 1000 pounds, and you wouldn't go that much. But the point being there is that A will is a piece of paper, it's a few sheets of paper. Now, we often say that these few sheets of paper and estimated gold is only worth a few pennies, but the actual

00:36:41--> 00:37:08

advice and the thought process that goes behind it is where the value element comes from it. So in terms of, you know, what's the justification of paying good money to get your work done correctly. As I said, first of all, what you've said, it's an Abarth. If you have that intention to have that near, then it's part of as you would spend on your family as you'd spend on the masjid, etc. Secondly, it's to do with the cost of not doing it correctly. That

00:37:10--> 00:37:19

is huge. It's absolutely huge. And thirdly, it's just the efficiencies of doing it correctly. And much more simply example, I had one client where I charged him

00:37:20--> 00:37:23

at the time was many years ago, about 800 900 pounds.

00:37:25--> 00:37:59

And at the time, I thought they may have been got away with the Cinco, well it might have just should have perhaps just offered them that cost 300 quid I did offer him both, but they went through the trust Bayes rule, and he was going to hatch in the chat winter hatch, he had a heart attack. And in his return, he passed away within three months, and we haven't prepared the world. But one of his children was was on benefits was disabled was unable to manage their finances correctly. Fortunately, with the willwood prepared that child share remained in trust. So to this day, it's there used for his benefit. If it was given to him, it would have been wasted, he would have been

00:37:59--> 00:38:24

blown. So this is the opportunity cost, what's that worth to the family, it's worth 10s of 1000s of pounds, what was it worth to us where it was worth the seven 800 pound that we charge. So and also what I find when I'm prepared when I'm I worked a non Muslim firm, that tops the city firm doing wills that even years ago, 20 years ago, I was charging way more the wills there than I am now not always but some rules.

00:38:26--> 00:39:04

And I'm doing the same level of work but applying the Sharia as well. And we try not to charge extra because we provide the Sharia service we send like if you can get trust based will exe and CO then you should be able to have the same trust face will will show their distribution at a similar price. But we are actually adding an element of additional advice on we have to explain the share where as the non must affirm it's very simple. What do you want to do or to wipe remainder to kids, Malta husband remainders to kids, that's what they always do, unless a second or third marriages etc. No one talks about parents, no one talks about siblings or daughters only or things like that, or even

00:39:04--> 00:39:10

charities hardly is not considered. And then on that final point mentioned in charity,

00:39:11--> 00:39:48

the cost of not doing the will for the online again and I will conclude before the end if you remind me shake the cost of not doing the will means you lose that opportunity to leave to charity. Do not lose that opportunity that if the process of selling did not relate to the will that we're talking about it related to the 1/3 We'll see it don't let two nights pass about right in your will see and we weren't given that opportunity to charity because you may die Valley and one of the verses in Surah Nisa is number eight says if at the time of division or the relatives or poor are present, then feed them on the property. So that you know the cost of not doing it personally for me and

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

that's why the very first example I did was my own work. It was a no brainer, you know and even if it means that you have to save up a little bit, which hopefully you wouldn't, but if you even if it means

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

If you do that, it's an investment is investment in this slide, and it's an investment in your children in specimen Yakata. So personally, I think it's quite cheap.

00:40:09--> 00:40:53

I, you know, the irony, of course, obviously, a lot of these students that are online that are part of the taking the course are about to take the course, they know me very well. And they know that I am as packed as it gets, right. And that basically means that there is no way that nobody's charging me anything more than the bare minimum pack price. And I want to say to you folks, that you know, it will be very, very rare where I say that a person is justified in charging whatever they want, okay. And not to say that ruin charges that much, or that he should. But when it comes to, you know, the HAC being said, you know, when a person has given value, like, again, in the class, not only are you

00:40:53--> 00:41:18

getting a fully legal applicable money saving sunnah, establishing well, but you're also getting, for example, what I believe is easily the greatest app that is out there, in the Islamic sphere, let alone in inheritance. So I don't even mean an inheritance, because how useful it is to be able to, obviously, as a teacher of inheritance, and we will, obviously, we're teaching inheritance in the

00:41:20--> 00:41:40

class as well. The ability to pull up on the iPhone, and put Tech Tech Tech Tech and give you all of the the answers is, in my opinion, what allows you to justify to be able to even be in this work, let alone charging, whatever x y Zed. Now, I just want to say, on the point of charity, that

00:41:42--> 00:42:22

some people do get kind of confused about that. They and I'm glad that you clarify that because they said hold on if the Quran mentions that the wife is getting an aid and the Father is getting a sick limited son is getting twice what the daughter gets, then why do we need to write that down. And as Haroon just said, the writing down of your world the obligation of writing it down, which is interesting considering that it is only highly recommended I say only quote unquote, but it's something that really every Muslim must do to give a charity in their life and then making sure that they leave charity behind. Not everything is a maximum of a third, and this third, right, it's not

00:42:22--> 00:43:07

to leave a third in charity, but its majority of it is understood to be being left to charity, it's there to our flexibility, to be able to give that to that third, that total of a third of your entire estate, everything that you leave behind to go to those folks that would not normally inherit. So that could be non Muslims that could be adopted kids that you have, that could be those that are kind of distant relatives that are never going to inherit as part of your close relatives, they get a portion from that third, but it's there in principle to give away to charity. And on this point, I just want to say that there is a big movement now at Hamdulillah, not just in the UK, but

00:43:07--> 00:43:45

big time in the UK as well. And around the world towards work. And that is now the idea that not only am I going to ensure that I fulfill the student of the purpose of life seldom that I really treat the help of Allah, the Lord has given me in the best way because even though Allah is trying to Allah has given this mine to spread, it's my choice. He wants me to give it away to other people like he gave it to me. And that shows that you're really connected to Allah when you do that, as they say, you know, walking the walk here is the giving of the money, right. And so to give away your wealth, whilst leaving, we've dealt with that, right, we've looked after family, we've left

00:43:45--> 00:44:31

them and 67% of the estate, that's no small amount. We've also looked after them in life, so when don't worry about them. So you're giving 1015 20 to 30%, up to a third of your wealth away. But to give it away then but be responsible and giving it away so that it's not all consumed. It's not all gone in one go. But it's invested into a closed and ring fence structure, which is known as the works, which of course I've spoken about in other classes where you are protecting that, that that asset and it grows and the income that comes from that then is supporting people and initiatives and education and poverty and political matters. And whatever the work and its remit and what its

00:44:31--> 00:44:48

constitution is, and we got some great work through a MakerBot has its own worth. I'm involved in what I want you Arun to speak about the project that you're now going to be investing time into because I know obviously I was has reached the peak now but now it's another big project on the horizon. hamdullah

00:44:50--> 00:44:55

Yeah, two points. Just before I touched on box, what one of the points you've mentioned was the highly

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

can't remember the exact words you use but the import

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Since of right in the world, relating to that 1/3 of the estate. Now, that's a voluntary aspect. So in my own view, that two thirds is even more important, because that's the rights of people. So those who live in England or any jurisdiction that doesn't apply the Sharia, I would say is even more important to write your will to deal with that two thirds, so that those who have the right to receive their share, and clearly the 1/3 is important, it's for sale sell themselves. So you can argue that in terms of the other aspect is is the work and I set up I will solicitors 20 years ago, before the iPhone, and then a few years ago, myself and my colleague, we set up a company called I

00:45:39--> 00:46:24

work, and that was to almost kind of restart or reinvigorate and re establish the lost son of the word. Because once upon a time 1/3 of Iraq land was owned as work, hospitals, libraries, the Muslim wealth was fooled, but because of colonialization, corruption, etc. That's all kind of been lost. And it's not the institution it was. So we felt that we need to revitalize this, we need to start now. Because if you look and COVID was a good example of this masajid stopped getting money because people went down to the masjid charities were struggling to collect. And there's no forward thinking because what we do we have so many fires to put out we collect money because Gaza needs money we

00:46:24--> 00:46:59

collect we gave we collect we give, but then you always empty in the world and you there's nothing then there's no long term plans. So there's three types of given the way I see it, one is your immediate this person starved and given some food is fed for the day. The other is what you regard is your son kajaria. Let's have a well, and that water, the water will be used from that well for as long as the well is in existence. But who's going to maintain the world? What if it needs maintenance, what happens? And Oxfam did a study and found out that about 1/3 of all water wells ever created, are no longer working? They're not operational. So what the what is a permanent

00:46:59--> 00:47:41

charity where the capital that is donated, remains intact, it's invested, and the return is indefinitely used. And the biggest work for the most well known what is the workflow monitor the Alon, where he donated, a date failed. And to this day, that work was worth billions of pounds, and the income from that is used for transport purposes. Now, if we just pause for one moment, can you imagine shake, having a charity donation, whether it's a third share under your will, or 10%, or 5%, or even a lifetime donation that you set up as a walk today, and 1000 years from today, it's still giving you a budget. And it's only increasing because after a while, it just increases because the

00:47:41--> 00:48:22

investment in capital will grow. And you'll get more return more income because capitals will have more more benefit can be used. So have over 1000 years continuous reward until indefinitely. Now, it may well be that we set up our work and for whatever reason due to corruption, etc. It's it's utility value is lost. But if you've set out with that intention, then Allah will reward you for the intention till the end of time. So this is what we're trying to re establish with Iowans, I work for the charity. And I work for the charity in association with Whitehead, which is the company that bought my company and not so long ago. And they're trying to promote work, which allows you to

00:48:22--> 00:49:02

donate whether it's 50 pounds, whether it's 500 pounds, or 5000 pounds, pull the resources invest the money, and the return on the investment is used for charitable causes. For the UK, it will be for UK charitable causes predominantly. But likewise, we'll run out in us, Malaysia, Indonesia, rest of the world. And it's massively important for me, I had a client today at a call called me earlier today, and he was actually setting up at work when he said, This is a job. This is what he's banking on very wealthy individual. And for me, I've done a lot of work in Islamic worlds. And when I set up Islamic worlds, there was an element of the commercial element. Because I needed to make a living I

00:49:02--> 00:49:23

needed to look after my wife and children get a house etc. 20 years on when I thought about work, I thought to myself sincerly I thought Alhamdulillah I've been blessed. I just want to give something back. And inshallah the workflow is the best way because it continues forever. So I would encourage and there's, again, there's a saying

00:49:24--> 00:49:32

of companion process, some Jhaveri bin Abdullah who said that every companion who had the means establish their own worth.

00:49:33--> 00:49:59

Now again, just reflect upon that for one moment, every companion and I would say most listeners or their parents have their cell Maghrib cause because we're Western Muslims, most listeners or their parents or family would have the means how many of them have established their work, it's going to be less than 1% but now's the time you can donate to I work for you can create your own work or once you mentioned Margaret work, build use that

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

crowdfunding type platform whereby everyone puts their donations together and investment is purchased, the return is used and inshallah we are then not forced to go to that well or go to the same people and say can you donate for this need, because we've got libraries, hospitals, or large property portfolios that allow us to set up a legal defense fund for Muslims who may be suffering from discrimination, or allows us to set up

00:50:27--> 00:51:14

hospitals for those Muslims in need, who can't get the care or, or whatever it may be. Because once upon a time, there's almost a walk for every single cause. And I mentioned this to Syrian client of mine, and he said, where I used to live in Syria, he said, some some one of the religious left or is canceling, left a piece of land, donated it to four animals who are getting of old age to go and graze and die in peace. So he just left his land for animal for the care of animals, essentially. So libraries, hospitals, education institutes, it's all out there. So this is how we create actually a Islamic ecosystem. So it's linked tools. And this is again, one of the plants that I mentioned

00:51:14--> 00:51:52

earlier in terms of how does the Ummah benefit from you writing your will, which is a personal obligation. But if you start to leave to charity, you start to create your works, then not only will you benefit our community, and those who are suffering in Gaza, Syria, or wherever it may be in the world, which made everywhere the Muslim sudden suffering Burma back, Myanma can go on forever. But you were creating institutions for the future Muslims, for those who are going to come in 100 years time to say, well, this work was set up by someone so and I'm able to benefit from it or my family able to get trim from abroad to get educated for me. And one of my co trustees is a chap called

00:51:52--> 00:52:26

Varun. Carla, she has same first name is made from South Africa. And they set up a workflow in South Africa. And what he said to me very wise, slightly older person than me, what he said to me is what we're doing today, he says, You won't understand the benefits of this until 10 years time, if not longer, but we have to sow the seeds, especially personally, I'm very touched, as you can probably tell from this, in the current situation that the Western Muslims are living in. If we do not invest in our future now, then we've got no chance, we have to send them seeds now.

00:52:27--> 00:52:40

100%. And I gotta say that a few of your passion, and I can relate to it, because this has, this has really energized me over the last four years as well. Something that excites me a lot. So happy to be

00:52:41--> 00:53:17

in that moment in time that I have the mental stability to be able to dedicate resources, intellectual and then legal towards pushing people to do it. Obviously, I have a following. It's important for the people who take me as any kind of role model to understand just how fundamental This is, to the development of Islam previously. And then now, I, I want you to listen to what I'm about to say, you're not the time of the companions. And I guarantee that you haven't thought about this either. I want you to think about this. You mentioned the workforce, man, I've benefited from the workforce of man myself, I think,

00:53:18--> 00:53:30

well, not the pilot will be a problem because we don't have time. But some of the students that I take for longer periods, we go and study some of the aspects of the spread of that work.

00:53:32--> 00:54:00

The majority of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam thought that mercy had the journal was coming in, that's fine, and that the day of judgment was being established. Okay? That I want everybody to think about that. The year now was 14 145 polygyny. Okay, we are 1400 odd years after the prophets Eliza land passing the after Earthman passed for 1400. The audience, we think that,

00:54:01--> 00:54:40

you know, is the end of times, we're miles away from the end of times. And on one hand, we're in the last second I when I give the example to in plus, a we speak about a minute, the same time or the minute clock? Yep. If you're talking about the minute clock, we are at 59, who there's no doubt about that. Everybody understands that actually, even non Muslims, even scientists who don't believe in anything, know that we're out 59 minutes, because so much has gone by billions of years since the creation universe. That is inconceivable that is actually anything other than 59. The problem is, of course, is how long is that last minute, is that a million years is that a billion years is 1000

00:54:40--> 00:54:59

years. This is not something that we should assume at any level. Don't think that because it's only everything has happened so much in 1400 years, that it can't be more than a couple of 100 years. Look at the situation in follistim. Look at the situation here. They're looking at the killing. Look at the signs. These are minor signs. Only one of the major signs has absolutely come unconfirmed. That's the coming of the process.

00:55:00--> 00:55:35

But that's how we know we're in the 59th minute how long this minute laughs so nobody knows. This statement is not rhetoric what Arun just said that think about 100 years you will understand it in 10 years what will happen in 1000 years? This is not emotional kind of sales technique. He's not benefiting from this. This is real, we cannot imagine or what do you think was the intention of promises I sent them when he said that Allah subhanaw taala will take the charity in his hand and it will grow the size of herbs? What does it mean there is no there's no logical way to understand that what does it mean when the promises I send them said that save yourself? Well, I wish I could talk

00:55:35--> 00:56:15

yeah, and how can you save yourself in the Hellfire with a part of a day stone? This is outside of our understanding we asked we put our trust in the last panel to Allah and then the results flow the the questions being asked I don't know what our work is How's it different from silica Jerry the example you gave us surrogate right? Clarity immediate use for someone who wants money they say can you buy me a meal you buy him a five pound do they eat it and off straight off the second example is sadaqa jariya then you will come and you know you set up the most famous as well towards the well and you buy the water well and you expect it to last for hundreds and 1000s of years because you

00:56:15--> 00:56:54

think water is infinite resource it's not at all and as you said and it's a shocking stat that such a large percentage of them dry up and the costs of trying to deal with it are not structured into the program in the first place is not financially viable to then go on and so therefore it stops so the setup Algeria, which is continuing for a long time and don't want to belittle it at all and neither is neither am I and it's a sunnah and you should do it okay, but it can and will have a limited lifetime it's not permanent. The difference with the works is that it itself is not the water that you're taking from it is what is creating the funds to build the water wells here cannot

00:56:54--> 00:57:42

be touched that's why it's worth Why is it called works because WorkCover Yonhap totally your right over it has stopped working stop right your rights that you had over your wealth you give it away you can't go back to it now you can't take it back and exit why is that there's obviously massive rules about wealth from I went to the Cairo book fair here which is the world's biggest I bought for insight for Haroon not books, encyclopedias on what you will not believe the depth of fifth on what each one five or six volumes, just talking about the the various rules, exceptions that applications but it will drive you mentally and how much focus there. But anyway, the point is, is that now a

00:57:42--> 00:58:20

person might turn around say, Well, okay, it's a fund, which is being invested in is growing in itself, and all of the income is income producing, and obviously, the more that people put into it. So imagine that a fund to get a 10 million pound fund or 100 million pound fund from 1000s of Muslims. Yeah. And it's not something difficult they represent to be done easily in a couple of years. Think about the worst, useless investment manager on the whole planet, who's got absolutely no idea, he's gonna get 1% you only have a return 4% is seen as rubbish. 6% is seen as average, you're talking about millions and millions of pounds that are there to be used and dependent upon

00:58:20--> 00:58:52

the remit of the works. If it was your own use, check the remit. And if it's a community one, they will put the remit out to the community and say, What do you guys want our work to be used for. And then you put those down. And we're not telling you about just ours or this or that we're saying that this is how the OMA works, this is how it continues. And the person might turn around and say, Well hold on this Atlanta, well, that could then dry up or that investment could dry up. No, the rules around the workflow are different. But there's a person that can be paid for the work, there is a professional person who's managing it is his job to do it is his right to meaning that is a person

00:58:52--> 00:59:26

that's actually meant to be a part of his own livelihood ensure that it works. So they invested to make it keep going. It's not like a well, where there's nobody being paid to look after it. So I want you to understand, what we're talking about is something incredible. And this was moved to Autoworks quite heavily. So we're going to close it right that right there. But I want you to understand that a part of the fear of death and this is the myths, the people of people not getting that when we talk about the fear of death we do everything around the issue of death, the things that that you are thinking of when you think of death, even though it might not be linked to deaths

00:59:26--> 00:59:34

on charity and where to put it. Put it this isn't a class order this the wills are in the class, everything. Is there everything that you need to know. I want to now open up

00:59:36--> 00:59:59

to questions, please, folks, I know that you might have asked a question before imagined that we've not seen it, because it's been lots of comments flying around whatever. If there are now questions directed straight out, and we've tried to give quick answers to try and cover as many as possible. So I think we've covered a few hurricane you say you're in a better position than I am and my screen is a lot smaller. Why don't you just

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

are attacking some of the ones that you can easily just click off? Yeah, there's one that's been questioned and answered already. If one of your children is not Muslim, can you leave them you can leave to them from the 1/3. But not from the two thirds they have no rights of inheritance. Another question related to what you've touched on Jake earlier is adopted children, adopted children have no right of inheritance. But again, you can leave that 1/3 that you have the discretion over to leave to Whom have you please, and then have kindly collected some of the questions and whatever relatives already rich, do you still have to leave them? Yeah, it's good question. Yes, they have a

01:00:36--> 01:00:58

right. So maybe it was, is decreed for them to have even more wealth, maybe they use it for better purposes, Allah knows best. They have a right that is their wealth, essentially, as soon as you pass away, the wealth is no longer yours. You shouldn't think of it as your wealth. It's passed on it belongs to them. And we just use the wheel as a vehicle to pass it on to them. I want to jump in one second. Ruin, sorry.

01:01:00--> 01:01:36

You know, the way the oil market promotes a class, they find clips that you didn't even realize you said and I saw a clip that was being used, that I couldn't remember I mentioned in the class, but it was an essential part and that was emotional intelligence. The point I want to bring is that part of studying difficult death is to also understand the social impact which I'm actually not legal. Right now. What Haroon just answered, then the question about a rich person. Now normally, you leave the person the person money because they need it. But this is not necessarily linked to their wealth if they're right. Now, if you study the subject properly, and you understand it, as I said, with

01:01:36--> 01:01:43

experience, it is something which obviously there are legal scholars, but then there are people who have community leaders that have dealt with people understand

01:01:44--> 01:02:19

the law, they not understand just the letter of the law, they not only understand the spirit of the law, but they also know people and they know that people don't care neither about the letter of the law or the spirit of the law. And that's why experience is so important in this subject. Okay. This is why I praise Masha Allah to Allah, Allah, Haroon, because there are things that you miss, like I have hamdulillah with all respect and all I think I have enough knowledge in this in this matter. I've been doing it for a long time, arguably maybe longer than Arun himself, I don't have his expertise at all, but the subject in general, and the other day

01:02:21--> 01:02:25

we're talking about a particular estate that I'm a trustee of.

01:02:26--> 01:02:42

And I said listen, I'm the trustee. Imagine this, I'm the teacher of the subject. Okay. Right. And I go to ruin, it's also in the trustee that the well was in place he used one of the class Wells is also you know, everything is great. And he's protected.

01:02:44--> 01:03:25

states very clearly to the game to the Sharia, and I've been given the authority. And because I'm the trustee and executor, then nobody can question them. And I've already got an under an undertaking from all of the inheritors. I want everyone to listen now because links to the wealthy children, that all of the wealthy remain that remaining family members, right of the deceased that I was the trustee of, okay, the executor of that will that estates, they had forgotten their share, they said that we don't want our share. And they told me that and I was a witness and I had other witnesses and everything. And I made sure that was witnessed by a whole whole number of people. And

01:03:25--> 01:04:02

all of the people were there as well that had a share and a shared that there was due to them. They said we've done it and we want you to know manage it and give it to charity. So Haroon is like listening, listening, listening, you know, very patiently, and then he goes to me, but that's not good enough. Like, you know, which is not good enough. I told you, I'm the one who's in control everything Cohen, Sharia, everything's solid, and it's witness. He got MIP Islamically. Right. But what happens when what happens if this honeypot scenario, which this is just shows to me how important it is that you've got to get this legally? Right? He said that if one of these people pass

01:04:02--> 01:04:43

away, his family have a right as the inheritors in the absence of the one that's now not blocking them that was blocking them before. They haven't agreed. And I go, yeah, they haven't agreed because they're not inherited at the moment. Then as I was saying this, I'm like, You idiot, how could I have made such a fundamental mistake? You are not meant to be devising a solution based upon what's in front of you, but what could happen. And that's the reason why you got to have legal expertise, legal experience, you got to be able to understand all the scenarios. And that's why you have these documents. That's why you have these Islamic wells that are done to the best scenario. I mean,

01:04:43--> 01:05:00

templates out there, but the ones that those that operate at the top level, are the ones that use experience to be able to understand these kinds of situations. So I just want you to be aware that yes, people can give up their right and so they might be stepchildren, they might be adopted children, and it's possible that they

01:05:00--> 01:05:32

Get More than a third, they can take the whole money. Like there might be, for example, your born children. And they're all very wealthy. And they know that the last kid that you did was some stepchildren or some other adopted children. And they say that you know what, we give up our right. And we want all of our share to go to the thing. So the 100% of your wealth actually could theoretically go to that adopted child or even a non Muslim child, for example, or a scenario based upon it. But you need some further legal confirmation, as I said, signing it. And of course, that's what the rune was alluding to earlier, couldn't carry on with the with the questions.

01:05:33--> 01:05:37

Yeah, so it's a good point, just one point of clarification.

01:05:39--> 01:06:20

Is that essentially, if I inherited from my father, if I say I give it up, that's strictly speaking, not sufficient. It's actually now my wealth, and then I have to redirect it. So given our business efficient, I have to say, Yes, I accept it. And now I give it to my brother because he has less than, I'm happy for that. Because if I don't, and then it well, it's my wealth. So until I've given it up, it's not as case subs. So you actually redirecting it, as opposed to giving it up? In terms of the questions. What do you do in a situation where your mother's instruct you to distribute all her wealth to charity, and not in the way unless mantle as decreed. Now, again, we try to make sure

01:06:20--> 01:07:01

that the person is right in the world and the inheritors are within the Sharia as much as possible. So if mother has prepared well, and says, I want to leave everything to charity, whilst he was alive, we would have a guided her to say, look, that's too much set up. Because you've only can be 1/3. So perhaps I would have changed their mind. If it happens post death, the inherit themselves have a choice. Either they can say, Yes, we accept one's wish, or they can say no, we want our wealth, in terms of how the will is written, that's a separate issue as to what English law or what the US Australian law will apply. But essentially, that you shouldn't direct your wealth to be in

01:07:01--> 01:07:42

Taiwan to be given to charity. You can express it as a wish, and then leave it to you inherited, and then inshallah they will do so. And if they don't, that's their right. In terms of other questions, I'm just trying to quickly put through a classic one that we often get, it's repeated here is someone says, I've heard you can do whatever you want in your lifetime. So I've given my house to my daughter, and she can have it when I die. But the problem is that inheritance applies on death only. So the rules of inheritance applies on death, only the rules of inheritance applies and death only, which means if you link a gift to death, then it's a rule of inheritance. And then the rules of

01:07:42--> 01:08:14

inheritance apply. And there's all there's obviously exceptions. And these are general remarks. If you make a gift within the 12 months before your death, when you're not at the motor deathbed illness, then that gift is regarded as void if you do not survive a year. So if I'm dying, I'm on my last breath. And I want to leave everything to my wife and say it's all yours might do that out of spite here. It doesn't care. Because I'm only kidding. If so, yes, so it doesn't count it means that essentially the gift is invalidated it will need the inheritance to consent or it's not valid.

01:08:15--> 01:08:20

And in terms of other questions, feel free to interrupt check.

01:08:23--> 01:09:04

How do I explain to my kids why my son gets more than my daughter, just say this what Allah says and leave it or is there info out there that I can use to explain to them very interesting and she 1411 years this time where they you know, my kids are beginning to keep an eye on on their inheritance now, now in reality, I've said to my son, my 11 year old son and older one as well, and that you will get a double share. But I said understand that that comes with a double responsibility. Look at your mother look at your sisters look at your daughters wives, future wives and daughters to be it's your responsibility. We have a man's life which means we have to provide word make sure look after

01:09:04--> 01:09:41

cater for and that's why it comes so the double wealth isn't for us to enjoy double the amount is for us to look after the responsibility. Now often the question that I get or statement said to me is that nowadays sons aren't looking after brothers aren't looking after sisters or husbands are looking after their wives. So they're both working, etc. But my view on that is, you know, men be men, you're given a double share for reason. Take that responsibility and look after don't change a chalet and say we're gonna give it equally because boys aren't looking after. Well, husbands aren't looking after wives no more the Sharia has its own wisdom, and we can't get beyond that. So

01:09:41--> 01:09:59

therefore it's very important that you do that this agent is very intelligent question actually. How do you explain to me explain to him sense of responsibility, you know, you don't get extra for no reason. Unless all knowing all wise, there's explanation for it. And therefore, if you fulfill that responsibility, then their wives mothers and daughters

01:10:00--> 01:10:37

We'll be happy that they got the double share with a certainty. And likewise, on the flip side, for the daughters as well, I've said, Look, you're getting less, but understand this you're gonna have to deal with as you please, if you wish to, to share it with husband or two brothers, etc, that's up to you. But this is your wealth that Allah spent Allah has given me is your right. And ultimately, inheritance is not something that people should really think that they have a right of until the death happens. It may be that my son is counting his inheritance, but he dies before me, Allah forbid. But the point being is that it is important to raise this topic because that's where

01:10:37--> 01:11:12

financial awareness that's where responsibility comes into it. So I want to, I want to add to this, I want to add that if a person really is, you know, at this level, you know, so worried and stressed about how their children, you know, because ultimately goodtherapy will speak about this and protect this house, is about making sure that the role models that you put in front of them. And the way that you extend into them is that they will believe in the system and understand it from its bottom up. If you look at the Sharia when we study it now obviously in the class, we go through the examples, that there are some women that get far much more than a man, you will realize very soon

01:11:12--> 01:11:52

when you study inheritance properly, that the reason that we fought for the stupid headlines and the attacks of the kuffar upon us, and because we're lazy, they don't know anything, they just pick up a title and go with it, we then assume that's the case. In the majority of the cases of inheritance, if you look at all the various forms of how a woman can inherit most of the time, or at least they will get the same or more. It's only a very few scenarios, but the dominant scenarios, yes, like the Son and the daughter, that she gets, actually, half. But But in many of them, she gets actually more. And when you split your further this important knowledge, when you study it further, you

01:11:52--> 01:12:30

realize that in every scenario when a man gets more is because he has to spend on her or them. And in every scenario where the woman gets worse because she is the man on the other side are not close enough to have to spend it upon her in the first place. Therefore, she needs to be compensated more the wisdom of inheritance will blow your mind I say that to any Muslim at any level with the more that you study inheritance at a deeper conceptual level, like for example, why is it that we can't give it to non Muslims? There are some scholars that discuss that too, to a real detail. And sometimes you can make this thing so complicated ideologically and go into philosophical ramblings.

01:12:30--> 01:13:01

But what if you just keep it real? And say, Well, I tell you what, that's a good reason to become Muslim, isn't it? You know, now, I mean, imagine that a person is there thinking, you know, I'm not getting anything? Well, you know what, and this is something which was now the professionalizing. I'm used to you can call it financial bribes, financial motivation, but you can call it what you want. The prophets Allah is seldom said that there will be some people that will be dragged to Jannah. In Chains, there are the scholars, you know, this is one of my favorite Hadith as students know, there's so many applications to this, one of them being that sometimes people aren't only

01:13:02--> 01:13:37

ideologically, you know, convinced, or they have that big social kind of awakening environment. Sometimes people need to have a not just a little push, but a firm push. Sometimes they need to see the money. Sometimes they need to see the love sometimes they need to see, you know, crazy mom, sometimes that boy friend, girlfriend haram relationship is the thing that pushed them over, how many did we see convert, because they're in a haram relationship. We never know the path, we're never going to justify them. But I want you to know that don't think that all the time. That is something that you know, that isn't cheap way of of paying to get a

01:13:38--> 01:13:49

Muslim over the line. So there's such a breadth and depth to the rules of inheritance, it will it will genuinely surprise you a number of levels. The other

01:13:51--> 01:13:52


01:13:53--> 01:13:58

The problem is, is going so quick that I see one then it's happening. So we have to pass over you because I

01:14:01--> 01:14:03

Yeah, if I can take everybody while you find that question.

01:14:05--> 01:14:43

I agree with you 100%. The more I look into inheritance, the more I've looked into, if you study the rules of inheritance among anyone who sincerely studies that will realize this can only be fun. And the non Muslims that are quoted before this, have established that there is no more just unfair system known to in the civilized world. That was the conclusion reached. And this is because it's from Allah and also the rights responsibility. The calculation, there are instances, as you've said, where the female gets more than the male equivalent, because her needs are greater. So this is all worked out compared to a modern English system, which is very arbitrary one size fits all. Yeah,

01:14:43--> 01:14:59

children get equally parents don't even get looking even though there may be a need. So and once just going back to the precision of inheritance, someone came up to Imam Abu Hanifa and said I've been given 1/1000 of the inheritance. This can't be right

01:15:00--> 01:15:31

And somewhere, Imam Abu Hanifa asked them, Do you have a does the deceased have a wife? Does he have children? Does your daughters does your brother and sister cetera? And the answers were yes, no. Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no. And then at the end of he said, It's correct. It's so precise that to the one 1000, I can't do that. Yeah. If someone says to me for daughter, if a daughter comes up to me says, I've been given half the narrative, is that correct? I'd be able to say, Well, okay, you've got no siblings, no brother. And you've got whilst you have no brother, that's about as far as far as I can get as well. Or four daughters come up to me. And they say they've got two thirds again,

01:15:31--> 01:15:36

you'd work out there's no brother. So there's a lot of science behind it and the maps is, is precisely it comes.

01:15:38--> 01:16:16

So inheritance is a fantastic science, you can study it to the nth degree. And my colleague is actually writing a book on that. But he's been bright enough for some years, just to show how it compares to any other Muslim system. And the other non Muslim system, any other system of inheritance in the world and how it's superior to it be that Spanish American Australian talking about Australian, one of the questions from Sister presumably Australia, which says that a house and joint title Northland in Australia is if one spouse dies, the surviving spouse loans. I got a thumbs up, I shut up, please. I don't know who that was part of that. Lost my train of thought and big

01:16:16--> 01:16:52

thumbs up the slides versus the whole property is this a valid entitled Islamically both parties contribute to the purchase now Islamically, or from an English law perspective, and I think it mirrors Australian law. If one person dies, though, property automatically passes to the other. That's known as a joint tenancy. This is not correct from a SharePoint view, because it means that the survivors inherited potentially all the wealth. So from an English pub, you can sever that joint tenancy. So you have two hot shares. So if one dies, it doesn't automatically pass, it drops into their will. And then the world can be distributed amongst all the inheritance. If Australian law

01:16:52--> 01:17:11

doesn't allow that, then it would be incumbent upon the survivor to then redistribute what they've inherited in the shadow proportions. So I hope that answers that question. That important that I know because it's getting late and hostile keeps messaging me saying this thing that whatever, I don't know what's going on, like I said, just like, I can't see the questions.

01:17:13--> 01:17:18

This session, and 21 minutes ago, I listed why you department of people, why are you?

01:17:20--> 01:17:22

Why are you depriving people of their inheritance?

01:17:23--> 01:17:26

30 hour class, we have this. Okay, no.

01:17:29--> 01:17:32

Shake, you're depriving your wife of asleep. Exactly. Knowing there's

01:17:33--> 01:18:04

pressure on the door, but it's locked? Well, hamdulillah I'd say this guy's everybody that's in the questions, thinking and you're thinking your questions either been missed or being ignored, is not 100%. We make that clear. And Hamdulillah. Yesterday, I think it was absolutely confirmed all of the two days ago will confirm the live sessions. Every single one of your questions will be answered, that's my guarantee. That is my absolute guarantee 100% I stand you have my word that every question will be covered in the live sessions.

01:18:06--> 01:18:46

That will be for to start off with and if four are not enough for all of your questions. And that's not just inheritance, that has to do with everything else. Because, by the way, these are questions that have just come up because you've just listened to an hour of us speaking about wills. In the class, we go into far more detail than this, right? And far more whatever. So and then the other subjects and so we'll need at least four good hour and a half sessions to go through that you will have the ability to be able to speak and the ability to submit them and gone back and forth on them and I will be answering them and other instructors as well with their bonus sessions. Likewise, so I

01:18:46--> 01:18:55

think I think I think it's probably best to call it because otherwise, I've got three more to do of these with Hearthstone. She's gonna give me such a headache. Here my sugar on YouTube.

01:18:57--> 01:19:30

So small mercies. Can you use that Oh, folks to get the class because I don't know what you've been doing. All right. And that's the only thing that I'm thinking about. Everybody's got to get this class guys. I'm serious. By the way, you see, you might see me on full polo in mode. I am 100% on promoting mode, I believe oxen beloved, in front of Allah Subhana Allah, that every Muslim household needs, what needs diskless in an account, someone's got to be there in the family, you've got to have it, you've got to be able to go to it so that when something's happening when that illness is, you know, when you're trying to find someone to call, you know, how do I turn the machine off? Do I

01:19:30--> 01:20:00

am I putting pressure on me this time whatever I've got this issue my mom has said that I can't give this money to so and so my son is treating her bad your brother and I don't want you to make sure I want to make sure that you take his share in all these scenarios, definitely for theft and death and everything else. Everything else that you have. I just want you to know that. I believe that this knowledge is obligatory, not you know, sometimes he you know, I don't I don't

01:20:00--> 01:20:05

on attacking the house as normal classes, you know the fluff kind of stuff. This is the real big

01:20:07--> 01:20:45

stuff. This is the old and very good classes. I don't want to change the color of the hijab just want to say that this is very important. Tell every single person to join, I will do all of the pages fully recorded, as well as the live sessions are recorded. Everything and this webinars are also recorded and you'll have access to them as well. We've got all the contact details for all of the people that you need to get in touch with including Haroon and his work all of that will be in the live sessions and in the resources everything I hope it's all there for you to see and understand why I'm making such a big thing about it. I hate social media. I've gone off it

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completely I post like six times a year but then when it first comes to see me posting every day to make it clear that get this done so that I can then go off social media go to sleep again and then live in peace. Zack Malacca, Haroon, I really appreciate you taking time out and I thought that you were going to do this at home bro. And but how long? It looks like so you stayed at the office and took one for the team. So your missus also taking one for the team. My missus is going to take one for the team. I'll say I wouldn't take one for the team if you paid me and whatever and then world there are different levels of people isn't it? So what can we say? Was that gonna kind of ruin bro?

01:21:21--> 01:21:33

Chakra coffee Thank you Hafsa I know that you want some kind words I'm a kind guy we appreciate your time the people missed you man. They they miss you. They want you back

01:21:35--> 01:21:58

with hate and then we end with this 20 places perhaps my heart my heart my heart can't you can't you know what it is you know if your heart nice kind heart it can't maintain feet thingamajig is not my natural state. My natural state is to be kind and to be any whatever phrases that you want to use.

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the two colors are going to show at the end when we wrap up please

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go ahead is rude because I can look at everyone who's attended mashallah even just like look at to Chef mashallah brother who not an impostor and amazing resource to the community and a pioneer Michelle in your field just like well here it's been an honor to have you on and as you know, of course you as well. Everyone else Inshallah, we hope to see you in the class make sure that you're registering we're not I never exaggerate. The only reason I do this is the the classes are worth it and mashallah, this is one of the best resources that we've ever created a Milgram Institute so it's another adult online the link is in the chat is in the description as well. If you're on social

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media, this recording yes is going to stay on. And this is also part of a three part series. So the series is called lesson exit. This is part one, we're gonna be back in sha Allah on Tuesday, February 13, at 4pm PST for the final chapter in sha Allah wish equity this unit and then we're going to be back again on Tuesday, February 20, at 3pm PST, so 3:30pm PST, light and loss wishes almost demand so please make sure that you are RSVP if you're on YouTube. There should be an RSVP link for the rest of the webinar series. And make sure that you do register for the seminar at a manner of online there's nothing there's no exaggeration in the benefit you can receive from it. It

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is a wealth of knowledge and we hope to see you all there on the other side just above everyone for being part of this journey. And we'll see you guys next Tuesday. In Charlotte, same time, same place for now. Take care Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe. And s&m. Wanna go back medulla. He gets everyone