Abu Bakr Zoud – Why Do We Ask Allah ﷻ For Everything

Abu Bakr Zoud
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I shall the Allahu anhu she says, some law

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ask Allah everything has to schiesser even if it was a shoelace, if you walk and your shoelace gets ripped, ask Allah for a shoelace

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in an aeration as well it says the mill half time. ask Allah for salt in the food. Why she says at the end of the Hadith for in Allah in Lem you yourself Oh, let me attesa because if a lot of social doesn't make it possible, no one can make it possible. If Allah doesn't make it possible, if the entire world was to come together to make it possible for you not happen.

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Therefore ask Allah everything. Tapan Allah, is that when something happens, who do you turn to first? is the one who doesn't know Allah will not turn to Allah.

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