The importance of القلب السليم “the pure heart“

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the benefits of the Day of Judgment, including losing everything including wealth, children, and money. They emphasize the importance of having a clean heart to achieve the benefits of the law. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fasting three days per week to boost the body's immune system and prevent diseases.

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On the day of judgment, nothing is going to benefit us. Absolutely nothing, no wealth, no children, no asset, no money, nothing you gathered and collected in this law, the life will benefit you're on the Day of Judgment, except for one thing. One loss of Hannah what the hell I mentioned this in sort of the shout out. He said the old man a foul man what's been on that day in which no Wolf and no children and no generation will be of benefit to you whatsoever? is an all law. What is the thing that's going to benefit us on the day of judgment? He said it lemon at the law, have you been Albion's le, except who comes on the Day of Judgment with a with a heart that has been described as

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Saleem Saleem Gani, a heart that is clean, that is not damaged, a heart that is not damaged? And you know, what does Salim mean? Saleem, as I said it, it means something that is not damaged and it's preserved. For example, for example, if I gave you a pen, I gave you a pen. And I said to you, and it was a new pen. I said to you return this pen back to me, Sally Mann, return it back to me Salomon, it means please borrow this pen. Use it for what you want, but bring it back to me in the same condition I gave you. So I don't want to see it broken or something torn away from it. Or you've colored it bring it back as it is. This is Salim

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Zhu Li says the only thing that will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. If you come back to a law with a heart that is Saleem. You know what that means? It means when you are born, how clean was your heart? how clean and fresh and pure was your heart. You need to come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah exactly with the same heart He gave you when you are born. When you were born, it was clean. It was pure. It was innocent it was upon and football. So you need to come back on the Day of Judgment with a pure, clean heart like a baby's heart. That is what will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. Alcohol boo Saleem, the pure heart is the heart that is cleaned from ship and all the

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forms of ship, the minor and the major. Alcohol was Salim is the heart that is cleansed from all sins and evil doings and evil words. And colobus Salim is the heart that is not damaged. It's cleaned from all evil qualities. It's cleansed from arrogance and hypocrisy. And it's cleansed from jealousy and it's cleansed from anger. This is a pulp Saleem. In other words, there is no schicke there is no sins and there is no bad character to this heart whatsoever. This is what we want to try to achieve in this world the life before we die, because the only thing that will benefit you on the Day of Judgment before Allah subhanho wa Taala is a clean ha Albin Salim law about my brothers and

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sisters in Islam one law since they damage the heart sins, they burn the heart, the meat, the heart, black, dirty lock, well, you know, it seems made the black stone black, you know the black stone that is at the cover. Initially it was a white stone, when the Rizal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said so whether to boo boo bunny Adam, that the sins of mankind turned black. Every time a person was to kiss the stone. over the many years, it became black from the sins of people. So if this is the effect Simms had on Iraq, imagine what effect it's going to have on the heart. But I give you hope, the black stone will always become black, it'll never go white again. However, your heart, if it's

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black, it still has the chance to turn white and pure and shiny and be polished. It has the chance. And the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the lab that either whenever the servant commits a sin or a bad deed, Nikita to be looked at and so that a black dog is etched and engraved in his heart, a drawn on his heart for either who another hour stole a photo or tab. Then the servant the slave that committed the sin. If he was to stop the sin, abandon the scene was still followed and seek laws forgiveness sincerely, whatever and he repents to Allah subhanho wa Taala by moving away from the sin soupy law

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Woohoo, his heart would become polished, Allahu Akbar, the black heart will become polished, meaning his heart will become clean and pure. And every single black dot that was drawn on his heart would be removed, all of it will be removed a lot about and I'm saying to you, fasting three days of every month cleanses the heart from all these evil deeds and evil qualities and evil doings. So we need to fast these three days it will benefit you greatly on the Day of Judgment, because it helps clean the heart and a clean heart before a loss origin is what will benefit you