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Patience towards calamities becomes easy when seeking reward from Allah ﷻ

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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And let me tell you this and listen and learn and I will recommend that you write it and then print it and then stick it up on the wall listen

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and learn about him at home on live he said Manish does seven Zhang Han Allah He is sort of the one who seeks laws reward and looks forward to a loss reward for the pain of the calamity you are experiencing.

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Patience becomes so, so easy. Let me give you an example.

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Evan Kodama Rahim Allah, he mentions in his book,

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Solomon housel, also the wonderful book, but he wrote the a few lines that are gold and he gave an example. He said, Imagine a king told a poor man,

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every time I whip you with this stick I have, I will give you 1000 dinar right.

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Every whip every lash, I'm going to give you 1000 dinar,

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you know that the poor man would love would love to be lashed many, many times, not because he enjoys the pain of being lashed. But because he's looking forward to the millions and millions of dinar and bows that he's going to receive at the end of it. Allahu Akbar. And this is how the righteous used to go through their sickness and their pains. And that's how patients became very easy upon them. Because they looked forward to the reward. What is Allah going to give me? What Allah is going to give you is so huge and so big to look forward to, that the pain doesn't become anything anymore. What's the pain then what's the pain compared to a mine is going to give you when

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if I said to you, there's a whip come out unless you 100 times, and I'll give you a million dollars. One law he would be the first to go on your knees and raise your

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sure your lash mounting kit on hand to the pain so on. But at the end, I'm looking forward to what I'm going to get in my hands. That we understand that kind of worldly pain, we understand were willing to go through Why? Because we see money in front of us we know the value of money. But most of us want to hold our level what the 11 learn don't value a loss reward. We don't value that has an asset. We don't value it. So we don't care about it. And so as a result, we're just thinking, we're in this life now. How am I going to handle this pain? Where who is the reward? I can't see it. But this is all part of your faith in Allah. This is all part of your faith in Allah, that you believe

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Allah would give you a reward for it in the hereafter.