Monkey see monkey do

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Monkey See Monkey do have the Mithila indelible English here this is the expression we have an English and they will play with the FL kemira that the monkey does what it sees oh well M's the other day Jenessa VGR evening I'm looking at the center one my son sat next to me he's about three years old the other key tablets so he took a book anyway you methyl kanwariya Christ pretending like he's written muscle and he may be a karate and if you still can't read but he's pretending like He's really mad Why is he doing this let me know who you are are Bobby are corrupt because he sees me reading for you return you call me three so he wants to be like me lacking yo yo Baba okay I'm gonna

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tell him a journey and if he sees his dad like most of the crazy people Phil Alim in the world today and he diamond idol heretic always on my phone. Who is your committee? He's gonna be just like me as well for be fit now with our actions in Messenger rugby at fallen LMA in Federal Home. We're either going to raise our kids on that which benefits them Oh, no the middle home, be my Euro home. Oh, we're going to destroy them with that which harms them