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The speaker discusses the three types of dough off and how they can be used in various situations. They explain the rules for each type of dough and how it can affect the behavior of the dog. The speaker also mentions that certain dog breeds have been used in certain situations, but it is unclear if they will be used in the future.

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What does a sister do if she starts her monthly menses, her period during the hatch, it's been confirmed in the Sunnah, that she does everything that the hijabs do except for making the bow off, and litho off. There's three different types of Thoth you have to do. And then the Faber and Uludag, and we're going to explain what she does in regards to each one of these types of dough off in general, tada. First of all, we'll do many when you enter into Metco. And it depends on the type of hedge she's doing here. So she's doing the fraud, or she's caught and then there's no issue because both of them will do it for them as soon as so she can just leave it and there's no issue. Now, the

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problem comes if she has issues during the semester, which is the Umrah and the Hajj together. And this situation, there's two possibilities or two scenarios as well. The first is is that she hasn't entered in the state of a haram and she wants to do this type of of hatch here. If she hasn't ended this entered in the state of a haram then she changes the type of hatch and she either does it fraud or she becomes a foreign and here there's no problem inshallah Tada. The issue now if she's in the state of Ohio, if she's in the state of a haram, and then she starts her menses, what does she do, then he or she changes the NIA as well. But she changes the NIA to do the kata not to become an

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effort pay attention to that. So she changed the NIA to do become a Korean, and not to do a fraud. And this is what I showed the Allahu anha did. The second type of firewall is Beverly Farber, and this is the the serious issue here. And that is because it's the rocker, it's the pillar of hedge and if it's not completed, then the hedge will not be completed. And we hear a lot of times that she should wait until she finishes her period. And or she should come back if she has the ability to do so later on. But the reality is people will come with HYDRA groups, people may never come back. It's something very difficult. So what should she do in this situation? Obviously, if she has the ability

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to wait, if she has the ability to come back, then she must do that pay attention to this with them all the ones who don't have the ability is not possible. And they might come to me if I come back, I'll come back in a couple of years, or I might not ever come back and I have reservations. So my hunch group can't wait for me I can't change my reservations. And this situation, the shirtless that mean to me it has mentioned that it's permissible for her to make the love. Even if she's on her menses it's permissible for her to make the thought even if she's on her menses and that is because obviously you know in any type of acts of worship and certain conditions are not met then things are

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lifted. So here it becomes a necessity of Laura where she can make a block like this. Some scholars said that she has to pay a penalty when she does this but she has on Islam even told me he said there's no penalty on upon her and this is the correct view inshallah Tada The third type of dog is that of

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and with that, which is the farewell bow off and that is logic. Everyone must do it. However, it's been confirmed in the Sunnah that it's been lifted on