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The speakers discuss various scenarios where Muslims desire forgiveness and learning to pray in public. They also recommend books on the Prophet's Prayer and a book on Shabazz's Prayer. There is a focus on practicing praying in public, rather than just individual practices.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. The other day, I saw a very beautiful and inspirational video on an Instagram real, one of our uncle's May Allah bless him. He was in a very beautiful place next to the riverbank. And he was offering his prayer. He wasn't distracted by all the beauty around him, he focused on making sure he fulfilled his right his obligation upon him as a Muslim by praying, and this video at that time had almost 300,000 views. Now the problem in the video is that when you look at how he prayed, his prayer is bolted. Meaning that it's nullified. It's not correct. It's not acceptable to pray in the manner he prayed in. Why is this? I'm going to explain but first, let's

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watch the video together.

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If any of you have studied fish before, you know what I'm talking about when we say his prayer was not correct, why wasn't it correct? You can see when he was in his record, he didn't stand all the way up like you have to. He stood a little went like this a little bit and then went straight down into sujood. And this is not correct, and it nullifies the prayer, how do we know this? This is taken from the hadith of our beloved prophet it set out to a tsunami that was narrated and say Behati and Sahih Muslim, the Hadith known as El musi salata who, the man who prayed badly, this man entered to the into the masjid, and he prayed in a way that wasn't correct. Similar to what we're

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seeing here now not fulfilling the movements as it must be done. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam after the man came to him and said, I said, I'm on equal. He said, I like him said, I'm the Prophet. It stood out to us. I'm told him, it'll jet for suddenly for in Nicola to Sunday. He said, Go back and pray, because Verily you haven't prayed. So the man went back and prayed a second time came back the same scenario he said, Aerojet for Salif and Nicola to slowly go back and pray because very you have not prayed. And a third time he told him the same thing, I leased it out to a Salam. And the man said, he said, don't know how to pray any better than this. Please teach me. So the Prophet

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alayhi salatu salam, he taught him from the tech behind each moment, when he came to the Roku, Ali salatu salam, he said to make RUCO had set up my inner rock and until you are relaxed at ease in your record, not in a hurry. It's not a race. And then he said, you stand up from the Royal Court hat and they'll call him until you stand up completely properly, meaning that each bone is going to go back to its natural position, and a standing position as the scholar has said, enough time for you to say send me Hola Hola, Mohamed, it can't be fast. To make it clear. Let me show you what I'm talking about. So as it came in the Hadith, we're going down to RUCO Allahu Akbar, until we come

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here, relaxed and record, not in a hurry. And then send me Allahu Lehmann how many there were standing up, I was standing up all the bones in the body back to its place long enough to say send me Allah who live in Hamedan. And that's why the Scholars mentioned the one who prays in this fashion where he doesn't stand up all the way like he has to that his prayer is Bothell that it's not a fight. It's not going to be accepted. And I'm going to read to you what Imam ignore Perdana Rahim Allah in his book and Logan, he said, he said that these are known as an Archon. The essential components are the pillars of the prayer. He said that they cannot be left, whether it's done armed

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or out of soul, than if it's done out of on purpose. Or if it's done out of forgetfulness, that they're not forgiven, they must be completed or the prayer is not going to be accepted. And he said that the delille the evidence for this is the hadith of Abu Huraira and the Hadith of the men and musi Salah to who the one who didn't pray properly. He said because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the man, lamb to suddenly that you haven't prayed, and he ordered him to do the prayer again, pay attention. This is very important, because I know some people might bring the other opinion they'll say that, okay, the majority of the scholars, Maliki Shafi and humbly there's

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what they say. But in the Hanafi madhhab. This movement coming up is considered what considered to be from the Sunnah, sunnah, and not a rookin. Not an essential component, not a pillar, but when you're in a country where the you're around other Muslims like us in the West, you're seeing different methods, different movements. Why does no one else do that except for your people? That makes you have to ask yourselves, so you go and you learn, like we said the Hadith and saying, Well, why didn't say Muslim? So it's clear that it's not going to be accepted. Will this individual be forgiven out of out of ignorance? We hope so. We hope so. And also because he's following a certain

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method, maybe he thinks it's not something that he should be doing. But it's important for us as we're learning as we're in our objective of videos like this and that's talking about the brother himself. May Allah accept from him horrible enemy mentioned the beginning. He's in a place that's beautiful. Most people be distracted. He didn't forget his prayer, something beautiful. Therefore, it's important, my dear brothers and sisters that we don't just take our is

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lamb how we learned our prayer as we saw a mama and Baba and the tribe, you know in our uncles doing it, we have to go back and we have to learn directly from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who told us who told us clearly that he said so Luca or a tomato Salim pray, as you have seen me pray, how can we pray? According to how we saw him we don't see him we have to go back to his sunnah. And two books I would recommend when it comes to the prayer of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and inshallah we'll look online if I can find them I'll put a link in the description below is the description of the prophets prayer by Sheffield banning Rahim Allah Tala

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which goes into detail directly from the from the Sunnah. And also description the prophets prayer Chevon bas Rahim Allah outside I think that probably Shabazz book is a bit easier and shorter so you can start with that and Shannon and take some other things from what Jeff everybody mentioned his book, The Odyssey we study fit on of us, like we said, from the meth lab is nothing wrong with that, but we have to take out the time to learn how to especially something we're doing five times a day, how many times we can do it and a year and a lifetime. Make sure that we're praying as the prophet some of them ordered as as just as he prayed according to his sunnah in shadow Tala Zachman will

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head on vertical off equals Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah