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Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of forgiveness and embracing mercy and change in one's life. It emphasizes the need for action and addressing mercy in Islam, stating that everyone has a responsibility to change. The speaker also touches on the struggles of Muslim men and the importance of setting up a plan to fail until one arrives at a point of failure.
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Cuccinelli said he added to

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I just

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showed he

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was tied to it

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yeah you

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maybe he was

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yeah you

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wants to get her to her what will

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what will

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the type of person who saw her Instagram

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there was a major drops.

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So much so that the people were coming to potato salad

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and asking him

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to supplicate to Allah.

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They said the elders are suffering

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and the children are starving in the animals are dying

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in the trees, in the harvest, everything is shriveling up.

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So some of the cage

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so that can be sent down rain for us.

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He put together an open area

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together in one open area. And he

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asked him to sit down read and he said all along, they all need to stop bringing the children are starving the animals

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and the plants.

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I just

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said this rain, biodiversity.

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the sky

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is the heat increase

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Nothing happened. And the loss of

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total profit.

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And he said, almost,

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there is a certain emotion

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in the congregation for 40 straight years, he has this

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contract congregation I was sitting down, right.

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And so

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to the people, whoever, so whoever this person is, please leave the congregation because our elders, our elders,

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are weak.

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And the animals are dying, and the children are starving. So lead the congregation. So the person

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who heard this,

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who is that person that loves adventure, he looked up.

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And he looked.

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And he knew he was that person.

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He knew.

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And so he took his diamonds, and he covered his head.

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And he started to cry, and subject

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to forgiveness. So as soon as the tears

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came down

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from space from his eyes, the rain also came down with it.

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And so probably most Saturdays, and I've noticed that the rain had come, but nobody left the congregation. And so he said, Yeah.

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Why did you sit down rain? Nobody loved the congregation. And so he said, I sat down rain, because of that same person.

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Because he repented. And he was solo, and he was being watched.

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And so probably personalities around said,

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show us as we 27 years,

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and so

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And said, almost for 40 straight years, he was disobedient to me. And they didn't let anyone go. And now that he's retired to do they have to tell you who he is.

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And so this

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is an example of somebody

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who wanted to change and who was remorseful for what he did.

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And tears were coming down because of the fear of loss.

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And so a loss of a sense is mercy upon him and upon the team.

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as Muslims,

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we always speak about repentance. What is repentance? And how do you intend to ask?

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In the Arabic language, we have the word Toba. And we have escaped from

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what is it? What's the difference between the two? What is the difference? The difference between the two? Is this a foreigner something that you said verbally.

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And you asked for forgiveness, but

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is the actual changing of your attitude, you have a lifestyle and coming back to the lesson handler pattern in being the best that you can.

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That's what Toba is good at when it comes to repenting and

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forgiveness, you have to take that step to change the message.

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have killed 90 million people. And then he must be more stable, the burning desire to repent within his heart. And so he was searching for the most knowledgeable person

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because he wanted to change in what to return to Allah. And so he came, he was showing a map.

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And so he asked him, and he says,

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I have killed 99 people. Is there a cactus for me can I recollect? And so he said 99 people alone. So he killed them also. And he completed 100. If he was to do between 99 and 100, he's already killed 99. And if there's no hope for forgiveness, what's the difference? What difference is it? So he killed him. But you know what, he's still wanting to change. And so he was still seeking the most knowledgeable person that you could find. He was showing a scholar, a man who had knowledge. And so he went to him. And he said, Is there a good sense for me? I killed 99 people. And then I chose one more. And he told me what happened. And honestly, if he told me what happened, I would have said

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yes, awesome.

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But then, of course, the correct answer is yes. And so he said what's there between you and

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There's nothing between you and Allah, if a person is truly repenting and wants to change, but there's a condition.

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And you have to change, you have to move from the place, that the village or the town of the bad people where you live in to the other tower of the good people, if you really want to change.

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And so that's what he did. He was on his way to the Tower of the good people. And he got to calculate

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exactly halfway.

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It's only a joke, mercy came down. And the angel of punishment also came down. And both of them were trying to take

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the angel of mercy said he came repented. And so I have the right to take him and the other danger, punishments, and he just has, he hasn't done a good thing that he has done a good job.

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And he has completed his

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task. He hasn't gone to the other town yet.

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And so last time, I sent an angel that came in the form of a man, and that angel said he needed he was VAT between them. And he said, Why don't you measure the land, whichever of the two towns is closer to them, you take them.

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And so they measure and the last quarter the earth, to shorten the distance between himself we do that man and the town of the good people and the age of mercy.

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So this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah made this miracle at the end, if the earth itself shrunk the distance from the university.

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And so whatever situation whether it whether the case, whatever circumstances whatever you have done before, there's always repentance, that make that change and take that step to change, not just say a software or

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not just make it make it safer. For the the process of aligning itself. He said Indeed, I think is still far and tober was to really to the minute

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I make this far, and I make Toba to last 100 times. His suppliers asked him about his total eggs making that conviction. And so the profits on a lot of a sudden you're sending us an executive example for us. He himself Humala has already forgiven us passive features already.

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He makes this default adobo 100 times a day. How many times have we done that so far today? ask ourselves

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and so when we make we have to ask,

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we have to ask for forgiveness and make that connection to change. Know that Allah Subhana Allah is always there, and he's happy with our repentance. And in fact, don't ever lose hope, in the mercy of Allah. Because we lose hope at the mercy of Allah. And nobody loses hope in the mercy of Allah except as believers, except

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Why? Because when a person loses hope,

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it's like him. It's like he's saying, yo, my sins are so great. You're persecuted and complicit.

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There's always repentance, but make that change and take that step to change, not just say a software only, not just make it make it safer for the the prophets of Allah Himself. He said, Indeed, I'm a Saint Paul and Toba was to really come up and make this far as I make Toba to last 100 times is too far as asking about is the Toba is making that conviction. And so the profits of a lot of a sudden you're setting us an executive example for us. He himself Humala has already forgiven us already.

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He makes us a part of total 100 times a day. How many times have we done that so far today? asked us.

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And so when we

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have to ask, don't want us to make the intention to say you know, tomorrow I will be better.

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You make that intention that tomorrow you will be the best.

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You will be the best. Because today he didn't say I will be a better Muslims though. He said I will be the best Muslim.

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And so he became

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the best Muslim. And so that's why for us, though,

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Say, inshallah tomorrow. So after I made Hajj inshallah after I paint finish up the Mauryan inshallah after I graduated No, that conviction and that held us up now, tomorrow, you will be the best right now when it comes to you and says, Do you know what display?

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You tell the chatbot? And you say,

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oh enemy

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the best Muslim? Where would he be like now he's a domestic

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animal reading

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and learning my team, and I'm going to be the best. And that's how y'all should be a guru Polly was

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Welcome sorry.

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you know when you love somebody, you want to make them happy.

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And we all claim we all save a lot of us.

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we want to make a lot of peace with

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the Messenger of Allah, Allah tells us that

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Allah is more happy towards his repenting servant than he is towards a person who is in the middle of the desert. And he has lost his camera or on the livelihood is on his cowboy log and drinks and everything is on that camel. You know, if you're in the middle of a desert, and you've lost your the water,

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and you have a long ways to go.

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You don't have much hope. And so this person has lost everything. And he's just waiting. He has no he doesn't have any hopes of finding that camel. And so he sits down waiting for dad to come resting on the tree. And then he falls asleep. And he wakes up and he sees his capital right in front of him. And he is so happy. He says yeah, Allah, you are my servant, and I have your

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out of happiness. He makes a mistake. Slip all the time. And he says, Yeah, I love you. And I am your Lord. Because he's so happy. Imagine the person who's been told that he has cancer, that you have two weeks to live, and then for a whole 10 days is the only thing he's taken upon his death.

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And then

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the doctor comes and says, you know, there was a misdiagnosis. You don't have cancer.

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Imagine how happy that person is.

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Imagine if you were in that situation how happy would you be you know loss of Amma is much more happy towards those people

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that they are gone, and they just give him a second chance.

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Don't you want to make them happy. So they repent to Allah a Toba and return to let

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me tell you another story

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of another great scholar by the name of radical

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radical Islam, also known as piety, righteousness.

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And you'll see they're saying, These are people who are known for their piety and righteousness.

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He was also

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very, he wasn't so righteous, let's say at the beginning of his life.

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He used to be an alcoholic. He said I was.

00:19:25 --> 00:19:25

I used to work.

00:19:27 --> 00:19:28

And I was an alcoholic.

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And I had a daughter

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email, married slaves and had a daughter from her. He said I thought very much.

00:19:39 --> 00:19:48

And she grew up until she became at an age where she's crawling is your baby. Your kids like you love him so much.

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As he said, Every time I used to drink, my baby would come and always knock over the cup or the class. What I used to drink he was an alcoholic.

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And so

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one day, I came back home, and I was told that she had passed away. And that was so sad. Guess what an alcoholic is really sad.

00:20:14 --> 00:20:15

He goes and drinks more.

00:20:16 --> 00:20:19

So he said, I didn't come back until a shot.

00:20:21 --> 00:20:26

And I didn't play it. That night, I just went to sleep. In those days, even alcoholics.

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He said, I didn't even play chat.

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During the night, I didn't,

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I couldn't see. And then I had a dream, that it was the day of judgment.

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And everyone was coming out with their brain.

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And everybody was there. But there was a sneak a big, humungous Black Snake. That was cheesy. So this was only chasing me.

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And so I started to run and run and run. And then I saw an old man from a distance dressed in all white. And I went to him, I said, Oh, man, can you help me? And he said, What can I do for you? I'm so weak and frail. I can't help you. I guess that human was so bad. And so I took off, and I ran and ran again until I came

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across it. And it was almost about to fall in it. And then there was a voice coming from that pitch. And they said, Oh, man, like you're not amongst amongst these people. So I turned around.

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I went back to the old pattern, the old I said, Oh, that helped me. I see, there was nobody there. So the old man said, I can't help you. And so we can fail. But if there's any help going behind that mountain, it will be there for you. And so I had to rush to the snake chasing me and I saw a group of children playing. And then the children started to say, Well, does anybody know this man?

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And so my daughter came

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crawling out. And I picked her up. And she said,

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Yeah, I mean, it

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is it

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a doctor, you know how to read, you know how to talk.

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And so she said, Father, we here understand the problem better than you. And so the data that the Father, a medical cannot accept, the lesnick is chasing you. And so the passage did this with their hands, and the serpent that and so he asked his daughter, and he said, What's all this? And his daughter said, Father, built that snake. That was your nose, we are back bad deeds. You have so much it was chasing into the health while it was going to pay you to the health, another monster.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:33

And so he, he said, she said, and that old man. Those were your good deeds you have so fuel and it's so frail and weak, it can help you. It can help him so he woke up and he changed. He took a shower. And he went to the masjid. He always studied and stayed with the great scholar until he became

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the pious known for his piety and righteousness. These people when they repented, they say, inshallah, I'll be better tomorrow. They say inshallah, I will be the best, and a lot of us

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and I'm not allowed to sit when we do that. We want to make a lesson, please with us. This is the way to repent to a lot of change. Everyone here should have that conviction, and shall not I will be not a better Muslim, but the best Muslim in Rochester, New York. And when it's time to pray, where is the best Muslim in Rochester?

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Where is he? Is he sitting down watching

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A lot more films.

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alone is enough to set up a plan

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to fail

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until you have

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that person away

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from the National Center for Latino Latina.

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Do this number one. It's been a long

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