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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Jesus as a template for actions and promises, as well as the importance of showing faith in Islam. They also touch on the history and rights of parents, the use of "hasna" in describing people as "the ones who were not," and the importance of respecting boundaries of Islam. The segment ends with a call to action for donations and a recommendation to visit a church. The speakers emphasize the difficulty of being kind to people who are far away from you and encourage people to look for a country with a theme.
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We'll start off at Iron number 80. Allah subhanaw taala says, are called who lent a mess and a narrow Illa a Yama mana Duda. The venue is Surah Al the Israelites, they said that lender must send a narrow Illa Yama, Medusa. So Allah is basically bringing all of the claims of the Israelites here one by one and debunking them and showing them some of His favours upon these people. Right. So one of the incidents that took place, a group of them but not all of them said length, Emma center, narrow Illa, Yama medulla, we're not going to be touched by the fire, except for a small selection of days, except for a number of days. It's not going to be forever that will be touched by the fire,

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it will just be a small selection of days.

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Who has domain the law here? The saying, Did you take a covenant? Do you have a pledge with Allah subhanho wa taala? Do you have a covenant with Allah azza wa jal like is there a promise that Allah has made you that for you people, specifically, the fire is only going to touch you for a short period of time. And after that, there'll be at the end of that, right? Basically a group of your hood, a group of the Jews, as Abbas mentions in a tradition, he said that they said, Len you feel and Allah who now let the halal person that Allah will not enter us into the fire except the head level person except basically enough for his warning to be fulfilled. Allah has warned those who are

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not righteous, those who are impious, to go to the fire. So similarly, these people, they said, Allah will only send us to the fire to her little cousin, so long as like just for the amount of time it would take for the customer to be fulfilled, right for the oath to be fulfilled. And they said that these are basically the days in which we worshipped the calf. 40 odd days and after that, Allah when they finish, Allah will send us back to Jana. So Allah says, school has to mean the law here. Say Do you have a promise and a pledge by Allah azza wa jal that you say such a thing? Fellow nuleaf Allah Hua and so that Allah azza wa jal doesn't break his pledge. Is there a pledge you have

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with Allah, you have a covenant with Allah, you have a promise with ALLAH, so that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't end up breaking that pledge of that he has with you. Um dako Luna Allah, Allah He and this is, um, it means basically the reality is, rather In other words, rather you what you're seeing upon Allah azza wa jal is basically without knowledge, you are speaking and saying upon Allah things that you have no knowledge of, you have no knowledge of whether you will be entered into the fire just for a mere few days, or whether it will be for a long time or whether it'll be eternity. But Allah continues and he gives another warning he says Birla now this is a warning for Israel, but

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it is a warning for all of us as well. Because remember Allah any of the stories in the Quran the reason why he's telling them to us is so that we take heed and warning from them. Not that they just sound like nice stories that we listen to, and we say, oh, yeah, that was great story like, this is so that we become impacted. Allah says, but no, Bella min Kesava yet and whoever does an evil, what is that evil, not every evil. This is a specific evil. As the Morpha city mentioned, this is referring to ship this is the greatest of all evils, what a how to be healthy at all, and his grave sin, his gross sin, his filthy sin, his grand sin, it ends up in grossing him and enveloping him. It

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completely involves him and encompasses Him for allah acre of herbal now, they are the ones who are the people of the fire, meaning those who commit check. If you are committing should because of your worship of the calf, then beware, unless you make dua to Allah, then you're going to have the fire. Similarly us as well. associating partners with Allah is no kidding. No joke. We don't need other than Allah. Allah is there. You can call out to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. You have to try nothing else. If you want to talk to Allah, you'd call out to Allah. He's listening, that hula girls have enough. Those are the people who are the Companions of the Fire. They are the companions and

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what is companionship with the fire meaning they're going to be there for a prolonged period of time. How long whom fie her Holly Dune, they will be there forever and ever. That will be their companionship. They're there in forever. So don't make the assumption that after committing partners with Allah azza wa jal, you're going to have

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Have the Hellfire tattooed just for a mere few days and then after that, you exit from it. It doesn't work like that. When Levine M and o hamilo Solly. Had those people who believe in Allah, and they do righteous deeds, always Eman and humble.

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Um, I know they believe in Allah and they do righteous deeds as well. Because those two things go together. Your actions are telling of your belief. Those people who are just like my belief is in my heart, brother. Well, that's great. It may be in your heart, I understand. But I need to see some of that Eman as well. We have to see some of that emotion as well. That Eman is going to show it's not going to hide Eman doesn't hide. It shows you're going to do something that will show that you have actions that you have faith as well. Eman and Iman. They're the twins of faith. They always go together faith and acting by that faith as well. Well I'm util Solly hat and they don't just act

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they do sali hat they do righteous acts. So they learn what righteousness is. And that's what you're doing right now. Hola, aka us hobble Jana, they are the companions of the Jana. I ask Allah to grant us companionship of Jana, your home fee her Holly dune and they will also remain there forever as well. The people who do *, this is the most the ABCs of the Quran. Yet we have in our times people that are trying to re understand even this aspect of the Quran, people who disbelieve in Allah and they do evil. They go to hellfire. This is anyone who reads the Quran and doesn't come up with this premise. Really, he doesn't understand how to read

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and those who do righteous deeds and they have belief in Allah azza wa jal, they will go to Jana. This is something there that's throughout the Quran homefree ha Holly Dune, and they will remain there in forever.

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What is a husband? He thought of any Surah II remember O Muhammad, and are readers? Anyone that reads this Quran? What is a Husna Meetha Bani Surah e L? And remember when we took a covenant from the Children of Israel, remember that?

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What was that covenant? Allah mentioned already a couple of them. Here's another one letter I will do that in Allah. You're not going to worship anyone but Allah, that's the first one. Interestingly enough, there's 10 commandments over here. I wonder if these are the 10 commandments, the real one, because you'll see 10 of them over here number one letter, Abu Duna Illa Allah and some of them actually do overlap with the 10 commandments as well. That you will not worship anyone but Allah. Will Bill Wiley Dany Aksana, and you will be kind to your parents you will be nice to your parents. You will be you'll be people who are people of kindness to their parents,

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where they will call Bas and also to your relatives well yeah tama and the orphans while Messiah keen and the poor people will only Nancy Krishna and say good things to people that's another one well theme was solid established a prayer will add to the cart and give your zakat as well. Too much our Latham ala kalila min como antimalarial don't, then you turned away except for a mere few I missed you when you are all you are all

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people who turned away you had completely swayed away from the path well and tomorrow you alone and you're completely refused and turned away from the path. So these are in this Ira they're not 10. But when you collect collected together with the next IRA, they actually do become 10 as well. By Allah Subhana Allah Allah what's the same over here? Number one, he's commanding them with the same commandment that every Prophet brought to their people. And Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam brought to his people as well, that you worship only Allah subhana wa taala.

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You don't associate partners with Allah, you don't call out to other than Allah. You don't have to work cool in other than Allah, Allah is sufficient for you. Allah when you recognize His names, you understand that he is Al Qaeda strong, that Allah is Al Carville, and Allah is Al vassal, he's the one who grants and he's the one who withholds from people as well. That Allah will visit he will July. He is a Rahim the Ever Merciful, but he is also credited as the one who is very severe in punishment. When you recognize Allah by His names, then you begin to realize that this is the only one worthy of worship, that no other being has any reason for us to worship and because they're all

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material beings, like all the rest of us, they're all created. The one who's created the one who is the creator, He's the one who's worth worthy

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worship will be widely they need Santa's, but they had prophets with them and even then, sometimes they will choose to worship other than Allah azza wa jal, and they had a meet up. They had a promise an oath with Allah that they're not going to do this. While Bill Wiley they need Santa and we dutiful and kind to your parents, the same parents that changed your diapers when you were younger. That stayed up the nights when you were crying that had to go to work in the morning but you were needing to go to the hospital. So they took you there? Well, Bill Wiley they in Santa again and again. Allah puts the rights of the parents with himself.

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Meaning right after his worship Allah subhanaw taala talks about the rights of the parents and a number of places in the Quran. This is another one. And this shows you that this was something that Allah did not only in the Quran, but also in the previous books, because here he's talking to the Israelites. So this would be in that rot while Bill while he they need if Santa was ill,

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and also your relatives, the Bible karada, they, that you be kind to your relatives, all the relatives don't particular ones over here, your dutiful card, because sometimes it's very easy to be kind to people who are far away from you because you don't have any problems with them, right. It's very easy for you to donate to the lives of people who don't really matter to you. But when you see someone withholding in your heart times and he's related to you, and now they need to put your hand in the pocket and gift to them and in the time of their need. So while you didn't stand by me when I need it.

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You didn't come to see me when I was sick.

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You didn't come for this and that and the other all of the problems they begin to come before your face. That's why Allah again and again, reminds you of your relatives. Because sometimes it's very easy for the knifes to be nice to your friends and people who are far away from you. But your relatives it becomes very difficult. You have to live with them in the thick the thin The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Within orba one Yeah, Tama and also the orphans, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in an authentic hadith earner were carefree Tolyatti remain at mica Taney, Phil Jana, I and the person who looks after the orphan will be like these two fingers in Jana. Now, if

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someone told you that by doing this action, you get to have companionship with

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whoever you admire, I don't want to mention any names, right? Whoever you admire, whether it be an artist or be a share, or be some really wealthy businessman, whatever is in your mind that you admire.

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If I were to tell you that by doing this, you will have an opportunity to have dinner with that person, you will have an opportunity to have his number, he'll be on your seat speed dial, you will be on a speed dial. You think about this, you really would hear the Prophet is saying I am the person who looks after the team will be like these two fingers. It's not hard.

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It's really not hard. You can literally do it while you're sitting in this Masjid. Go online on any of the charities, their websites. Look for a country that you want to sponsor a theme and orphan. What is it going going to be 10 bucks 1520 $30. That's it. You're a cafeteria team. You have an opportunity now to be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This was the commandment that Allah gave to the Israelites as well, were they? Well yet, while Messiah kin, were all new, and also the poor people, generally in society, go downtown, look at all the homeless, do something about it. We all know the nasty hasna and say good things to people, to people, not just to your brethren, but

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to people all together. And that's why a Ba, ba ba ba in this ayah he used to say that in this Allah Allah is including everyone. Now, of course, he's talking to the Israelites. But it is also a message for us as well. Why is it a message for us? The rule of thumb is

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is that any ruling that is given to one of the previous religions, unless our religion abrogates it, that becomes a rule for us as well.

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So whatever is in that the rot the Injeel

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that hasn't been corrupted. And that was a rule for them that is established. It's also a rule for us unless Islam comes to abrogate something within that. You understand. This is what the majority of the scholars belief, a group says no, actually, Islam abrogated everything because Allah says in the Quran, the Quran in Jalna men 10 Women hijab for every group, every nation we made a specific

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set of rules, but

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others they say that Allah also says in the Quran Allah it can Lavina Harada whom Allah Febi Houda homak study, that they are the ones who Allah azza wa jal has guided, so follow their guidance, ie all of the prophets. So whatever was said to the prophets, in the previous religions, it becomes applicable to us as well. So all of this is actually for us and for them alike. So Allah is saying, What kulula NASCI Krishna is not just talking about your brethren, but rather people altogether. I thought it says over here, everyone is included the Yahudi, the Jew, the Christian, the Zoroastrian, any religion, all people, they need to be treated positively. All the nasty Krishna say good things

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to people all together.

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Allah continues, and he says, what a theme of Salah and that means they had a prayer as well. They didn't used to pray as long as much as us. Right? Everybody knows that story of Musa alayhis salam, where Allah azza wa jal, Allah is prophets of Salaam and Raji went up and Musa told the prophets of salaam go back to Allah decrease the number go back to Allah decrease the number so they have less prisoners three us we had, we have five and even then what does the garden give you as a cat Allah says tomato and Latham even though it's easier, you left it. You couldn't.

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You couldn't live up to it. And that's what Musa said. He said that I

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only had this much with them three prayers for them, but even that they were not able to live up to what to zecca then give us a card that means rule of Zakat is there as well. Generally all of the religions that Allah has sent they have similar rules. Okay, there are differences, but the broad guidelines they're the same. Be kind be generous. Look after your neighbors look after your relatives look after the poor the orphan. Worship Allah don't worship other than Allah, be generous and kind to your parents give yours a cock, pray your Salawat all of these things are the basics that are there in every religion, and also the prohibitions as well. They will come right now to

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Mattel Well, later on, then you turned away in kalila minquan. But there were a group of people sticking to the religion and luckily the main converter group really stuck to it well, and tomorrow we'll do one but a lot of you know, a lot of you were not sticking to it. You were turning away from it, you avoided it. What is a Husna Meetha calm Coleman other oath that Allah took, collectively these two combined they ended up making 10 commandments, what is a hudna Meetha come when we took an oath from you as well. Let us speak una Dima accom. You're not going to spill your own blood. Nobody spills their own blood. What this is saying is you're not going to spill the blood of your brethren.

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You're not going to spill the blood of your,

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your your family, you're not going to spill the blood of your community, okay? Because when you start to spill blood within the community, then what happens? You end up spilling your own blood in one way or another as well because when you kill someone, there's someone else who's gonna try to kill you. Right? So he said, Well, let us speak una de ma Comala. Even though he's speaking to them, he's telling him the outcome is not going to be good. When you start spilling blood, then people will start spilling blood as well. And that will be as if you yourself are causing your own blood to be spilled as well. That's the Kona, the Morocco and secondly, because Allah is telling them also

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not to spill the blood of the Israelites. More specifically, what to carry Jonah and Fusa comb, men dare come and you're not going to drive yourselves out of your homes. Same thing when you drive other people out of your their homes, what do they do to you, they drive you out of your home.

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Kamata Dino to down on just as you do to other people, they'll come and do the same thing back to you. When you spill someone's blood, they will not forget this. They will come back for you.

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When you drive someone out of their home, they will not forget this they will come and fight back. Some people may forget. Some people may be driven out of the house. Some people may walk away. But when you do it to enough people there is going to be consequence. And that's why Allah said Don't spill blood of your own selves. Don't drive yourselves out of the homes as well. And what are they doing today, spilling blood and driving people out of homes while tokkuri Jonah and Fusa coming directly from a Corolla, Tom then you agreed to all of this. Well, and Tom, Tasha don't and you were witnessing, but then you broke that covenant. You broke the first covenant and you broke the second

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second Covenant as well. And you continue to break covenants till today.

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And again, I keep going back and reiterating. Yes, these are stories. This is an address to the Israelites but it's an address

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As to us as well, because sometimes we may be doing all of these same things as well violating these grand laws of Allah azza wa jal in the same ones he gave to the Israelites and he gave them to us as well. It's for us as well. And Surah Al Anam Allah says, all the same rules on the tongue of His messenger, Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah says, say this to your people. Okay? So these rules are not only for them, they're also for us.

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And we continue to violate some of these rules as well. If not all, there are a lot of people out there who don't worship Allah alone, and they associate partners with Allah. There are a lot of people out there. Most people out there who don't always adopt kindness with their parents, when they're interacting with them. There are a lot of people out there, they forget the rights of the ties of kin. Forget the rights of the orphan, forgets, forget the rights of the poor people in the destitute, say, very harsh words to the community and to the people. Allah is telling you of the opposite of all of that. Forget the prayers forget there's echo off, this is your month. You have

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savings gives you it gives you a sense that there are many people out there who spilled blood as well, unlawfully. And there are people who drive others out of their homes as well ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the Tofik to uphold these commandments. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the understanding, to practice to convey to live by the boundaries of Allah and not violate those boundaries of Allah. Are some Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in while early he was so happy he urged me