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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The host of a Pelham hangout talks about several topics, including the importance of fasting during COVID-19, taking insulin shots during a diabetic blood draw, drawing blood during a blood exam, and donating blood during a fast. The host also advises viewers to consult their doctors and avoid drinking blood from the fast. The segment ends with a recap of the day and a reminder to follow the Instagram page for more questions.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu the sub Nasir Janga from Columbia Institute, once again, coming to you with a special session of the Pelham hangout 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan, we received a number of questions, and I felt that they could be answered together. Question number one was, can I receive a vaccination or an injection while I'm fasting? Question number two was about taking an insulin shot a diabetic taking an insulin shot, while fasting. Question number three was about drawing blood for a blood test, a blood exam. And fourthly, and finally, it was about, you know, donating blood drawing the significant amount of blood. So the

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first issue about taking getting an injection receiving a vaccination or injection, then that will not invalidate the fast, what invalidates the fast is ingesting something and taking it into the stomach, and therefore, the injection will not invalidate the fast. The end there is pretty much general consensus of the scholars that it does not break the fast. The second issue is about taking insulin shots. The based on what I just answered previously, that will not break the fast it will not invalidate the fast it is okay to take an insulin shot while fasting. However, if you are diabetic, please consult your physician, your doctor, make sure it's safe for you to fast. You know

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On a side note, a lot of times just because people are exempt from fasting doesn't mean that they you know that it doesn't mean that they don't want to fast. But a lot of times they want to experience from a bomb and that spiritual energy of fasting. So it's understandable that you want to fast as please consult your physician. And if need be, you can take an insulin shot while you're fasting you will not break your fast. The third issue was about drawing blood. Now before I talk about the issue of drawing blood, there's a couple of ideas that you have to take into consideration. There's a hadith in the center of mama Buddhahood where it's narrated that the

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Prophet Alayhi Salam said somebody who receives cupping and the person who gives the cupping.

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Both should break their fast cupping is hijama the drawing out of you know bad blood. So the prophets a lot of them said they should break their fast. However, there are a couple of a hadith in the Sahaba remember Hadith

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where it talks about the prophets a lot even receiving cupping. While he was fasting, and he did not stop fasting, you did not break as fast. Secondly, under supermatic, or the Allahu taala. Anna was even asked, though, how did the companions feel about receiving cupping while someone's fasting, he said that they did not view it to be a nullifier of the fast. They didn't view it as being something that breaks a fast, but rather the recommendation was there. for health reasons not for actual religious like fit reasons that the even when the command was given or breaking the fat, that was totally for health reasons that the person whose blood has been drawn out, maybe they feel faint or

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weak. And in that case, their health health is a concern, they can now break their fast they'll just have to make up the day afterwards. And the person who maybe was doing the cupping, also, for whatever reason feels uncomfortable or feels a little sick because of the entire procedure, then it's of course understandable that that person just isn't feeling well. And it'd be okay for that person to not fast and make that day of later. However, now having said that, based off of these narrations, the majority of the scholars are of the opinion of the position that drawing blood for blood exam a blood test, which is not a lot, that most definitely will not break the fast that most

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definitely will not invalidate the fast, the fastest. Okay, in spite of drawing the blood, about donating blood or giving a lot of blood, then you definitely want to be careful about that if you can schedule that around Ramadan, or around your fasting and most definitely want to because there's a good chance that you will feel very weak afterwards and you'll have difficulty completing your fast. But at the end of the day from a technical perspective, that once again will not break your fast it will not invalidate your fast. I hope and pray everyone's having a great Ramadan. Remember to put yourself in a position to succeed. Take care of your fast Allah subhanaw taala in the passage

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and sort of the Baccarat where he talks about fasting and all the other regulations of Ramadan. He says take a hold of the lucky fella Taku ha these are the boundaries of Allah so don't even go near them. Other places Allah says for that data do Don't cross over them here. He said don't even go near them. definitely take care of your fast. We're here in the, in the homestretch. We're nearing the end of the month of Ramadan. So you definitely want to buckle down and take care of your past. Make this time very productive. Again, if you'd like your questions answered, please send in your questions to Pelham Institute. send your questions to us. You can tweet them to us, leave them on

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our Facebook page. You can leave them in the comments of this video, or you can email them to us questions at film institute.org just below head on. That's pretty much all I got was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

Can I get an injection or give blood while fasting?

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