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AbdelRahman Murphy
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contribute to this sadaqa Giardia on a monthly basis. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us, desire come Allah who haven was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh? Whoa, yeah, very good. Exactly. And if they, if they don't do good, they'll be punished. So Allah either begins by telling them for me, that you can decide with these people. And the Tafseer says that the first group were people of, they were not righteous, they were not known to be like a good group of people. So he comes upon this first group of people, and they weren't the best of people. And Allah tells him, you know, you have the power, you have the wealth, you're in the position of authority

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here, you can punish them if you'd like, or you can reward them whatever you like your decision and vote on name. And that moment, instead of being the one who decides, Okay, you know what, I'm just going to, let's make this easy and just get get it over with punish everybody guilt by association, right? In moments of power, especially when you're not going to be held accountable. Remember this, when no one's going to check you, then it's easy for you to take the easy way you don't you don't necessarily do all the right things when no one's gonna check you. You take shortcuts, right? You cut corners, you might not read through everybody's it's actually really interesting to find a lot

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that was reminded me of this is when we go to Palestine, may Allah Tada, there was such a large group of people that when we, before we get out, right, when you tell them, why are you here, you say I'm here. And as much as they say go in that room, they might as well is called the Muslim room, right? Because there's really only one group of people in there. And so you go in that room, and they collect all your passports. And again, if you have like, we're flying with, like 60 7080 people on one flight, so they have all these passports and the first passport, the second one, they're doing, like background checks, intense background checks are looking at everything. You know, they

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pulled me out, they're like, why did you convert? Didn't you upset your family? And I was like, even you guys, you guys are supposed to have all the secret information. You know, I've said this in like, every third lecture, I mentioned this, where I'm like, I didn't convert, my dad didn't do it. Oh, why did he convert? I'm like, I don't know, ask him like, I'm not I wasn't his agent, right? When he converted, I wasn't even alive, right? basic biology. So anyways, they're very, very intense about their interrogation. And then, like when things start to, you know, get long winded and they have 79 more people to go through sending them or passports, you know what they do, they kind of

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just skim through everybody and let them go. Because when you're in a position of power, like, nobody's gonna come and verify, nobody's gonna come and check you. When you're the one that's under someone else's authority. You're worried about being audited, you're worried about being checked. So Allah has given both our name and this situation power. And he's saying your decision goes and both are named to make his life easy, could have just looked at this group of people and kind of judged all of them together and said, You know what, you don't look too good. You don't look too righteous. All of you get punished. But instead of doing that, instead of letting his power get to him, What is

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the guardian do? Look around and says back to Allah subhanaw taala. He says Men vata Mefa sofa nor Ijebu whoever commits a loan Whoever oppresses then they're going to be punished. And full now you don't do Isla Ruby, but they will ultimately have to go back to their Lord. Figure out Viva la Dabba nohcra And they're going to have to deal with that punishment, like my punishment. I'm not going to get

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drunk off of the power of consequences for people because ultimately my consequence is nothing compared to Allah as consequence. And then he says, Well, I'm Mammon am no Amina Saudi had whoever does good believes and does some good deeds for that fella who just entered hasna then they will be given a good reward was an a hula hoop and Emelina, Yusra and they will be made their affairs, their situation their their life will be made easy. So number one little gardening. He establishes the principle of integrity of justice. He doesn't make these blanket decisions just because it's easier. He takes his time. And he says back to Allah subhanaw taala. He responds back to this offer, that

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I'm not just going to blanket punish. He then goes to the second group, and Allah has power to it.

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up. When he goes up to the second group, Allah describes them. And he says that I'd have comin lemenager Allah home in dunya, house cetera, that these are people that when it comes to the environment, the elements around them, Allah had not given them very much in terms of their cover in terms of their clothing. And they didn't have houses. So these were not people who are living in luxury. These were not people who are living in prosperity they were living there were the working class folk, right salt of the earth type people. And when he pulls up to this group, Allah Tada just simply says the next verse because Alika This is how they were worked out a help Nabil malady, he

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Cobra, and we had full knowledge of him up on in that moment. Because what becomes very tempting when you're powerful, and you come across people who need help, is exploitation. And Volker name in this situation is very, it's more than opportune for him to take advantage of people who have nothing, he has everything, they have nothing, he can exploit them, and then they will be none the wiser. And Allah tells us and tells him and reminds everyone reading this, that if you are ever in a position of leverage over someone, and you utilize that leverage in a way, that is abusive, that is oppressive, that makes the that makes that person situation and circumstance part of your power,

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your toolkit, that Allah Tada says, Don't worry, he knows exactly what you're doing, you might be able to get away with it, you might be able to convince everyone around you even convince yourself that you know what, maybe it's better that I paid them, you know, I pay them even a little bit. But if they didn't have me, they would get nothing. Right? person asked for $10 to cut your grass, you say five, take it or leave it, even though you can probably afford 20. And then they they just kind of like humbly lower their head and say, Fine, fine, I'll do it. I have to feed my family. And as they're moving, as you see the mowing the lawn, right, it's 100 degrees outside, you look out your

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window, you're sitting inside drinking cold water, you look at them, and you say for a minute, your heart says What are you doing? And then what the guilt you respond to it with? You try to logic with it. It's fine, you know, they should just learn how to take more clients build a business model, get get more employees, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? This is the middle class advisor starts coming out. And subhanAllah you start to justify these exploitative decisions. And then you say things like, may Allah protect us, you say, well, at least I'm giving them something. All right, it's better than nothing, no, right? Muslims do not exploit we do not do that. Whether it's socially

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financially, emotionally we do not take advantage of leverage over people. That is a form of abuse, that Allah Tata has told us not to engage in. Think of the Prophet SAW Selim guys, the Prophet SAW Salem, if there was anyone who had an opportunity to build himself an empire to take advantage of what dedication people had to do you guys understand, he would make will do and the water that was dripping off of his arms, people would die for the drops,

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like the amount of devotion that people had to him. You know, the famous story when the Prophet SAW Selim, before the Battle of VEGF, when they're being told that arratia is coming, there's an ambush. It's going to be you know, at the time, the numbers were 1000 Plus versus 80. Because there was only 83 People from Mecca and the medina the Ansari did not have to fight in this battle. The prophets all sudden he goes to them, and he tells the leader of unsought, Saddam Murad and others, he says, if you guys want to join us, we would appreciate it. But you don't have to because our agreement for the Indra was that whatever drama whatever a conflict is, before the hijra, you don't have to take

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it as your own. And sovereign was God's will Allah. If you were to walk into the ocean, and we saw your body just fall, we would follow you. Like, you don't have to ask us twice. Right?

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The Prophet saw something, he didn't command him. He didn't twist his arm. He actually said to him, if you want to, you don't have to, right. So you're looking at a person who had every opportunity to take advantage of people that loved him that would have given them everything. And what did they say about his mattress? When he woke up? He had the indentations of straw mats on his side. Almost one day he saw the start crying, started crying when he saw the Prophet saw some skin he saw the indentations. You guys know like maybe you'd understand what this means. He has ever taken like a really ugly nap before. And the pillow wrinkle under your face and you wake up and it just looks

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like you have lines.

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So imagine this was the daily law

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Over the profits also No, no cushion, no stuffed feathers, nothing. He used to sleep on a strong Mac. And he would wake up and there would be indentations on his side, he would just get up and go about his day. So I'm gonna one day he saw me he started crying. He says, The honest will Allah how is this fair? How is it fair that you're the messenger of God, and you have to sleep in this situation? Like this is your living style, and the kings and all the royalty and all the leaders of all these countries, they had get to get to have all kinds of luxuries. And the profits all sudden basically responded by saying would you rather have it here or there?

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Where would you want? Where would you rather have it? Right? This man ISIS of Sudan never exploited anybody? Right? The minute that you feel like the favor is shifting in your direction, that you can do something that you know is not just you know, is not right. But you know, the person is desperate. Remember this verse will not be melody Cobra, Allah is well aware exactly of what little movements your heart is making.

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You remember Lazada? He said, The heart has movements. Do you guys know what that feels like? The heart has actions. Go to. You can act totally like poker face straight, like absolutely no motion on the face. But your heart is like pumping inside because you're figuring things out. Remember that Allah Tada is well aware of these things. That's why what is the description? Subhan Allah Allah. He says what when not acabo la HeMan hablan worried. Allah reminds us he says, Don't worry, I'm closer to everybody than their jugular vein. We asked Allah Tala to allow us to be upright in sha Allah. Okay, now we had the last group. This is a really interesting section because it references a couple

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of things that we're going to talk about. So it's about survival, and number 90 to have either a bit of a vetiver being a set, Dini, whether that mean do Niki Martoma lie or Kaduna, you have Kahuna cola. Okay, so Allah says, that little Korean comes now and he gets to a third group. And this group, Allah describes them, he says, been a set date, they were between two mountains. They were people who are between two mountains, which typically means what why would people be between two mountains?

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The valley, but why? Protection? Yeah. So they were trying to find if you have mountains, you don't need an army. Right? Because people can't really go through mountains, they have to go around them. So there's two mountains, and there's only one way and there's like one road in. You don't really need an army of 1000s of people. You just need a gate. Right? Or like a couple of good archers or something. Right. So these people were in a position where they were trying to find protection. But then someone describes them and he says, lie a Kaduna, you have Kahuna Cola, that they were not able to understand the or name. Like literally translates to they could not understand what he was

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saying. They couldn't understand what he was saying. So the question naturally arises like when can you not understand what somebody's saying?

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You speak a different language. Okay, number one, very good. When you speak a different language, so you go somewhere you visit, like, I can figure this out, you go, you're like, I cannot figure this out. Thank God for whoever invented Google Translate. May Allah guide them to Islam. So I can host them for a reason and thank them, right. So that's number one. But that's not the situation here. When else can you not understand somebody?

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Okay, maybe they were speaking at a level that was too complex. Okay, good. That's another situation. Like if you're talking to a child, you know, Musa asked me these questions. He's like, Baba, what's this? And I have to figure out how to translate it to the brain of a five year old or a six year old. Right? You ask these really incredible questions. Sometimes problem don't found it. That also is not the situation here. We'll talk about what it is. What else? Yeah, like cultural differences in terms of like, if you're if you're trying to describe something and someone else interprets it, like a different way. Okay, very good. If you're trying to describe something and

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someone else interprets it a different way. Maybe there's cultural differences. I actually have a really funny story about this. My friend's mom,

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you know, when we were at his house growing up, my friend would casually use the phrase you guys when he's talking about plural, right, you guys.

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Right? And she found that incredibly disrespectful. She was like, Don't ever say that. You guys were just guys to write because obviously I think in an order, it's like opera system, right? So she interpreted Yeah, you impressed Alright, so she interpreted she interpreted you guys as thumbs up right? As the comment not the respectful so you know what she said? Listen, this is so funny. You ready for this? She said Don't say you guys say you people were like that's worse. We're like that is objectively worse. Like 10 out of 10 Doctors do recommend not to say you people to any group of flora like you don't I mean, she's like, say you people it's like no, don't ever say that. Okay,

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don't ever want to do that up for younger you people right

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But as shows you right there's cultural differences. Like she thought that I was completely respectful. She thought that you people was up, like, you know what I mean? But she interpreted it incorrectly because in America, you people, right? What do you mean you people, right and goes in the wrong parts of different places that can be a problem. Okay. So that's another way that people don't understand each other, that we're getting a little bit closer. Now. We're getting a little bit closer. Okay. When do people also not understand each other?

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You don't believe in them.

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Okay, when you don't believe in them? Yeah. Like you're not listening. Okay, now we're getting closer stuff that didn't believe. But they were having trouble listening. Why? Yes. You're disrespectful to them. Okay. You maybe just don't even think that they're worth your time. That's another way that wasn't this scenario. Yes.

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Okay, so maybe you're like living a different life or a different world. Okay. Has anyone here ever been through like a really traumatic event?

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I don't mean to bring up any, you know.

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Okay. Anyone who's ever been through something really difficult, okay, immediately after as it's happening or after it's happening, like, are you able to listen and focus? Okay, so when a person is in the state of like, fight or flight, okay, when they're when their anxiety is heightened when they are worried. One of the things that leaves us is our ability to concentrate to focus, because our body starts to think about ways to survive. And one of the ways that we survive is by not wasting time listening to some of the analysis, right? So sometimes it's just a matter of doing that's the scenario here. So what's the next verse? Tell us? The next verse? Oh, yeah, don't call names so they

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can speak the language because they're talking to him. They said over our name. Thank God you're here in a judo, judo move Sedona fill out. There is a tribe of people of creation, known as yet Judah met jooge English translation Gog and Magog. Okay, by the way, this is also why it's really important to know to read the Quran and to understand you know, basic Quranic vocabulary, because a lot of people will pick different names for their children just randomly throughout the class.

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And these are two of the names you do not want to pick. Okay? Yeah, Judy, my juge they are people but don't pick the surname your kids. You think I'm joking? I know people. Okay, if this is you, please. I love you so much. But just don't raise your hand. One of my wife's relatives Her name is Claudia. Claudia is one of the things for the Day of Judgment. It literally means a calamity.

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Sounds like how do you expect her to act? Her parents? Oh, she's so difficult. I'm like, yeah.

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You know, maybe we should change that name. Okay. Maybe it's like maybe you should be potty. Like reciter. Right. I don't think that's what they thought. Okay, so

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it is maybe it might just been like, close the eyes, you know? So I'm still waiting for a bliss to show up tomorrow.

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so let's just let's just be careful, right? So yeah, Jewish man, dude, these are not these are not good people. Okay, these are people now. What are they like? What are the descriptions all the different descriptions that we have from the Hadith literature about you do Jamaat Jews are very vague. Okay, so let me give you an understanding of who they are and where they belong and our understanding of Islam. As if anyone here comes on Wednesday nights shape McHale Holika you'll know that as time goes on, and as we approach the end of times, okay, may Allah Tala give us good news. As we post the End of Times, Allah has given us signs, okay, there are signs, there are minor signs,

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and there are major signs leading up to the day of judgment. Okay. Now, a lot of those minor signs are the ones that you'll see on tick tock, people are like, believe it or not, it's happening right? And it's true. A lot of the minor signs have already occurred, okay. One of them is that

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like basically Bedouin shepherds will be competing to build tall buildings in the Hejaz area.

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So those of you went to the border to buy, right wanted to feel like being a big judgment sign, right? Again, it's not that you're guilty for looking at it, but it's just one of those signs, okay, there's a lot there's a lot of signs, I don't want it. That's not my class, that shipment goes class, okay?

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The major signs are even more or even more, what's the word? The minor signs are almost like day to day you can still function like they happen, but they're not stopping existence. As we know it. The major signs are a little bit more considerable, like okay, these are major, major signs, right? These things are happening. It's almost like once these things happen, it's as if like, we can't go back from that point. Okay. The way that we understand jujitsu dudes this tribe

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is that they are from the last of the major science. So

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When everyone tries to Oh, who are they? What are they? What do they look like? How many are they? You know, everyone has theories about judgment dude right? But the reality is when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam when he left things vague there is a reason as to why it was left that way there's a reason the Prophet saw some didn't say pray and we're like how is it figured out everything was laid out with regards to the things that we need to in order to succeed but when it came to

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you know, the the Night of Power led us to other right searching for the Night of Power it's in the last 10 nights which one right and then it was made not to be known to us for reasons right it was left open ended for a reason. Usually Jews are are open ended for a reason. So these are people these are a tribe a group that existed from the time of the codename okay ancient times, and we're gonna find out what happened but all you have to know is that they are considered from the major signs of the day judgment. Their reemergence is for the reemergence and they are evil, they are not good. They are evil. Okay. So these people say you as clever name in the judo Judo obviously gonna

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fill out for health measure I Leca current agenda, Allah and dajia I'm bein an Alabama home center. Okay. They said, Is it possible thing, God, you're here? There's this group due to Matt June, and they're causing corruption mostly doing out of like, they are taking the earth and they're corrupting if they're spoiling it, they're destroying the earth. They said, Can we pay you something? Can we give you something? And will you then after we pay you something? Will you then provide a wall and touch off Bane and our well being at home center? Can you give us a barrier to protect us from these people? Like we have been sleepless at night unable to close our eyes? Because

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we are so afraid of these evil creatures, these evil people spreading corruption throughout the land. Those are needed. Can you protect us? Can you build a wall around us? That protects us from these people? Okay, and they said what first we will will pay you Okay? Are we all here with so far what's called the plot? Okay?

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It's interesting because the tafsir says something very interesting, all the reasons why we thought about why people can't talk to each other. They're all valid, like don't speak the same language. Maybe there's a cultural difference. Maybe there's this maybe there's that. But the Tafseer said that here Allah tells us why they could not listen. Like you're gonna get a Hoonah cola. Why could they not understand him? Because they were so preoccupied with fear of judgment juge that one vote per name told came to tell them about God and worshiping Allah and believing God alone. It wasn't registering with them. They were so preoccupied by their own safety, that they could not listen to

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the message that he brought. Interesting, huh? And the Prophet saw someone he also verified this. He taught us in the Hadith. Cather, Falcone, Hulu COFRA. The Prophet SAW, Selim said, that Cofer this belief can be brought about we know why many things he said specifically, one of the things that can act as a an unfortunate pathway to disbelief in God is when a person is subjected to such poverty over such a long period of time, that they completely lose hope in the Divine. Like, there's just like, I have no hope. I've been out I've been on the streets. I've been here I can't pay my it's been years since I've been able to stay in an apartment, pay my rent, feed my family. Where's God?

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Right, the province has told us this. Now in those situations, what what people do when they when they engage or they meet with someone to interact with someone who has a big trauma, a big difficulty that occurred to them is they do what?

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When we try to help solve their problem from a religious standpoint, what do we say?

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Make dua, brother make dua, right. No offense, we believe drop is a part of the solution. But you're talking about a person that doesn't know what they're going to put in their kids mouths at night and you say what?

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Make dua may drop mozzarella. Okay, I'll see you later. Right? As you go to eat,

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you know what I mean? Or someone's going through a divorce, and it's really nasty. And you say, Don't worry, right? There's so many fish in the sea, you'll be fine.

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It's interesting to patola because these statements make their I have hope, trust to Allah be patient. They're not false. But if they are out of sequence, they're out of order. The Prophet SAW southern would never tell someone who's going through a traumatic moment at that moment like, hey, get it together.

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He would allow them to act

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suppress themselves. He would give them time even if there's two people that are fighting and we know that like people should not fight Muslims should be friends okay? But he said what if you need time law you Hello the movement and yet Judah Abu FOCA, Salah, every believer is given three days to figure stuff out internally. And they can completely if they need to pull themselves away the verb use is Yashoda. To make Indra you can actually migrate, not literally, you can leave someone you can you can get away you can completely what's the word seclude yourself from somebody for three days. Meaning even if they say Sudan, you don't have to respond. I'm not trying to encourage this

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behavior. I'm just saying now after three days, you have to respond. But isn't it interesting that the prophets also didn't just say, a stalk? Your brothers, right? Or your sisters? They said, How could you not respond? Even the angels respond when you respond? What are you doing yada yada, right? There's no religious guilting no religious shaming, no spiritual bypassing. None of that. So here, Allah is telling us that these people who were sent a righteous, powerful, wealthy king, and he was coming to them and he was just and he was fair, and he was compassionate. And he was coming to teach them. He tried to talk to them and what happened?

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They weren't speaking at each other, to different layers, like they couldn't they couldn't understand each other. Right? And then they call out to Him, you have to connect. Now he could easily be like, I don't need like, I don't need this. You're asking me to work. You're offering to pay who? Me? I have everything. So what does he respond with? He says, tada. He says, what my Lord has given is far better than what you can offer. Like, I don't like guys, I don't need you to pay me to help you. Right? I don't need you to pay me to help you. Not everything has a price tag on it. Not everything has $1 amount. But what does he say? For our uni be co wetting it John Bancomer

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Boehner home roadmap, but what I need is for you to help me so that we can establish a barrier between you and that. Okay, so they're asking about our need for health. And what does he say back?

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They're like, hey, help. And he says, What? Help, right helped me to help you guys ever heard that helped me to help you. That's what he's telling them. So these people are experiencing a problem, you can help us and God says, he says, You have to help me if you want me to help you. Which means what every single person no matter what situation they're in, remember, Allah just told us that they are not in a place to spiritually, spiritually listen to the message of Islam at that moment. But Allah is now also telling us that even if you are in a situation that's causing you a lot of difficulty, you can't just lay down and give up. You can't just say, I'm not cut out for this. I

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can't do anything. You have to do whatever it is that you can. So those comments as I have the ability to help you, but more important than me just helping you is you have to be involved in this effort. There's a couple of reasons why why do you guys think it's important that Bill Carnegie's telling them this? You have to help? Why?

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From your understanding? Yeah.

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Take the first step towards me.

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Beautiful, excellent. Hola. Todos says I use footsie that when my servant takes one step towards me, I come running towards them when they come walking toward I come running, when they come and hand span I go an arm's length, right? So Allah is telling us that he's always going to reciprocate, but we have to at least do what? Something we have to do something. Right. Many people are demanding miracles, but we're not doing anything. Like we're asking Allah, Allah do this for me. But we're not doing the first step which Allah said, is like the switch for the miracle that we're praying for. Right? Like there is some means that accomplish this miracle that we're asking for. Very good. What

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else? Why is it important that you saying Help me?

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oh, yeah, it's like tie your camel, very good. Putting your effort. You have to actually apply something. Okay. What else? Yes, you put your effort and participate in something, you're gonna be more involved with it. So

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yeah, if you put in your effort, you're obviously gonna be more involved. They're going to listen, they're going to be more engaged. If you put an effort then you're going to feel more ownership. Right? You ever you know if you if you bought something on with your own money as a kid, versus if something was given to you which one was gonna be taken care of better thing that you bought for yourself?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

thing that you bought for yourself, you're going to take care of it as much because you had what they call sweat equity, like you put your time, your money, your effort into that, versus if Amin up would just show up with new Air Force ones, you know, like all things right? And then you were to go play soccer, right? You animal, right? Like that. But then the reality is you're not going to have that amount of reverence towards the effort, right? There's a certain amount, this is a reality. This is a psychological way that Allah Tala has built us that if you put an effort, then it will happen now, what's the spiritual impact of that is think about this. Many of us want a relationship

00:30:37 --> 00:30:39

with Allah but we're not willing to put in the effort to get it.

00:30:40 --> 00:30:52

So we don't value it when it's there. Does that make sense? Think about the person two people go to ombre May Allah Tada invite us to his house to people that are ombre, they go to Mecca to go to Medina. Okay.

00:30:53 --> 00:30:55

One person person A,

00:30:56 --> 00:31:03

he doesn't really do any preparation doesn't get himself ready doesn't start trying to pray five times a day doesn't do any of that. The other person

00:31:04 --> 00:31:36

actually does prepare themselves, starts to pray, starts to read a little bit starts to listen to the see it all starts to connect themselves. Who do you think is going to have a more fruitful, a more meaningful, substantive experience when they get they're the one who put in the work, the one who put in the work. So we want to have trust in Allah, but we're not putting in work to get that trust. We want to have patients in bad times. But we're not putting in that work to get those patients in bad times. So those Hernandez saying I'm here, I can help you. But you also have to help so that you understand what's there. Okay, what else? Why else? Do you think it's important for them

00:31:36 --> 00:31:38

to help? Yeah, get the fish you can

00:31:40 --> 00:31:41

teach them how to fish.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:53

Very good. Give a man a fish. You can feed him for a day, if you teach them the skill, and that's actually going to happen next, that you can feed this person for life. Or he's just been knowledge. Oh, no.

00:31:54 --> 00:31:55

Nevermind, okay.

00:31:56 --> 00:31:57

All right.

00:31:58 --> 00:32:02

Sorry. Some of you guys. That's okay. I'm ready to magalies I'm allowed to make that joke.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:06

So I also love fish. So

00:32:07 --> 00:32:13

Musa does this thing. It's really funny. So he was just on school. So he's learning like Arabic words. And he'll just slip in like the Arabic word to see if I know it.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:16

Bob, I caught the ball with my head.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:20

He looks like a challenge.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:31

And I'm like, what? He's like my yet you don't know if that means? Like, he taught this stuff. And I'm like your hand. He's like, Yeah, do you have a day for fish? He was like, I want summer.

00:32:32 --> 00:33:06

And I was like, you want to fish like for dinner? And he was not wanting like a pet fish. I was like, Okay, we are what we call anyway. Okay, so can you remind me of that? Right. So he had killed test me. Alright. Are you seriously a teacher? Who doesn't believe that I do this, okay. So they'll call the name, he told them, I can help you. But you have to help. Okay, we have to really adopt this philosophy internally. Now, at the same time, he finishes up this entire passage very beautifully. But we'll get there. We'll get there. Okay, so the first step is you have to do something that he continues. And he says, As soon as I would have had he'd give me the blocks of

00:33:06 --> 00:33:27

iron. The Tafseer says, why would the carnitine just immediately say this? He didn't tell them where to go to get it. He didn't say hey, you know, go 100 kilometers this way. Take a left at the mountain Do that and you'll find iron. He said, Give me the blocks of iron. You know that tafsir says this is like maddeningly frustrating. He says the resources were literally under that. Like they had everything.

00:33:28 --> 00:34:10

They had everything. Give me the iron is like you want to build a wall give me that iron use iron or something. I was like, Oh, this my metal chair. It's like, no, that's iron, right? So these people were sitting on the resources that they needed. But they weren't able to figure out how to build what they needed with the resources that were provided to them until the tornado came and gave them that assistance. He says then when they filled up the gap between the two mountains, he said to them blow because they were fanning it with heat. When it became red hot, then Allah Tada tells us that he told them bring me the molten copper to pour over it. So basically, I am number 96 is a method of

00:34:10 --> 00:34:34

how to build a wall. They lined up these lots of iron. They heated up this copper, they melted it. And then they poured this copper over the loss of iron and they created a incredibly strong reinforced wall. But they had all the resources but it wasn't to look on and came. Right. So he's like the project manager before project managers right? He came and He gave them clear direction on how to do this. What's the lesson here?

00:34:37 --> 00:34:48

Remember, no verse guys, remember this? No verse comes in the Quran except that there's lessons in it. You read that verse and you're like, Okay, sounds like an instruction manual. Bring the iron, fill up the gap.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:56

Blow on it. Get the copper hot and poured over. Okay, cause there's a lesson there. What is it? There's many lessons. Yeah.

00:34:58 --> 00:35:00

Go ahead any you have

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

have the resources to bring you closer to Allah but you need guidance on how to get into how to do get it done beautiful. You have what you need. And in in whatever scenario, Allah has given you the resources to get what you need, he has, the difference is not in the availability of the resource, the differences in the perspective of where the resources, both burnin shows up and he goes you have everything you need. They're begging him and say we don't have anything. Can you give us some help? And he's like, You guys are literally three steps away from having exactly what you need. So how about and remember, they offer him money, he easily could have pocketed some cash and been like,

00:35:38 --> 00:35:51

this is the easiest job in the world. I just tell he's got three steps. And I just made, you know a stack. But instead of that, he doesn't take the money. And he says this is what you need to do you have the resources. What else? What else? What other lessons we do that? Anybody? Yeah.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:00

Very good. I love to surround yourself with people that can remind you that are

00:36:01 --> 00:36:27

excellent. They were in such a frantic state that they weren't able to put two and two together and figure it out. They were so scared of doing my job that they didn't think hey, we have iron, we have copper, we can figure this out. It's important to surround yourself with people that can ground you that can give you the stability that you need. Not just fear, by the way, but in every scenario. Even love. Right? The Prophet SAW Selim said, he says

00:36:30 --> 00:37:10

her book A che yummy, we have some he said that ISIS was set out that your love of something can cause you to lose your sight. And to lose your hearing your love of something cause you to lose your sight and lose your hearing. You guys remember like movies when they see the crush? And like everything just focuses in? They can't see anybody else. Right? Okay. If that's happening to you, you might be fainting, right? You might be having a serious medical issue. So don't think that that's love happening. Okay? So I love work. But you know that when this stuff happens when you have a deep, deep attachment to something, nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Like when you're

00:37:10 --> 00:37:13

watching the Cowboys about to lose again in the fourth quarter.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:25

And it's a very close game. Like there can be a fire alarm going off upstairs and all the Dallas Cowboys fans wouldn't even hear it. Because you're a glutton for punishment, right? You want to see them lose again. Right?

00:37:27 --> 00:37:51

This is why you guys have to make it run support the bears. Okay. All right. So that's, that's the next one. So your fear your the difficulty that you're in, it doesn't mean that you are wrong. But what it means is that you need to surround yourself with people that can help anchor you. No one here can help themselves in every moment in their life. No one.

00:37:52 --> 00:37:53

The prophets.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:14

Allah told him listen to this. Is there anyone who could claim that they didn't need to get help or assistance in the world more than the promises of them? He's receiving revelation from Allah. He doesn't need to ask anybody for anything. But Allah told him was shot when

00:38:15 --> 00:38:38

Allah told him make sure, make sure go and ask people that listen to this. Are they as religious as him? The people around him? Know? Are they smarter than him? No. Are they more religious than him? Are they more knowledgeable to religion than him? Is their character as good as him? And I'm not doubting this haha, of course not. Well, do I know what I'm saying is in every category who's better?

00:38:39 --> 00:39:17

He's better. But Allah told him go ask them. Go and ask them any memes or new gene when he talks about this? He says, Well, often Minho? He was more intelligent than that. Just because you think that you have intelligence? And you're sitting with someone you're like, what do they know? What do they know? No. A wise person asks for advice from anybody that they think doesn't matter who how old what scenario, whatever. If you think someone has good perception, they can give you good help goodness, see how Ask. Ask someone to give you some advice. My teachers man, one of my teachers uses the most awkward thing every month, we'd sit and he would advise me.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:55

And he's like a che. He's like an old shake, man. I'm like, I can't do the shit. He's advised me. I said I can't. You're my teacher. What am I supposed to say? He's like, anyone can give anybody advice? Anybody? Right? So you should be an AI should be open to this receiving advice from anybody and surround yourself with people who will give you advice. If you're somebody that's not no one around. He's giving you advice. It could be that you have people that aren't good advice givers pour. It could be that you've demonstrated that you don't take it. And if you demonstrate that you don't take advice, guess what? People stop talking.

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

When you say hey, why don't you help me man. I was in a really tough time and they're like, well

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

Over the last four times you were going down that path and I tried to help you. You just told me to shut up and you ghosted me. You stopped texting me. You love to read receipts on to make a point.

00:40:11 --> 00:40:52

And you didn't respond. And then you're like, oh, and they're like, Yeah, that's why I mean, like I tried before you didn't respond well, so so. So people don't give advice to us. It could be maybe that they're not that tight. But it also could be that you've shown that you don't want that advice from them. May Allah help us. Okay. And then Allah Tala says that it was not possible that these enemies femme a sterile and young and young and young, who were not sterile or who NEFA that they were not able to climb it, nor were they able to tell through this wall was perfect. It was absolutely foolproof. But what's the next verse?

00:40:53 --> 00:41:06

Look, her name, and that moment, these people are calling upon him. They asked him to help he does exactly what they need. He builds the strongest wall ever in the history of walls. That's only Donald Trump.

00:41:09 --> 00:41:10

Everyone's talking about.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:31

He builds his strongest wall. That's exactly what they needed. They were in a position of need, he fulfilled their need. What does a person do when they did a good job? Everyone's doing a good job. It was nothing but keep going. But it was nothing. Right? What does he do? The first thing he says, gotta have a rough and tumble rugby.

00:41:32 --> 00:41:38

The fact that we were able to do this is nothing but mercy from Allah is nothing.

00:41:39 --> 00:42:24

Everything that you accomplish is from the Mercy of Allah, you are part of it, no doubt. But Allah's Mercy is so present in your life, that your accomplishment simply would not be possible if that mercy were not there. So it would be foolish, it would be illogical to take complete or even the majority of credit in something, when you know that your ability was only given to you by Allah, the Most Merciful. So the alternate says here, Hala, Hala, Ramadan, the rhombi This is from the Mercy of Allah. And listen to this, he builds this wall, he teaches them, He gives them the skill, he completes their task, but then what does he say? He says for either Jawwad rugby Jhala who can what

00:42:24 --> 00:42:42

can I do Robbie Harper SubhanAllah. He says, But let me tell you something, this wall that cannot be climbed or dug through this wall that you were begging me for that we just completed, it's going to protect you, when Allah wants it to turn to dust, it will turn to dust. And nobody can stop it The Promise of My Word is true.

00:42:43 --> 00:43:28

Power. You know, sometimes we are so convinced that we are the providers of our blessings. Like we think that you know what I mean? But you think that okay, I have this, I will be fine, I did this, I will be fine. I did this degree this certification, this master's, this PhD, this doctor, whatever i i will be fine. Right? Why because of this. And then there are times where Allah tests us. And one of the reasons why those tests exist. According to us. He didn't have this set up. The scholar wrote a book on this. He said, one of the reasons is so that Allah will redirect your reliance from the thing to the creator of the thing. He will redirect it. So you think that something you have is

00:43:28 --> 00:44:05

giving you honor and then Allah takes that thing away? He says, Where's your honor? Now? Your Honor was always because of your relationship with Allah not because of what you drove or what you where you live, or what zip code you have none of that. So those are our name. Think about this. He's a hero. He's literally saved these people. They're looking at him just like big eyes like stars in their eyes. This guy is the a legend. And the first thing he tells them is, this is not because of me. Don't think for a second this is because of me. Or because of you. And I want you to realize you think this wall is going to protect you know, Allah will protect you and this wall is the way he's

00:44:05 --> 00:44:19

protecting you. But as soon as he wants and this wall will disappear, the wall will disappear. And Allah's Allah's promises true. Which means what? Don't ever delude yourself into depending on the means always depend on the one

00:44:20 --> 00:44:38

if I think that I'm going to be healthy, because I exercise because I eat right, because I spend my paycheck at Whole Foods in your stomach and it annihilates your GI tract. You move in right you sublease your bathroom like you move in

00:44:41 --> 00:44:51

you're laughing because we've been there all of us right? And you're like man, I could deadlift this much man I eat this much man i I breathed kale I do this right

00:44:55 --> 00:44:59

I use that dumb dropper on my skincare routine every day. You know and the vacuum

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

bed sheets stop this crap guys enough

00:45:03 --> 00:45:04


00:45:05 --> 00:45:08

it's enough it's an ironing is curtains What's going on man

00:45:10 --> 00:45:38

handle on it I G we're gonna be watching this on the day before we like I can't believe I did that. I can't believe I put my phone out, drove away and then walk back and get my phone if you know what I'm talking about the middle of last year pies personal. Okay, all of this, all of this we think will take care of us your education, your ability to work and provided pay your mortgage and pay your rent and blah blah blah, you get one stomach virus and Allah tells you you're 72 hours without me

00:45:40 --> 00:45:42

72 hours where you think that you can take care of yourself? Go ahead.

00:45:44 --> 00:45:47

And you can't even drink water so that it comes right back up.

00:45:48 --> 00:45:58

Some people get so bad they have to have an IV take me to the hospital. I'm dehydrated this panel Ah man, we can't even see that thing just because the Cabal was out for five minutes too long.

00:45:59 --> 00:46:35

Okay. Allah puts these situations in us to humble us and Bill Carnegie are saying that don't think this wall is gonna save you. This wall was here as a gift from Allah. Hi there, Robbie. But the minute it's gone, it's Allah's decision and his promise is true. We ask Allah to Allah to give us reliance on him alone. We ask Allah to Allah to give us the ability to trust in Him and to rely upon him and to depend on him. And not the things that he created. But the fact that he is the creator. We asked Allah Tala to give us all the lessons from this verse. And we ask Allah Tala to allow us to be people with Quran that are reminded of Allah that benefit from these reminders and that these

00:46:35 --> 00:46:42

lessons are not just spoken, but they are lived. I mean, a little bit automated. And one of the questions we're gonna wrap up is a good time. Just pause in the passive. So yeah.

00:46:44 --> 00:46:47

Though her name is he can turn a profit through a question. There's debate about it.

00:46:51 --> 00:46:57

Sure, yeah. So usually gives specific verses and language to denote someone's a message.

00:46:58 --> 00:47:04

Yes. Is this the same as the javelins? Are these different?

00:47:05 --> 00:47:11

Is your duty My duty is the same as the job so there are two different creatures or Oh, yeah, duty. My duty is like a class of creature.

00:47:13 --> 00:47:50

Yes, they aren't. Yes. So yeah, JoJo, again, the description of the illusion that dudes are, you know, they're pretty, like, scant in terms of the amount in there, right? And this is the normative understanding how, where, what realm, this is all from the unseen. So it's just best not to try to definitively nail down anything. Just know that they exist. It is what it is, right. And again, the way to understand it is that the day of judgment is a day where like, weird things are happening. Right? The sun rises from a completely different, you know, time every day feels like 500 years. Like there's so many different things that are just not what we would consider to be normative

00:47:50 --> 00:47:54

physics. And yet, Judy Meduza from that category, yeah.

00:47:55 --> 00:47:56

No, not yes. So

00:47:58 --> 00:48:07

negative compensation? No, that's a good question. Do all sides of the judgment have a negative connotation? No, there's one sign that the OMA will be so wealthy that no one will be able to take their cap.

00:48:08 --> 00:48:10

There won't be anyone who qualifies.

00:48:11 --> 00:48:18

And in case you're like, yeah, I hope I live during that time. It already happened during the time of Ramadan, blah blahs ease. There was a year when no one called for it was a cat.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:24

And also, they were during his reign, strawberries were the size of watermelons, non GMO.

00:48:25 --> 00:48:28

They say because he had someone's Baraka in his reign that he was just

00:48:29 --> 00:48:30

stories of watermelons

00:48:32 --> 00:48:34

made with smoothie.

00:48:38 --> 00:48:39

Anyone else?

00:48:40 --> 00:49:16

Yeah. Anyone else? Last question. Okay, so with that, we've concluded the message of the passage of the coordinate, we're going to finish towards the gap inshallah next week, and as is customary when you finish a book or a texture of suta, there is always the scholars will always present like sweets. So inshallah next week we're going to have some sweets for everybody, just to be able to celebrate the fact that we've accomplished the end of Tafseer Allah and then after this, we're going to be starting our new reading the following Monday, so it'll be the middle of October Inshallah, we'll announce what that book is going to be talking about. Aidan Subhanak. While we were having a

00:49:16 --> 00:49:19

question though, in LA, either Hale and myself, but I'm going to break down why you more

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