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A man came to the Prophet (S) and said, “Oh messenger of Allah, remind me but be concise”.

The Prophet (S) replied, “When you stand up to pray, then pray like the one bidding farewell. Don’t say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow. Don’t expect what is in the hands of the people.”

Narrated by Imam Ahmad and Ibn Majah.

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In unhandled Allah

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will lead you into the unforeseen, Dr. Medina, de la la la, la la, la, la, la La, La La, la, Allah shawanna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he was happy he was marine follow that up and diseases are disease burden

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on the regime. Yeah you will learn in multiple law how quadropod he will 11 Muslim.

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You will learn how to code and sadita to stay.

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Well philippou la hora Sula, fossa now Lima about the muster the effort.

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Imagine for the moment

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I'm sorry for the law one who analogy lonja de sola Salama cupola briefly what Algis

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Porfirio Whiting I live near Elgin's cupola Alinea salatu salam in the home toffee Sol Attica for suddenly salata motoring Platinum we can I mean Dr.

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Jimmy Murphy yet in us. For what howdy from Hassan vimala. We

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have a Gemma has an ad for Aleem. salata, Messiah Halima

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Jamaat al Haleakala men or men fahima who are Amina beha has an akula who fit Tanya was last year to Lula was here to solder in an Elisa. Anya behalf was me, I

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will see as

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we'll see here, we have seen this design work scenario. It was a study that was done.

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I want to share a piece with you all today. That is from the Muslim, Imam Muhammad and Sudan have even measured. So authentic narration in which the prophet SAW Selim was approached by a person asking him for some advice. This man comes to the Prophet and his photo song and he says, oh, messenger, Rolo, reminded me. But be short,

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remind me but be short, in another narration, teach me but don't make it too long.

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The problem is also some proceeds given three pieces of advice, which I think all of us first and foremost myself

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need a reminder of, and this is the way the puppet sub will communicate.

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With people he will often give advice in threes. This is a very frequent way of if you read the Hollywood dropsolid where people come asking him something, he would often say 123 it would be three things that he would share with people. In this case also we have the Prophet alayhi salatu salam giving three pieces of advice to this map.

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Advice number one is either interview solotica

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advice number one, when you are standing up to pray for suddenly salata mortarion pray like the prayer of the person who's bidding farewell,

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like the one who's leaving, that's number one. Number two, he said, Don't say something that can be calaman that

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don't say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow.

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Number three edumedia in the Serbian mafia in us, ob Murphy aiding us in another way.

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Don't expect don't expect what's in the hands of the people. These are very beautiful, very comprehensive

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instructions from our province. And to be honest, they deserve far more than just a small football. They deserve thorough reading.

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The deserves thought and active processing of how to implement them in our lives is a very comprehensive advice on our messenger will also know

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a few things that I would like to comment. Firstly is before even speaking about what he said and he sought to

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look at how the prophet SAW salon was such a approach.

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person where a person will come up a random person will you will I'm sorry, it was a hobby was everything the hobby doesn't even mention the name of this person. It says another person who is a Muslim. He comes up to the prophets of Salaam and he's saying, teach me but don't be too long. Remind me keep it short.

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This is how we speak into the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the province of Iran does not take that as something that's offensive, he does not take that as a slight. He understands that this is a man who wants something and he's able to provide for him kind.

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This is how he was taught to some you find him very often, people would say things to him that a lot of us would just find completely unacceptable. You would have people coming and actually sometimes even grabbing his color demanding things of him. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was gentle enough and kind enough to not take that, as the personal offense, he was able to understand that this is a person who perhaps does not understand the other Islam, the manner the etiquettes, that patients that for Barry's was on display every single day from the prophets of Allah, this is just a small glimpse of that here is a man coming in demanding things with the prophets of Allah. The Prophet is

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also very gently very nicely without getting offended, reminds him. This for us is a lesson because as people we get on each other's nerves, we have friction in our families, in our communities, with our friends, with our colleagues, we can let

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that interfere

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that emotional

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that we can let those emotions compromise. What is it that we have to offer? We can't let those emotions overwhelm the rationality that we have. We see that he does not he wouldn't get emotional. The only time you would get angry, false alarm. And that's how I would describe the rest what the low one I watch. His face was turning wrenches was when someone would say something completely unacceptable about the last panel or somebody would say something completely unacceptable about the

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the sanctity of the feet, the Muharram of the last panel, but on a personal level the prophets are some people would insult him. People would say things to him that are not appropriate. He is the Messenger of Allah. He is the leader of the community. He is the head of state all of the above. But he wouldn't take that personally he wouldn't let that interfere and he is AutoSum will continue to be kind and gentle. But masala Illa Rahmatullah me like Allah says, We have sent you only as a mercy for all of mankind. For us. This is a lesson to be more gentle, to be more kindly in our day to day lives, to not be rough, to not let people's inappropriate and inappropriateness affect the way we

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communicate with them. In a gentle way, this is a reminder for me first and foremost, but from the life of the Prophet, it's a reminder for us all. The three pieces of advice that he shares with this person is firstly about the prayer. Secondly, about the tongue. And thirdly is about the heart. And these two, all three are related. When a person's prayer is solid, it's in place. It's established. The heart and the tongue are both they both fall in line, the heart is able to find content and peace, the tongue is able to then be controlled. our emotions will say things that we regret. All of this starts firstly at solid enough solid doesn't have an infection it will move on to the losses

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and soda on the booth.

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That prayer Sala

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when established, it stops a person from evil and shamelessness and fascia is a better translation for his shamelessness. And one God is more generic, anything that's evil, anything that is just

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not like a pourraient all that comes under mooncup fascia is something that you're embarrassed about. You do something in your private life. If someone found out you will be embarrassed. That's fashion according to even conceal and some others like around the villa Swanee something that's done Ceylon but if people find out about it, they would be shocked and you would be embarrassed that they found out in the salon Tottenham in fashion in Monaco. When Sala when is established, when it's free on time, as it's supposed to be prayed the connection with Allah, Allah is established. That prayer stops us from that shamelessness. That prayer stops us

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from doing things that are evil, in Korea, for example mentions that it doesn't mean that a person loses the temptation, because they're praying properly. But the temptations are soft.

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The desire to do that evil thing, the desire to look at something that's inappropriate, is not as strong anymore. That's a outcome of when Salah is established correctly.

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For us, as believers, we believe that our prayer is the most important thing in our lives. It's the first thing we'll be questioned about the Day of Judgment, and that the prophets have said in our solo heart, and that prayer is solid, it's good.

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That anything that follows from it will be good as well.

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This is perhaps one of the reasons why he shared the first piece of advice suddenly salata more time, pray like the person who's bidding farewell.

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linguistically, there's two possibilities to this. Possibility number one is pray like the person who's departing.

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As if you are departing the world, or you're departing a place I was recently at Ramadan, Allah has blessed me to perform Ramadan, and I ended up praying in the pageant is in the area of the of the character that originally was part of the gamma today is not, it's a semicircle just attached to the gumbo, I had ended up being in that place.

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Hamdulillah, I had the opportunity to pray to the gods. And the Prophet has encouraged us to actually pray there and make to either because the other is accepted, to give more urgency to incentivize more. And remember, I was praying in that spot. And in my mind, I knew I'm not coming back here to pray again, not in this trip, and probably not for a while. And even if I come for over again, praying in that spot is a very difficult task.

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So those two records that are prayed there, the quality of that was way higher than mine.

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Because I was praying as if I was bidding that place, wherever. So you've forgotten water. This is the that's the goal. That's very difficult to do. That's not easy, by the way to pray every single prayer like that, that is actually a very difficult thing. But the prophets Islam is setting the bar for us, he set the bar high. Now for us, the job is not to lower it is to train ourselves to jump higher,

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to train ourselves to be able to rise up to that challenge. We're in nyla Kabira to 11 Hall, Shireen Salah is going to be tough for everyone. The exception is the one who is truly humble, who has truly found humility. They're able to suppress their ego and suppress themselves or lower themselves in front of the Lord, not just physically in the sun. But metaphorically.

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That is a person who was able to rise to the challenge of solid, solidly solid.

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That's a very difficult challenge. But this is a reminder for me, as a reminder for us for us all. That's what we should try to pray like, as if this isn't

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the other linguistic possibility for this funny Fallout, I'm wondering

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is it is the Sala of the person who has bid farewell to things has said goodbye to distractions. So pray like the one who has put aside distractions. And this is to panorama distractions for us are the Lord.

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We have our phones we have our work we have what people are saying oftentimes, unfortunately, a person might bring and they start thinking of their to do lists and they're reminded of what they were supposed to do. beforehand. Salah unfortunately becomes a time to get you know, remind me the things that we had forgotten outside of Salah. That's not the point of salado.

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The point of Salah is you put away all your distractions, and then we say Allahu Akbar.

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We mean it. Allah is greater. Allah is the Greatest, Allah is greater than whatever is occupying me right now. Whatever is making me busy right now, whatever is concerning me right now Allah is bigger than that. I'll put it to the site and focus on us, Allah, Allah. That is the other meaning and both of these meanings are complementary, that we pray as if this is it. And we try our best to rise up to that standard. We remind ourselves that this Salah is a salada once you pray, it's gone. That giraffe, this is a this isn't Doom on December 13. This is only jamario rain. And then the answer is the only Australian brain so that's a lie is gone. We pray with a little more patience.

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See, so there is more humility, there's more focus, there's more connection.

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We put away all the distractions, so that the heart can connect to Allah. And then the objective of the prayer which is in the Sonata, 10 higher the function even longer can be achieved, that the Salah becomes the thing that stops us from committing evil that stops us for from saying things that we regret from doing things that we regret upon what does not stop for the love and suffering.

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Raheem hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah or somebody that you are the only he was.

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The Prophet Allah sought to sound the man came to him asking him for advice. He said to the prophet of a law, old Prophet, advise me, teach me to make it short. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam out of his kindness and gentleness, advised him and gave him three instructions. Number one,

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pray like the person who is bidding farewell Sunday salata. mortarion number one, that means to pray with urgency to put away distractions, Salah is a time to connect to a lot, Salah is not the time to go through the motions of the prayer. Number two, he said this man

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Well, I have to tell them because I'm in the middle. But and don't say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow.

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And number three, he said to him what he meant was a generic in the XRP. Murphy yet in us don't expect what's in the hands.

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The idea of

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of the tongue latter can be economic the second instruction, don't say something today that you have to apologize for tomorrow. This doesn't mean that apologizing is bad. apologizing, in fact, is the right thing to do, when something wrong has been done. In fact, it is a if you consider dova repentance.

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one of the conditions or one of the prerequisites of Dawa is you have to if you've hurt somebody, you have to make them whole again. If you have if you hurt someone's feelings, you have to apologize. If you've taken something that belongs to somebody. You can just say something a lot of love. Forgive me, and you keep it in your pocket. Toba is you give that back and you apologize. And then you ask Allah for forgiveness, that stone so apologizing and saying sorry, that is part and parcel of making things right? If this is something that I think are good, common sense will tell us but also our shipyard instructs us. So the idea isn't not to apologize. The idea here is don't put

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yourself in the position where you are constantly apologizing.

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Don't see things out of emotion that you will regret later.

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How many times is it that a person sends a text message? Or a WhatsApp message or an email when they're angry and riled up? And they end up regretting it?

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And then regretting it right? Like the like the point set?

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What, what what in mind and the products

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are lacking?

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Then two analysts two identical me mirar misquoting him a little bit, perhaps, I have never regretted my silence. But I have always regretted or many times you read it when I've spoken. The idea of being speaking out of emotion, speaking when our emotion is taking over our rational thought process often leads to the situation where we have to apologize.

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And that's what the prophet SAW is saying, Don't do that. Don't put yourself in that position. If unfortunately, we are in that position, the right thing to do. The normal thing to do is to apologize is to make things right is to make the person fall again.

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But if we find ourselves frequently in that position is a problem. The problem is the tongue is uncontrollable.

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our emotions are unchecked, that has to be addressed. That's what I saw was referring to he says in another narration very beautifully. When can I you know will learn you will young will ask me for yopu Highland only? Yes, not. The one who believes in a lot in the last day truly should say what's good or remain silent.

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Just to say what's good and remain silent. I was just thinking about this. I was so heavily on social media, we have the opportunity to say inappropriate things or try to be mean to people that

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We don't know, because it's not a personal thing is that some random person on the internet? I was just watching something. And I wanted to say something that was insulting. So Pamela, but as I was typing my comment, I said, You know what, this is completely inappropriate. And the Prophet I thought someone told us men gather up when he was young, and I can find your own haven of your suit. And this comment, does Milan change anything is there's no constructive feedback here. There's no actual thing, hoping that this person will change. All it's meant to do was insult this person. All is meant to do is to make myself feel better by insulting this person. That is something that

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shouldn't be said, shouldn't be tight, you shouldn't press on that.

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That's what the person was saying that the doctor did. Don't say something that you will regret. Don't say something, if it's no good in it.

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This suppiler law is such a critical aspect of our paid brothers and sisters.

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It cannot be emphasized enough if I can ask actually people to move in. That would be really good discipline alone, failing because there's people at the door,

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filling the gaps in front of you please.

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the advice of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the instruction of the prophet to garner tongue is something that we find in many, many narrations, many, many incidents, it is something that all of us need a reminder of to be more careful of what we say, and more importantly, how we say it. Number three, is the profit and loss on seeing this to this person, will he marry and yet serve humanity and in us, don't expect what's in the hands of the people don't expect what's in the hands of the people. what he's referring to here, at least Auto Salon is two things. One, don't expect

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what people have, don't expect people to help you expect a lot. However, this is one interpretation, by the way, according to me and others of yours, and I will do what he can to sorry, you will only worship and you will only ask now. This is an interpretation of this is one of the advice the Prophet gave to leave early when he said

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let us and Don't ask anything of anyone. This is something he told us that when you are asking for help, first time will not ask Allah don't ask people will educate in, such as via DNS. The idea here isn't that you are going to live life by yourself and everything will just be completely independent. That's not the point. That's completely unreasonable. The Prophet song had his helpers, the unsought literally the helpers. But the expectation is where does the help come from? The expectation is not the people. It's not the people that are supposed to help us. Our expectation is Allah will help us our trust isn't alone. Our hope isn't a loss pantalla that he will find the

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people to support us to open doors for us, to console us to help us along the way.

00:23:20--> 00:23:36

But our trust isn't a lost part. I can't explain a better example of this, then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam speaking to during the most inopportune time of Hajj, at times 1011 tribes,

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according to the syrup, it is between 10 to 12 times the profits are met with to convince them of Islam, the Tao of Islam and then to convince them that they should accept the prophets of Salaam and the Muslims coming from MacArthur their city. Everybody rejected the promises.

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the unsought came.

00:24:03--> 00:24:10

Until the unsolved to the point is the point Woodson never gave up even though he faced rejection after rejection.

00:24:11--> 00:24:29

Didn't expect a person, some person who had business ties with some person who was extended family, some person who had good relations or tried to get good good relations, but didn't expect anybody to do many favors. He was expecting a lot people he was trusting a lot to do it for him.

00:24:30--> 00:24:33

And that trust manifested in him continuing

00:24:34--> 00:24:59

group one, group two, group group three until he found the answer. That's the idea of engineering the savvy mafia the last don't expect people what's in their hands, don't expect it. Expect from the last partner. And that's a very liberating feeling because then it is our duty and our connection, the love and our reliance on Allah. And that's it. Then Allah opens doors

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domokos stores, Allah sends people to help a lot takes away people who are detrimental in his his other and human buys. It's a very beautiful, very empowering

00:25:11--> 00:25:44

instruction. The problem I saw some other meaning of this is what the ISS in Solomon said, when I determine know my photo log V bar la kumanovo don't desire what Allah has given to other people, while edgemere yet so the mafia dinners don't desire what's in the hands of the people. Don't look at somebody who has more and becoming, as a consequence, in grateful to your blessings, as a consequence, becoming ungrateful to your blessings and privileges by looking at what other people have

00:25:46--> 00:25:58

told us to look at those who is who are less privileged than us who have less than us, not those who have more than us. And that desire or that

00:26:00--> 00:26:13

or that that process makes us ungrateful for all the blessings that Allah has given us what he meant and yet so Nima via the nice very comprehensive instruction in which the Prophet is instructing us don't expect people

00:26:14--> 00:26:17

or don't expect from people expect expect from Allah

00:26:18--> 00:26:20

and don't desire what people have.

00:26:21--> 00:26:40

Don't desire what people have was a law have been asked a lot for his grace, as a lover his boundaries and be happy and be grateful for what you have. That's the lifestyle that's the heart the state of the heart. That's to the heart is reflected in the tongue.

00:26:42--> 00:27:06

Not saying things I regret later dropping emotional lead being rational. And all of that stems from suddenly salata modern praying. Like the prayer of the one who's bidding farewell, we asked our sponsor to give us the trophy to understand the Quran, Sunnah, and to implement that in our lives. Yes, both of those give us the ability to establish the prayer to watch our tongues and to have contentment in our hearts.

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In the long run from Satya Nadella you will know somebody with

00:27:13--> 00:27:13

a three

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

hour layover did not assume that he would not I mean it. Why should not assume that he was

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When you are

00:27:27--> 00:27:31

at level two Dr. Hassan filati Hassan Kakinada not for himself.