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In this video we learn from verse 125 of Surah Al-An’aam (The Cattle) until the end, and from the beginning of Surah Al-A’raaf (The Heights) until verse 93.

Items we cover are:
– The guidance of Allah
– How to not be wasteful
– The amount good deeds are multiplied by
– The Quran, a book to sooth the heart
– Hope from sins and the Story of Adam and Eve

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa he was sat down with Elena v Hill Karim Allah He follows solea to attempt to slim, rubbish, roughly sodbury way acidity, Emily oxidatively, Sonia, Gandhi, my brothers and my sisters sent mRNA from Morocco to warn you about a counselor.

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I hope and pray that everyone is doing really well in sha Allah. Tada. And today we're dressed up a little bit nicer. I don't know, if I wasn't dressed up nicely in the previous days, I think it was but still different style. And that's because we're going to be talking about some verses today that are related to clothing sort of write dressing appropriately and being presentable, and so on and so forth. But we are tonight, beginning the eighth Jews, right and the eight Jews is interesting, because that means that we've technically completed one week of the month of Ramadan. So one week of the month of Ramadan has already passed. And tonight, we get into the eighth night, which means one

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quarter of the month of Ramadan is already gone, there's only three quarters left. So it goes fast on the law. And for those of us who have been thinking, you know what this month is going to be very long. Before you know it, it's going to be over. So as we mentioned, like, one quarter gone, three quarters left, and in a few days we're going to be seeing one third is gone already. And then a few days later, we'll be saying one half of the month of Ramadan is over. And then five days later, we'll be saying we're in the last 10 nights. And that's it right once we're in the last 10 nights we know that the month flies by. And so the first week is usually the longest week. And then after that

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the month of Ramadan just you know disappears before our eyes. So now's the time for us to sacrifice now's the time for us to strive really hard, now's the time for us to push, you know a little bit harder. I'm not saying push your hardest, now's the time to just slowly increase by a notch right to just take it up a little bit. And that's because the Prophet sent along that he was sending he himself would not exert himself to the fullest, or to his fullest capacity within the first 10 days of Ramadan. In fact, he used to take it gradual, the first 10 nights and then he would look for you know, more benefit in the middle, or the middle 10 nights, and then find that full amount of benefit

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in the last 10 nights because later to recover is found there. And so when we strive for a loss of Hannah Montana,

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we need to make sure that we we don't burn out halfway through. And this happens when people go for Hajj, right or they go for Ramadan. They're super passionate, super zealous. When we get there, we're going to do this, we're going to do that we're gonna go with, you know, no sleep, we're just going to go go go. And then if they just get a little bit of a cough or a slight cold, or they feel extremely, extremely tired because of the heat, and they're not used to the heat of the desert. You know, all of a sudden, all that passion and energy that I wanted to do this, and I want to do that and I plan to do so many things just disappears, and now it's all gone. So we need to make sure that

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we gradually increase in our Eva deaths throughout this month of Ramadan. And this is where I'm going to remind us now to just take it up one notch, we were in first year for the first week. Now we need to move into second gear. Okay, second gear means if you haven't already established your routine throughout this month of Ramadan, now's the time to do it. Okay. So if you haven't already established your, you know your schedule, when when you plan on doing things or what you plan on doing, then make sure that you start to that you finalize, not start that you finalize that from now. Okay, we're gonna jump right into it. Like I mentioned yesterday, we'll give a little more time

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at the end for q&a.

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And I see our brother Rashid already asking some questions.

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But what we're going to be doing is taking the questions at the end in sha Allah is if I open it up now we'll spend the whole hour answering questions. Okay, so we'll take our verses of the Quran and then we'll end we'll give a good 10 maybe 15 minutes in sha Allah to add it to answering some questions.

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All right, so let's begin with verse number 125 of surah to

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verse number 125 of sorta Allah Subhana Allah guides whom He wills and misguides whom He wills. This is the message that we're learning here. So Allah subhana wa tada says, For me odd No.

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deal for me. Ready love.

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We saw the wrong

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with no

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gather an EKG

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On a loss of kinda talent showing us this really powerful message here, and this is for us to ask ourselves, are you going to believe, or you're not going to believe? And if you're not going to believe, then this is how you're going to feel in this dunya. So he begins by saying, whoever Allah wills to guide he opens their heart to Islam. Yes, sure. So, in Islam, our hearts become filled with the happiness of Islam, joy of Islam, and, you know, are pleased with, with what Allah Subhana Allah has decreed and what the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is.

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And then we notice how Allah Subhana Rotana then says, Who but whoever he wills to leave a straight, he makes their chest tight and constricted, as if they were climbing up into the sky. First of all, look at this is really interesting, because it must have had always add a reveal this to Mohammed something long that he was alone, of course through the angel Jupiter, we know that right? So he revealed this idea to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And what's interesting is that, how do they know that going up into the sky, the pressure is going to be different than it is on earth or down, you know, at sea level, for example. And it is going to be more difficult to breathe. Now, of course

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they had mountains, and not too far from Mecca was thought if and that goes up into the mountains. And you'll notice that anyone who's not used to traveling much the moment they begin to travel, they start to feel a little bit of the difficulties of it. First of all, one of the reasons why we feel so much more tired while traveling. And you might ask yourself, but I just slept all night long. And I got into the plane and all of a sudden I'm super sleepy. And I don't know why. That's because of the pressure change. Now, yes, the airplanes or the cabins are pressurized. However, when you go higher up, it's a change in pressure in your body is slowly adjusting unless of Henry data says, you

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if you if you really want to understand this watch, just go and Google or head over to YouTube. And check out a video on people who are climbing to the summit of Mount Everest, they need to stop at certain areas and collect oxygen tanks to bring with them to go up to the top. And if they don't have enough oxygen, then they feel really, really hard. Or they feel they feel a difficulty in breathing. Right? They feel it to be hard to breathe, and they need oxygen. And if they don't have enough oxygen or their bodies are not they're not, you know trained enough to make it, then they will consume too much of the oxygen that they brought and they won't be able to make it to the

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summit of Mount Everest. And so here a loss of handling data is showing us right

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that those of us who he has allowed to leave and to go astray. And remember a loss of heavy data only allows people to go astray or only allows them to sway away from Islam because they choose to write they chose that for themselves. They chose not to be Muslim, they chose not to inquire about Islam or

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excuse me,

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or they chose to leave Islam and because of their decision in abandoning Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala pushes them away and allows them to be abandoned, right? So Allah subhana wa tada says that he makes their chest tight, like it's difficult to breathe. What does that mean? It means you're never going to be happy in this dunya you will never be pleased. You will always feel anxiety, you always feel stressed, you will always feel as though something is wrong. And so how do I you know, simple example, my wife just a few minutes ago,

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and I was finishing up doing some work on my computer and I was just frustrated. Like, I don't understand. Why is it always like this? Like, why is it so difficult to handle a Why? You know, there's always a challenge. And she was just staring at me. I'm like, look over, I'm like, Why are you staring at me? And she says, you know, the people have thought if treated the profits in the long run. It's no more that people have treated the prophet SAW longer. It sounded a lot worse than how you're describing your issue. So why are you complaining? And I was like, you're right.

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Who are we to complain? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Blitzer is so much worse than that. Right? And so yes, at times we feel stuck and we feel difficult in our difficulty in our lives. But remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed us he went through tests that we can't even imagine going through. And he taught us the recipe to get through it which is very bad and nearness to Allah subhana wa Tada. So then we move on my brothers and sisters.

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Let's move to verse number 141. Right Allah subhana wa tada is showing us here not to waste

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Not to be extravagant in what we have and the things that we use and the things that we consume. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says one lady and she

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actually just want to cover the last part of the verse so I'm not going to read the whole thing. So he says he's the one who produces gardens both cultivated and wild and, you know, palm trees, crops, different flavors, olives, pomegranates, all of these things are things that you know, we love we enjoy as human beings we cherish you know, there's certain things that this dunya that we wish that we could have and certain things that we do have that we thought at some point in time we would enjoy but then because we have them so much, we don't enjoy them anymore. So here Allah Subhana Allah is showing us like olives and pomegranate I remember when I was a student in Medina know he

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used to get fresh lemon juice, fresh pomegranate juice, and in my opinion, that's one of the best things that you can drink in the desert because it quenches your thirst and you know at a loss of hundreds and it allows it to grow in thought if it has some of the best pomegranate in the world, right you'll find it in thought. And so when you go for Hydra, you go for Ramadan, you're in the desert, go to any juice spots, don't I mean, you could order your typical like bananas and cocktail and orange juice and stuff like that, but try it right just try

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pomegranate juice and how you'll notice that it quenches your thirst and it's so beautiful. Yeah, it's a little bit bitter. Sometimes it is. It can be you know, somewhat bitter, but unless of Henry's had placed it for us on earth is something that we can enjoy. Not only do you enjoy drinking it, you cut the peel of the pomegranate open, and you you know, just pull it apart and all you see is these beautiful little rubies right there ruby red, and they look like rubies is absolutely amazing. And what does the loss of handling data provide for us in that beautiful flavor, beautiful juice, beautiful nutrition, beautiful energy that we get from it, and the loss of haddaway dad has

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given it to us on earth. And so he says he's provided all of these things for us, right? He's given us these gardens given us these beautiful things that we enjoy.

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And he says to eat it right? eat of the fruit and pay the dues of at harvest, right? Making sure that we're paying our Reza and then he says but do not waste right the last part of the ayah 123 foo in law you will miss anything and Allah Subhana Allah says and do not waste right Mashallah someone's saying and in Istanbul and in Pakistan to Yes, but sister Saima what we love from Pakistan more than the pomegranate is the mangoes. So we're waiting for that mango season to come very soon. inshallah hopefully we get those beautiful imports coming, maybe just around the time of eat or after that, right. So Allah Subhana Allah says, kulu eat right, eat from these the Murat, the

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beautiful fruits that are less of Henry's and is provided for us on Earth. But then he says, but don't be wasteful.

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What we notice, in 2020, many of us, you know, you go shopping, you buy things, you bring it home, it sits on the counter or sits in the fridge and a few minutes later or sorry, a few days later, it ends up in the organics bin or it ends up in the garbage because it got rotten. It got spoiled. If that's happening to us, that is a clear sign that you probably need to adjust a lot of things in your lifestyle.

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What I mean by this is, if we are allowing food that rots to actually rot in our homes, then we are probably allowing things like clothing to sit there for too long, you know, stuff that is stashed in the cupboard that doesn't need to be there. There's probably some cans of food right? non perishable foods maybe sitting there that have already expired right? So it's important for us to check up on these things and make sure my brothers and sisters that we are not from the people that waste because the loss of Henry Tana does not like those who waste a lot

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of lots of hand with and it says 1234 in a row. They will miss a thing I must pan with Anna does not like those who waste anything it doesn't. It doesn't only apply to food, it could be a waste of water, could be a waste of time, it could be a waste of clothing could be a waste of resources of of whatever sort. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not love that. Then we move on to first number 160 have sought to

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do 160 to 163 Allah Subhana which Allah says men

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have been hesitant at first and Why should

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be singing Atif youjizz

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Love you.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Whoever comes with a good deed. So you want to do a good deed, for example, here, this is how easy it is to do a good deed. It's as soon as the prophets of Allah, Allah, you are sending them to clean your teeth. And it's also permissible while you're fasting, even though lots of pen with Alan loves that,

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that we sacrifice our food and stuff. And he prefers that we, you know, stay away from our food and drink for the sake of seeking newness to him. And yes, it is mentioned that the center of the mouth of the person who's fasting is like musk better than the center of musk to according to a loss of habitat. However, the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to still clean your teeth, and to make sure that your mouth is fresh, especially when you're beginning smaller. So if you're going to do this,

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that's it just

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that's assuming of the profits in the long run. He was sending them, we are rewarded for it. Right? So my brothers and sisters have lots of penalties that is showing us here minja a bill has an IT fellow who actually wrote earlier, whoever does a simple good deed, here's another good deed. I want every single one of you watching to do this. Are you ready? All right, do this.

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Smile, just smile. Because the smile that you're doing on your face that you put on your face right now, even though you're not I might not be seeing it, but maybe someone around to seeing it. They're like, man, what's wrong with these people, right? Or you might see me smile.

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And you enjoy it right? And not saying that you like my smile, I don't really find my smile to be a nice smile. But the smile is something that brings happiness and brings joy. And the profits in the long run. He was one of them tells us to assume sadaqa. And so the smiles that we put on our faces is a setup. It makes people feel good, right? They're happy, they're enjoying the fact that we are happy, they're happy, they get to feel that goodness. And all we had to do is just make our males go from to

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a it's just that simple. And so it's a setup. So the profits or loss of handwritten is saying whoever does a good deed, fella who are Ashu and Sally her, Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward that 10 times it will be multiplied 10 times. So you do another good deed Subhana Allah.

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See, Subhana Allah say, a lot of work.

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If you're at home as children, you might want to do that, right. Try to imitate me. I know, parents sometimes can be a little bit boring, right? adults can be boring. They sit there and they're like, Listen to what he's saying. And then when he says, okay, parents make sure you smile. They're like, gentle smile, right? And they're telling you to smile with their feminine. Okay, so I know I'm an adult, sometimes as adults, it's difficult for us, right for us to do what we're being asked to do. But here we need to try it along.

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Did you do it? Try something else?

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Did you do that? Because that's a good deed or a stone field.

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Where you can recite something from the Quran, right?

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Who Swamiji lemmya needed? Do I am you lady? Why am Mia

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Khufu When did you know when you were sites what until if last once you get the reward of one third of the Quran. So for example, if you were to recite one third of the Quran, you can get the rewards of that recitation by reciting sudo to floss. So if you recite to floss, which is a loggerhead if you recite it three times, it says though you recited the whole Quran.

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Do you know that Subhana Allah. Now imagine you do that as a good deed solely for the purpose of pleasing the loss of habitat and you think to yourself, you know, I'm going to recite this because I want to get rewards from Allah Subhana Allah for doing this and Allah you tell us in the Quran, whoever does good deeds, right, whoever presents a good deed, you multiply it by 10. And so imagine a loss of bandwidth and it gives you the reward of reciting the Quran because you recited it three times, and then that is multiplied by 10. A law

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a lot. That's amazing, isn't it? Right? A lot.

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Usually just got the reward of reciting the Quran. How many times 10 times now it's the month of Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah loves to love

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Apply our rewards our good deeds. And so he multiplies them up to 700 times

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and even more.

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And so when you think of it, the amount of rewards that we get for doing one good deed can be mind boggling. But let's look at the rest of the verse. Allah Subhana atana then continues and says,

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a woman javis Senior Fellow fellow uses a woman gentle.

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Fasting, this is muscular, right? for what's wrong with it says, woman j a, b c, d furla, youjizz illa mithila. Her Villa moon, Allah Subhana. Allah says, Whoever comes with a sin, like whoever now does a bad deed will be punished for only one bad deed. It is not multiplied. It is not added. There's nothing that is additional to it, except for the fact that we committed one sin. It is written down as one sin. And in fact that sin is not even written down yet. Because the angel list right here, I know for you, it probably looks like it's my right shoulder. But this is my left shoulder, right? The angel that's here is writing down all the bad things that we do, we're saying,

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right? And so this angel has been given the command by Allah to write the bad things, but not to write them immediately to wait. So the sins that we commit are not written down immediately. There's a time frame that is waited by the angel to see if after we committed the sin, are we going to seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada because if we do, there's no need for him to write it down. There's no need for the angel to write it down. And so look at how merciful Allah subhanho wa Taala is, he then says, will in any header any be say he tells the prophets Allah and he will send them say, oh Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sure the My Lord has guided me to the straight

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path, a perfect way, the faith of Abraham. Allah has set up the upright who was not one of the polytheists good enough solidarity windows Suki, Wilma, Hiya, woman, Mattie lilla, here are behind me say surely my prayer, my worship my life, my deaths are all for Allah, Lord of the worlds everything that we do is for Allah subhana wa to Hana. So my brothers and sisters when we think of it,

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the good deeds that we do are multiplied sometimes to a mind boggling amount of good deeds and rewards. And the sins that we commit to are written as one sin but delayed if we seek forgiveness, not even written down. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminds us to say to others, and also for us to acknowledge and understand that my son I'm sorry, but in reality, my son on my prayer, window Suki, a perfect way. Sorry.

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My, my worship, right? When the Yeah, yeah, my life, woman Mati and my death are all for a loss of joy to add. I worship for a lot. I pray for a lot. I stand for a lot as in I do it for the sake of Allah, I don't do it because Allah needs it. I do it because I need it. And I want the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala at it. My life is for a lot. My death is for a lot. It's not for this dunya the money the wealth and stuff that we get, we'll get it. Whatever we got, we got whatever we're going to lose, we're going to lose and hamdulillah at the end of the day, we are not going to be here forever. I'm not going to be here forever. You're not going to be here forever. And so my

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brothers and sisters, everything is for a loss of Hannah with Anna lash at Keller there is no partner he has no partners in there in a bed in worship. So I am commanded. And so I am the first to submit. So we need to follow the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we move on to the next tool I sought out to her off this Torah is interesting. It is known as the heights or those who are elevated right? So here Allah subhana wa tada is showing us in the very beginning of the sort of this mainline wash man in Luffy him any

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Xena know you

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see you saw Derek

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Allah Subhana. Allah says, and if none means hard. For those who don't know, these are the disjointed letters. There's no meaning that we are aware of to these letters, there may be a meaning that is left with a lot. But the meaning for us, we leave it to a loss of Henry's ad. We don't try to interpret it. Any phlegm inside. Peter, when this book was sent down to you to the Prophet some alone while he was sending them, and of course, from him to us, right? Do not let anxiety into your heart regarding it. Don't feel that this code is too much. Don't feel like you're terrible. Don't feel like oh, and a lot of talks about things. That's me. Allah mentions this, that's me, how am I

00:25:45--> 00:26:20

going to be successful in the hereafter? If everything I read through in the end, it's showing, oh, you're like this and you're like that, that's I'm such a terrible person. Unless of hydroids ad is showing us here. Do not let anxiety into your hearts regarding it. It's an easy book to understand in it, there is hope. In it, there's a reminder, and there's also stern warnings and mention of punishments in it. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, so with it, you may warn the disbelievers And as a reminder, use it as a reminder for the believers.

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That's the downside to streaming from home.

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Is it more than that? Okay, so Allah Subhana, Allah is showing us that this book, the Kitab, the end, remember, at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, I told everyone to keep your most have keep your end with you, in front of you, wherever you go, make sure that you bring it from room to room to room throughout this month of Ramadan, if you go, except for the bathroom, of course, right? I know, some smart children are sitting there going, Hey, he didn't realize that, right? My children are probably sitting downstairs going, saying that, right? But bring your friend with you your must have with you. If you're going from your bedroom to the living room, bring it with you, and put it

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in front of you on the coffee table, you'll see it and pick it up and be like, I gotta read my page and you read a page, and then you'll sit down, you'll be doing something else. And then you realize, hey, as a few minutes, let me pick it up and read another page. And so you read another page, before you know it half the month of Ramadan is gone, and you've almost completed the course.

00:27:29--> 00:27:56

It's just that easy. So my brothers and sisters, a loss of habitat is showing us this book. There's a lot in it, right? There's a lot in it. However, don't consider this to be something that's too heavy upon you. Don't make it like, Oh, you know, I'm going to have an anxiety attack because there's too much that was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu. How do you ascend them over a span of 23 years?

00:27:57--> 00:28:03

23 years, that's like one and a half Jews per year.

00:28:04--> 00:28:11

When you think of that, that's like 30 pages a year.

00:28:12--> 00:28:19

Now, if I was to memorize 30 pages a year, what's 30 pages a year that's like, one page every two weeks,

00:28:21--> 00:28:57

we technically could be a half of the record, and by the end of our lives if we really, really wanted to and tried to write. But the problem with us is that we don't want to dedicate so much of our time to it because it's monotonous. It takes a lot of time. It's it takes energy, right. It's strenuous. It's strenuous on the mind, for anyone who thinks, oh, it's easy to memorize, and put your mind to it and see some kind of law once you finish memorizing it. Now you need to retain it, how are you going to retain it. And one of the best ways to memorize and retain the point is to stay away from sin. Because the more sins that we commit, the more our mind and memory and heart is

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affected. And so we need to stay away from the sins and the way to stay away from the sins is to stay with the poor. When you stay with the poor and you will not have time you will not have time for sins. So my brothers and sisters, Allah subhana wa tada is showing us look, the Quran is not something to become, you know, nervous or anxious about Take it easy. The end is beautiful. in it are lessons for us. It was revealed to Muhammad some along that he was sending them with beautiful advice, beautiful advice, and take your time with the Quran. Take your time with the call and don't expect to conquer the Quran in a year or even in a month. Those who sit down and memorize the Quran

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in a month or in two months or in three months. You know, they push themselves towards it. Eventually they forget what they memorized. So there has to be constant time I was sitting with someone who actually runs a school, right? And school, a hated school.

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And he was telling me he's like most parents don't realize they think like you send your parents for

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Two years, three years, they finish memorizing, and they'll send them back to school and they're good to go for the rest of their lives. You need to sit with the Quran for a good four or five, six, maybe even seven years to get it rock solid. And then you still live with it. Right? So yes, you may have finished memorizing it. But the memorization doesn't end there. It continues. And so even in the memorization of the Quran, it takes time. So be patient with it, be calm with, enjoy it, make it a part of your day, make the Quran a part of your life. And you'll see how happy you become in this dunya and how happy you will be in the hereafter when we see the rewards further than our eyes can

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see. A loss of Henry's had a blessed us with that, yes, that is our Creator. That is the reward for the sacrifices that we made in this dunya my brothers and sisters, then Allah Subhana Allah says it to be a room equal never become what to be room in dooney. Alia kalila, Murtaza karoun, Allah Subhana Allah says, follow what has been sent down to you from your Lord, and do not take others as guardians besides him. How seldom Are you mindful, right?

00:31:17--> 00:31:32

worship of Allah Subhana Allah to follow what was sent down in the Quran, stay away from people that call you towards them. People who call you towards them, are usually people you need to be careful of, like, if you have

00:31:33--> 00:32:17

a scholar, I won't use any terms because I don't want anyone to say I'm picking on anyone or anything in particular, but a scholar, male or female, who makes you feel like you are insignificant and useless in this world without them, as in you need them in order to get through your life. You need them to be successful in this dunya Be careful of that person. If I ever make you feel that way, then come and advise me. If I have ever said that, then please come and tell me and let me know. Because my brothers and sisters, we need a law, always and forever. And I say this to children, and I say to parents of children, parents of children come. And sometimes they say to the

00:32:17--> 00:32:57

teachers in the masjid, they say, you know, we want our children to be like you, for example, the teacher, they'll say we want our children to be like you and I always go and correct those parents and say, I would wish that you remind your children, that you want them to be like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sent them because the teacher that email, everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. I'm not perfect, you're not perfect. None of us is perfect. Don't try to be like any other other than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And of course, when we look at this habit of the alarm, I know, they were amazing people we try to be like them, but they also looked towards

00:32:57--> 00:33:10

Muhammad Sallallahu it was something to be like him. So the ultimate example that we have in this world is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

00:33:11--> 00:33:54

We move on my brothers and sisters, verse number 11, to 27. In fact, these are the core verses that I really, really wanted to get into today. Not to spend too much time on them, but just to highlight them to let us know that this has been mentioned here. Allah subhanho wa Taala is now going to communicate with Adam, the angels at least and so on. And that story of Adam and the creation of Adam Adam has sent them as mentioned here, a loss of handling data says what occurred the follow through muscle will now come upon Alan Miller it is due to the other manifested Illa a beliefs lemmya convenor saggi Dean, surely we created you, then shaped you right I must have had an

00:33:54--> 00:34:12

advantage shaped us as human beings then said to the angels and of course he's talking about the creation of Adam right now right he said to the angels prostrate before Adam, this Julie Adam for Santa do and they all bow down in frustrated to Adam it has sent them except to

00:34:13--> 00:34:15

accept it a police

00:34:16--> 00:34:59

at least is who he is the leader of the shoutout theme of the of the of the of the devil's right, he is the devil. It police the leader who refuse to prostrate with the others. So he refused to follow the command of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now look at what Allah Subhana Allah says, He says, color melamin ARCA let us do the amount of took what prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to bow down and Prostrate to Adam, why didn't you what prevented you? He bleeds, replies and says in a fatal mineral Holocaust and even not in wahala after human pain. He says, I am

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

Better than he is. You created me from fire. And you created him from clay. And we know very well as human beings, when we think of it if you have a lighter and you turn the lighter on, and you know sometimes we do that trick where you just

00:35:19--> 00:35:44

just pass your finger over the flame very quickly, right? It doesn't burn. But then somehow if you take your hand and you put your head right above the flame, what happens? You can't do it, it's going to burn. Right? And so my brothers and sisters, it pleases seeing this tool a lot. I am more powerful than he is. You created him from clay and You created me from fire.

00:35:45--> 00:35:55

Allah then says to him, he says first becoming familiar with taka banoffee her first one would

00:35:57--> 00:36:33

make me you know, saw the ad. He says please then get down from Paradise right Get out of here. It is not for you to be arrogant here. You are coming before a law and showing this arrogance. rubella, right. And that's why we say rubella, Nina Shay Barney regime, right? So he says get down from here. It is not for you to be arrogant here. So get out right? In the Camino salvini you are truly one of the disgraced.

00:36:35--> 00:36:47

Now shape on that we're at least appeals to a loss of Hannibal a tad. Look at what he says. He says, oh, leave me in a yo meal.

00:36:50--> 00:37:17

He asked for lots of hands on which and then delay my end. Don't destroy me. Don't harm me. Don't end me now. Don't allow me to just die here and now like others, right? When we live our lives we die when it's over. He said then delay my end until the day of their resurrection. As in allow me to be here until all the humans have come and lived on this earth.

00:37:19--> 00:37:31

What does Allah Subhana Allah do? Look at how Allah is merciful. He's He grants him his request. A loss of Hannah Montana says on in a kameena

00:37:35--> 00:37:45

law says you are delayed until an appointed time. Right so you've been delayed you're not going to leave. You'll be here you have this time on earth now.

00:37:46--> 00:37:48

Then Siobhan says

00:37:52--> 00:38:47

supima overweight any burden no sleep at all pumpkin was still please him for leaving me to straight look at how he speaks to Allah in such an arrogant, rude disrespectful way. He says to Allah subhana wa tada for leaving me to stray to you know to get basically because you kicked me out of this gathering of the angels and because you are not happy with me not or with me refusing to bow down and Prostrate to Adam. Allah has sent him he says from leaving me to straight I will lie in ambush for them for humans in your straight path. Those that are trying to get to you or law or um but I am going to stand in front of them is what it believes the same right?

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

And then he says

00:38:51--> 00:38:58

no benei ad him wanting to see him when he murni him wearing

00:39:02--> 00:39:43

him taggi to whom show pity him look at what it really says about us. He says I will approach them from their front it leaves a thought is trying to get to you you want to get to Allah it pleases like Yeah, but you know what you got to go here and look at this flashy thing. Look at this bling. Look at that. You know all these beautiful things in front of you. You're like distracted, you know when you're going for salah and you want to pray to Allah Subhana Allah and PT and you pick out pull out your phone and you're standing there like oh, I was supposed to pray now and you put it away and then DD men, you're like let me just put it on silent and you spend 510 15 minutes just about to

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

pray. shavon is delaying you from your soul not delaying you from you're even delaying us from afar. Like we wait all day to eat sometimes and you're busy there. I just need to finish this message. You've been fasting for almost 16 hours shape on has gotten the whole

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

Have you and what is it, she thought is trapped during Ramadan. And that's why he works on us for 11 months of the year, because during the Ramadan, our knifes, we can control ourselves, the effects of shape are upon us so great that somehow Allah when we want to come out of that hold of shape on, we can't. There's too much influence. And that's why we need to prepare ourselves this sort of move on to be good for the rest of the year to make sure that we are going to stand firm for a loss of Hannah Montana and repel shavon when he's coming to us. I know I only have like two more minutes inshallah and then we'll open it up for q&a. But look at what he says. He says to a lot going to

00:40:46--> 00:40:53

come to them from their friends from their back from the right and from their left. Basically, he's surrounding us with evil.

00:40:54--> 00:40:59

And he says, and then you will find most of them are ungrateful.

00:41:01--> 00:41:14

Most of the human beings look at what at least is saying to a lot about us about you about me about every single one of us, at least the same, you will find that most of them are ungrateful.

00:41:15--> 00:41:28

Suhana law and when you think of it, have we been grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala today have we thanked a law for being able to fast

00:41:29--> 00:42:08

like this year somehow this is the first year my parents are not fasting they're not able to fast due to health region reasons they can't fast and I was thinking of this last night I'm like Subhanallah I used to get up for his body as a child like I see my children waking up and my mom would be busy you know preparing the food and my dad would be cutting something and bringing it from whatever my mom's making bringing putting it down you'd be going waking up my brother come on come on get up get up because my brother used to have a hard time getting up you know and Subhanallah my parents used to be exactly like us now with the energy level and the you know, the passion and

00:42:08--> 00:42:08


00:42:09--> 00:42:11

And now they can't fast.

00:42:12--> 00:42:22

So kind of what has happened? Where Where have our lives gone? Like time has flown before our eyes

00:42:24--> 00:42:32

and shade bond has been distracting us so much. Have I been thankful enough to a loss of Hannah with Hannah for what we have and what we've been given to?

00:42:34--> 00:42:39

Or given from a loss of Hannah beuter we haven't then a loss of Hannah with Hannah says

00:42:41--> 00:42:41


00:42:43--> 00:42:44


00:42:49--> 00:42:52

fed Kula mean hey sushi.

00:42:53--> 00:42:57

While taco rapa he shot

00:43:00--> 00:43:28

me No, no. Mimi in a loss of Hannah Montana, you know, throughout shavon accepted what he requested allowed him to be deferred to a later time, then Adam and Hawa are now in genda and Allah Subhana Allah tells them enjoy, enjoy yourselves, eat and drink whatever you want. But see this tree don't touch this one.

00:43:30--> 00:43:36

That was was a shame on you. Deanna Houma.

00:43:41--> 00:43:42


00:43:44--> 00:44:19

shaytaan comes and whispers to Adam and how what if shavon is whispering to Adam and Howard Don't you think Siobhan is going to whisper to us too, of course, of course. And those of us who are trying to get closer to Allah and be better Muslims shaytaan is coming to us even stronger, trying to get at us. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the less lisanna will misshapen than shavon tempt them in order to expose what was hidden of their you know, their bodies to reveal.

00:44:20--> 00:44:31

And then he says, Your Lord has forbidden his tree to you only to prevent you from becoming angels or Immortals. Look at this.

00:44:33--> 00:44:56

I'm gonna be learning in a shape on that lucky shape on is so nasty so evil, trying to get us to do the worst thing disobey Allah and then making us feel like hey, you know what, Allah maybe wants us to live forever. And if we eat from this will live forever. So let's just eat from it. muck walk awesome.

00:45:02--> 00:45:02

I mean

00:45:04--> 00:45:10

he, he says to them look at this a lot

00:45:12--> 00:45:16

and he swore to them I am truly your sincere advisor

00:45:19--> 00:45:21

he's a sincere advisor

00:45:24--> 00:45:28

then a loss of bandwidth and it shows us but then being a

00:45:31--> 00:45:31


00:45:36--> 00:45:37

toffee boy

00:45:39--> 00:45:40


00:45:43--> 00:45:44


00:45:47--> 00:45:47


00:45:50--> 00:45:57

coma shujaa lacuna, in a shape on Anna Kuma.

00:46:01--> 00:46:34

So he brought about their fall through deception. He deceived them and However, I'm just here to advise you. I'm like your friend and hate a lot, you know, would make you from those who are immortal, immortal, and you live forever, you become angels, if you eat from this tree, and I'm telling you, Allah sent me Hey, I'm your representative, right? And look, and when they tasted the tree, they you know, their their bodies, their nakedness became exposed to them, right? They now realize each is naked,

00:46:36--> 00:47:00

prompting them to cover themselves with the leaves of paradise. Then their Lord called out to them a lot calls out to them, right? And Hakuna and delinquent mushara He says, didn't I forbid you from that tree? And Didn't I tell you that shape on is your sworn enemy? Look at what they respond. This is the key for tonight's session.

00:47:02--> 00:47:04

Their response is called

00:47:05--> 00:47:13

they say both of them not just Adam, not just Hawaii, not both of them. They seem to a loss of hand with Anna Burnett

00:47:16--> 00:47:17


00:47:28--> 00:47:56

CD, they turn to Allah, Indra, immediately, immediately immediately my brothers and sisters, remember we were talking about the angel here. And I know I'm passionate about this today but the angel waiting to write down the things that we do wrong. This Angel didn't even have the chance to do it. Adam and her work showed us all the human beings if you make a mistake, what did they do immediately by now?

00:47:59--> 00:48:08

for Santa immediately to call out to a loss of Henrik Allen we have wronged ourselves what tofi learner What?

00:48:10--> 00:48:48

And if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, learner coonan Amina CD, we will certainly be of the losers and those who have you know, lost at this at this game of life. That is the key for tonight my brothers and sisters, if Adam and how well we're in Paradise, and committed a sin, that they were warned of, like a direct warning from Allah and Allah Subhana Allah forgives them, right? We see that Allah Subhana Allah forgive them, right?

00:48:50--> 00:49:03

If that's the case for them, then what about us? Whatever sins we've committed, whatever mistakes we've made in life, brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala is waiting to forgive us, we just need to ask.

00:49:05--> 00:49:47

I know I said I was going to stop for some questions. But I will open it up to take three questions the first three that I see in sha Allah, because that is all the time that we have for today. But I will take three questions because I said that I would end tomorrow in sha Allah with the help of Allah subhanaw taala because it's a Friday, I hope I'll have a little more time to dedicate to q&a inshallah, that kind of question my savings in shares got reduced in market value. Okay, so for zecca questions, I would encourage you to go to nzdf canada.com. Okay. They will have a perfect breakdown for you so that you can figure out how to and if you need to pay cash. Okay. Can you use

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

your inhaler while fasting? And can you clarify what you meant yesterday about 200 and the minimum being zero? If I wanted to pray 200 what is the minimum that makes it tagit? Okay, so inhaler.

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:01--> 00:50:42

it is permissible to take a ventilation puffer Okay, the gas puffer but just make sure that you take it. Inhale it into your lungs and exhale and then rinse your mouth. Okay, rinse your mouth out because none of the residue you don't want that to be you know swallowed. Also with regards to the inhaler, just make sure you're not going to use the powder ones the powder ones will break your fast Okay, the powder ones will break your fast like the disc that you crack that will break your fast. Okay. And then the last part of the question was tattooed. Yes, I said zero that was lightheartedly. Like, if someone's not able to pray then zero, right? But the minimum amount to if someone's able to

00:50:42--> 00:51:21

pray for them for but what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray in a regular basis was eight, right? That was for the most part eight, sometimes 10 sometimes 12, right? Plus widow, okay. However, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray really long, okay. Okay, so the first thing, he would recite, sort of In fact, he had ventured off to the Baccarat, then surah Allah and one and then Allah will go into the core. So subhana wa, let's try to make sure that we pray what we're able to pray in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay. Is it permissible to play the recitation of a plan during tarawih? home, like on our phone?

00:51:25--> 00:51:44

So if you're going to play it in order to follow it, then no, you're not going to be following it that way. That wouldn't be permissible. But if you're just praying, you know, if you're just playing as in listening to someone else's recitation while they're leading taraweeh, then that is permissible. Of course. What is the reason we fast to Love Live and not until Asia?

00:51:45--> 00:52:00

Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us that and that's why we do it. Right. So we fast until Mohammed because he, we learned that through the son of the Prophet, so long, I do send them and the ratio is way too late. Right? It's from the time, the time that there's light in the day until the light goes away. Okay.

00:52:01--> 00:52:40

And last question we'll take from here. So I took one question from each platform, or each one of the devices I should say, and that is over 87 and he is still fasting, is it okay? To ask him to not fast because he's very low in energy by the end of the day. Look, if he is not able to if he's old, then yes, he can, you know, be exempted from fasting if he finds it very difficult upon him and he's not able to, however, if he's able to, I know some people that are elderly, and they're fasting, no problem. I know someone who was almost 90 and he's fasting, no issues at all. hamdulillah so every single person's case is differently. I can't answer that for you because I don't know him and I

00:52:40--> 00:52:53

don't know his situation. Allah subhana wa tada knows best. However, if he is elderly, and it's difficult for him and he's having a really hard time and struggling, then he would be able to eat not fast, but he would have to pay

00:52:54--> 00:53:13

you know, to feed someone every single day. One meal for what he has missed of that day of fasting. That is all the time that we have desikan lo Faden please use the last few minutes for your botica level FICO or some level I send them over to Canada. Vina Mohammed or Anna Anna usrp or send them or send them Ali Khan Rahmatullahi wa barakato