Zaid Shakir – Never Going to Catch the Dunya

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the wealth of the spirit and the importance of being at peace with oneself and others. The segment also touches on the success of working hard to get one's money and get a car, and the importance of avoiding the danger of the acrylic car. The segment ends with a call to action for viewers to subscribe to a TV program called Mission Impossible.
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You need to you need to be at peace with yourself and have peace with your Lord and at peace with everybody else and you'll be the happiest of all people

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and this is what we're supposed to represent. And Alina green and nuts true wealth is the wealth of the spirit the wealth of the soul

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is not is not found in material things

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like there are people out there some of you know them right the goal in life is to get a Mercedes not just any Mercedes S Class cereal color.

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Good You know, because the lights go by n eyes. So like the end you want to know. So you work hard you work over time you get your degree from University of Texas which has a certain amount of marketability get hired and you make your money and get your number and you're happy until something goes wrong wow what was that

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that's a Bentley that's what real rich people drive then you just became instantly poor

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Yeah, and you're poor and I kind of get a bit

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thought I've made it so you get another job you killing yourself you save your money and you get a Bentley now you feeling real good feeling real rich. You get those scars for the color or something French

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como de la boo

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you're driving your video and you have your pets you know you look in real rich Oh like What was that? Oh that's a rose voice that's what rich people drive let you just became poor good.

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Yeah, see work harder and you get your Rolls Royce now you really filling Do you hire a bottler? opens the door for you to get in your Rolls Royce. Good morning, Mr. Abdulla.

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Have a great day.

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Thank you, Giles.

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Yeah, you hired your non Muslim.

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Child. Okay.

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Roll like What was that? That was a Mazda Roddy. That's what real rich people who feel young drive. Now you feel old and

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tired and poor.

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You work hard to get your mother rowdy feeling real sporty. And number is this is the dunia. You're never gonna catch the dunya

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that's what we as a community should be telling people people. You're never going to catch the dunya Why? As Imam Ali said, are targeted dounia bureaux tell the world is behind you it is running away from you. That means what is behind you're moving away from is like this. How are you gonna catch that?

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Are Tallaght? adonia must be rotten is behind you running away from you? Is like that. You never going to catch it. And we're never going to escape the Acura? Well, we'll have to have that hero to be Latin and the world is in front of you moving towards you. How are you going to escape it? How can you catch that? And how can you escape? That? is impossible. outdate myself, when I was a young person, there was this television program, but you guys know about it because they made it into a movie. Mission Impossible.

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Yeah, your mission impossible. Do you guys heard of Mission Impossible? No. No? Yes, no. Can you get a witness to thumbs up

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to witness

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their mission impossible. Brothers and sisters, catching the dunya is Mission Impossible. And escaping the Acura is Mission Impossible. It's not going to happen. It's impossible. And so accept it. Embrace it, relish it.

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Which doesn't mean we work hard in the dunya how we can do the wonderful things that we should we work hard, but at the end of the day, we understand that's not the end of our fair

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