Yusha Evans – Friday Prayer Lecture

Yusha Evans
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Even to a woman

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who fell and Ebola will make her the Allah when I shadow in the name of ba ba da da da da da

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da da da boo boo, boo.

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Boo Boo. Boo party.

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Yeah you Hannah suta hora de comunidad de

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la la de Luna v one or ham in the law I can already from nothing either. Yeah you alladhina amanu Hola Hola. Hola Hola. And so the the useless Laguna Hama Hama philippou from 1005 in the cul de sac finance companies at the time of law a Hydra head we had the mohammedanism Beauvoir and he was seldom or shall

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open them up

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without in the law of the law but in our

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inshallah Allah today, I can tell you is going to be great news, because the topic today is something that inshallah Allah will bring some not only fear of Allah azza wa jal to our hearts, but inshallah we'll be bringing some for sure. I mean,

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every single moment of every human beings life, every single moment of every single soul that walks on the face of the earth, they are heading one of two directions. Every human being is heading one of two directions at every moment in their life. They're either heading towards the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, which ends in Jannah. Or they are heading towards the displeasure and the Wrath of Allah which, which leads to jahannam and inshallah to Allah today, we're going to discuss the worst of the two ends, which is Johanna, because we've already gone over a few weeks ago, we talked about the descriptions of Jenna out of

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the beautiful book modality Sal again, but today inshallah Allah I want you to, to remember what it is that we're trying to avoid, not just what it is that we're trying to gain out of our Deen gain out of it by the gain out of us or what gain out of the fast things that we may gaining out of the supply that we pay. what it is we are trying to avoid is just as important. As we know that at the beginning of the revelation, as their device or of the loved one, she said had a Lara's agenda revealed everything at once it revealed that alcohol was Haram, no one would have listened had he revealed that fornication was heard and no one would have listened. But the beginnings of the

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revelation were about Jenna and

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Jenna and not until the hearts became attached to a loss of animal with the IRA. Then when the hearts were attached to Allah, then the verses of Helen around him and the people were willing, we're willing to come to that because of their hearts being attached to Jana, and their desire to avoid Johanna and Sharma to Allah.

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Today we're going to discuss that which we're trying to stay away from. Now, though, Hellfire has been described in the book of alarm region, as well as in the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam using many different names.

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A few of them such as being jehane, because of the intensity of his blazing fire, such as jahannam, because of the depths of the pits that lie within him, such as blood because of its planes, such as sa em, because it is kindled and ignited by the Wrath of Allah as a region, such as Safar because of the intensity of the teat, such as hakama. otter now because of the fact that everything that is thrown into the blazing fire, it crushes and destroys and tears into pieces, everything that is tossed into it. Now,

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a lot of times Magellan tells us in the Quran,

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every single soul that takes every source of faith.

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And at that moment when every single soul tastes death, the Angel of Death listens to it, and it comes in one of two ways. And today inshallah, we're going to talk about the way that the Angel of Death comes to those whom Allah azza wa jal has prepared, his wrath and his punishment are the bigger

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the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said when the Angel of Death descends to the disbeliever

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To the one who alarms agenda has written for them, his punishment, it comes in the most despicable of minus, the Angel of Death comes and sits next to the person who is reaching the throes of death. The soul is reaching the neck.

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And the angel of death commands the soul, oh, you wicked, You wicked soul, come out to the anger and wrath of Allah.

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And then the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam says that that soul begins to run around in the body, trying to escape from coming out, trying to prevent from coming out to the anger and the punishment of a large region, until the angel of death has to reach and take and rip the soul out. And the profits of bovada He recently described that ripping out as if someone were to take a phony branch, stick it into a wet ball of wool and then extract that thorny branch, we know that would rip everything on its way out. And this the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, As the sun comes out, it is ripping the veins in attendance and the pain is so fierce. The pain is so intense, that the

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prophets of the law I think he was sending them said that the the

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effects of this pain shall be visible on their faces on the day of the enema. This pain will be so intense that the effects of this pain will still be visible upon them. On the day that Allah has Magellan resurrects them. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said it feels as if the body is being torn into shreds, as if you took someone and just dumped them into a human paper shredder. This is the death of those whom Allah has written for them his punishment. And then when the angel when the angel pulls the soul out, and it falls onto the ground, all of the angels that are surrounding that soul back away, no one wants to touch it. No one wants to touch it. And the angel

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of death has brought with it. A shroud a coffin from jahannam there is made out of the harshness of hairs that is made out of the roughest of fibers and it has a stinking and smell to it. And then the angel of death has to take that soul in rapid itself because nobody else wants to touch it. And then the angel of death will proceed to go into the heavens. As we know in nearly there he went Alejandra Gianni from Allah we came into and we must return. And then when the Angel of Death reaches the lowest of heavens, he asks for permission to enter. But no one responds until the call is heard from above the Throne of Allah azza wa jal. Well Allah says send it back, send it back, despised and

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rejected, alone would not even entertain this soul to even break the barrier of the heavens unless they send it back. And then the soul is thrown back into the grave

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thrown back into the grave. And then when the soul reaches back to the green, and the people have put the dirt over that body and they have left, then the angels noncurrent Akira will appear the interrogators of all of us in the hereafter. And they don't come to any of us pleasurably. They will sit that soul, and they will interrogate it. Man roadbook who is your Lord? And that soul will not have an answer? I don't know. Or I heard the people say, or I thought it was this, and the angels will hit it over the head with a hammer. That will cause the entire souling buddy to turn to dust. And then we'll come back together and Alaska

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will muddy Nope. What was your dean? I don't know. Again, we'll be smashed. Well, my nephew who is your profits? I don't know again, it will be smashed. And then the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. As an another narration said

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that a figure will appear unto that soul and will sit next to it. And it will be the most evil to speak in nasty looking thing. And the soul will say Oh, who are you have never seen anything as horrible as despicable as you and the record the respond will be. I am your evil deeds. I am your evil deeds to keep you company until the Day of Judgment every day that will sit next to that body and soul reminding you that this is why you are going through this punishment because of me because of your evil deeds. Then a door in the grave will open and that door will show that person gender, the beautiful smell of gender will pour in and then it will be sent to them. This would have been

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your place. This would have been your place if only you had believed in Obaidullah this would have been your place and then that door will shut to never be

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opened again. And then a door below that person will open to the fires of jahannam will start spilling in and it will be sent to them. This is your resting place. This is your resting place because of your disbelief in disobedience to Allah.

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This is the reality brothers and sisters, this is hot. This is something that

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insha Allah, Allah we are all seeking to avoid. But the realistic fact, the realistic fact is that many people will go this route, the majority of humanity will go this route. As we know we're recording Bible quality. The Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that when a large virgin on the Day of Resurrection calls our forefather, as he said and and tells him bring all of those prepared for the hellfire. Adam will ask how many? How many do you want me to get a low attendance amount of every 1000 bring me 999 and throw them into the fire. So the majority of humanity in this in this coming to them. But the realistic Fact is, most of them don't even know. Most of them have no idea

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about this. Most of the people that you interact with every single day, this end is waiting for them. The people that you do business with the people that you give rides in your taxis, the people that come to your shops, the people that live next to you, this is waiting for them. And they don't even know it. No one is even on them. As the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam o and people that this is waiting for you. If you don't turn to Allah, if you don't believe, if you don't bear witness, if you don't obey Allah, this is waiting for you.

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We need to remind people, we need to first and foremost remind ourselves because there are

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a portion of this argument is going to taste this as well as we know.

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And I'm going to give you some good news at the end though insha Allah Allah.

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Allah says it's a little unfair.

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If you can see, a lot tells us if you can only see when the angels come to save the souls of those who are disappearing. When they are smacking their faces and smacking their backs. When the angels are coming to take them, they're hitting them in the face, hit him in the back, saying to them, no honey, taste the punishment of the blazing fire, because of that which you used to do, because of your disbelief, some kind of law. This is because of what your hands have sent forward before you and Allah is not unjust to any of his slaves.

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Also Abdullah and Anambra for the above and said the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that every morning, and every night, the people of the grave are shown the Replace.

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If they are the people of Jannah, they will be shown the place of the people of Jelena. And they will be told that this is your place, and this is your position. And if they are the people of jahannam, that they will be shown the place of the people in your hand, and they will be told this is your place. So we need to ask ourselves button assistance. We're in knowing what's working for right now in our lives, which direction are we heading? We need to question ourselves time and time again every single day. If the Angel of Death comes Now which one of these ends is waiting for me?

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which one of these is waiting for me? Because even even older assumes the law and he was setting them was never assured of his place. He told as narrated by Oklahoma alone and let none of you think because of your good deeds. You are going to go to Jenna. They said not even you own messenger of Allah. He said not even me. On this, Allah forgives me. And Ali even before that runs the Allah. He used to say and he is one of the ones when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam promised in paradise. He said, even if I had one foot in Jenna, even if I had one foot inside the gates of Jenna I would not be assured of my resting place until I have both feet inside.

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This is the reality of the mind of the companions of the Messenger of Allah symbol more or any person that broke the law and

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we need to ask ourselves how sure are we most of us walk around including myself as if we have some golden ticket. As if we know we are going to avoid this. This is not for me, when Allah mentions Johanna when he mentions not it's not talking about me. He's talking about those other people will lie to you that type of ideas exactly how should fun is going to trick us into falling into this pitfall.

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We know that according to the of the narration of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam when Allah created agenda and

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he created agenda and already told Jared and he said and go look at what I have created in one

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Release the lamb looked at Jenna. He told him he told a lie. Yeah, Allah. I don't think that anyone will avoid this. I don't think there's anyone that won't go here. And when he saw Johanna, he told a lie. Yeah, I don't think anyone will enter this. I don't think anybody's gonna go here. And then Allah agenda surrounded by hardships and difficulties, hardships and difficulties. And then he surrounded jahannam by desires, our lust, greed, all of the things that we lust after in this life, Allah surrounded Johanna with that, and he told her to go look at it again. And when jabril looked at Jana, he said your alarm afraid nobody will into it. And when he saw jahannam, he said your alarm

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afraid everyone will go here. This is the reality of this life is that things which pleases us the most can sometimes be the things which are leading us to the worst of ends, we need to question ourselves, we need to check ourselves we need to check our Eman. We need to check our horseshoe we need to check our flesh intently, sincerely time and time again to make sure we are on the right path.

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And then if we are somewhat mistaken or if we're somewhat wrong, we need to recalculate. You know how your GPS recalculates, we need to recalculate to make sure we are heading down the right path in Charlottetown. I had

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someone asked me a whole lot earlier. What would lead one to jahannam what will take me to jahannam. Jeremy

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even taymiyah made a very concise but beautiful list.

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He said what will take one to jahannam is lying treachery woman doing oppression wrongdoing, harming other people, promiscuity, backstabbing, backstabbing people, cutting off the ties of kinship being a coward

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miserliness, inconsistency between what's in one's hearts and what one shows to the people with their face. despairing of the mercy of Allah, feeling secure from the plans of the law against you.

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panicking blindly at the times of crisis will take one to *.

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Pride and extravagance at the time when a log gives you plenty

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abandoning one's duties towards the law and transgressing laws limits, fearing a creative being more than you feel the creator Rhea showing off going against the Quran and Sunnah in your words and your actions, obeying a creative being in disobedience to Allah, supporting falsehood, mocking the signs of Allah rejecting the truth, withholding knowledge when it shouldn't be shared.

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Sim magic so kind of like how much of this oma is involved in this.

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This obeying disobeying parents killing people unjustly consuming the wealth of orphans Riba desertion on the battlefield, and slandering innocent and chaste women.

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These are some of the things that lead us towards gender.

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The thing about jahannam to Hannah law

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is that when one goes and enters into the hangman, there is no respect. There is no alleviation of that punishment unless you're one of those to be blessed that Omar's virgin to be taken and freed from the Hellfire because of your Eman. But for a majority of the people of him, there is no respect. There is no letting up. There is no easing of this pain.

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When the angels will be asked by the people of gentlemen of Johanna just allow us to have at least just a moment of respites it will be responded to them and the question will come to them was not a messenger sent to you. Did not Allah send a messenger to you? They will say yes, that it will say you are here because of your own actions. You deserve to be here. When they asked for something to drink, please, I am dying and burning of thirst. They will be given boiling scalding water mixed with oil that will burn their entire insights. They will eat from the tree of their own that is a thorny tearing branch that when they either don't care the insides apart, and this will never be

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lightened from them. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam says when the people of jahannam are crying and begging to Allah, Allah just give us one opportunity. Just give us one more chance. Hello, respond to them. Don't speak to me anymore. Don't even speak to me anymore. You never spoke to me in dunya you never cried out to me in this life. You never cried for me. You never want to worship me. You never even mentioned my name. Don't call me anymore, and a barrier between him and then will be placed and there will be left alone for their time.

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To the day until there is no influence. That's the sad part there is no until it doesn't end. It never is less than it never is lightened for them.

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Allah says in Surah Al Ali Imran

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Allah asks us and tells us to say Our Lord, indeed whomever you admit to the fire, have you ever disgrace them, you have disgraced them and never for the wrongdoers, there will never be any help.

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The thing I want you to think about brothers and sisters.

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Number one, this is a reality that none of us are excluded from. None of us have some golden ticket that we are excluded from this. None of us can sit around and say assured I will never taste the fire. Because if you say that you are only fooling one person, and that's you, every single day we are trying to escape this, we are running away from this jahannam every single day. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam

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said that the believer, the believer is someone who sees their evil deeds which we all have them. The believer is someone who sees their evil deeds is a mountain hanging right above their head ready to follow them live in the moment. And they do everything within their power to escape from under it. Everything within their power they are running to escape this mountain of evil deeds, they could crash and follow them at any moment and send them to Johanna. He says the bulk of the moonwalk the moon after the hypocrite the disbeliever they see their evil deeds as a fly around their face and they just lazy SWAT at it. Really not trying to get it away from them. They don't see it as a really

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big deal. So we need to ask ourselves how seriously do we take the things that we do every single day that we no we do them in a disobedience to allow all of us commit sin. But the beautiful thing, the beautiful thing about this is that Allah

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loves those who commit sin, and then turn to Him in repentance. This is what realistically defines our bad is when we make a sin if we commit a sin, if we commit a wrong, we turn to the only one who can save us from this alarms when we turn to Allah and say yeah, Allah Indeed, I have wronged my own self

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as he taught our forefather Adam, as Eunice la Saran made Dora when he was in the belly of the fish, indeed, I have wrong myself. If you do not forgive me and have mercy on me, indeed, I surely will be one of the losers. Because the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said, If no one on humanity, if no one on the earth committed sin, Allah we just erased that creation and then create another group of people who would then commit sin and then turn to him. Because October Allah loves it so much. Allah loves it when you turn to him. Because when you turn to Allah, you actually show Allah how much you sincerely need him.

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How much you sincerely after rely upon Allah within.

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October is so beautiful to Allah. Never give up hope and despair of the mercy of Allah, never despair of the mercy that Allah is listening to you that Allah is Forgiving towards you. because trust me, Our Lord is someone who loves to be asked, Allah loves to be asked, he loves when slaves to call upon him, he loves.

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Now, I also want you to think about all the people that you're going to interact with today. And tomorrow, and next week, and next month next year. Think about the people that you interact with everyday on the streets. Remember this end, and know that if they die upon this path that they're on this end is most likely waiting for them. But have you taken five minutes out of your day, five minutes out of your life to remind one person, one person to remind them that indeed if you continue this life, if you continue to disobey your Creator, if you continue to reject the one who created you, I can give you an assurance of what waits for you.

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Whether you want to take that advice or not. It's not up to me, but I am sincerely warning you of what waits for you.

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Because will lie he This was who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was he was one as he said I was wired like one who is standing on the edge of the pit of fire. And I am warning everyone not to enter into it so much so that even said I'm holding the back of your collar, trying to prevent you from falling into it. But in the You are so intense in going and we know that I'm going to give you a couple of beautiful ladies and gentlemen to finish off but know that the fire that are lost so I know mozzarella has kindled with his anger and his wrath is a reality. It is a reality and it is a fire that is killed

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That will never be extinguished. It will never be extinguished. And the majority of the inhabitants of this earth are going to taste It's blazing punishment. apologia had a monster

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi

00:25:30 --> 00:25:30


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Jalla wa Chateau ana Muhammadan. Abu one of

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the bad news you've heard, but inshallah I want to finish with some good news, some good news, because even though a lot of agenda has kindled the most painful punishment for those who disbelieve in him, he has ignited the most painful fire and the most punishing

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hereafter for those who dis obey Him

00:25:58 --> 00:26:12

and continue to dis obey Him until their evil deeds overcome their good deeds. But the one thing that we know as a surety is that Allah is Forgiving, Allah is merciful. Allah is just

00:26:14 --> 00:26:31

the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. When he told this hadith about the 90 999 that were entered into. Johanna, of course, the companions became very concerned about this, because these are not good odds. 999 out of 1000 that means one out of 1000

00:26:32 --> 00:26:46

are going to general this is not good odds. So they became very worried very perplexed. The Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam gave him some very beautiful news and it is very beautiful news when it comes with conditions. He said, we'll

00:26:48 --> 00:26:48

pull the

00:26:49 --> 00:27:24

agenda, my entire mobile agenda, he gave the companions good news for the Hulu Angelina, my entire my entire my entire nation will go to Jelena in them and other except for those who refuse except for those who refuse. And of course, the companions asked the same question any of us would ask, man Yeah, obey the law, who in their right mind would refuse to go to gentlemen? What idiot what fool in his right mind would be shown Jana and say No thank you, I would rather going sit in this fire forever.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:41

The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam summed it up very beautifully. He said men are very definite gentlemen, those who obey me. Those who obey me the Messenger of Allah, they will go to gentlemen, woman asani

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but those who disobeyed me they have already indeed refused. Those who dis obey me they have indeed refused. So panela how a lot of Magellan has connected. His obedience, his sincerity, his gender with level beings and sincerity towards his messenger. So the law lady was sending him

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overrode the alarm on his last total final, to show you how merciful alarms which leads to his slaves. He said, The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam told us there will be a man who will be being dragged towards hellfire. He's being dragged towards Hellfire on the Day of Judgment. And then jahannam itself pulls back from that person, Jan pulls back to get away from that person. And a lot as Johanna, what is wrong with you?

00:28:36 --> 00:28:40

And Johanna will say you're alone, Allah is seeking refuge with you from me.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:52

He is seeking refuge with you from me. And Allah will say that for you like my slave go, let my slave go. Another man who being dragged towards jahannam

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and that person will say, yeah, ally never expected this from you. I never expected this from you so kind of law. And Allah will say, then what did you expect from me? That person will say, I expected that your forgiveness would even reach me. I expected that your forgiveness was so great. They didn't even reach me.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:33

And just because of this, allow us a free my sleep. Let him go. This is how merciful LA is. And then we finished with the very famous Hadith of the man who killed 99 people. I'm going to shorten it for the sixth time. We know the man who killed from Danny Israel, the man who killed 99 people.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:59

And then he decided I want to change. I want to change. I've done so much evil, but I want to change. And this is for those of us who think we've done so much evil, that a lot can forgive you. A lot can't forgive me. I've been disobeying a law for so long. This man killed 99 people decided I want to change. So he asked the people who should I go to the find out about if Allah can forgive me. They sent him to the eyelid. They sent him to someone who was

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The Lars will gel sincerely. He didn't have much knowledge, but he works with a lot very much. So he went to the island, and said, Do you think that uh, luck and forgive me, I've killed 99 people.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:53

They told him no, I can't forgive you. he'd become so foolish in his worship that he thought that a lot can forgive someone like this. This is what happens without knowledge. So what is the man who killed 99 people do? He killed that man. He said, If I can forgive me, I might as well just go ahead and kill you too. So he killed him. But then he still had something deep down inside of him. That really intently wanting to change. So he asked again, who can sincerely tell me whether or not a lock in forgive me? And they sent him to a scholar? They sent him to an island from bedding, and they said go to him. Go to him, he surely can give you the answer. He went to the store and asked

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told him I've killed 100 people now.

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He told me what happened. I went to the high but I killed him. He said it Good luck. And forgive me. So now I'm here asking you.

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So basically, in a way threatened and then you tell me the same thing I'm gonna kill you to.

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The scholar told him what stands in between you and the last forgiveness? Is there anything that can stand in between you and a lot of forgiveness? For sure, and forgive you. But you need to leave this town, you need to leave this place. There's a place where you've done so much evil. There's a place where your deeds have encompassed you so much, you are surrounded by people who are only going to continue to keep you in evil. Go to this town, he said go to another town, there are people there they are good. They are good people, they worship a lot as well alone, go to them. And then you can change and a lot in sha Allah forgive you. So the man started heading towards this town. But Allah

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had written that the time of death would come to him. And he died along the way.

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And then the angel of punishment came down along with the angel, a lot of a lot of forgiveness. And they started arguing with each other. They started arguing with each other of which one should take the soul. Well, the angel of mercy said he was heading towards the forgiveness of a law, therefore he should I should take him. The Angel of punishment said he didn't make it. He had an intent, but he didn't make it. So I should take him. And then they asked for a law as well the decision just now What should we do? What should we do?

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And the decision from Allah Cain, measure the distance between where he is now and the place he left, and then measure the distance from where he is now to the place where he was going. And whichever one you find him closer to. That's who will take him. And then there is an addition there is an addition to this Hadith, that we find that Emeka thieves the day when the highest when he said that a lot.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:30

Actually, he was closer to the town he had come from. So the angel of punishment would have taken him, but a lot commanded the earth to shorten itself, a lot of commands the earth between him and the place, he was going to show in itself, so that he would be found closer to the place where he was heading. And when they measured, they indeed found him just a little bit closer to the place where he was heading. And therefore he entered into a loss of forgiveness. And the stress that indicative lays upon this is the look how much allow wanting to show his forgiveness. Look how sincerely Allah wanted to show his forgiveness, that he changed the entire physics of the earth, in

00:33:30 --> 00:33:34

order to forgive one person who had killed 100 people.

00:33:35 --> 00:34:16

This is how forgiving of a creator we this is how forgiving of a Lord we have. So no matter how much evil you've done, brothers and sisters, no matter how long you've been disobeying Allah, no matter how long you've been living a life that is full of sin, Allah is always there ready to accept the repentance of the slaves. And there is only three things that prevent you from repentance, three things and three things alone. The first of those is if you worship something other than a lot knowingly, if you knowingly commit, a lot is not going to forgive that also is your soul has reached your throat, meaning the time of death has come to you, then you can be forgiven after that point.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:47

And number three, if some of the major signs of the Day of Judgment such as the sun rising from the west, such as the the that but there will come from the earth, then you cannot be forgiven. But other than that, a lot of agenda is open with his forgiveness to all of his limbs and to those people out there to allows forgiveness is extended to them. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam and I finished finally with this one honey. He was sitting next to a fire with his companions one day, and there was a child playing next to the fire very famous narration

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

and whenever the firewood Blaze, whenever one of the firewood practical, the mother of that child would come and pull the child away. And the Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam began to cry.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

And his companions asked him why you're crying?

00:35:03 --> 00:35:43

He said, Do you see how much that mother loves her child that she doesn't want to get burned by the five? They said yes. He said know that Allah loves every single one of his creative souls. Allah loves every single one of his creative souls more than Allah than more than a mother loves this child. But unfortunately, too many of his souls are adamant upon going into the fight. So Allah loves those souls that he created out there too. He may hate what they do, he may despise that actions, but Allah created them the same way he created you. And his intent is for them to go the agenda just like his his intent is for you to go to gym. We need to inform them of that. We need to

00:35:43 --> 00:36:05

inform them of how forgiving The Lord is what wakes them if they disobey Allah in this video even more, and also what awaits them. If they come onto the righteous path and seek forgiveness. We asked the last animal with the island to make some those who avoid his painful punishment of the blazing fire and of those who enter into His joyful bliss of gentlemen. Robin Athena for dunya Hassan

00:36:10 --> 00:36:11

Allahu Allah, Allah,

00:36:12 --> 00:36:13

Allah Allah

00:36:14 --> 00:36:18

are old enough to be committed enough while the

00:36:20 --> 00:36:21


00:36:23 --> 00:36:24


00:36:25 --> 00:36:43

agenda for those who are older becoming enough Robert Friedland as the new vice Rafi and Marina was loving them and then when Selena Gomez, caffeine, Allah home and so why is Islam I mean Allahumma and solvar is Islam a Muslim in particularly McDaniel comma rocky mean some kind of Arabic Colombian

00:36:44 --> 00:36:50

foods or salmonella mousseline well handled in the European office watching Sala

Friday Prayer Lecture by Br.yusha evans 2-10-2012

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