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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died. The source of happiness and stress is the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died.
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In Alhamdulillah Mohamad ohana steinhorn Estelle Pharaoh when are always Avila Himanshu Rory and fusina woman sejahtera Medina mahila fella Medina woman Eugene Hoefler de la y Chateau La Ilaha Illa La La sharika wash hold on no Mohammed Abu who are pseudo yeah you Hello Tina multiple ah ha law 241 tune in to Muslim on.

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The Quran tells us that when the people of gender finally enter agenda, the first thing that they will say when they get to gender is well how do Alhamdulillah Hilda Diaz Habana has an Alhamdulillah. Finally, we have no cause to worry or grief. Finally, there is nothing to be anxious about. Notice the first thing that comes to their mind when they enter agenda. We don't have to be worried anymore. What does that indicate to your brothers and sisters? What do you learn from the first

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thoughts that comes from the believers as they enter agenda May Allah make us amongst them. The first thought is what Alhamdulillah no more worrying about and that hasn't. That shows us dear Muslims, that this world is associated with feeling anxious. This world, every step, every single part of our journey, every day, every week, every month, there's something else that's gonna bring us anxiety and grief. And I challenge you, dear brothers and sisters, look back at any phase of your life. When things are good, we're worried that things are gonna go bad. When things are bad, we're worried things are bad. when money is wealth, a lot, we're worried is gonna go away, investment is

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gonna go down. when money is tight, we're worried money is tight. There is no situation or scenario that we find ourselves in, except that there's some anxiety, some grief somewhere. True, not all anxiety is the same Alhamdulillah we have a roof over our heads and food in the pantry and fridge hamdulillah that is much better than those who do not have security and food, but still feeling anxiety, worried, stressed out is a part and parcel of being human. And it will only be completely gone when we enter agenda insha Allah to Allah.

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And that is why dear brothers and sisters, it is so important that we understand. And we tackle head on the reality of stress and grief. And we make us make it a part of our daily discourse, that it is nothing wrong to feel anxious. You don't have to feel guilty for feeling stressed out, especially in this time of pandemic. I mean, how can we not be anxious, worried, stressed out? People are dying, every one amongst us has had family or friends that have passed away. On top of this, we have limited socialization, some of the things that would relieve our stress was to be with friends and family that has been taken away.

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Anxiety in terms of money, so many of us our job situations, maybe even we're looking for jobs and in this pandemic alone withstand families being cooped up, it should bring more love but the reality is with that love also comes tension. Sometimes between husband and wife between father and son, it becomes worse because you're all cooped up. So no doubt during this timeframe, this pandemic it's understandable, then anxiety and stress and grief and worry, it's going to increase. Okay, what should we do? What does the Quran and Sunnah tell us about battling with that type of stress? First and foremost, dear Muslims, realize that the Quran tells us that people of piety can stress. People

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of taqwa feel anxious. The fact that you're stressed out doesn't mean you have bad demon wiechmann lack of emotion. No, this is wrong. People have Taqwa and people have Eamon also feels stressed out. Look at the Quran. So many examples. Allah subhana wa tada tells us that the mother of Moosa, she was full of grief when she put Moosa in that basket and it went away and a lot of xojo said to her that half your letter has any inner or do who lie, don't be worried, don't stress out. She was worried and stressed out a lot revealed to her indirectly that calmed down the greatest lady in human history, and that is Miriam. Allah has said I'm one of the greatest. When she was all alone.

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She had no friend, no companion, and she was giving birth. She was stressed out. Fernanda Harmon Tati Ha.

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Zani, Allah azza wa jal sent an angel to tell her Don't worry, she was worried. The fact that she was Maria did not negate that she was worried her eemaan was one place and the worry was another place. They are not mutually exclusive. We learn in the Quran that jacoba his Salam was stressed out. In fact, he was so stressed out that that anxiety caused him to lose his sight will be your but I know who may not who isn't because of anxiety. His eyes did not work the way they were supposed to. They became whitened, almost blind, Mina loosen and Yaqoob is a prophet is anybody going to accuse you of not having faith? Not having a man Why are you stressed out you? Don't you have a man

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in a law feeling stress and Eman are not mutually exclusive. You can have both together. We have in the Quran is was Abu Bakr Siddiq was worried in the horrid soul and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam calmed him down the Prophet salallahu alaihe

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Selim himself said that don't worry a lot as origin is with us let us and in the llama Anna he felt that his own inside of him and even the Sahaba multiple times Allah xojo tells them sometimes even for financial issues in the Battle of boyhood in the Battle of war heard the Sahaba suffered a loss as we know and one of the things was that they captured a lot of aneema but in front of their eyes There was an EVA was taken away you know the bottle of water then what happened happened and Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran, Li Kayla

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Fatah come they had who's in for what left them right and Alon mentions in the Koran, they had anxiety you know the stock market crashes, many of us might feel anxious, we lose our 401k something happens we're gonna feel stressed we get out of a job there's going to be anxiety Let not that stress become itself a source of stress. You get my point here Let not your stress itself cause you to be more stressed out that why am I feeling stress? It's okay to be anxious. It's okay to be worried you have the mind and shallow tada and you can still feel worried are prophets of Allah who I said multiple times in the Quran. Allah subhana wa tada tells him, we know it hurts you what

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people are saying the reputation it hurts when people say bad about you. Our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is consoled over half a dozen times in the Quran. What are the neither Monica buco sobre la Kowloon Fela Tyson la him so many times don't feel anxiety don't feel grief. Allah is consoling the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he is hurt. His chest isn't constriction because of rumor mongering, rumor mongering words, words do hurt, they hurt.

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So the first point that we learn, dear Muslims, is that feeling anxiety and stress is normal. It is natural. It's a part and parcel of not just being Muslim, but being human. Every one of us is going to feel anxiety at times of tension. And we also need to look at it from a biological and a psychological standpoint, this is a loss mechanism to put us on our guard. Imagine if we didn't feel stressed and we're losing our money, that would be a problem. Imagine what happens when you're stressed out you focus. That's the purpose. Allah blessed us with the mechanism of stress. We all know an adrenaline inflows for example, our perception changes, our focus changes. It is a gift from

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Allah, which Yes, it has its own negatives we have to deal with. But overall, if used properly, stress is a part of a gift that is used for our survival for our protection, that we start thinking and focusing. You know, when we're stressed about something, we're constantly thinking about it, why you need to get a solution. If we didn't get that stress, why would we think about it. So we have to understand that stress, anxiety, grief, at some level is totally normal. And it is a part and parcel of not just being a Muslim, but being a human. The second point that this leads me to is that as a Muslim Alhamdulillah we have tools to minimize stress. We have tools to help us overcome stress.

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Much can be said as usual. Always we're working against the clock. One main tool in the Quran. to battle against stress is our belief in other in predestination.

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We believe that everything happens by the will of Allah and the decree of Allah. And in that we should feel a sense of calm, a sense of protection. The believer uses order to feel a consolation for anything that has happened in the past. I have said this multiple times. coder is never used for the future. It's used to justify or to console the past not to justify the future or is used to console the past Something happened somebody passed away I lost my job the stock market crashed anything in the past tense. You say God De La Hoya Masha file. We don't use color for the future that's something else. Other is used to console the past. Poland you sleep Anna, in Qatar, Bella

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hula, hula molana say nothing is going to happen to me, except what Allah has decreed will happen to me. And he is my Mola. He is my protector. Whatever Allah has decreed. I put my trust in Him. The one who put me in the situation will also help me get out of it. The one who gave me this reason and this cause of feeling anxiety will also give me the tools to cope with anxiety and to eventually overcome that anxiety. So we use our belief and our EMR in order. And this is if you look at the verses about the Battle of word again

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We don't have time but read them so the other Emraan Allah azza wa jal uses Qatar to console the believers it would have happened. Allah is telling them it would have happened. Don't double guess don't think in the past it would have happened anyway, Allah had decreed so and so would die. You could not change it Allah says. So our belief in Qatar brings us a sense of calm and peace. And the last point for the first codebook and that is, we firmly believe that anxiety and stress is a means of attaining a large reward. If we channel it to connect with a law,

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any pain and stress that we feel, are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma, you'll see will Muslim men nossob in Walla Walla Walla, Hemenway Allah hasn't no Muslim is afflicted with any grief, or stress or pain or anxiety or suffering six adjectives he gave six different things to describe every possible state, no pain, no anguish, no grief, no worry, no physical pain, not even a shoka a thorn that pricks him and he is patient, except that Allah will give him the adjure for that stress and grief. We have to understand dear Muslims, that that phrase when we enter agenda Alhamdulillah and it has happened and hasn't, we will earn it when we overcome the stress of this world by

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patients in a law. That is one the complete has and will go away, anxiety will go away. So we channel that anxiety and we connect to Allah subhanho wa Taala with Vicar with such that we do out with charity, we take that anxiety and we understand and realize that the only way to attain ultimate peace is with a law and through Allah, Allah be decree law, he talks about indole kulu. So we channel that anxiety in order that we understand that a lot is testing us to raise our ranks. And that is why we console one another at times of anxiety by reminding ourselves of a laws reward. What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam teach us when somebody passes away? What do we say? They

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just did? What what they taught me Well, what are Amala jurak Be patient, be patient and expect a loss reward for Allah will give you inshallah a bigger reward. This is the prophetic when somebody dies, and you go to visit the family or you meet them somewhere. What are you supposed to say in July we're in a garage, your own and then you say let us we'll be patient well and expect a loss reward at what?

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mental anguish, grief, your loved one has died, you're in a state of pain. And our Profit System says you meet that brother and you say Be patient and expect a loss reward. That's what's going to bring it's not going to take the pain away. Your relative passed away somebody makes it or you're not going to stop feeling the pain but you will realize you know what inshallah, this pain it is linked to Allah and Allah is going to give me reward what faith will do dear Muslims, faith does not eliminate anxiety. Eman does not negate that you're feeling stressed. But it helps you cope with stress. That's what it does. It helps you overcome it helps you live a sane life inshallah to Allah

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faith does not eliminate stress, but faith allows you to cope with it and deal with it in a way that insha Allah hooter Allah you can live a life as normal as possible and then meet Allah subhana wa tada for that. So these are three simple advices about how to deal with stress. Number one, understand it is a part and parcel of being a human being and number two, realize as well that clutter helps us overcome the stress and number three, understanding that there is a job and reward linked to that stress as well May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus the understand and applies halal and haram throughout our

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lifespan, ask all those forgiveness, you as well ask him for his or her food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah all praises you to Allah, the One and the unique, he alone do we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the one who responds to the prayer of the oppressed and the weak. The Muslims one of the ways we can overcome stress as well is to make specific to ours that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us time is limited. I will go over the doors very quickly in Arabic and the recording will be available on YouTube. You can go back and listen to these two hours and then make them yourself. We'll go over a few hours that the process of specifically mentioned to say at times of stress, the first tip number

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Put it into the movie that our prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to say when we are stressed out yeah how you your costume parametric studies of T shirt Nicola wala taking the NFC 13 Oh hi and oka yom I appeal to your mercy to help me but I'm gonna take us to elite or law Do not leave me to myself not even for a millisecond Oh Allah Do not leave me to myself even for a millisecond means I need your help and correct all of my affairs make all of my affairs easy. This is the first to app and again as I said you can listen to the recorded recording and write it down later on in shallow to either the second or that he taught us is that which under a pseudonym Alec

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says that the Prophet says Adam taught us this drop Allahumma salli ala jalta, who said then one day that she has an assailant Allahu Magellan has an assailant or law. Nothing is easy. Except if you have made it easy. Nothing is easy, except what you make easy. And Oh Allah, if you want, you can change my husband my grief into that which is easy. So our law changed my grief into that which is easy for me. This is the second draft that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us And the final one that was mentioned because time is limited. And this is a beautiful answer very long one that our Prophet system explicitly taught this door. And he taught it like the Sahaba said, as he

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would teach a verse from the Quran, and it's a very long day up and it begins as follows that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, never does a servant feel anxiety or feel stress and he makes this do I accept that Allah subhanahu wa tada will get rid of his anxiety and change his stress for something that will be a source of happiness. Can you imagine you were literally being handed on a silver platter a gold platter more expensive than gold. We are literally being told, never does a servant of Allah make this do out when he's stressed out except that Allah will change that stress and convert into a time of happiness, a time of ease. This is literally the beginning

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and end of the Edit. What is the drop? It's a long drop Allahumma inni abduch webinar abduct webinar ametek now see antibiotic melden fee pocomoke admin fee Jacobo aloha Minnesota congressman huella some major BNF sec. Oh anzaldo Viki dabiq oh alimento hedeman hollowtech felter behavior in the labor index antigen or an AVI Model B are called v one neurosurgery vijendra whose only so long do up and it basically summarizes that we ask Allah Who controls everything we ask a lot by the one who has sent down names to his servants and chosen names for himself that he has not revealed to his creation. We ask Allah subhana wa tada by every single name of his that he makes the Koran, a source

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of happiness for our souls, and a source of enlightenment for our eyes. So we asked a lot through the Koran to bring us happiness. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever makes this, Allah will substitute his grief and his anxiety and convert it into a source of happiness. The Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah, shouldn't we memorize this draft and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said yes, whoever hears this should memorize this. So now you have heard this too. It is reported in what's nearby Mohammed and also the Sahaba of inhibin authentic hadith. So memorize this Dora. It's the beautiful though that is said at times of stress, dear Muslims, were all under stress during this

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pandemic, turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Make dua to Allah azza wa jal and be optimistic that insha Allah who to Allah, the source of grief and stress will be substituted quickly, swiftly with the source of happiness and peace Allahumma inni died from mineral llama letter after halloumi them and in lava Fatah wa Hammond Illa for Raja wala then in la cabeza de Maria on Indonesia feta what I see around India salsa llama Filipina what is one in religious akuna bill Eman? wala Tasha khudobin as a Latina Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Omar is an Islam our muslimeen Allahumma is an Islam I will muslimeen along whom Islam and Muslim in a law home woman or Adana, or that Islam and

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Muslim in Ebisu international obey nuptse which altijd Mira who featured Vidya yaku Aziz rebels the law in the law to Allah a Moroccan bamboo embedder bbfc with an IV melodica. The producer was hailed as had become a you know, magenta one insert for cause as a fall in Lima in a law home alone because we also Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you heard it in a man who saw Lou la he was suddenly motus Lima allama suddenly was telling him about him and Abdo sudoko Mohammed while early he was savage marine rebel, the law in the law how to honor your mobility with the assignee or corba. manufacturer. It will moon Kelly, will you come to the corona Kuru la la mayor Coco wash crew

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What are they called light Aqua Optimus Sala.

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