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Yasir Qadhi
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sister writes, she emails that she watches she watched the entire Koran series, the summary of the Koran, and hamdulillah she appreciate it. She has some praise for it. May Allah accept from all of us. And then she says that she is now inspired to memorize the whole or on. And so she's asking that are there any specific rewards? And what advice would I give her? So the question is, are there rewards for memorizing the Koran? And what is the practical advice to give her to memorize the Koran?

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To answer that question. First and foremost, of course, there are many rewards and I thank Allah subhana wa tada that you have been inspired to memorize the Quran after the month of Ramadan. And in fact, in sha Allah, this is a good sign that your deeds have been accepted because one of the signs of the acceptance of a deed is the intention to do more deeds after the acceptance of the first deed has been handed in. This is a very positive sign and may or may I encourage all of the viewers without exception to intend to memorize bits and pieces of the Quran, even if it's just the last 10 suitors or if it's just just about a curve is just Soraka for if it's just to see, or if it's just

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sort of man, just start memorizing, and then bit by bit continue to do that. As for the rewards, I can give you many, many lectures or many lectures online, I'll just go to two or three ahaadeeth of them is that the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them said in the de la Halina meanness that Allah has people that are chosen of mankind. And so they said, who are alesse chosen of mankind? So the Prophet sallallahu it said him said, No Koran, the people of the haoran Houma la he will Hall set to who they are like the chosen or the family of a law and they are the ones who Allah azzawajal has preferred so the prophets of the law where I sent him said the Koran are the ones who are law

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has chosen and in another Hadith and Buddhahood our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in them in Egypt Allah hater either a crumb the shape of the shea butter Muslim Mohammed or Ani lady law the fee he will Jaffe I'm what economy this will Bonnie, this the salon that is the righteous salon. So the three things are said in English excuse me, I have translate Arabic in English. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that of the ways to show respect to Allah subhana wa tada is to honor three people, number one to honor the Muslim who has white hair meaning that he is elderly, to so to show honor to our elderly, and a righteous man who are a righteous woman who is elderly, and he has

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whitish hair. So you show honor and respect to him. Number two, the one who is a carrier of the poor on the half of the horror on the one who does not go to extremes either way, the one who is the moderate carrier of the Koran. So the one who acts upon the Quran, and who embodies the Quran we show respect to the half of the of the Koran. And number three, the ruler that is a righteous ruler, we show respect to the righteous ruler, because it is a great responsibility that he or she has fulfilled. And another Hadith in this regard is the one that the prophets of Allah, why do you send him said that it will be said to the Companion of the Koran. The Companion of the Quran means

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obviously the one who is associating himself with it, constantly reciting it. And when you memorize the Quran, you must constantly recite it. And so it will be said to the Companion of the Audubon on the Day of Judgment, recite and rise up as you are reciting. And so as he is reciting, will continue to rise up, and the last verse that he recite will decide his place in gender. And based upon this, some of our scholars said that the highest place of gender is for those who have memorized the Quran under and understood it and act upon it. May Allah xojo make us amongst them because for every verse that they recite, they will rise one degree in gender. And so how can there not be blessings and

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there are many, many more blessings than this now, a brief summary of the practical tips and I have an article online you can just google it tips for memorize the Quran by yourself, Holly but I can just summarize that article for you that realized that memorizing the Quran. It is a spiritual and physical project. It is a combination of that which is a supernatural blessing, along with a natural mechanism. Therefore, it is a miracle and a blessing that you can strive for its together it's dual, and if you want to take advantage of this blessing, then you should be in a position to receive it and strive for it both spiritually and physically to get the maximum benefit.

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So I have a quick pointers that you should follow first and foremost sincerity. You are memorizing the Quran first and foremost for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not to show off and not to tell other people sincerity is a factor and you need to be sincere. Number two, the rules of Tajweed that really helps you to memorize and Tajweed means the science of reciting the Quran. It is one of the easiest sciences in all of Islam. And it is just a simple rule. Where do you elongate? Where do you do the hoonah? How do you pronounce the R, so find that the G teacher and online as well there are plenty of teachers find that the teacher of your own gender if you can, and just recite with

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them one on one, and memorize the rules of Tajweed. And you will yourself begin to enjoy the recitation better. Number three, consistency. Consistency, it is very important, it is essential to be consistent. When you memorize there should be no vacation. memorization should occur seven days a week, there is no five days in that if you're if you're able to, obviously if you're not able to do whatever you can, but the more consistent you are, the better that it is. There is no vacations when it comes to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore there should be no vacation when it comes to memorization. memorization is very much like going to the gym for your body. When you go

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every single day and you're lifting whatever weights that you're lifting right. In the beginning, it's really difficult, but a lot created the memory, like the muscles, the more you exercise, then the easier it is. And once you go daily to the gym, then what was very difficult in the beginning becomes very easy within a week or two. And if you don't go to the gym for a few weeks, a few months, what happens? Well, the memory is more in need of the gym, then your body is and so go to the spiritual gym and go to the memorization gym, a gym every single day. And make sure that you memorize even if it is just two lines, three lines, but be consistent, you must memorize as

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regularly as possible. And my advice is do not skip even one day, memorize every single day, even if it is one or two lines memorized. The next thing is timing. When should you memorize, you should memorize early in the morning. And the best time to memorize is right after the fudger prayer or even before the Friday but after fudge is typically the best even before you have breakfast, after you pray fudger when it is all quiet, nothing else is going on, open up the Koran and begin to memorize and by the way, I remember when I was a teenager, I would begin memorizing by memorizing a page a day. And when I started memorizing the first page, it would take me an hour hour, 20 minutes

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to memorize. And by the time you know, five, six months had gone, I was memorizing a page in 1520 minutes. Literally, it went down to one fourth of the original time. And I remember this cluding myself like okay, remember is a good move on. So that's what is going to happen if you do every single time that obviously I'm speaking when I was a teenager, I understand when we're older, I cannot memorize a page of something new. Now, that's not going to be possible. But the point is, you try and it will become better and shallow Tyler, also atmosphere, have a secluded place have a consistent place have a specific chair or a specific area of the house where there's nothing else

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going on. Make sure your cell phone is turned off and upside down. Don't scroll through the news. don't hear the beeps when they're coming. That's not going to help you you need to have a calm atmosphere without any distractions. Make sure everybody knows not to disturb you. In that regular routine. As I said, You must have the regular timing, regular atmosphere regular consistency, make it into a habit. And in fact, I even say you should have a complete familiarity start at the same time and start in the same physical location and use the same must have every single day you need to have your special copy of the most half of the copy of the Koran. And that will be your most prized

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copy, it's going to be your go to copy for memorization, because memorization is also visual that you will see and it will become in your memory that even to this day. Generally speaking, if you called me a verse, generally speaking, I can close my eyes. And I can visualize where it is on the page of the Quran and memorize it is it on the right hand page, left hand Page Up or Down roughly generally still there because that's what happens when you memorize with one particular must have. And as for how you memorize, there is no magic trick.

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There is no easy way it is you repeat, you repeat, you repeat, you repeat. And then you repeat again is just repetition. There's no there's no magic trick to do it. There's nothing you can do. You just literally have to repeat that verse, and then repeat it and then repeat it and then close your eyes and then repeat it and keep on doing it over again. And it always helps to listen to somebody, even if it's on audio or what not to listen to a recitation online before you begin to memorize also of the others.

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The tips that I can give you is to memorize with meaning, understand what you are memorizing, read the translation of what you're going to memorize and understand the words so that you have an idea, read that the seniors listen to the series. Another point is that surround yourself with recitation, don't let don't just let that 10 minutes be what you're memorizing of the day, or 15 minutes, if you're going to memorize the 6:30am, let's say seven o'clock comes in that set, you close the hold on one, you're going to work, turn the Quran on, when you're doing something in the household that doesn't require you to talk. So for example, if you're doing the dishes, or you're cleaning or

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whatnot, it is allowed to listen to the Quran in the background, as long as you have some attention, you know, what is not allowed as you put the Quran on and then you're rude to the recitation by talking to other people, no, but if you put the Quran in the background, and then you are listening to it, even as you do your chores, that is absolutely fine. Because you are listening at some level. And the purpose of that listening is to reinforce your memory. So surround yourself with Quranic recitation. Also, if possible. Another point, I forgotten the numbers here, I'm just saying them, find the recitation buddy, get a friend, get a friend who wants to memorize so that you can keep

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each other in check and call each other every day recite to each other. And then also to be like a competition, it'll be a human incentive, which is highlighted here. Your Nia is for Allah, but you're using somebody to just give you positive peer pressure. So you know, you have to recite to somebody at seven o'clock, let's say he's going to recite to you. And so you have that, you know, positive peer pressure, find the recitation buddy, just like when you go to the gym, you have somebody to spot you to help out because it just psychologically gets you in the mood. Also, another pointer is that whatever you've memorized, recite it in that day Salah, and then continue to recite,

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stop reciting just sort of in the authentic or go through the pseudo class, right, move on to the pseudo that you're memorizing, if you're memorizing sort of telerik start reciting pseudo Tabarak in all of your solder watch, and make sure that it is a constant thing that you do so that you have some, you know, some memory of the of the recitation also the issue of what you should be doing. So suppose you have half hour, let's say, from 630 to seven o'clock, right? Suppose you have half hour that you're dedicated to the memorization of the Quran, you need to divide your time with the Quran into three parts, the bulk of it, maybe, I would say, at least 50 to 60% of it is going to be the

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new memorization, how much you memorize depends on your timeframe. So when I was memorizing full time, I did a page a day, but obviously, that's very difficult for many people, two lines, start two lines a day, so that inshallah within a week you'll finish a page and save a big deal or Mashallah, so it's about like, in two weeks, you're going to be done like oh, Mashallah. So do something. So you're going to spend the, maybe 50% of that timeframe, memorizing that new section. Okay, the next 20% you're going to go over the recitation and the memorization of the previous seven days. Okay, so the seven days before the one that you memorized, you will go over that and connect it. And then you

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will recite to somebody the seven days previous memorization along with your today's memorization. Because, again, you memorize in snippets, how will you connect those snippets? Imagine a chain, another chain another chain every day, you're having a chain chain chain chain, what's going to happen? those chains are going to be disconnected, you have to memorize the linkage as well, the way you're going to do that you will go over the last seven days recitation along with today's recitation. And that's going to be an eight day solid amount. So if you memorize two lines a day, right, then the last seven days will be 14 lines, okay? And then today's will be another two. So

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you'll surely recite 16 lines in that day, if it's two lines a day, if it's three lines, it'll be more than that. So that you have the because the easiest section of the Quran to forget is what you just memorize last week, okay? What you just freshly memorized, it's like you just, you know, gently drew something in the sand. Okay, that's how the first memorization is. If you don't do anything, the wind will come and it will erase it. You have to keep on drawing, drawing, drawing until you hit it and metaphorically the rock and then you can carve it into the rock, right? That's what you need to keep on doing. So you're going to be doing that. So imagine a caterpillar This is the way I put

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it to my students. The head of the caterpillar is today's memorization. So every day you take one step forward, the body of the caterpillar is seven segments every day you take it one little bit more, more, more. Okay, so then you're going to have that one caterpillar. So that's going to be two things. Number one is the daily memorization. Number two is the last seven days. Okay, there's one thing left. How about the rest of the Quran that the caterpillar has left behind the metaphorically, right, that will be your next section that at least every single day, you need to do some level of, you know, a page or two of some of the previous stuff that is now so imagine the caterpillar going

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he leaves behind did Marcelo subotica an amount so as it keeps on going that amount, we'll have another Caterpillar and I

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is going to be faster, you'll be doing maybe four pages, three pages. And you'll be doing that you don't have to do this the same time. Ideally, ideally, that the the memorization and the previous seven pages will be let's see in the morning, then you come at a certain time, most of the time, now you have some little bit more different memory thing. And now you can go to the previous old memory, not the fresh memory. So suppose that you're memorizing, you know, just about, let's say, right, so that will be okay, I memorize just, you know, two months ago, now, I'm going to be doing two pages of just three pages of Jism. So you do something from your old memory, and that's going to be

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constant, eventually, you're going to reach your goal. Your goal is, let's say, to memorize sudo yassine to sudo. NASS, when you finish that goal, then you will increase your daily recitation of your old memory, but you can never ever just stop because you must constantly keep on doing it. And that is how you will become the Sahib or the Companion of the Koran. And the last point that I'm going to say, although this is advice that I just myself have done, and people have taught me when I was doing it, the last point I'll say is do not jump around the Quran, it is, in my estimation, a mistake. Be consistent start from one place, and work your way. Now, you can do large chunks. So for

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example, if you've done, let's say just about to sue rottenness and you have to juice down, then your goal is I want to do yacine. And, yeah, and calf, and ramen, and Baccarat, let's say, right? Okay, understandable, you're going to pick and choose, but do not if you intend to memorize the whole Koran or even like 15 years solid, do not just pick and choose a pseudo on random, there should be some consistency. So you build big blocks, you don't build small blocks, you go continuously. And if you want to switch, it should be after you've done like a good amount from one side. Then you go to another site and then you can connect the dots but whatever you do, don't just

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have one thing here one thing here one thing here and then the last point and definitely not the least but definitely very important. You raise your hands up to Allah subhana wa tada and you make dua to Allah subhana wa tada that Allah xojo makes the memorization of the Quran easy for you that allows you to facilitate this for you.

How Should I Memorize the Quran – Practical Tips. Some of us might be feeling a boost that we usually get after Ramadan. We should take advantage of that blessing and nurture it carefully to make the most out of it. If you are looking to get closer to the Qur’an by memorizing it, Shaykh Dr. Yasir offers some practical tips in this video!

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