Yahya Ibrahim – Taraweeh & Juz A Day Summary of the Quran 11/05/21 #02

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © A group discusses the importance of fasting, protecting against evil situations, and forgiveness for their loved ones. They emphasize the need to be strong and allow their children to finish learning. Jesus emphasizes the importance of protecting loved ones and avoiding evil behavior, and offers guidance on how to handle their emotions. They also ask for forgiveness and stop calling their loved ones.
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Allah Mohammed Juana and Mohammed income us on late Allah Ibrahim. Ibrahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ernie Mohammed income avaloq tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Avalon Amina in nicomedes Maggie

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along my Sanjana Mohammed money while earning Mohammed income out on a diner, Ibrahim,

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Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Muhammadu Allah and Mr. Medina come about Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Filomena iNec, Hamid Majeed Allahumma Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in canal somni Donna Ibrahim Allah early ma e

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la homiletic Allah Mohammed

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anymore met in Cabo tala, Ibrahima lever ah he

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Filomena in UK, hamidou Majeed Allahumma, Sanjana, mohammadu Allah and Mohammed Encarnacion, Nita, Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim, long Nevada Karla Muhammadu Allah Ernie Mohamed

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Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahima Filomena iNec hamidou Majeed, long more Sanjana Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in comas on late Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah Ernie Ibrahim

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along my body kinda more familiar

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anymore I'm adding gamma Baraka tala Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim Filomena in Mecca, Hamid. Majeed.

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Yeah Hello We asked you to make our fasting

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a shield for us on the day of judgment from your punishment yeah of hammerlock. I mean, Allah we ask you as we begin closing this blessed month of Ramadan as we begin our 29th day that you make it a testimony for us on the Day of Judgment We ask Allah to make our fasting I heard Jeff or Allah approved that we have obeyed you and followed your instructions the law we asked you to come over I mean to complete our so yeah, I'm with an increase in our tobiah Allah Oh Allah allow our cm to engage our heart and to allow us to love you more into fear you love that we have greater hope and your mercy when we meet you out of hammer. I mean, we ask you I'm a rock I mean, that this fast

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thing is something that allows us to feel the needs of those who are beyond us. Yeah, love, that we can feel the hunger of the hungry and the thirst of those who thirst Yeah, Allah. Allah allow this fast to be a means of us gaining strength over our soul and our decisions in life. Yeah, Allah, Allah we were able to resist what you ordered us to stay away from you, Allah allow us to resist the heart. I mean, Allah. Allah allow this fasting to be a reason for our gratification into the Ophelia Allah not just something that we receive in this dunya

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Allah you promised us that there will be joy for us on the day of judgment and an entrance from the doorway of our yearning to generate a lot of Allah we ask you the highest levels of gender with our Nabhi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Allah we asked you to assist us with physical and emotional strength so that we can be good to our spouses and our children and our parents who are lucky that we can lead within our communities by our example Yeah, Allah. Allah we asked you to meet because from those who are saved from the evil impact of online and social media, Allah Allah protect ourselves and our children from the evil that is found in these places and on the site

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Allah, Allah protect our homes from these filthy apps that deter us from the path that you have set for us. Yeah, love. Allah we ask you to remove the love and desire of lewd music and videos and Netflix from our hearts. Allah put in its place yet Allah that which is humbling to you, yeah, Allah. Allow us to appreciate your majesty, Allah. allow our children to fall in love with you as we fall in love with you. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to remove the doubts from the hearts of our children yet Allah.

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Allah some of our children have intended to finish the Quran Yeah, Allah allow them to complete the memorization of the Quran Ania Allah. Allah protect our families from all evil from all calamities from the in envy or is in the shell theme of the intern Jamia Allah, Allah we ask you to protect our children from harm and harm and sickness disbelief and destruction of themselves and their reputations in ours. Allah Allah we ask you to your night our entire lineage agenda to Philadelphia law those who came before us and those who will come from us Allah Allah you our love of forgive our parents and ourselves yeah my Yeah, I'll follow Yeah, I'll follow Yes, I'll file I will lie You are

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the one who rewards and the greatest measure of your reward is in the affair I love Allah give us dunya and Allah because

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We seek to ask Allah, Allah you promised us that the one who seeks only the dunya they have nothing in it yet Allah, Allah Allah we turn our attention and turn our hearts and lead us to putting our investment in the Shariah, Allah, Allah we ask you to elevate our ranks in the ranks of our parents and grandparents and the length of those who taught us yeah, Allah. Allah bless our Allah. Allah bless, I wish my say bless our shoe here Allah.

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Allah in particular bless my chef, Hammond javeria Allah and bless my chef Mohammed safwat, Nero denio Allah, Allah I asked you to send your highest and greatest Salaam upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was solely upon him and his Sahaba Allah upon him and his family and so happy Allah upon him and his Sahaba and family love Allah I asked you to forgive me and forgive those who have forgiven me and to allow me to forgive those who have wronged me Allah, Allah I ask you to forgive me and to forgive those who forgive me and to allow me to forgive those who have wronged me Allah. Allah I ask you to forgive me and to forgive those who forgive me and to allow me to be forgiven.

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And allow me to forgive those who have wronged me Allah. Allah You're the one who opens hearts yeah hammer I mean Oh Allah open our hearts to Allah, removed from it feebleness and make it steadfast in your path yeah Allah Oh Allah out of memory out of him strengthen our stands with our VM that we stand before you each and every night this month of Ramadan yet Allah we can within us our lewd desires with the CME and the first thing that we have done yet Allah lift from us our fears, yeah, Allah with the blessing of the hora Ania Allah put in our heart trust with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah Allah make the hora and and it's your citation with every letter

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being 10 has entered the remover of our Cinzia Allah extinguish them from our records yeah before we are fully aware of who we are Allah, Allah in Mecca for winter Hebrew life for under Allah in Mecca for winter Hebrew LA for for under Allah Houma in Mecca for winter Hebrew LA for Allah we ask you to grant us comfort in this life grant us comfort with our spouses grant us comfort in our workplace Allah grant us comfort in our schooling yet Allah grant us comfort within our hearts and selves Yeah, Allah. Allah remove our self doubt yet Allah remove our compulsive behaviors. Yeah, Allah remove our instinct to SR Allah subdue within us the Horomia Allah, Allah allow us to be attracted

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to the Hello leaving if it is little so that we can turn away from the house. Allah, Allah grant positive relationships to those who are struggling to find someone to commit to Allah. Allah open the doorways for those sisters and brothers who are seeking someone to complete their dunya law. Send them someone you have hammer rahimian who will show them that which is best of what You have taught I want to be a sallallahu Sallam Allah.

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Allah we ask you to build positive relationships between us and our spouses and our children and our parents and our in Lhasa Allah. Allah some of our sisters and brothers are struggling with their in laws and extended family, Allah, Allah allow them to learn how to resolve these conflicts, Allah to overlook them into parthenia Allah, Allah Allah as we seek to be forgiven by you we seek to forgive others Allah, Allah building us the capacity to forgive others. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah was to be of those who are forgiving and compassionate to those who have wronged us to Allah without letting them walk all over us Allah. Allah protect us from people returning to us with insult and injury

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Allah, Allah do not make us from those who live life tit for tat to Allah where we seek to always have the last word or the last statement Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from a dangerous arrogant prideful envious hearts yeah love make our hearts clear and clean or vole malice towards others yeah Allah where we are forgiven and forget and forgive others. Yeah, Allah. Allah we seek your forgiveness all these days and nights in the month of Ramadan. Allah you spoke to us in the Quran you addressed us in the Quran you sent us its message you and we say send me an outline. Now we hear and we obey Allah. Allah is a consequence of hearing what you have instructed or Allah gathers with

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those who call this MBA when the messenger Muhammad sigh seldovia Allah, Allah I asked you to put me in the scales of those who have taught me and put those who learn from me in my scale on the day of judgment to Allah. Allah subdue anger and hostility in our hearts towards others. Allah Allah make us from those who have a love for knowledge and a love of its practice Yeah, Allah educate us about what we don't yet know yet Allah restrict us from speaking about the deen before we have knowledge of it. Yeah, Allah hold that which is our tongue from that which is slanderous about others in contempt and gossip and exaggeration yet Allah, Allah we ask you not to be wrong than not to run

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others out of law. Allah protect us from wronging others yet Allah and as much as you we seek for you to protect us from being wronged Allah.

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Allah we take refuge in New Year Allah narrow there'll be chaos now over rock manaea Allah we turn to you that ever Merciful seeking refuge and protection from all that which lurks out Allah Allah we turn to you as the only one who can protect us yeah love Allah we call you and once none but you yeah Allah, we call you with all your names and all of your attributes Allah for all the kindnesses that remove harm and secures us from and secures our tranquility Allah, Allah we ask you to remove the harm and grant us tranquility Allah we call you Allah with your treasure names that unbind an untie the binds yeah Allah the cure the ailments of plenish energy Allah Allah renew our faith and

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renew our energy and our worshiping you Yeah, Allah. Allah rejuvenate our hearts with your portal Ania Allah with its message and it's teaching and it's healing and it sound yeah Allah, Ya Allah you said it is Shiva only Murphy's so do read is a cure and healing for that which is in the hearts Allah. Allah expel our doubts from our hearts. Yeah, Allah provide us with what we seek from you. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah turn us away from all other than union Allah. It is only you that we ask of the things that Allah is only you that we raise our hands in supplication Allah it is only you that we bow down to insulate Allah it's only you that we make sudo for Ya Allah

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Ya Allah on account of our love for you and now we're hoping you and our fear of you yet Allah make us from those who are multiple lien accepted in the month of Ramadan as it comes to an Indian law. Allah allow us to be a victor for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Yeah, Allah. Allah allow us to be Victor to our brothers and sisters in law and others say Allah, Allah that aggression continues to increase yeah Allah Allah there is none that protects but you Yeah, Allah, Allah we are unable to do more than what we are doing yeah Allah forgive us for our inability Allah forgive us for our cowardice and our inability to do more for our brothers and sisters. Yeah, Allah. But when

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they have you they need no one else. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to protect those who have fallen and those who have been incarcerated falsely and those who have been oppressed in their homes have been stripped of them we Allah, we ask you to restrain the hearts of the aggressors and put mercy in at Allah. We ask Allah to open their eyes so that they can see the truth of the actions of of their actions and its consequences for them in this life in the next year. I'm not, although it asked you to return peace and tranquility to Allah. Allah, Allah This is a place of Riba they have a lot in worship and sanctifying your name now Allah, Allah protect your house Yeah, Allah. Allah protect

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those who seek to protect it a lot and prohibit those who seek to digress and aggress into it. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to support our mothers and fathers in philistia asthma, our love for support those who have lost their children yet Allah support those who can't find their loved ones Yeah, a lot. support those who are finding it difficult to come and go Yeah, Allah, Allah allow them to remain firm upon the truth Yeah, Allah that they mean protective of Al Aqsa here Allah, Allah make the opposite more beloved to them than their own children. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah we have lost this in our hearts but keep it in their hearts. Yeah, Allah. Allah forgive us for our sinfulness. Yeah,

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Allah that has allowed this to happen here Allah, Allah we recognize the weakness in our Eman that causes weakness in our own May Allah, Allah we ask you to open our hearts and our families to the truth of love, that we are able to regain our balance and stand up as we used to Allah. Allah forgive the owner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and send patients upon the hearts and the minds in the actions of the brothers and sisters in philistia Allah, Allah we've seen these valiant mothers and sisters acting in a way of strength, the outlaw, Allah strength in our sisters the strength of 100 men yet Allah, Allah give them the assistance in the support to be able to resist

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Yeah, hammer rahimian without oppression, those who are seeking to oppress them they Allah, Allah protect them from every harm and from every evil Yeah, Allah, Allah even as they are being arrested, they are smiling Allah, Allah grant them ease and success and forgive them their sins. Yeah. I mean, Allah we ask you to allow us to support them in whatever ways that we can Allah and allow us to make our means of our newness to you and a means of ourselves to them, Allah, Allah protect them from every harm. Yeah, I'm not I mean, well Sol De La Hoya Selim was it regarding let's say, you know, Habibi now whenever you know Mohammed Allah make gonna be Salalah on he was a lot more beloved to us

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than our own husbands and wives and children. Yeah, Allah protect us from loving more than our thoughts Allah Allah what he was saying that his words and his dealings and these actions are more beloved to us as soon as more beloved to us than any other way or like our lifestyle. Yeah, Allah. Protect us out on camera rahimian from deviating from his path and our heart deviating from the truth.

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been added to this photo whenever they've had a tenant. Our Lord don't turn our hearts away from you after you guided us. Yeah, Allah, our lucky pets firm upon an Emanuel hammer. I mean sallallahu wasallam was it with Eric alesi he didn't know we're happy now whenever you know Muhammad Sallallahu he was he was sending him to Sleeman kathira Allah felina or him now if in our for an alarm I didn't even have a if enough human I feed with our Luna female our late Allah Homer vertical anaphylactoid Valhalla mean Allah model era hubballi slabbing one muslimeen one sort of a4 and then mustafina faema shadowfell Mahadeva hasami Bensouda laughs I was a hammer I mean, Allah home in homea or Bella

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alameen Allah almanzora Home Alarm and balama Homer I lemon haga Domino Mati Mohammed sobre la they were selling well letter john I mean homeopath alameen Allah, Allah to john nominal lainnya alameen Allah minimun Nasir Medina wa nosara at one Osama Nasser al Xi are a bit higher lemina we have been Illa Illa Subhana k in econ two minute What do you mean with that 100 behind me, so not because I'm nirc food or Salah lol Mazzone. Now Alhamdulillah hyrum de la me. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. He will cut

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