Wasim Kempson – 1 Interview with Sheikh Arifi

Wasim Kempson
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the differences between Catholicism and Catholicism, including the use of words like "brory" and "brory stamp" in religious language and the importance of attendants wearing clothing during events. They also touch on the upcoming weekend celebrations and the use of the word bread and wine to celebrate. The importance of scripture and the cross in shaping people's lives is emphasized, along with the use of figures of life and people to depict scripture. The segment also offers prayers and blessings.
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Welcome Mr. Anand Islam with our TV

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Salam Alaikum

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welcome. Nice meeting you. Very well. Thank you very well. Welcome to Holy Cross. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. And thank you for giving us time to visit this test. You're very welcome. Thank you. Thank you very much. Sorry, I'm Professor Mohammed Ali from Saudi Arabia. Yes, my job in university and I shift was seen with the Salah.

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metaphoric Benenden can ask how the heck is Ricky and shelfmark Belmont school Catholic orthodox our is asking this is a Catholic church. And what is the difference between for example, a Catholic Church and a Protestant or an Orthodox Church, in the furniture and its buildings you may not know in the sense of its mean hateful etiquette

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in terms of your belief, and the things that you would uphold in your religion.

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Well speaking for the catholic church itself, beliefs are contained in our creed, who cites that during the mess, so you'll find everything that a Catholic believes in his creed, which they will recite on Sunday together? Yes, and we have differences, we have historical differences. And then as the centuries have gone on, there's been more differences. But for a Catholic, you'll, you'll always hear them publicly proclaiming their faith at the beginning of the mass and the creed and it would be taken directly from the Bible or other. It's all biblically based. And although the passages aren't, but in the sense of what our beliefs are, you'll always find them in the creed of them as a

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sort of a katana Okay, them in

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other words, a deed in the home, like and what does the differences do, you know, one or two differences between the Catholic Church and maybe the Orthodox or Protestant?

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One is

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we our understanding of communion of Eucharist for the Catholics.

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Our belief is that Christ is present in the bread and wine, and it is Christ Himself physically present. And there are some Protestant traditions also may believe that as well. But it wouldn't be universally held in the in the Protestant church. So that will be our main

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under understanding of Eucharist, as what we believe that to be. And from that flows, men in the foot rock and theva that to him, yet they don't all Catholic here. And in the most Aboriginal law, it abdomen, they would vote

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for who had the right about about an addition, we'll come up with a suggested MC

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Hammer demo with a balloon a semicolon at this phrase every Sunday, and you would eat this bread

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from the Last Supper,

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the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, from the Last Supper, he gave us the the bread and the wine, they said, This is him. This is me. And every time you gather and celebrate, I am with you. And it becomes his body and blood for us. So in that sense, in our reverence, we would genuflect we would kneel. And we would receive reverently receiving our Lord to sustain us and food for the journey in life and you don't have a burden here, and as I met him, and he said jealous a man

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of God 11 but slowly, but does that mean?

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how that helps a lot. And just yesterday

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Every Sunday you were you when the people come here are they eat this bread and drink? They do. That's the reason why we gather on Sunday we gather to celebrate the Lord's resurrection in a memory of his life. And people gather for that for the Lord's Day of the resurrection. And to

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be fed by him fed through the word which is the scriptures and fed through the sacraments, which we call the bread and wine, the Eucharist for us. So the assembly come to give praise and to give thanks, and for the Lord to feed them in Word, and his own gifts of bread and wine as well.

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No one

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come up Canada, Corona, nerissa, go to Mo.

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Mo. But I think

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is he was when he in his life that he wants to eat, drink, whiskey, wine, Jesus drink, yes.

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In the scriptures or record to the wedding feast of Kayleigh that he partook of that celebration. And

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although it never says that he actually drinks bread and wine, we take it from the reference that he partook of the celebrations and the gatherings of his custom. Yeah, when Africa semeth cola and to whom, and there is a kernel module to be hafla one who jahaz Allahu Allah Hama foreman. bomdila If hamona is a gotcha pachala when lahmacun was caught on the loss of hormone and Kazakhstan, and as part of Canada's one eight, breast equal

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hoonah Lima he's attended a church before where the priest would wear across on his clothing. He doesn't see that on you. For example, no, okay. During the celebration of the mass.

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Our Roman Catholic priests would wear vestments, and sometimes there would be a cross investment. But outside the mass if you were a bishop, you would wear across so as your authority as efficient, but, but some orthodox would wear the cross, but it's something that

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a bit of some priests would wear either lapel they would have a cross to say they are. Yeah.

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You could be

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Hillel sala de la vida to him, he'll be Sunil medabots

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Alia Sorry, I'm an orthodox dominated between the Eman an orthodox for us una Ackerman home and he had

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a Mediterranean

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the number of

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priests, Islam not only Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam earlier on camellia risotto is our own and

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our own

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man was

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a question is that what would be a Roman Catholic view of, for example, the prophet Mohammed in his claim, for example, he would be

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a prophet. Is he seen as somebody who came with a message which opposed? Or did it come with a message which completed Howard Christians for all Catholics specifically, look at the Prophet Mohammed? Well, for us, the prophets ended with john the baptist, foreshadowing the coming of Jesus Christ. And for us, that's the end of the prophetic line. And Jesus is the Son of God. So in a sense after that comes people who are holy and influenced by scripture, and

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Yep, so our prophetic line ends in the sense of john the baptist in Scripture, and the beginning of Jesus in a sentence and I said it to them via internet.

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Yeah, alayhis salam de una muy bien, Musa alayhis, Salam or Jesus or prophet Mohammed. So the other prophets like Moses is viewed as a prophet, of course, yep, everything. There are the prophets before the birth of Christ, who foretold of the coming of Christ indirectly, but through the Scriptures, and john the baptist was the last of our profits, and then Jesus and then Jesus is viewed as Jesus is, the full revelation of God's love for the world is Jesus Christ is God's Son, and his God. And in a sense, there is no need for any prophetic

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saying that after Jesus in a sense it in a sense that the way we understand prophetic

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prophecy in the scriptures would be

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Isa for who

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is more owed fee, calamity to begin in poverty, all of the color and the hopes for him maybe

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as a Latin who are Ebon en la, or who are lucky enough sort of locked

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For example, if Prophethood you believe,

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was completed with john the baptist, and then the emergence of another prophet for example, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

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Who would

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say that we believe in all of the other prophets as well? And it's a completion of the message. Why would you For example, if you say that he wouldn't accept the Prophet Mohammed, sorry, we will accept the Prophet Mohammed as Prophet Mohammed, but it's just in our tradition, the prophecy ends john the baptist because Jesus has come. And it's not being disrespectful. We still see the Prophet Mohammed, peace upon him as a holy man, and has something really important to say, etc. So we would listen, in a sense of the weight we give to Scripture, in our canons of our Bible, we would say in stops at john the baptist, but the rest you know, we don't we're not sure we don't have the same

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obviously because we are and if you caught up to him in that and the Buddha Yeah, like and Mohammed, manual arido not attentive under hula who Hania? Well, Natasha Norodom sorry, let me hasten, no, boo. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, listen, listen. And the Bible, Allah, I am professor in university, I teach

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religion, all the religions, Christianity and Islam and some of the students they are asked me. Difficult question some time when I give see yes.

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I will ask you this question. Maybe Maybe you can help me to search for answer.

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And Christian, Jesus is the son for that. I think, right. Jesus is the Son of God. Yes. Yeah. Yes. And the Bible killed, killed Jesus by the cross. Right. Yeah.

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The reason there is big sin, that Adam

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and the god

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agreed his his son kill to delete the sin. Right. Yeah. This is your ability, I think. Yeah. And I think there's a lot of ways that God can delete the sin without killed his son.

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All right, yeah. Why did God choose this this way?

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It's the it's the fullest expression of God's love, to offer himself for his people.

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To say that Jesus is the perfect

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God, and to offer himself is a real sense of how much God loves us. He does lay down his own life, to say this is how much I've always loved you. And I welcome you into that love to by forgiving sin, and inviting you to come into my life, of love of peace, of reconciliation. And it's the fullest expression that God could. It just shows the magnitude of God's love for his people that he would offer himself and how do you unadulterated hope, a healthy animal safe? I mean, Allah, Allah. Okay, which What? What the sin that Adam did to someone, Adam? Adam, Adam, what's the word person? I think it is it up, or something like this from the paradise. This is the sin. But sin is not the fruit.

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It's not an apple, it's a fruit. Okay, but the sin is disobedience.

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Watching from the tree of knowledge, in the sense of the parable of the way the stole that Adam wants to become God,

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in a sense,

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is disobedience, in a sense mirrors the disobedience of humanity in many ways, you know, and

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yeah, it's a lot and you're not 4k and I can add them a killer.

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Killer killer for manotick is alpha kenaf. Allah

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Allah okay, but I think it's small. Not very big sin, Adam. Take the symmetry out from the earth or kill angle. It says Monson on Lee it for Yeah, but from that comes a rippling of many sins.

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From the one sin begins many, the human condition Did you sense that struggle between good and evil? You have this it is a

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an example of you know how it flows and spreads unless it's restored and brought back to a full life of grace.

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Here's a look at Euro lock and locked

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in a lot of questions of course, but the time is very short. And with the

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Adam, can you send me

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this gift for you? This my book? Enjoy your life. Thank you very much. And this

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it's like this.

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Yes, thank you, Scott, thank you and bear this gift for you. Oh, I should have. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. This is the cherish now it's is it Holman home since how many years? There's been a Catholic presence here since 1890. And 90 Yeah.

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Southern Timothy

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Thomas ish. These, these idols you'd have here What are they an expression of who are they? Well, these are statues of life of saints. And

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and we wouldn't call them idols. There are saints, holy men and women who depict certain scriptural events in the Bible. And, you know, they inspire us because their life was full of grace full of Christ full of God. You know, they inspire us to to serve they're held up as models role models, in a sense there Yeah.

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Timothy innama Haas Roger area saw the hint one nice outside ahead. If Jerome and Eva

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gala omega dragonara a button so when you see them, it will increase you to worship more. It is a reminder through art that Corona humby through arts and so forth, you know of the life of that person, how they fit into the life of Christ, that that Corona hombre.

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And then last Makaton dehulling Mila handle McCann, we are totally happy and feel

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bad cetera. Sofia, Sharon, howdy tomato here, boom, Italia Obama.

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Boo Illa

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Illa de Timothy,

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say that, for example, you might find over a period of time, that people that when they come into the church, that they will see these statues and they themselves their hearts may begin to be attached to these

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statues, rather than, for example, directing that directly to God Almighty, we always teach. And it's always written, that the saint

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or the statue that we see always points to God, through Jesus Christ, that particularly of statues of Our Lady, she is the signpost. Her life was full of grace. She cooperated with the will of God gave birth to Christ. And for us, our ladies always saying look at my son, listen to him. So we always remind the people, you know, we're not and they know themselves. You know, they get great affirmation from praying to the saints, but the saints, all the saints of God are saying, God first. Jesus God first.

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Diamond is a killer on anessa lithonia to 100 the unknown home pocket Isha in en la la Casa La Casa home, a Barton cave attack bulunan la

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Lakin homea Kowloon on for some holiday jello Sadiq Khan is a chrome and Allahu Allah from Anna candidness Jihoon Illa Allah Minho, elation Illa Allah is aluna fi so on the last week was

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a little cross party rally in

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Hawaii, the girl whom the mocha Muslim has been working on a little messy.

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me which I don't have equal McCann.

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For example, when you see the cross, and you see that Jesus is on that in the position that he is, it's something which is very, very saddening to see maybe very hard on the heart. So how is it that you know when you're talking to your congregation, for example, to bring about happiness when you see such a difficult

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reminder feel like through the cross comes Freedom,

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freedom and joy and hope because the cross is one part of the story. The other part of the story is the resurrection, the risen Lord, the Spirit of Jesus amongst us, in his people, and he lifts us up. I mean, the cross depicts human suffering.

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Jesus crucified, died by the hands of the authorities at that time, and the people know the story but they also know the good news that Jesus Christ has risen Alleluia and that's what gives them joy and hope.

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So yes, we look at the cross but we know that's not the end. Yes, if we saw it, it was just Jesus died full stop, it would be a sad story, but the joy is Christ has risen Yes, the one leave enough. So, what does that mean? Because I

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am for how to evolve and follow through on raffia

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Valley Alexa Neha salib whenever I was at

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solando for liquidity failed when I drew the who will hire to run wash Corolla headless took about a year

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hasn't we're inshallah tada convener when I thought he would like it. He asks God Almighty to give us access. And he would like to thank you for your, your respect, and the way that you have spoken in a very nice way and received us in a very beautiful way. And he hopes that in the future with you, he can need to

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keep contact with you. And he would like to show his great thanks for that. Please pass on my prayers and my blessings and upon you as well. Thank you. God bless you think okay, luck. Goodbye. Thank you. Thank you.

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