THEY Call It A Coping Mechanism

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Some people try to say that, you know, religion is a coping mechanism that they don't believe anything. They're atheists. And that, you know, religion is just a way to story that people tell themselves to feel better about having to die or whatever. And, you know, I sympathize, because when I was a teenager when I was 16 years old, I thought that that's what I thought. But as I've grown older and wiser and become better read, I realized that the opposite is actually true that atheism is the coping mechanism, and atheism is the cop out because when you believe in an afterlife, you're signing yourself up for accountability, you're signing yourself up for potential eternal punishment,

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right? You're basically saying that I need to live and there's an exception to be made here for certain maybe doctrines or sects that kind of just, you know, say, Well, you just have to believe X and then you're saved. Right? Okay, we can criticize that definitely. But for Muslims, for example, that doesn't apply because we believe that Islam is a verb, and Islam is something that you need to constantly continually do. So how is it a coping mechanism? How's it a cop out for me to sign up for accountability? And now I have to live my life with limits and with restrictions that I need to struggle on I need to try, right. It's much more of a cop out and a coping mechanism to just say,

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Oh, well, none of that exists. It's all just fairy tales, and I get to live my life and I don't ever have to be ultimately accountable to anybody. That's the easy way out.