Tom Facchine – Natural Disposition

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the natural and psychological disposition of the individual, which is defined by the Prophet as a "has been given to me" by the individual. The individual is given a range of natural and psychological attributes that make them successful in their job. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hard work and patientism in achieving success.
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One thing I talked about last time he talks about, he talks about the difference between your nature, your inclination,

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your habits, and how he tries to give very specific language to these things. Because what we do, and this is a cop out,

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is we make excuses for our bad behavior, right? Somebody curses, or they yell, when they get angry, said, Oh, that's just the way I am.

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Or somebody

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is insensitive. Some of this happens a lot with the guys, that guys are not good conversationalist with their wives. Right? They don't take enough interest in their wives and, you know, maintain keeping a conversation going. And the managers say, well, that's just the way I am. Or that's the way all guys are.

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Might be true, might not be relevant, right? That's what irrigable asked for when he was trying to get us to realize like, you can't use that as a cop out. Yes, everybody is given a certain natural disposition. This is established in the Hadith of the Prophet it so that's the one man he said, a hen will enter right like these two qualities that this man has the Prophet alayhi Salat son praised him for? And then he asked, I'm so happy that he asked this question and probably set him because it's like a really interesting psychological, sociological

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principle. He said, are those two qualities something that I did myself like I develop them? Are they something that a lot like, gave to me? And prophesy? Saddam said, No, Allah gave them to you.

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They come naturally to you. And then he praised the law, the one who gave him those qualities that Allah loves. So there is such a thing as a natural disposition, not just the fifth row, we're talking about, like, that's different between individuals, this person is more forbearing. And more patient than this other person. We see it all the time. Yes, you were born a certain way. You were born a different way. You've been given a little bit more of this, you've been given a little bit more of that. But the conversation, the conversation does not stop there. Right. Like, that's not the end of the story. We don't become defeatist or fatalistic. When it comes to well, that's just

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the way I am. And everybody else has to deal with me know, everybody has a responsibility to develop themselves. And so those rough edges that you have, it's your duty to try to soften them. Right.

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And that takes time. And it's going to be more difficult for some people than others. But just because it's more difficult for you doesn't excuse you from the project of doing it in the first place. And then there's other people that things are going to be you know, they're going to come very easily. So everybody has been given a different challenge. But this is what life is about Allah subhanaw taala gave us what he gave us, dealt us the hand that we have, if you will, and what he expects from you is not to be just like up these cards, I don't like them. It's to actually get in the game, to try to make changes and to try to develop yourself and better yourself. And it's a long

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road. And we all do it and we're all going to constantly make mistakes and fall short. But the important part is the journey, maybe not the destination that you are trying your best and you are demonstrating to a loss fondata that you're patient with what he decreed for you in what he gave you from characteristics and virtues and that you're willing to put in the work to try to become even better

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