Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #325 – What Are Hadith

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of proving that a statement or approval was approved by the Prophet Muhammad's holidays. They explain that the assignment is unique and special because it is a large body of literature, and that the interviewer needs to have proof of their statement. The interviewer suggests that the Prophet had a plan to ensure that his statement was true until it became criticized.
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A hadith is a statement, an action or an approval of the Prophet Mohammed Salah holidays, right? So anything that he said, anything that he did, or anything that he approved of,

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and what the Hadith or something that makes the that make assignment extremely unique and extremely special.

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Because it's a huge body of literature. And it is the object of a lot of scholarly rigor and activity. Because when you're going to claim that somebody said something, you need to have proof. When anybody can get up here and say, well, he said this, or she said that or whatever. But what's, what's your proof? It gets more complicated. If that person that who you're quoting, you know, they lived a couple centuries before you, or even as the case may be 1400 years before you. What's your proof that they said that? If nothing's written down anywhere, that person didn't write a book. And, you know, so the scholars of Islam have exerted this amazing effort where they

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basically verified all of these Hadith they subjected these sayings to to a certain type of criticism to certain types of,

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you know, authenticity. And they were able to devise a way to ensure that, yes, this, for example, is certainly something that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sonam said, and that involves knowing kind of what we call like a chain of narrators. So usually, most chains of narration, they go for people deep with someone so heard from so and so heard from so and so heard from the prophets of Allah.

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And so Okay, who are these people? Right, what were their names? Where were they born? Where they travel, where they study? Who did they meet? Were they reliable? Were they accurate? Were they righteous? And there's books and books and books and books that that are biographies of these narrators and exploring and saying, Well, they were reliable until they were such in such an age and then they started getting senile or, well, they were reliable when they were in this part of the world because they had their books and not in this other part. So it's an amazing, amazing sort of endeavor, that the scholars have exerted all to make sure that we can sit here today now and hold a

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book in our hand and be able to say, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam said this, and he said that

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