Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 269B Tafsir Al-Zariyaat 1-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Surah of Islam is a consistent theme and represents the ultimate provider of all things. The concept of risk and provision is discussed, along with the significance of "ar glasses" and "has been" in various context. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and understanding the connection between the old and the new, as well as avoiding mistakes and reciting "has been" in the future. The concept of the Day of Jana is also discussed, highlighting the importance of understanding when it is happening and the potential consequences of not realizing it.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Surah two that yet the second of the Mufasa Surah of the Quran is also a Maki Surah just as Surah of the Soula has 60 versus 60 Very short verses as you can see Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, were there Yeti, by those that blow the whistle blowing and dispersing that yet before that is wha wha of awesome an oath is being taken by what by a data yet plural of the word that he that he is that meaning the female the feminine that that and what does that all mean? Or that'll that law well or that law Hamzah to blow or to scatter. So that idea is that which blows and that which scatters as it blows away. And that it really, the word is used for wind, meaning when the wind picks up broken

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bits of something, and blows them far away, scatters them away. So that year refers to winds, winds that pick up everything that is in their way, whether it is dust, or leaves up in the sky, we see clouds being blown by the winds. So they pick up and they scatter, they sweep along whatever that comes in their way with that Yeti, that we're aware that we're from the same route that raw well, and the word though, is basically a must have, remember must have stem word the main word from which numerous words are derived, they're taken from it's a noun. And the reason why it is mentioned a verbal noun is to emphasize the scattering or the spreading. So the winds that scatter meaning dust

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or clouds or leaves or whatever that comes in their way that well spreading scattering that iati the Ottawa fell how melotti for them, and Hamilton Alhamdulillah it those that carry Alhamdulillah plural of the word hamdulillah hamdulillah one that does Hamel meaning one that is carrying something so those that carry what do they carry with Quran the object is the word with Quran and wicker while Cawthra is used for a heavy load and what Hamelech is referring to is the clouds clouds that carry a heavy load a heavy load of what of water were within them Alhamdulillah at will wicker fell Jetty attea further than Al Jazeera reality those that sail or those that move along those that

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flow Jetty yet is the plural of the word Jetty yeah that Judy what does that really mean? That Judy it flows it runs so Jerry yet those that flow or run or move along? And how is it that they move along? You straw easily with ease? You straw as you know, yes seen raw user is is so those that sail with ease. And this refers to ships that sail easily on the surface of water. Despite their heavy weight and their huge size. They sailed so smoothly and so gently over water, fowl, mocha see Mati. Then those that divide a mocha CMAT is the plural of a schema. And a schema is one that does Taksim a summer copsey meme a summer your customer is to divide. So mercy math, those that divide those

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that apportion those that distribute, what do they divide? What is it that they distribute, um, raw matter, meaning every matter and Aloka seamoth refers to the angels that carry out the under the command that Allah subhanaw taala gives them so for example, Gibreel brought revelation into mi ke L is appointed with risk with provision. And so seamoth is used those that divide meaning those that carry out, they go to each place that they're supposed to follow or carry through a particular command and they do it there. So for example, in Jamaica, he is responsible for

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What risk and barter provision is bringing rain also. And we see that risk or provision is divided in the sense that there is a certain amount that is to fall at a certain time in a certain place. Not in another place, isn't it that sometimes you drive through the city when it's raining, one road you find wet and then as you keep going, you see that another place is completely dry. All right, so fall mocha. See Murthy, Umrah over here we see four things are mentioned. And by all of these four things, an oath is being taken. Over here you see the FIFA FIFA is connecting each verse with the previous All right, and the first idea begins with Assam with an old so by those winds, that

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scattered dust dispersing by those clouds that carry a load by those ships that sail with ease, and then by those angels that apportion each matter. In the offseason, Kathy it is narrative that early ibn Abi Taalib Radi Allahu Anhu once ascended in the member, all right when he was in Kufa, and he addressed the people and he said that any ayah in the book of Allah, and any sunnah from the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you want to know about? asked me about it, meaning I'm here to answer your questions you have any question asked me. So when man he got up, and he asked him that old leader of the faithful, what is the meaning of the verse? What that iati Lewa?

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What is it referring to? And our little beloved one who said, it refers to the winds? The man asked, fell, how Milady will crawl? What does that mean? And he said, it refers to the clouds. Then the man said, for Algeria to use raw, what does that refer to? And he said, it refers to the ships. And then he said, fall Morocco, Sumati. Umrah what does that mean? And he said, it refers to the angels. If you see over here, all of these four things that are mentioned, by whom an oath is being taken, they are related to this to provision, isn't it? If you think about it, go backwards, the food that we eat, where did it come from? It grew somewhere, how did that grow? Over a period of time, what was

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needed seeds and whatnot, right? And then rain and then sun. And if you think about it, goes back to what it all started from the blowing of the wind. Right? So with that, iati without Allah, and then we see that even if winds are blowing plants are being pollinated, what else is necessary water, where's that water coming from from the sky for Hamlet, you will cross the clouds that bring rain and then fall jatiya to use straw there is produced there is food somewhere, but then it needs to be transported from one land to the other. Right. So the sailing of the ships is mentioned transportation is mentioned. And then the angels bringing rain or different provisions that is

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mentioned, this is all related to what is correct. And we will see that in this surah. There are many themes that are mentioned related to risk provision, you will see this as a consistent theme, the beginning of the Surah, all the way to the end. In fact, one of the last verses in the Surah is that Allah subhanaw taala says that I am a result that in Allah who was up, he is the provider. Right? He has created the creation so that they worship Him, not that they should feed him he doesn't need any provision from them, for he is the ultimate provider. And this is why some scholars, they describe the surah as the surah of risk, meaning the surah that talks about

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provision, that is because it is what is it, we are dependent on it, we cannot survive without it. And who is it that has provided? That is it is Allah subhanaw taala. So one of the best ways to recognize our Lord is how, by seeing that everything we enjoy and everything we use, is coming from who ultimately coming from who from him. So here an oath is taken, a very powerful oath is taken and what's the response of the oath, that in nama indeed to our aduna? What you are promised is Lhasa, surely true meaning whatever you have been promised, regarding resurrection, regarding reward or punishment in the hereafter, that is less. Surely it is true. There is no doubt about it.

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Remember that there is always a connection between the old that is taken and the response of the old, isn't it? It's not that an oath is taken by a random object. And then after that something important is mentioned. No, there is a connection between what the oath is and what the response is. So what's the connection between the coming of the Hereafter it's

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Being true and real, and hear the things that are mentioned such as wind? If you think about it, wind, do you see it? Do you see it? Do we ever see wind? No, it's not possible to see wind. But do we feel its presence? Yes. Do we see its effects? Yes. So even though it's hidden from the eyes, right? Its existence is real. Likewise, there are many matters of the unseen, which are, yes, they're hidden from the eyes. But it doesn't mean that they don't exist, they are real, and of those matters, is the coming of the hereafter also. And then we see that these four things that are mentioned, they all happen at whose command at the command of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because if you think about it, we as human beings cannot control wind, can we? We cannot control wind. Likewise. I mean, if you think about it, such huge amounts of water up in the sky, right? That is amazing. I mean, it's amazing how water evaporates. And it's there in the sky, heavy, heavy clouds, massive clouds, just floating in the air up in the sky. Right, and whose command at Allah's command ships sailing through water? How Why don't they drown at whose command at Allah's command than angels bringing provision bringing rain at one place and not the other at whose command at Allah's command? Each of these things is only possible? When Allah subhanaw taala commands? And

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likewise, the resurrection will happen at whose command at the command of Allah? Because in the previous Surah, Surah off, what did we see people's amazement and denial of the hereafter? That it's not possible resurrection is not possible? Well, it is possible, because the one who will bring it about is the same one who causes heavy clouds to remain in the sky, the one who causes heavy ships to sail through water. So in number two or Duna, la saw they were in and indeed a dean, the recompense meaning the Day of Judgment, and why is it described as a dean, because Dean is from Dane and Dane is a loan that is taken. And when a loan is taken, that means it must be returned. And that

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is what the Day of Judgment is, that whatever we've been doing, there is going to be a result of that. There's going to be consequences of that. So we're in Edina law well, they're surely it is welfare, welfare, one that falls literally. And from that welfare is used for one that takes place, meaning one that occurs, we're in Edina, low welfare, recompense is indeed going to happen, it is going to occur. You're not free here in this world, you cannot do as you please you have to meet your results. What summit II another person another oath is being taken by the sky after things related to the Earth are mentioned. Now our attention is directed to the sky was sama II by the sky

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that did it who book that the possessor, meaning one containing one having a show book, her book, translated as pathways, right? It's the plural of the word Hobbico had a bad year calf with a Tamil buta at the end.

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Just as thorough is the plural of the word, buddy, right. So who book is the plural of the word Hobbico. All right. And Habiba is basically used for a bath a road

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All right, he back. It has also said the word scherbak is the plural of the word Hey back and he back is used for waves or you could say ripples that you see forming on the surface of water as the wind blows, do you see any movement any lines forming on the surface of the water? That is Hey back. The word also applies to waves or streaks or lines that you see forming on sand, because of the blowing of the wind, right. So Shawbrook is understood in two ways. Firstly, it's understood as pathways, roads, routes. So what sama evatik book, The sky which is full of pathways, pathways for what for different celestial bodies, the Earth has its pathway, right? We see that every star

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Are everything up there in the sky has its pathway its orbit Kowloon V fella kin. Yes, Varun, everything is moving up there. And it's not moving at random. It has a particular pathway that it goes on. Then the angels that frequent right between the sky and the earth even they have their pathways. Right? So what's summer Yvette in her book? That's one meaning pathways roads. The second meaning is her book as in streaks. And this is referring to the waves in the sky as in the colors, the designs that you see in the sky. In daytime and in nighttime.

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Just this morning, I don't know if you saw the sunrise. Yeah, with the clouds, beautiful colors pink and purple, and peach lovely colors, you know, just streaks lines. Alright. Even with clouds, what do you see? You see so many colors and streaks and patterns in the nighttime, right with different lights, different stars, you see so many beautiful patterns in the sky. And hobo gives a sense of something that is beautiful, but also strong, what my Xena, it is strong and beautiful. So what summer Eva till her book, the sky that has tracks similar to the tracks or roads that are on earth pathways. And the sky that has beautiful, colorful streaks that change through the night and the

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day. You see, the Earth was mentioned before the wind that blows the clouds that bring rain, right meaning everything is related to the earth and we living on this earth we find the earth amazing. But the sky is far more amazing. Right? Because if you think about it, what is the size of the Earth compared to the sky? It's tiny, right? The space that it is in the universe that it is in the earth is just a tiny, tiny fraction of it? Correct? So if the Earth is beautiful and amazing, then what do you think about the rest of the universe that Allah has created? Just yesterday, I read somewhere that there are more stars in the sky, then there are the number of pebbles in the earth. Can you

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imagine the number of pebbles or grains of sand that are on earth? There are so many that we couldn't count them. But there are more stars in the universe more stars out there was summer II, that deal shoe book, intercom indeed you what's the Joab? What's the response of this oath? That indeed Oh, you people are Luffy surely in Oh Lin motel even you are indulged in coal, in word that is mortal. If that is differing, meaning what you say is contradictory. At one point, you say one thing. And at another point you say something else. Just as in the sky, the colors keep changing, the patterns keep changing. Alright, so you owe people what you say also keeps changing. You always

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have a new story. And what this is referring to is firstly, their opinion concerning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or the Quran. At some point, they said, It's all a lie at another point, or this is all poetry at another point, this is all words of magic. Only multileaf.

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Secondly, in the Quran, all of you, meaning all of you or people are in the field only mortal if you are in differing speech, meaning you differ from one another. Each has their own opinion, each has their own goal. Regarding what, what's the theme of these verses, so far? What is being established, the resurrection, the hereafter, right, that was the response of the Kasam

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that in Edina Lewa care. So regarding hereafter, you people have different opinions. And this is true. Any Civilization any group of people that you go to they have their own ideas. Right? Even we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, the Arabs didn't just have one belief concerning the hereafter. There were some people at that time who actually believed in the hereafter. All right, but they thought that you know, their idols, they would be their Schufa they would intercede for them and then they will be fine. Others they completely rejected the idea of the hereafter. Alright, then we see that the other Kitab of that time, they had different opinions also.

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Correct. So in the comb Luffy Colin multileaf you furcal he is deluded? I'm hooked from it, man who, oh, Faker. He is diluted. He was diluted. You fuck one who man? Oh fika

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You Falco, he's deluded. And remember the meaning of the word if comes up, okay if the literal meaning is when something is turned away from its original direction, alright? And the word is used for lies, it's used for deception. So you furcal he is turned away he is deceived away, and who from it from what? From what what has been mentioned in the previous ayah. The hereafter belief in the Hereafter, or belief in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam belief in the Quran, in the Oneness of Allah, basically, the correct fit, who is turned away from it, meaning who is turned away from believing in it? Man who Fika the one who is deluded, meaning he's deluded himself. This is why he

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is turned away from the truth. What this means is that Allah does not force people upon misguidance rather those who turn away than they are turned away, as Allah says in surah IPSoft I have five that fella Mozelle who, as of Allah who koruba Whom when they turned away, then Allah turned their hearts away.

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So you fuck one human trafficker in other words, the one who denies that he himself is guilty Cotulla he was destroyed. Who I will hunt raw soon the liars the faults of fires the word Cotulla literally means he was killed.

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And this is a word that is basically a da a da made against someone and what it means is that may he be destroyed so cathedral haha soon destroyed are the Hunnewell soon, who are holla soon Karla soon is the plural of the word harass

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and harass is from the root letters. Ha ra sod have we done any word from the same root? In whom Illa Yahoo soon either only guessing. So how is to guess.

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But you see, there are some guesses which are closer to the truth. And there are other guesses which are completely wrong. All right. So house is used for a lie also, it is to put forth one's opinion or judgment concerning something without any proof without any proof. So her loss is used for a liar, someone who makes things up

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based on what based on their suspicion, based on their ignorance. Without any evidence. This is Horace. You see the word course is actually used for originally the word is used for someone standing in front of a tree that is full of fruit. All right, he stands there and he says, You know what? It's going to be this much weight all of this fruit, if you pick it, it's going to be this much weight or that much weight. Now there are some people who have a lot of experience, right? And based on their experience just by looking they can tell. Yes, their opinion has some weight. Correct. But an average person.

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All right, like if one of us were to go in front of an orange tree and say okay, you could get these many oranges from it. I mean, our opinion is irrelevant, right? It's more likely to be wrong. So put it out camera soon Karasuma liars, those who make things up based on what their false assumptions, their ignorance, their suspicion? Who are these Corazon? It refers to those people who spread their opinions concerning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or concerning the Quran or concerning the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala or the hereafter any matter concerning Iman. They make things up and then they spread those lies. Allah says good evil hurrah soon. And this is something that we need to

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be very careful about. Because how easily people make judgments concerning the hereafter. I mean, the Day of Judgment is not even here yet. And here we are passing judgments concerning it. Right? So we have to be very careful this is dangerous go to harass soon if we don't have knowledge concerning something, then let's not claim more than we know. Good detail haha soon those who spread these lies about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or about the hereafter. Allah says such people are destroyed. Who are they? And Lavina they are those who home they feel them rotting in zamira. in Ramallah, their condition is that they are so Hoon, they are in camera. What is the camera? The camera rain

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meme rod. Notice how powerful the languages right and how short and direct these verses are.

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Lumira is basically gives us two meanings. One is to remove the traces of something, the signs of something, when they're removed, they're erased. It's not there, you don't know. You can't tell if it was ever there. Then the word alum is also used for a body of water, or flood, whatever, a body of water that is so deep that you can't see the bottom. You can't see the ground that it's covering.

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So they are in Gamora Gomorrah is used for ignorance, blindness. It's used for heedlessness that when a person is drowned

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in ignorance, he has blinded himself all right, feel glomerata when they are in ignorance, and what is their state they are so Hoon, they are heedless, Sanghoon Florin of the word Sahin. Sahin meaning one who does sow, such that sow, what is such the Sahel?

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What is the such the of Sahel? Alright, forgetfulness, basically when you make a mistake and Salah because you forgot, all right, then what do you do? You correct it and then you make such the so at the end, right? So who is basically to make a mistake? Why, due to negligence in attention, because you weren't paying attention? You made a mistake? Does it happen with us? Of course it does. I mean, if you think about it,

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for rocker, is not a lot, isn't it? And it's something that we do. I mean, very frequently. So tactically, given how short Salah is. And given how many times we have performed it technically, we shouldn't really be making these mistakes, isn't it? But when is it that we make mistakes? When is it that we cannot remember if we prayed three Dakar or four Raka? When when we weren't paying attention? Isn't it when we were negligent? Instead of thinking about the surah that we were reciting? We're thinking about something else, isn't it? So this is sow, sow sow Hoon? Those who are heedless. So firstly, they are in a state of complete ignorance. And then in that ignorance, they're

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heedless, they don't even care. They're lost. Immersed in their confusion.

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Cuttino Hora soon Alladhina, homefield on rotten, sir hoon. I mean, if you think about it, life is something very, very serious. It's not to be taken as a joke. It's not to be taken lightly.

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But majority of the people what is their attitude towards life? We don't bother to find out. We don't bother to improve ourselves to do something useful. So Alladhina Winfield, Ramallah tinsel home, as if they choose to remain blind, they purposely reject the facts before them, the hack that Allah has revealed, and they're very deep in their ignorance, not even thinking about death and what is after death. Yes, Aluna they ask meaning when they're warned, then they ask a yearner When is yo Medina The Day of Recompense a Jana is a combination of a a and a one a you as in which a one time so both together a yen which time as in when get it a you a one, which time together a yen. So these

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people who are assuming things concerning the hereafter, and then they make up their false opinions, and then they spread those lies around and they are deep in their ignorance heedless they don't even care when they're warned about the hereafter. What is their response? A yearner yom would deem when is the Day of Recompense when is it going to happen? Now this question is not so that really, they can know when it's going to be so that they can prepare for it? In like, if you have an exam coming up, you find out when is it going to be so that you can study for it? This is not a serious question. This is a question out of mockery. That all they can ask about is when the day of judgment

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is going to be because they knew the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, I don't know. Who knows, only Allah knows. And they would say, see, you don't know. This is why it's not happening. Because if you knew when it's going to be, then we would know that okay, you know it for a fact you know it as a fact because you don't know when it's going to be that's where you're like

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whereas the fact is that this is knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has kept only with himself, isn't it? So, yes Aluna a Yana yomo. Deen, the maximum that they can ask is, when is the Day of Judgment going to be? You see our questions, they reflect our level of intelligence,

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isn't it? So some people, they're just concerned about when.

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And they're not concerned about what? Or how, and they don't care about the what and how they're just concerned about when. Whereas if you think about it, if something is supposed to happen, then when is irrelevant, isn't it? What matters is, what is it that we have to do? And how is it that we have to do, for example, you know, when you study a course, you're going to have an exam? Isn't it? It's understood that you're going to have an exam? And what does it mean that you have to study? Correct. So if you're sitting the whole semester, saying, when I know when the exam is going to be, then I will start studying for it. You're doing it wrong, because it's known that you're going to

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have an exam. And if you want to start studying, when you find out about the exam as to what date it's going to be, you're not going to have enough time, isn't it? You have to start studying from when from the first day.

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So yes, Aluna a Janna yomo Dean, it shows their non seriousness and it really shows their low level of thinking. Allah says Yoma is the day when home they Island natty upon the fire you've known they will be tormented. They ask so boldly about when the day of judgment is going to be. Well, they should know that it is the day when they will be punished. The word you've Dunoon is from fitna, what does fitna mean?

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What does fitna mean a test or trial? Temptation, right? But the literal meaning of the word fitna is what to

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to purify a metal such as gold or silver? But how how do you purify it? By heating it up? Right? You don't wash it by just, you know with soap and water? No. In order to really purify and cleanse such a metal, you have to heat it up to the point that it's literally melted. Right? So this is the literal meaning of the word fitna. And this is what we understand that if we are ever put in a fitna in a trial in a test, the objective is what for us to be purified. Right. So here the word you've thrown is used in its literal sense, that it is the day when Isla Nettie you afternoon they will be tormented over the fire. Burned

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as punishment due to and it will be sad, taste fit nautical your torment, meaning this is what you have prepared for yourself. Basically, you have brought this upon yourself have a lovey, this is that which come to him you were be with it the star de lune you were impatient. This is what you were hastening for. This is what you kept asking about again and again. When is the Day of Judgment going to be? When is the Day of Judgment going to be? Well, it's here. Let's listen to the recitation.

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Bismillah you man you're walking it was

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Hi, Mila do we all

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do you saw the new consumer at a mall in

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two agunah law they were

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being allowed

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in Luffy

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that if you fake one or fake OTL

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ALLAH Adina home feel

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Yes, Luna Eliana yo moody yo Neville Nilan

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will stand

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