Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 253D Tafsir Al-Shura 41-43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of working hard to control one's anger and avoiding embarrassment is emphasized. The need to face challenges and avoid embarrassment on one's way is also emphasized. The importance of patient behavior and forgiveness is emphasized, as it can lead to long periods of regret and negative behavior. While some situations may require immediate action, others can lead to regret regret is a deliberate effort. The need for patient behavior and forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness is a deliberate effort that requires resolve and patient behavior.
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firmer all determined che in fermata or higher to dunya. Whatever thing you have been given, then it is enjoyment of the worldly life, meaning, the things of this world do not go with you in the Hereafter, these are things that you enjoy temporarily in this dunya and realize the reality of these things and do not compromise a Hera because of these things. Because remember that woman in the law he Hiren, whatever call that which is with Allah meaning the reward in the Hereafter, it is much better in terms of worth in terms of quality in terms of quantity compared to what is in the dunya and it is also a bit of a call from the root letters back off here, because Because is to

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remain and above all, is that which remains or lasts more than something else. So abaca more lasting. And what is meant by Ebola is eternal. Because the blessings of Jannah how are they eternal, where the supplies they never diminish, they never end. So when they're in the law he Hi Ron whatever call but this is reserved for who Lavina Amano wine out of Bohemia to work alone, it is for those who believe and upon their Lord, they rely. And then some more qualities are mentioned. And you will see that all of these qualities are related to Tawakkol reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, we see the first thing that's mentioned after Tawakkol is that while leadin H

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20 Boonah kabbah Yrel. It's me wallflower hash, those who avoid major sins and also immoralities. Why is it that sometimes we get attracted to sins, even though they may be major? They may be serious, they may be immoral? But why is it that we we are attracted to them and we think about compromising? And we think about indulging in them even a little bit for the sake of worldly fun for the sake of worldly pleasure. So then what do you need at that time, the Wakil en Allah, that I will leave this I will avoid this wrong because of Allah. And I trust that Allah will give me what is better.

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So even for leaving sins for avoiding sins, what is necessary? The what? Cool. And then what either malleable, homeo fiddle and the second thing that's mentioned is that when they're angry, they forgive. Why is it that we show anger, because we want to take revenge. We want to teach the other person a lesson. We think that if we don't vent, then what's going to happen they'll never learn. And tomorrow they will be more abusive towards us or they will disobey us even more, right? Abused to something else. But rather, they will disobey us, they will annoy us even more, so I better teach them. But again, you need to work cool on Allah, to control your anger. You need to work cool on

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Allah to control your anger, because you are relying upon Allah that Allah will create ease or this person will change eventually. Alright, so the thing is that, to control your anger, you need patience and patience means you wait, you wait it out? Alright, you're not hasty. And for that for patients, what do you need the vocal. So this is also related to the vocal, then the next thing is when Latinas dejavu lira, be Him, those who respond to their Lord, meaning they obey their Lord, when their Lord calls them commands them, then what do they do? They obey? Because every command of Allah, what is that? It's as if it's a call, and especially in the Quran? What do we see? Yeah, are

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you Hello, Nina Amano. It's an ADA, it's a call Allah calls out to the believers. And then he gives him certain commands and prohibitions. So these people, they don't pretend as if they never heard, they don't act as if they never knew no, they respond to the call of Allah and sometimes the commands of Allah or the prohibitions, they seem difficult, because they would mean that we have to give up some benefit of this dunya or some level of worldly pleasure. And then again, what do you need to respond to Allah, though a call that if I obey Allah, I will not suffer. Then will accommo salata they established the prayer you see Shabbat is so clever, sometimes he makes us think that if

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I will pray, I won't have enough time. I won't have enough to enjoy or I will have to, you know, cut down on my sleep and things like that. Whereas How long does Salah really take? How long? Not very long, so even for a coma to Salah what is necessary, though a call that he has, I won't die if I get to sleep only five hours tonight, right? Because at Pfizer what happens 15 minutes more half an hour more. All right. It's important

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Sibyl to wake up at five o'clock it's impossible to wake up at 430 How am I going to survive the whole day? No Tawakkol Allah, even for a coma to Salah, sometimes you're in the middle of a class, and then it's time for mother if you have to go pray, and what does that mean? That you have to take time out of your class and go pray, while you might have this fear that what about the lecture notes? And what about this? And what about that, though? Akula Allah Allah, Allah will create a means to suffice you so accommo salah, what unrewarding should Robina home even for sure you need to work hola hola hola. Because many times we don't consult other people, because then we think that we

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have to agree with them and we trust that our decision is better. No, the Wakulla Allah Allah trust upon Allah and realize that when you work together as a team, there is hired there is more Baraka when a model is Akane, whom you and feel cone and out of that which We have provided them they spend even for spending, do we need to occur? Yes, though a call is necessary. And then we'll levena either Asaba home will bill you, homie until soon when they are abused, then what do they do? They defend themselves, they speak up for themselves. They don't continue to accept abuse, they're not content with that abuse, rather, they defend themselves. And even for that, though, a call is

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needed. Because you're not relying upon your ability, your strength, your resources, your position, you're relying upon who Allah right, you see, the Wakulla is what that you do what you can do, and Allah will create the results, Allah will bring the results. And sometimes what you can do is something very, very small, very minimal. But Allah will put Baraka in your small effort, and he will bring big results. Think about the mother of Musa alayhis salam. What did she do? She just saved her child. Right? She put her baby in the box and put the box in the river. Correct. And then what happened? Musa alayhis salam survived, he made it to the house of Iran. And there he was

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raised. And then Allah subhanaw taala granted him prophethood and but he is what you were saved. So you can do is sometimes very, very little. But never underestimate the little you can do to defend yourself, the little you can do to strengthen yourself.

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The little you can do to protect yourself. Think about Miriam, how she was told to shake the tree. Right? Shake the tree. Now the tree, a palm tree, it's not possible to shake it, especially by a woman who was in labor, right? She's giving birth and at that time shaking a tree is impossible for a person to do. But she is told to shake the tree and what happened Allah created the results. Right? So again, when Lavina either Asaba Hummel, beliau homie and docilely rune, they defend themselves even with the little that they can do. They don't accept abuse, they don't accept injustice, and by this they create an atmosphere or a culture of fairness and justice. And then a

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warning is given or rather an explanation is given that when you are defending yourself, then remember that what Jezza will say he attend the recompense of an evil, evil as in the evil that is done to you. What is the design of that evil? That Jezza is say he atone an evil myth Lu Ha, like it similar to it, meaning the evil that is done to you, you do the same to the other when you are taking revenge? Yes, there is the option of forgiveness that we will learn about. However, if a person is taking revenge, then how much revenge should that be? Myth Lu her and Miss Lulu? How in Sofia as well as Camilla. What is Sofia Manor and what is Camilla quantity from an alpha. But then

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the other option is also given that whoever burdens pardon zoo

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pardon zoo, the oppressor or the one who has wronged him. Right. So whoever pardons the oppressor, what US law her and he makes reconciliation because you see revenge. Will it ever lead to friendship? Will it No. Will it lead to peace? Not always. Right? Revenge will lead to people becoming even more divided. Correct. So then what is necessary US law and what is US law is law that he mends his relationship with the one who has oppressed him

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he mends his relationship with the one who has oppressed him how that instead of thinking how to break away further, he thinks about how they can come closer. This friend of mine, she moved to a new place. Okay? And what happened? She has a toddler.

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And the neighbors are the people who live in the lower floor, who happen to be people who do not like any noise. And if you have a toddler in your house, what do you expect? A lot of noise, a lot of running. Correct. So what happened? Some people, they just tolerate it, right. And other people, they don't accept it. And they show it to you that they don't like your child, and they don't like you. And since you've come, you've made their life very miserable. So this was the kind of treatment that they were constantly receiving from these neighbors. So what happened, it was New Year's that took some, you know, flowers and chocolates and whatnot and their son, they you know, he made a card

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and everything and took it for the neighbors, and the neighbors were still not very pleased. But this is Islam.

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Okay. This is Alpha and Isla, that you make an attempt to build instead of destroy, to mend instead of breaking away.

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And this is what leads to greater good, you know, taking revenge. So for example, if the neighbor is yelling, and you yell back, right, they're doing something to bother you, and you bother them back. Yes, it might satisfy you temporarily. But in the long run, it's not beneficial, isn't it? In the long run, what is beneficial, I fall will Isla that, even from that oppression he brings about good. All right, that the other is being unfair, but your focus is on Islam, on doing what is right. And so you bring about good from that conflict, then this person for a Jew who are Allah, then his reward is due on Allah, meaning Allah will certainly reward him. And why is this mentioned? Because

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being good to someone when they're being bad to you? is much, much harder, isn't it? Reciprocating is easy. In fact, it's necessary, you feel embarrassed if you don't reciprocate? It's bad. Right? But being good, be nice in return for harshness, that is extremely difficult. So for a Jew, who, Allah Allah, and then a warning is given that in no law you have below the mean, indeed, Allah does not like those who do wrong. So you don't do wrong on the other. Right, and if he's wronging, you, you don't worry about you know, punishing him because Allah will deal with him in the hall. Now you Hybels aalameen. Allah does not like those who do zone. Now, what do we see over here? Barden and

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Islam? That is one way. Alright. One manner is that a person takes revenge, and how much is appropriate only as much as the evil that was done to a person. The other way is off awful. And it's law of pardon and reformation of doing what is right making reconciliation. All right, and making reconciliation with the other person. What does that mean? That I am going to do better than what you did to me,

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isn't it? That is what making reconciliation is about. You yelled at me, I'm not going to yell at you. You slapped me, I'm not going to slap you. Right? You're behaving ignorantly, with me. I'm not going to behave in the same way with you. I am going to do something better. I am going to do is law. So remember, that is law requires subject doesn't it? Is law requires patience. What is somebody that you control yourself? That even when you want to yell back you don't even when you want to show harsh behavior you don't. So it's law requires first and foremost from you. Patience and patience. Remember Sabra is not weakness, it is greatness. It is strength. Because sobre means

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you actually conquered yourself. Before you conquer the other you conquered yourself. You are creating change by changing yourself. So solver is not weakness at all. It is strength. It is greatness. And remember that soccer is with pardon. Sloboda means that you overlook what the other person has done. You ignore it, you pardon them for it. Saba is to refrain from counteraction from responding when you can, when you have the ability to respond but still you don't. You choose not to. So this is why somebody is strength. It is choosing to forgive. That is what somebody is

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Remember how the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was chased out of the city of thought if basically, right? And how was he chased out in an honorable way? No, it was very, very humiliating, isn't it? And he was given the option of taking revenge wasn't he? Wasn't he? Then the angel of the mountains come to him with Gibreel? Wasn't he asked that if you want these people can be finished. But what happened the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he chose forgiveness, He chose to pardon them, for whose sake for the sake of Allah. So basically, summary is about overcoming the hurt that someone caused you.

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That is what somebody is about. That you overcome the hurt that someone caused you, you're not self centered, your focus is not on your self anymore. It's on what it's on the greater good. If the prophets on a lot of them felt at that time, all these people treated me so harshly, they actually threw stones at me. And they sent their children and their slaves and their gangsters behind me to chase me out of the city. This is unacceptable. No way I do not tolerate this. This is focusing on who on oneself, isn't it? Sub it is about overcoming the hurt that you were caused, for what? For greater good. So you prefer greater good, over personal good, you prefer greater benefit over

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personal benefit? Now bring this to the house to the family? What happens? Someone says something very annoying to you? Do you have the option of giving them a piece of your mind? Can you you can do that. But if you do that what's going to happen? One person is going to be sitting on one end of the sofa, the other person is going to be sitting on the other end of the sofa. Right? One person is looking that way. And you are looking the other way. Both are eating dinner watching the same thing, but

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upset with each other. Right. And then what happens that anger that moodiness it just continues for several days?

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Is that beneficial? Is that healthy for a family? Is it No. So then solid at this time means yes, solver means what this person did to me was not right. However, however, I am going to respond in a better way. I'm going to overlook the hurt that was caused to me so that our relationship can be healthy. Right? So from an alpha, we're also gonna bring this to work. Okay, or to school, your co workers, your friends, the people that you deal with outside of your house. Somebody says something really annoying to you hurtful to you. You can respond. But if you respond, what's going to happen? They will respond back, isn't it? And it's going to be a back and forth? And you're gonna look like

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what? What are you going to look like? Imagine two people yelling at each other? Does it look beautiful? Does it look beautiful? It doesn't.

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So when you're in that moment, you know getting angry getting furious because of what somebody said to you. And because of what you want to say to them. Step out of that situation. Take a deep breath, and step out of that situation and think, How do I look?

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At this moment, yelling the way I'm yelling, saying what I'm saying? Do I look like a beautiful like a decent person?

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Do I look like that? Or do I look like a miserable individual who's got no life was just you know, pathetic? Basically, what is it that I look like? How is it that I appear? So what we need to do is step out of that situation and think about greater good, as opposed to personal benefit only satisfying one's ego. So from an Alpha was Lucha, for a Jew, who Allah Allah, what a man and surely the one who the person who in Dasara he defended meaning the one who defends himself by the after LMI he his volume, meaning the loom that was done to him.

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You see, there are some situations in which somebody is better. All right. And then there are other situations in which there is abuse.

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All right, in which there is abuse. So for example, if somebody hit you,

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they injured you. All right over there, you have to stand up for yourself. And if somebody comes and tells you that, for instance, somebody in their family has abused me, has been violent with me then please don't advise them to be patient over there.

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That would be injustice. So while I'm on in Dassault,

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Oh, by those who told me he if someone is defending himself after injustice was done to him, are they doing something wrong? Are they doing something wrong? No, they're not doing something wrong at all Allah says for hola Iike so those ma i lay him there is not against them mean Sybil in any way any cause meaning any cause for blame, meaning they are not guilty at all. They're not guilty at all. So if for instance, there's a woman and in her family or in her house, there's a lot of domestic abuse. All right. So she doesn't take it in the name of Sobor rather, she stands up and she seeks help. Is she doing something wrong?

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Is she doing something wrong? No, she's not doing anything wrong.

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However, look at the clarification that in nama indeed only a sub below the way meaning the cause for blame, as in the penalty is on who either Lavina on those people who yell Willie Munna NAS who do learn on the people.

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And remember that sometimes the most loom can become volume also. The Mizzou meaning the one who was oppressed, can become the oppressor also how,

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by by retaliating more.

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So, for example, a woman is suffering from some form of domestic abuse and she stands up for herself and then divorce and whatnot. And then she gets to take a lot of money from the guy from the men.

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All right, more than what her right is.

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You understand what's happening here. So now she's becoming an oppressor. What happens is that if we are suffering at somebody's hands, we think we can do whatever we want whatever is within our capacity to inflict greater harm on them.

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So because of being victims, what happens we sometimes we become oppressors. So in nama Sabina on Alladhina, yelloly Munna, nurse,

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the cause for blame, meaning guilty, or who, those who oppress people, way a balloon or fill ugly belated Huck and the tyrannized upon the earth without any right

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meaning they crossed limits, yeah, buena. They do buggy. All right, they crossed limits in the earth without any right Hola, eco Lahoma or double Alene for them, for such people is a painful punishment in this world and also in the Hereafter, what a man and surely the person who sabara he is patient, the one who is patient over the pain and hurt, law follow and he also forgives, meaning he excuses the wrong that was done to him and he does not take revenge, Allah says in Nevada indeed that is lemon shortly from as mill mood as What does as mean determination, resolve firm resolve and a little more plural of the word matter. So, it is from us mill omoove What does it mean by that

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awesome over here gives the meaning of marzu met meaning that which requires us

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that which necessitates firm resolve

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all right. So, what this means is Lamine Nazmul, are more that being patient and forgiving is of those matters, that require determination and firm resolve, meaning without firm resolve, you cannot be patient and you cannot forgive what we think is that you know, patience and forgiveness, it should just come naturally. Right? It just come naturally. And if that patience is not coming, if that forgiveness is not coming, then you know what, maybe I'm not meant to be forgiving and patient, I lacked that quality of patience, what do we see in this ayah patience is something that has to be brought.

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You understand, because it requires resolve.

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It is brought it is a conscious effort. It is a deliberate effort. In the value column in our as mill move.

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And notice over here Sabra come first and then comes forgiveness Sebata will offer you cannot forgive without patience. Patience comes first and forgiveness follows

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Right now, yesterday, somebody says something horrible to you. And you're like, Okay, I'm not going to respond and whatnot. But then what happens? You're still hurt in your heart. Right? So what happens is that if you keep those wounds alive in the sense that you keep thinking about them, all right, and you keep refreshing the pain, you will never get over it. A wound, does it take time to heal? Does it take time to heal? Sometimes a long time, not just a day or two, but weeks, isn't it? Certain injuries, they're such that they take months to heal. So when you are choosing to forgive someone, firstly, allow yourself some time.

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Allow yourself time to heal. Time to calm down.

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Time to relax. And this is the reason why we have been encouraged that when you're angry, and you're controlling your anger, what should you do?

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What should you do make will do if you're standing up and sit down, leave go somewhere else, isn't it? Avoid? Why? Because give time to yourself?

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Isn't it? So that's the first thing. Secondly, when the wound is healing, if you keep picking at it,

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is it going to heal?

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Is it going to heal? No. If you've got an injury and you keep thinking about it, and you don't busy yourself in something else, is your wound is your injury going to hurt you more? Yes. Somebody I know got seriously injured. Alright, recently and two, three days are extremely busy. I constantly morning tonight, busy, busy busy. The whole time I didn't hear anything, oh, I'm hurt, I'm hurt, it's hurting, it's hurting nothing. All right, then they were free. They had nothing to do the weekend came and what happened? I'm hurting, it's too much. And this is normal. It happens when you don't busy yourself in important things.

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If you don't occupy yourself with important things, and what will happen, little little things will bother you.

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They will bother you. So then, if you choose to be patient and forgive, what do you have to do, then? What do you have to do? Somebody said something nasty? Please don't replay it in your head. Okay, don't repeat it in your head. And don't talk about it. If you're choosing to forgive.

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Then do what is necessary for forgiveness. And what is that? Don't keep repeating it. Don't keep talking about it. Don't write it and don't go on sharing with the whole world. This person said this to me. She said this to me. She said that to me know, if you're choosing to forgive, then don't look at it anymore. Try to forget it. Treat it as that extra information that you choose to overlook and ignore. You know, when you have those 30 pages of readings to do then what do you do? Do you read every single word? What do you do? You just highlight all the important things skim through. Alright, and you ignore the rest. That's what you have to do.

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So what am sobre la Farah in the Delica Lemina asmall OMO recitation.

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he mean he for Hola?

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Sebby in Ms. Sebby you know I'm letting you know y'all. The moon and the wound if you leave me alone eating

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each other Moon li wala knows about all of our photos in color. I mean, I was new

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