Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 041C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 14

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What else? Well, anon and the grazing livestock, and I was a thorough Lof Nam and know what Nam is actually used for a camel. But the plural form an arm is not just used for camels.

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Rather this word is used for grazing livestock grazing domesticated livestock animals.

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But remember that these include only four types of animals.

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The word anom includes only four types of grazing, domesticated livestock animals, it doesn't include pigs. Although they may be kept in farms, they may graze they may be a part of livestock, but they're not included in this only four types of animals are included in an arm. What are they? Camels, cattle, cows, and goats and sheep. They are included in

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other say that an arm also applies to wild four legged hoof herbivore animals.

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Which one's

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wild? Meaning they're not domesticated. They're in the wild. They are four legged. They have hoops. And they're also herbivores. Only herbivores, meaning they only eat plants.

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So what do they include? For example, deer, antelope, elk, moose, all of these animals are included in an arm as well. And we learned this from the Quran, Joseph myth llama Atella Mila now

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that if a person he is in the State of Iran, and he hunts because if a person is not allowed to hunt, then you're supposed to give the recompense for that. What is that recommends similar to the animal that the person has hunted. So for example, if he is hunted a deer, what is an animal of the unknown that is similar. Got.

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So these are unknown. Now generally, we see that an arm, it's only people who farm they're the ones who like to know, for example, how many people over here like goats and sheep and camels and cows. Okay, hungry. Now, there are still people who like them. I love them as well. But very few people, they have a shower for these animals, they have a craving desire for these animals. But we see that the animals which are which I mentioned, the the wild four legged herbivores, for example, deer, this is also a part of status symbol, in some places, in some cultures, in some areas that people actually own these animals, and they will keep them in their private properties. Why? Because it's a

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part of a status symbol.

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So this is also after the Bush era.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he sent earlier Wynonna to Faber, he said to him, by Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah to you, it will be better for you than a whole lot of red candles. If one person is guided through you, by Allah subhanaw taala if you are a means of guiding one person, that is much better for you than owning 100, red candles. That's much better for you. So we see that these things, these animals and their inhibitions are wet, which means that they are a tougher person, that what do we do with them?

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Does he use them to please Allah? Does he prefer more important things over them? Are these the only priority for him in his life? Or is there something else that is more important? Well, health and the fields and the lens, the word health is from the roof of his house. And health is used for land that is cultivated, and it's also used for crop. People also like tilled land. So we see that people, they're proud of their properties. And many times we see that people whose ancestors were landowners, they will talk about them, that my grandfather, or my ancestors back home, they were landlords, or this is what they own. They own this much land.

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Even if they themselves have never seen those lands, even if they don't know a thing about farming, but still they're so proud of that. Why it's a satisfying. It's something that brings honor to people. So people take a lot of pride in owning land. And okay, yes, in particular house has been mentioned over here. But other than have people love to own land.

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People love owning their own house, their own property, and sometimes they have one property but still they want more and more. They have a smaller house, but what do they want a bigger health than they want to help with some property around it? With a huge backyard or a huge backyard and a front yard? A house on a property

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So unhealth and the fields. Now all of these things, people love them, what does Allah say? Then he comes down here to dunya. All of these things, they are what they are imita of this worldly life,

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what does matter, something that is enjoyed temporary,

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something that is a necessity. But it is enjoyed temporarily, the benefit is temporary. And the time of enjoyment is also temporary.

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If you think of it, none of these things, none of the things that are mentioned over you can have them forever.

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For example, a person has a beautiful horse, what happens the horse dies.

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Or, for example, a person has a whole lot of golden silver, but the enjoyment, the pleasure is still limited, it is temporary.

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If you have even 50 sets of gold, can you wear them all the time, you can't, you can only wear one, and some people they go to the extent of wearing two or three at the same time. So all of these things, they are emitter of this worldly life, you enjoy them temporarily. The enjoyment is very temporary.

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How temporary is it, that you enjoy them only until they laugh, or you enjoy them until you

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either you die or they finish.

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So you only have them for this worldly life. And notice how at the dunya has been mentioned dunya is on the roof is that noon, what does the nuke mean? To be No, of little value. So compared to the ACA dunya is very low, the meta of the dunya if nothing is very insignificant compared to the enjoyment of the hereafter.

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So these are the things that people spend their whole lives worrying about. Everybody spent some time some effort in acquiring these things

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in acquiring the best self, best husband or best wife, the most beautiful one.

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Similarly well than a car than a house than some pets than one thing or the other. So these are things that people they spend their whole life trying to acquire, trying to get a hold off. But what does Allah say? They are here only temporary

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or you are here, only temporary. You are here only for some time. So all of the delights of this life their shortcut their temporary.

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Well now we're in the WHO for what Allah has Allah who are in the hood and Allah with him is what has been the best of resort the best avoid the word map is from the root letters Hamza Wilbur from ever? What does it mean to return and map it begins with me what does it mean place of meaning place of return.

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And the word map does not just mean place a return but it also gives us the meaning of time of return.

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So what Allah has with him, is the best place of return. All of us have to return to Allah. All of us have to go back to Allah. But if a person uses these things that Allah has given him, to prepare for that return, then what Allah has with him as reward for those people, that is the best return.

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We learned in the Quran. Sutra uncovered is 64 Allah says we're in a Darrell karate le he'll hail

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the home of the Hereafter. That is the true life. And the word has been used Higher One thorough, but it's not just one life that will end it's not just one enjoyment that will end but the enjoyment of the Hereafter, the pleasure of the Hereafter, is going to be continuous and eternal.

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So if you compare the two, one is the Bucha with

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the desires of this world. And on the other hand, is what Allah subhanaw taala offers

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what is better, that which Allah subhanaw taala offers for the hereafter.

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We see that all of the things that are mentioned over here, women, children, or it says all of the things what are the necessities of life, you need them in order to survive. You need them in order to live, which is why they're Shaha their natural desires. For example, you need a spouse, everyone wants children. Everyone dreams of having children. Similarly, wealth is needed as well. It's the basis of economy. If you don't have money, how are you going to eat? How are you going to travel? Similarly, finally Musa wanna transfer transportation that is also a necessity.

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Having a car is I confessedly. Today you can't do without it. Similarly, you need money. You need these assets.

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You need property you need land, you need something through which you can gain money through which you can get your sustenance. So what is the problem then? Is liking the things something that is wrong, something that is disliking our deen, no, all of these things are a necessity. The problem is, in being over excessive with these things is being overly involved with these things. It is in being occupied with these things all the time. And one is to be occupied with these things. And the other is to be occupied with them and think that it is okay to be involved in these things all the time and think that it is okay. Think that it is fine. What does Allah say in the Quran? And how can

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we take care of competition in worldly increase that has diverted you from that which is more important, you have one thing you want more, and then you want more, you enjoy it once, and you want to enjoy it again. So when a person indulges in the desires excessively, that is when it becomes a problem.

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Otherwise, all of these things are necessities. They're a part of life, Allah has put the love of these things in our hearts, the inclination for these things in our hearts. Allah has beautified these things for us. So liking these things, using these things is not a problem. The problem is in being overly involved with these things.

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So we see, on the one hand, all of these things are a test proof that what do you do? You have them? Do you forget a low do you still remember. And on the other hand, these things are also an opportunity for us to do secret to unlock the Pentagon. Think of it when you have a nice car that is warm, that functions perfectly fine. In the most cold weather even, there's so much snow, but your car is driving perfectly fine. There is a storm outside, it's raining heavily. And you're sitting nice and dry comfortably in your car. So when you're sitting like that, what does that remind you of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. So, on the one hand, yes, they are a test. On the other hand,

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they provide us with the opportunity to do suka to Allah subhanaw taala.

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If you didn't have a good spouse, if you didn't have a good car, if you didn't have a good house to live in good children or children at all. How would you do sugar? What would you do sugar for obviously, there are so many things that a person can do sugar. But these blessings are very obvious. They're very obvious to everybody, we forget about the blessing of eyes the blessings of having a an ear that functions having a stomach that functions properly. But these blessings, spouse, children money, food, transportation, these lessons are very obvious to us. So when we have them, when we use them, they provide us with an opportunity to show gratitude to Allah subhanaw.

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And also at the same time, all of these things can be used to earn good deeds to increase in the drudgery of the Hereafter

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to increase in our reward in the hereafter. It depends on the person, what does he do?

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It depends on us. What do we do? What do I do? Am I so involved with them? That I ignore Allah subhanaw taala that I ignore my responsibilities.

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Do I love them so much that I don't care about how I'm acquiring them. So they are a test. They're a means of providing us with an opportunity to do sugar. And they're also an opportunity for us to increase in our double Jack in the hereafter.

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For example, when it comes to women since they're mentioned, first in the iron,

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we learned that women are fitna for men. But at the same time there's a Hadith of the Prophet, Allah Islam which tells us that a dunya Matera, this life is an enjoyment. We're higher limitary Here, I love to follow her. And the best of it to delight, the best delight, the best enjoyment in this dunya is a righteous one. Why? Because a righteous wife. What is she going to do? The man looks at her. He's happy. He talked to her, he finds comfort. He speaks with her and she gives him advice.

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Similarly, she cooperates with him when it comes to performing good deeds.

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So having a companion in life, who is not just a source of fulfilling your sexual desire, but rather a source of helping you in your deen that is also a blessing. So yes, all of these things they are natural desires, but at the same time the providers with an opportunity to increase in our diet in the hereafter

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to increase in our rewards as well.

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Similarly when it

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I'm stubborn when it comes to children. They are a child what people love to have children. But if a person has a child, and he trained him properly, he teaches them good things, he teaches them the beam, and the child grows up to be a righteous child, and the person dies. And the righteous child prays for him, but is it

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beneficial for him. So, sometimes having children is not something that is condemned is not something that is disliked already. But we have to use these blessings properly. We have to use these blessings to earn our Accra, not just to enjoy this lowly temporary life, because this temporary life will be over soon, or the things that we have in them will expire soon. Use them to earn the Alpha.

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There are tools that Allah subhanaw taala has provided us with so that we can make our

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seminar any money cannot be your local authority means that we will favor if a person has a lot of they have been filled up. What does he have to do on that? He has to get your cat on that. If a person didn't have that money, how would he give zakat? If he didn't give zakat would he get the reward for giving.

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So having money in and of itself is not something bad. But if a person uses it to please Allah subhanaw taala he uses it, he acquires it in a lawful way, he uses it in a lawful way. And he spends it in order to please Allah subhanaw taala there is immense benefit in that for a person.

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We learned so much about spending in the way of Allah, those who spend for the sake of Allah day and night, openly, secretly, so much reward for that. If a person doesn't have money, how will you spend?

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If he doesn't have money? How is he going to spend? How is he going to get reward.

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So these things have been given to us, so that we can earn reward.

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Similarly, horses were mentioned,

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from my Hadith, we learn that horses are three types. And you can imagine this as your car, you can make it relevant to yourself by thinking of your car, that horses are three types. What are they? First of all, the horse, which is a burden for its owner? It's a wizard? How is it a burden? It is the person who looks after the horse who bears the horse? Why, in order to show off,

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out of pride in order to cause hurt to others. In order to show off to the others that look at my horse. This is what I own look at my car. And it's not just this one card that I own, I own this car as well. And it's not a model that is three years old. No, it's this year's model. And look, there is no scratch on it. Look at the color. Look at the leather. Look at the number plate. It's custom made. So when a person thinks like this, this kind of a horse, this kind of a vehicle, this kind of a means of transportation is what a burden on a person

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finds it a burden. Okay? Yes, he's earning sin, which will be a burden on him on the day of judgment. But even in the dunya such a vehicle becomes a burden on him. Why? Because you have to spend so much time in maintaining it looking after you have of course, everybody should maintain a look after what Allah subhanaw taala has given them. But when a person is so excessive, and he's so obsessed with what he has the knees, checking everything with a magnifying glass, is there a scratch over here? Is there a scratch over there, and it should be shining. And if it has rained, oh my god, I'm gonna have to take my car for another carwash. This is what it becomes a wizard on the person it

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becomes a burden on the person. The second type of horse is that which is a sutra, that which is a shield. How is it a shield?

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It is for the person who rares the horse? Why, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala but does not forget the right of Allah concerning the back and the neck of the horse. What does it mean by the meaning he uses it in order to benefit other people. So for example, he uses it to benefit himself. He uses it to benefit other people. So for instance, he uses it to fulfill his needs to go around for his convenience. Similarly, if there's another person who wishes to take a ride with him, he gives him a ride. He doesn't think Oh, my back feet is gonna get dirty. Nobody ever sits there. And if I give a ride to people when it's raining or when it's snowing, my mats are gonna get dirty. No,

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he doesn't think like that. So this kind of a car. This kind of a horse is what a shield for a person. He used it in the right way. He didn't show off. He used it to fulfill his needs. He used it

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To fulfill the needs of other people, so it will be a means of protecting him on the day of judgment.

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The third type of arts is that which makes its owner entitled to reward, it's a means of attack on the Day of Judgment, how

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it is for the person who wears the horse. Why, so that he can use it for the cost of Allah,

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he can use it feasibly than that, the only reason why he has that horse is so that you can use it for the sake of Allah.

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And in particular, horses are used for what for battle. So he has it so that he can use it for Jihad feasibility.

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And in looking after a horse, remember, it's not like you've parked your car in the garage, and when you need it, you take it out, no, you have to look after the horse, you have to brush it, you have to feed it give proper food to it, you have to make it, you know, just like people take their dogs for walks. Similarly, the horses need to run, they need to be trained.

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So it requires a lot of work, a lot of effort. And so each time that this horse eats something, that the horse pastures, each time that the horse does anything, even when it's not directly involved in the battle, everything that the horse does, it brings reward to the person.

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So much so that even the droppings and the urine of that horse, they will be considered for what

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for an award for him. Because the horse is eating, its drinking, the man is providing for the horse, the horse is there why? Only that the person can use it for the sake of Allah. So everything related to the horse will be counted in his good deeds, every step that the horse takes every turn, that the wheel takes

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every turn every drop of gas that the car takes in, what is it, it's a means of reward when when a person uses it, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala even the Hadith tells us that every footprint of the horns that will also be counted as reward for the person, because he's using it entirely for the sake of Allah. So if you look at it, the person could have a car, just so that he can show off another car he has, so that he can fulfill his needs.

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And other far he has why for the sake of Allah, for example, he can go to the masjid, she can take her children to the masjid in the evenings.

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Why? So that they can learn Quran?

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Or she goes somewhere to study the Quran, and every drop of gas, every time the wheel turns every time remember, the audio is being recorded for the person. Now if a person says no Halal MUSAWAH That is rubbish our I'm not going to get a car, even if I can afford it. No, I'm going to live a simple life if you're going to get that reward, no.

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So we see that these things they are Bucha Huwa, but they have been given to us so that we use them properly. So that we can earn reward, so that we can prepare our hereafter. And if you look at it, the horse that I mentioned you the third type of horse, okay back then people use them for jihad. But today why don't you have what type of jihad is needed today of educating people, our Muslims and non Muslims about what about the we learn in silica Toba? Allah says well Americana, me noona Lee and futile Kapha it is not for the believers to go forth to battle all at once meaning it is not that all of the believers should go to battle. Even when there is battle. All of the believers must

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not go to battle Why fanola Anna forum in Conde ferroportin main home VA if attune Lea de facto who fit the for there should separate from every division of them a group to obtain understanding in the religion

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Lea de vaca who PHAP from every community, there should be some people who have dedicated their lives their time, their money, why? To learn the deen so that they can spread the deen

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so yes, at that time people use their horses visa vilella If today you are using your money, your car to help people learn the deen of Allah what is that? He's to be the man that is a means of acquiring the hereafter.

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Then we have the grazing livestock, the anom and the half. What are the assets, things that are of great value, but we see that even on these things, the cat has to be paid. The cat has to be given on livestock on cattle

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similarly, or has to be paid on land that has been filled land that has been harvested.

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So, we see that the purpose of these things to summarize is what? We use them for the accuracy. We don't get lost in them, but we use them to earn our

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let's listen to the recitation

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Luini in Warszawa

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Nisa, Bernie you know

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call on

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what you will find most a woman in one

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run you cannot hire duniya one long warrior

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What is needed is moderation, that we don't go into extremes our deen does not allow us to become tarikat dunya to become those who completely abandoned dunya to not get married to not having children do not earn money, do not have a horse not have a card. No, this is not what are the intelligence, that we have the things, we enjoy these things, but we don't get lost in them. And we use them to earn our

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I was just thinking, whenever we did these is just a few weeks ago, I went home because my grandfather had gotten very sick. And I had realized like the last two weeks I spent with him. There was one thing that he kept on doing like, well, first, let's take the whole time like he had been remembering Allah, like every time, you would listen to what he was saying he'd either be reciting, like, you know, something from Quran or he would be doing like, a law or something. But one thing I noticed is that every time you know I would adjust his pillow or his blanket or something, I would, you know, cover his hands so he doesn't get caught. And he would always move his hands out of the

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blanket. And he would just keep them out like this, both his hands.

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And after he passed away, my uncle was telling me that the reason he did this is because once there was a story about some great leader or something, and I'm not sure exactly how it went, but basically he had like a lot of wealth. And he had like, you know, people knew him as a very great person. And at the time of his death, he asked the people to keep his hands out. So when people saw him, and they saw his hands, it was like empty. And that's what my grandfather kept doing. Even unconsciously, he would just keep his hands out. And every time you asked him, like, Do you want anything? And he would say No, Allah has given me everything. And it just made me realize so much

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that because like throughout his entire life, all of these things that have been mentioned, he had a nice house, he had kids, he had the world, everyone respected him, everyone knew him. But at the time of his death, he was like, I don't have anything and I'm leaving the throat with only my deeds,

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something to think about

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everything that a person has, it's only an attack for this life. And it's up to us, what do we want to do with it? Do we want to invest it so that we have that which is much better in the hereafter? Or do we get lost in this so that we ignore the hereafter?

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We as Muslims, we don't just have the responsibility of obeying Allah subhanaw taala.

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It's not just this responsibility upon us that we have to obey Allah we have to worship Allah, we have to do that which is halal only and stay away from that which is haram. That is something very important. However, we have another very important responsibility upon us as the Muslim ummah and what is it, that we have made the Ummah that was upon so that we convey the message of the deen to other people? And if we say that no, this is my life, my comfort, I have look after my house, my children, my family, my car, my this, my that. And if we don't take time out for the day, then what are we doing? We're forgetting our purpose. We're ignoring our goal.

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These things Allah has given us so that our life becomes easy, so that we can benefit the deen we can serve the thing, not that we start enjoying them, and we get lost in them and we ignore our purpose in life.

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Or what have they learned? who, when he heard this idea? When this idea was recited to him, What was his reaction? We learned in fact, her body, he said Allahumma in Lannister theory in enough for Habima as a youngster who learner

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Allahumma inni Iluka an own faker houfy happy? Oh Allah, we cannot help but

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Be happy with those things in which you have placed an attraction for us.

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Something in which you have placed an attraction for Leonid in us, that we are human beings, we cannot help but be happy with all of these things. I asked you that I should spend these in the way that they should be spent.

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I use these things in the way that these things must be used. And what is that way? What is the HAC of these things? That we use them in a way that is halal and we use them to serve the deen of Allah. We use them to spread the deen of Allah

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which is why we see that Irma Leonardo when he became the Khalifa when he became the kind of how much he did to serve the the

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that he left all of these luxuries completely. And he focused on benefiting the Muslims on growing the dinner the farm and the Muslim empire grew so much at that time. So many people became Muslim at that time.

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And we said all this is natural dinner, I mean, I'm going to be inclined towards it. This is something that I have to use it I'm going to enjoy it and it was only focused was his own pleasure, his own enjoyment. Then what would happen

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from another tradition we learned that he said Lannister theory in the a new Heba Meza, Yenta, Lana, Falcone Shala, who was zucchini, an infielder who he helped make that we cannot help but love that which you have adorned for us. So save me from the evil aspects of these things saved me from the evil of these things, what is the evil of these things that we get lost in them. We use them in the Haram, we earn them through the Haram

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and give me the tofield that I use them for your sake.

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So loving these things, liking these things, appreciating these things is natural. It is something that will happen. But the moment you begin liking these things, that's when you just begin. What do you do now? Do you get lost in them? Or do you use them for a loss?

00:32:11 --> 00:32:14

Do you use them in a way that Allah subhanaw taala approves.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:20

Because once a person gets lost in these things, and there is no limit to it, there's no end to it.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:33

Before the dream was to have a nice family, a house and the car. But now to have a family to have houses and to have cars and gadgets and beyond.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:52

So righteousness is not in leaving these things and abandoning these things. No, these are a part of life they have been called muda which means they are something that you need to survive. It's a necessity of life. Yes, it's temporary, but it's a necessity. It depends on how you use it.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:02

All of the things that Allah subhanaw taala has given us we don't know when they're going to be taken away from us, or when we're going to be taken away from this world.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:10

So, the wise one will be who will use these things to please Allah subhanaw taala not to displease Allah,

00:33:12 --> 00:33:18

who will use the things so that he can attain the pleasure of Allah how by using them for the deen of Allah

00:33:20 --> 00:33:51

karoun He was told that we're the only female Adak Allah Who that will after that which Allah subhanaw taala has given you so much wealth, what should you do? Seek the home of the Hereafter through this, the home of the Hereafter seek that try to get that how through what Allah has given you. And at the same time, well, Athens honestly Bucha minute dunya do not forget your share of this dunya meaning do not forget to give your own hook as well.

00:33:52 --> 00:33:56

So, we see that balance has to be maintained.

00:33:57 --> 00:34:15

And what is that balance, that a person uses these things to fulfill his needs, but at the same time he uses these things to acquire the alpha because if he does not use them to acquire the akhirah then what happens? They become a burden. Remember the three types of horses they become a wizard.

00:34:16 --> 00:34:45

So a perfect balance has to be maintained. So we see and another reason the Quran Allah says with an African ini Yeah, you are Latina Ave Latin hippo unwelcome. What are the commands or you will have believed? Let not your wealth and your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. Don't get so lost in them, that you get distracted by the remembrance of Allah. Use them to attain the pleasure of Allah use them to attain the home of the Hereafter

00:34:46 --> 00:34:57

be involved in them, but only as much as it's necessary. only to the extent of MATA that's it, no more than that. Because the reality is that they are not eternal.

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

So we see that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

All of the things, they have them culture when they're pulling us. They are attractive all the time. You see a nice car, when you wish you would have it. You see an advertisement and you wish you could have that particular thing. You see such a nice offer you see a beautiful house, you see a good opportunity you wanted all of the things I want. They're pulling us towards veterans. And there is an attraction that has been placed in our hearts. You know how like there are two magnets. So if you bring them close in range, what's going to happen? They're going to be drawn to each other. And this is the reality of us as well that we are pulled towards these things. But at the same time, what do

00:35:41 --> 00:36:09

we have to do? We have to hold ourselves back as well. We have to keep ourselves together as well. We have to pull ourselves towards that which of us Pantanal next towards that which Allah depends on is continuously. So it's like as though we are in a tug of war. That one side is pulling us towards the dunya and the other side, we have to pull ourselves to the alpha to that which is on the other side.

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