Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L266C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Villa humanness Shetland rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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wahoo Allah The Kapha idea humann come What idea C'mon home Viva Tony maka and it is he who withheld their hands from you and your hands from them were within the area of Makkah

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gafa idea home whose hands their hands the machine of Mecca de Quraysh he would held their hands from you meaning from attacking you and he withheld your hands from them meaning from attacking them in other words he did not allow either party to attack each other

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Allah subhanaw taala did not allow for a battle to take place where be batani maka What does it mean by buffalo belly stomach right and in button the button at bottom What does it mean within the area of in the midst of within the area of the worthy of Makkah

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because bottom Valley very similar

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you can fill a valley you can fill a belly so vividly maka What does it refer to her they be why because her debut was very close to Makkah

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and some have said that it refers to the Noreen so we Bethany maka because from there a particular group of the Michigan came to attack the Muslims and when they came to attack, they were caught and still a battle did not take place.

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Member the after Anil photo Kumar lay him after Allah granted you victory over them

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as photo from their newsletters, love Allah.

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Love is used for nields

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and lafora is to gain victory to become victorious. And it gives the meaning of victory. And also to her and Rolla, do you have the upper hand do have complete control to have complete authority over the enemy.

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So Allah gave complete authority to the Muslims over the enemy who tried to attack them. But still there was no battle that took place. Where can Allahu be my third maluna vasila and Allah with whatever you're doing, he is watching you

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know, I have recorded that and so even medic he said, that on the day of her they be at armed men

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at men from Makkah went down the valley.

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Coming from Mount attorney dream.

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Why in order to ambush the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invoked Allah against them. And these people, these 80 men who were equipped who were armed, they were caught by the Muslims immediately and they were taken as prisoners.

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And remember, after you have prisoners, what can you do? But in my mind, Umberto a method.

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The Prophet said a lot of them could have done anything over here, he could have executed those 18 months. He could have fought them, he could have sent word to the Michigan that we have your people, you let us come for only then we will release them. But what did he do? The profits are a lot of them, pardon them. He completely forgive them. So this is what is mentioned over here. That a battle did not take place. mimbar The unhealth photo Kumar lay him despite the fact that you had complete authority over them.

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So he showed favor to them. He didn't take anything in return, and he sent them away.

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We also learn that reclaimer even Abuja, along with 500 soldiers intended to attack the Muslims. And when the prophets are a lot of them found out he sent a group of people to take care of the matter. As a result, or crema and his soldiers, they fled to Makkah and took refuge in the treat. So basically, there were many times when the machine came to attack the Muslims do send them away, to frighten them, to fight with them. But every single time What happened?

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The battle did not take place. And who are these people? Who Medina cafaro they are the people who disbelieved with the machine of Makkah, was what do come on in and my student her arm, and they also obstructed you from the massacre.

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While you were in Makkah, you weren't allowed to worship Allah subhanaw taala freely in the masjid. And after you migrated, they prevented you from coming into Makkah for so long. And now that you were coming to perform aroma, they did not allow you

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to do commodity machines

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and not just you but also well headier, and

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The sacrificial animal was murukku fun detained from what I never luva Mahela who lasted reaches its place of sacrifice. meaning you're not allowed to come to perform Umrah and even your animals that you had brought for the purpose of sacrifice. Even there we're not allowed to be brought into the harem and then slaughtered over there.

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Alhaji from the root letters had earlier. What does it mean? The animal that is offered a sacrifice sacrificial animal? Why is it called howdy because it is led to the Haram.

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You've done there, it'll help it is taken to the huddle because it's only to be slaughtered over there.

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At the time of hedge, for example,

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where do people sacrifice their animals where it's done within the area of home? in men are primarily so they're the ones who stopped you they didn't let you come and perform Aurora.

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And on top of that, they also prevented the offering from entering into the Harlem and being slaughtered over there. Mark cufon from New Tetris Anka, what does Markov mean marbles detained held back? Aquafina erotica from the same route?

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able Obama Hillary and my hen is isn't a lot of Harlem land Mahal is a place of being halon to the place of being slaughtered.

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So the place where the animals were to be sacrificed, which is the whole

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intro to Baccarat 196 we learn what a team will have driven or Mattila for in or slave down from a stay salamin Alhaji what are the Haiku second Diablo Valhalla do Mahela and complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah. But if you're prevented, meaning you're unable to complete your hygiene aroma, then what should you do? offer what can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals

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and do not shave your heads until the sacrificial animal has reached the space of slaughter. Meaning the animal cannot be slaughtered just anywhere. It has to be slaughtered in a particular place. Once it's slaughtered only then you can get out of the state of Arizona.

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So basically, what's the point of mentioning this that they did not let you come? They did not even let your animals come and be slaughtered over there. Why?

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Why is this being mentioned that these people, they deserve to be fought? They are guilty, the most shocking.

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It's not that Allah did not allow the battle to take place because they're innocent. No, they are not innocent, they are guilty. They deserve to be fought. Then why did Allah not allow for the battle take place for various reasons. And amongst them are, first of all, Willow, Larry Jalla mimouna when he sat on what Minato had it not been for believing men and believing women?

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Which believing men and believing women learn Talamo home? You do not know them? Why? Because they are present in Makkah.

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They lived amongst the machine, but they were hiding there.

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And the Muslims had no idea that those people had actually become Muslim.

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Why? Because they were hiding their email, if they were to show them that they would have been persecuted. They did not have the opportunity to migrate. So they were still in Makkah. And if the Muslims attacked America, if they fought with the Michigan who would they end up fighting against as well? Those Muslims so Alola gentlemen, oh no when he said in Atlanta Alamo and, uhm, lest you would trample them all from the newsletters. Well, Hamza, what are your thoughts is to trample something with one's feet to walk over it. So you would have walked over the meaning you would have slayed them you would have killed them as well thinking them to be disbelievers.

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And if you had killed them, then what would happen for to see because then it would reach you main home because of that meaning because of killing them. What would reach you my outlet to shame? this honor, disgrace, same Mauer from the fetters einval Ra.

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of Earth Hour is basically used for a skin disease or a skin condition that affects the entire body because of which the skin is itchy.

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And if a person has such a skin condition, then what happens constantly Is he the skin is bleeding. Or because of the reaction of the skin. There's bumps all over right? It's red, It's itchy, and a person cannot help but scratch himself.

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So it becomes embarrassing for a person a source of embarrassment. That first of all the skin is blotchy, it's bleeding, it's not normal. And then on top of that he's he cannot help but scratch himself. So in public even in front of others. Yes.

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to scratch himself, It's humiliating, it's embarrassing. So from this malware is used for any kind of difficulty, or any kind of state or thing that is a source of embarrassment.

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It could be a sin, it could be a mistake, it could be a fault. It could be foul words that a person says embarrassing him later on a loss that he has suffered, which is a source of humiliation for him. So basically, it's something embarrassing and painful. from the same root is a word more and more thought is used for a beggar. Why? Because he's begging. And this is a source of embarrassment. So for to save will come in Homer Allah, if you would have killed those believers, your all Muslim brothers and sisters without knowledge, you would be embarrassed later on. This would be a source of sin for you a source of embarrassment for you that you killed your own Muslim brothers and sisters,

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for to Cebu, caminho Merton and this would happen with it and without knowledge, meaning you would kill them without knowledge.

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So this is why Allah did not allow you to fight them. Allah did not give you the ability to fight.

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And another reason Leona Helen law who feel like mighty Manisha, so that a lot may admit into his mercy whomever He wills. What does it mean by this, that

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we see that after the Treaty of havia What happened? Many people who were still mostly keen they became Muslim.

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At the conquest of Makkah, after that many machine became Muslim amongst them was

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I couldn't live in Abuja. At her day via he had led a group of people against the Muslims now imagine if a battle had taken place. And imagine he had been killed.

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So a lot did not allow any battle to take place. Why? The unison Allahu Futurama de Manisha the front of the machine. A lot would admit into his mercy. What is his mercy mean? That they become Muslim?

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You hit a lot of your mighty Manisha

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Lotus a yellow if they had been apart there's a yellow they Yeah.

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They Yeah. They use is when something leaves its place and moves away. physeal Nirvana home on the Day of Judgment, we will say yes or no, we will separate between them. The people will be separated distinguish the believers and disbelievers away from each other. So Lotus a yellow had the believers been separate.

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You understand which believers, those who were in Makkah, those whom the Muslims did not know about? If they had been distinguishable from the disbelievers, then what would happen? Lara Nevin and Medina cafaro mean home, I'd have an Alabama, surely we would have punished the disbelievers amongst them with a painful punishment.

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So we see over here that Allah is mentioning the reason behind

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why a battle did not take place.

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You see a lot of the learn. And some other companions were very upset that why do we have to accept this sort of

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we should go fight these people and go and perform Ramallah and go back home and this is what they wanted to do that we should also take revenge.

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Why is it that we have to accept defeat and compromise so much and go back home without performing Ramallah. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is giving the reason.

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This is why Allah did not allow you to fight.

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Because had you fought, you would have killed some Muslims had you fought you would have killed some potential prospective Muslims. So this is why Allah did not allow you.

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And this teaches us a very good lesson as well, that sometimes things happen in life. We don't understand the wisdom. We want to do something but Allah does not give us the opportunity.

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He does not give us the opportunity. Somebody I know they were studying and they really wanted to get into a particular school. They really really wanted and they did their best in their studies everything. But one thing they messed up on and they weren't able to get admission into the school that they wanted to go to. And their family was in fact happy. They said we're so glad they didn't go over there because if they would have gone over there a low autumn what would have happened to them.

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They would have been away from us their Eman, their Salah everything, we will know what would happen.

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So sometimes it has

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that you want to do something and you want to do it really bad you put in every effort and the opportunity comes right before you but then the door closes upon you and you don't understand why it happened. There is a wisdom, trust Allah.

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If Gerald alladhina cafaro fuchal, who became wilhemina yetta

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when those who disbelieved had put into their hearts, Hermia chauvinism,

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which Hermia hammy yet Lj helliya, the chauvinism of the time of ignorance

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is meaning Earth Coates remember the time when,

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when the disbelievers alladhina cafaro Who are these the machine of Makkah, what did they do? They just Allah, they put, they put what did they put where Philco lubing him in their hearts.

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So the disbelievers had Gianna they have put in their hearts. You understand? Are you with me? This is a bit complicated. is when jhala who Gianna

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who's the firing alladhina cafaro

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they were fearful to beat him in their hearts. What did the dollar What did they put on Hermia the prejudice the chauvinism

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you know that at the time when the treaty was taking place on the soul when the agreement was being made, and the treaty was being written

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what happened so haven Ahmed he refused that Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim Allah and be written right? He refused that was su de la be written isn't it? So at that time What was the reason? Why were they so biased against the Muslims? Why were they opposing the Muslims and when the machine were not allowing the Muslims to enter into Makkah to perform Ramallah what was the problem? It journaled Medina cafaro few Kuru became well honey yet they have put in their hearts, Hermia this Hermia had become very active in their hearts. Now what is this Hermione, Hermione is from New fetters, Tamia and hammer is to heat something Yama, Yama, LA, you have in original, your schema to heat and Hermia

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is when anger or feelings of jealousy. It flares up in a person, he becomes very arrogant to such feelings of prejudice, of pride of anger, they become very active in a person and he becomes very protective, very prejudiced.

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And the word is translated as chauvinism, which is excessive or prejudice, loyalty, or support

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for one's cause for one's group for one's gender,

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that you support your cause you support your group you support your gender, or whatever you believe in whatever you support excessively.

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excessively, you know, for example, feminism, sometimes it's ridiculous that how they have to support women, or how they have to advocate for women in things which don't even make sense. It's ridiculous sometimes. I was watching this documentary recently, in which they were saying about how, in the 1960s 1950s, when feminism was taking a lot of hold, up until that point, women had this belief or people had this belief that women go through a lot of difficult labor or childbirth. Why? Because of the mistake that Eve made, apparently, right that she ate of the fruit of the tree. And as a result, women suffer from labor when they have to give birth. So they said, No, we don't have

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to suffer from this, therefore, we will take drugs. And we will do this. And we will do that. This is why so many drugs were invented, so that women don't have to suffer from pain during labor, and all those drugs somewhere so dangerous, so harmful. That often was one which erases the memory of being that when a woman is in pain, that she's given that drug, and she would not remember the pain that she experienced. But because she's still suffering from that pain, but she's out of her mind, literally, they would tie her up with lamb's wool, and tie her up to a bed literally, you know, because she would be fighting people hitting them hitting on the walls harming herself because she's

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going through pain. So they would tie her up with lamb's wool so that there would be no bruises on her body. That could be seen later.

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So anyway, I was thinking it's all ridiculous. Just accept the fact that this is painful. Just accept it. Right? And this is why one thing after the other one after the other later I it's become better. But so many ridiculous things have emerged from this that no, I'm a woman. I don't have to go through this. I'm a woman. I don't have to take this. I'm a woman I'm going to work. So sometimes it's ridiculous.

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All right. So this is what Haumea is. Excessive prejudice, excessive loyalty, excessive support for one's cause for one's group, that I'm not going to tolerate this even if it doesn't make sense, even if you're right and I'm wrong, even if it's illogical.

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And this Hermia Allah describes it as hamidah janelia, the Hermia of the time of ignorance, meaning false pride that they had this false pride that the machine had,

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or this pride that they had this prejudice they had for their ways of ignorance.

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When a black man was written, what is the Michigan one that name be removed? When rasulillah was written, they wanted that that title be removed? Why? Why?

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I mean, think about it. Man, if you look at the name of Allah, even if you don't accept it doesn't have such a beautiful meaning.

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It has an amazing meaning a beautiful meaning. Why would you not want it? Why do you not like it? This was just bias for no reason. Prejudice for no reason. No, we don't accept apartments or remove.

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We don't accept you as rasulillah so remove a student.

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And if you think about it, every single person from Arabia was allowed to come enter Makkah perform or perform hajj, every single person

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but the Muslims they were not allowed to come. Why? It did not make any sense, without any reason. Without any logical explanation. They refuse the Muslims entry into Makkah.

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So what was this Hermia?

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This was their chauvinism. This was their prejudice, Hermes, little jelly. Yeah.

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false pride.

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And this Hermia that they had for their ways of ignorance. They didn't want to accept that people whom they had exiled from Makkah, they're entering into Makana for a mo, no way.

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This was against their ego. This was against their pride. So at this point, imagine if somebody is behaving with you like this for no reason.

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They're biased, for no reason. They're opposing you. What do you want to do? teach them a lesson?

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Isn't it?

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They oppose you. You want to oppose them. They're biased, who want to be biased, right? This is what you want to do. But what does Allah say, for ends that Allah who Sakina de who are not a Sunni, while many, Allah sent down his Sakina, on his messenger and also on the believers? So because of that subpoena, what happened? They will come to weren't bugged. They weren't flared up. Right? Because typically what happens if somebody is behaving ignorantly, with you for no genuine reason? They're opposing you. What do you want to do? oppose them?

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Imagine, you're not allowed to enter for no reason. You also want to say something, right? You want to show something fine. You don't allow us this is what we're gonna do. You don't allow us to come to America to do these 80 men of yours we've captured we're gonna kill each and every one of them. This didn't happen. Allah give Sakina to the prophets, Allah vada setup and to the believers.

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And at the time when the treaty was being written, if the prophets are a lot of sudden got stuck over there, no, you right?

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We're compromising so much. You also compromise. Or no, you right? rasulillah we're not going to erase this. Earlier, the larger the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him erase rasulillah He said, I cannot.

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I cannot do it. And the prophets of Allah suddenly wasted himself then.

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So what was it that made them SOCOM for under a law who subpoena tow and are sued E, mini that where the machine were behaving so ignorantly, so arrogantly, the profits are along the cylinder. So However, they were behaving so peacefully,

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in such a calm way, in such a noble way, in such a respectful way.

00:24:15 --> 00:24:29

And you see, in these situations, a person who does not remain calm, he only humiliates himself, isn't it, because when the other is behaving ignorantly, with you, and you become ignorant with them, you're making a fool of yourself.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:31

There is no difference.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:54

See, this is the time when it's led by Nicola bainer, who didn't know when they should have been, he becomes a friend, the person between him and he was enmity now he becomes a friend to you. Why, because of your suburb because of your Sakina because of your calmness, that he's behaving ignorantly, you remain calm.

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

And this is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. For under Allah who Sakina to who are

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su li wireless mini or elder home and he imposed upon them he made them adhere to Ultima from the roof letters, lambs I mean lezama ultimate is to force something upon someone impose something on someone obligate you know what is lastingly compulsory You have to do it it's an obligation attached. So as a home he imposed on them on who are the believers Kalamata taqwa the kalama of taqwa, meaning he made them abide by it.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:39

He made them adhere to the

00:25:40 --> 00:25:45

Kalamata taqwa the statement of the court, what does it refer to the caliber of the heat?

00:25:47 --> 00:25:53

And it's described it's mentioned as Kalamata taco because Kalamata tauheed is what leads to

00:25:54 --> 00:25:58

dukkha. When a person has a man, that is only when he can have

00:25:59 --> 00:26:09

if he has a man that a man will lead to fear of Allah that Eman will lead him to behaving properly in situations where the other is behaving ignorantly with you.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:23

So it's amazing how the machine were behaving with the Muslims, but the Muslims had Sakina and Allah made them adhere to the code everything they did, they did with the fear of Allah.

00:26:24 --> 00:26:43

And because of that, everything they did, they did right. There were no mistakes that were made. What else am I wrong? Kalamata taqwa? What can I how can we help and they were more entitled on it. They were more worthy of it. From the rotators, half of me they had more help. They were more deserving of what

00:26:44 --> 00:27:06

after taqwa of this behavior of this man, that the machine did not behave like this. The Muslims did. Why? Because they were worthy of this behavior. Allah did not give this they'll feel for the machine, the machine were behaving so ignorantly, so arrogantly, but the Muslims look at how they were behaving. Why? Because they were worthy of this behavior.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:12

Allah gifted them this behavior that point why because they were worthy of it.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:18

You know, in certain situations, a person is very patient, he's very calm.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:27

How does he become patient? How does he become calm? Allah gives him the trophy to be like that. Why? Because he is worthy of it.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:35

He is worthy of that. And some other people, they don't behave properly in certain situations. Why?

00:27:36 --> 00:27:46

Why? Because they're not worthy of that behavior. It doesn't affect them. They're not at that level. So what can we or how can we help?

00:27:47 --> 00:28:19

And they were also it's, what can Allahu be cliche in Lima and Allah is of everything knowing meaning he knows who deserves what. So the science shows to us, that even the behavior the reaction of a person in a situation, that is according to what that is, according to his even how a person reacts how a person responds, how a person speaks in unusual circumstances, that is according to what

00:28:21 --> 00:28:21

his email

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the stronger the man, the stronger that are called, the stronger that you have been, the better the reaction will be. The closer to email, it will be the closer to ullas happiness and pleasure it will be.

00:28:38 --> 00:28:47

You know, sometimes we behave in certain ways, and later on, we have so much regret what was I thinking when I said that? What was I thinking when I yelled in that way when I behaved in that way?

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Isn't it and we blame shaytaan right. Chetan overwhelmed is obviously shaitan incites us but why is it the Chetan overcame us when Allah subhanaw taala said that, my everybody, you have no Sultan over there. So how come shaytan overpowered us at that point?

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Because of a loss of panel data was not there why there's something that we did because of which were not worthy of that behavior.

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So imagine the behavior the response your reaction even that is it is even that is still feel

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and that comes with what your Eman your, your overall behavior

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He's john

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de PUE.

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Me no

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you see when a person is behaving ignorantly arrogantly with you for no reason they're biased. What are they trying to do? Take your rights away? deprive you of something.

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But when a person has Sakina in his heart, can that be taken away? Can that be stolen away? No.

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It cannot be stolen away.

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So, a person can take away every right of yours, they can deprive you of everything that you deserve, not allow you to do or not allow you to do what you have the right to do. As a human being as a person, but they cannot * away the subpoena that you have in your heart.

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They cannot take away the sukoon the contentment that you have in your heart and when can you have that subpoena? When you rely on Allah, when you know that Allah will take revenge when you know that he is on your side.

00:32:17 --> 00:32:42

Just like a moment of compromise, a moment of patience can just set off a chain of reactions that like that will make you ultimately the winners Exactly. And we just keep thinking it's other people's conspiracy. It's this it's that I mean, be patient. Be patient and do what you have to do. adhere to the law, adhere to right action adhere to a man and Allah will open the ways for you. He will give you what you deserve.

00:32:43 --> 00:32:50

The Muslims they behaved so properly over here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't argue with the halal when he refused to write his title.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:02

He didn't argue he said, Okay, fine. We'll erase it. Why, for the greater benefit for the greater good, the treaty was made. And look at all the benefits that came later.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:07

Abu jandal came tied up in his shackles

00:33:08 --> 00:33:47

abused, but the profits are a lot of setup again, he behaved calmly over there, he remained calm. So the other person is being so ignorant, you remain calm, and you will have subpoena and when can you have subpoena when you adhere to what Allah wants you to do? When you stick to that elder law. And for this you need a trophy of Allah you cannot do it yourself. Ultimate ultimate who's the firing Allah He made them adhere to Kalamata Taco Bell can have coffee, hahaha, they were deserving of this machine and behave like that the Muslims did. Why? Because they were worthy of that behavior, because of their email

00:33:49 --> 00:33:58

to the stronger the connection, the relation a person has with his Lord, the more composed he is the more patient he is at times of conflict.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:28

When the other person is behaving ignorantly, with us, we think, oh, they're depriving us of our rights. This is why we should fight for our rights. But the thing is a lot of panatela also has some rights over us. Right? What about those? How about being considerate that Allah has commanded you to be patient to be calm? How about those comments, does not have a right. So when you're concerned about your duty to Allah, then Allah will take care of your affairs.

Al-Fath 18-29 Tafsir 24-26

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