Taimiyyah Zubair – Aqeedah 20

Taimiyyah Zubair
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So we were learning about the older Asan messengers, and we learned about new holiday Sam Ibrahim are in a sauna, but how they possessed some special characteristics. There's a hadith in which we learn. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the children of the Muslims,

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Muslim children that die in childhood in infancy, they are in a mountain in paradise. That's where they live in a mountainous area in genma. And Ibrahim and Sarah, look after that. And on the Day of Judgment, they will return those children to their parents.

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They will return those children to who to their parents.

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Have you heard of anyone whose child perhaps died in infancy or it's very painful for the parents for the family for the friends, but to know that they're in a better care in a better place that is so comforting to Ibrahima listener. This is one of his characteristics. Then we also learned that Ibrahima Islam he was very concerned for everybody. This is why when Allah subhanaw taala told him that I'm going to make you an imam of all people. What did he say? My children also make my children leaders also, we learn in a hadith which is authenticated by Advani it's mentioned in a Cincinnatus he had that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went on the night journey and he met Ibrahim Ibrahim

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right Islam told him or Mohamed Salah Salem tell her oma the agenda is beautiful. Its soil, its water, its trees, it's beautiful. And he said that tell them that's a fan of law 100 Allah He will either in Allahu Allahu Akbar, these are the trees of gender. So make sure that you say them so that you can your agenda is full. Your agenda can be green, and more beautiful. masala as we learn about his characteristics, he was a tall man, a very strong person, a very courageous person, which is why he was able to go and speak in front of the fit our own. The miracles that he performed, when he called it magic was artisanal. He was very firm in his response that using this, this is not safe.

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He was very bold. Likewise, we learned that musasa was very strong, that he just struck a man one blow and that men died. When the angel of death came to take the soul of Masada Sam, he hit him so hard that the eye of the angel popped out. And the angel went and told the last panel Tara that you've asked me to take the soul of a man who does not wish to die. So we'll start this man was very strong. He was collembola the one whom Allah spoke to, he was hurt a lot in the way of Allah. In a hadith in Bukhari, we learned May Allah's mercy be upon Musa he was hurt more than this, when the prophets of Allah was hurt at one occasion this is what he said that may Allah have mercy and Musa

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he was hurt much more than this, but he was patient about a Sardis and I'm also we learned that he was protected from shavon. Right, because every child that is born shaylen books and strikes and but restarted center was protected from that, because we learned that his grandmother she made the right that we're in the EU her with Rita, I seek refuge for her my daughter and her children from shavon. So a lot of panel data protected resources and then from the blow of SharePoint from the idea of shaper. Also we learned that about the description of a site isn't having a decent Muslim, that he was of medium height fair, someone who has straight hair,

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then characteristics of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam there are many unique qualities of the prophets Allah Mollison, which inshallah we will learn about in a different section, but mainly, we see that he was the last prophet, he was also Khalid Allah. Then part of Eman of Russell Emmanuel Russell is to believe that Allah subhanaw taala chose for the Salah, the best and most perfect of all men, who was chosen for Prophethood the best men, the most perfect, perfect in their humanity, meaning in their human characteristics.

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It doesn't mean that there were not human beings that were angels or some other creation. No, there were human beings but the most perfect human beings. So their status amongst all the people is highest. Because there are those who say that a certain mmm their status is higher than that of the

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profits, but that is not true. Olia have a lot of friends have a lot meaning people who are very righteous, very pious saints, their status is higher than that of the profits not possible. Because Prophethood is a greatest status that a human being can be given. And Allah subhanaw taala chose the best people for Prophethood This is why their level is the greatest in total and 86 we learn what is Merida? Well, ESR will use or lupa, or colon for berlina Island either mean all we preferred over the people of the world. So the prophets were preferred over all the people of the worlds. And we see that the prophets of Allah possessed human and physical perfection, how they were the best of

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people in lineage, look at the lineage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam his lineage was the best he was from the kurush. Likewise, we see that they possessed brilliant minds. They possess extraordinary intelligence. They have great intelligence and eloquent tongues. Look at the speech of the prophets of Allah said, I'm so eloquent. And the examples we see, for instance, the memory of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Jabri would recite the Quran to him once and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam knew it. Can you imagine if an eye of the Quran is recited once before you and then you know it? So this because it was orally transmitted, right? When we hear something once, what do we want,

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it's also given to us in a written form so that we can review it or we can have access to some recording, right? Because we don't think that if we have heard something once, we will know it forever, but the profits of a lot is that him his memory, superb. He heard the Quran once and he knew it, because this was a gift that Allah soprano data gave him. Then we see the proofs the arguments that it went on, he registered and presented that most artists and then presented in sort of the Baccarat we learned for boutella recover. Right lady had the one who argued with Ibrahim Renison concerning Allah. And what happened it Well, here it is, I'm giving proof after proof until

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that men, Nimrod was basically silenced. So the proofs that they presented, so logical, so strong, then we also learn about their courage, their determination, use of artists, and then look at how patient he was. Even though he suffered so much in his life. You don't see him getting depressed. You don't see him becoming suicidal, not at all. Imagine he was in the prison.

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And he waited for so long. And eventually, when they came asking him for the interpretation of the King's dream, use of artists and him when he gave the interpretation, and he was called by the king, did he go instantly? What did he do? He said, No. First, what is the state of the women? right because he wanted to clarify his position that he was innocent. In Buhari, we learned the prophets, a lot of them said that if I had remained in the prison for so long, I would have certainly responded to the caller meaning when the person would come to get me I would have gone immediately instantly. But look at how patient determined use of listening was. So all of these examples, what

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do they show to us that the prophets of Allah who are not ordinary people, they were human beings who Allah subhanaw taala gave extraordinary capabilities. And it was because of their unique strengths that Allah subhanaw taala chose them for the purpose of prophethood then we see that they were the best of all men possessing noble traits. They were truthful, the Prophet sallallahu Senna was called Sadiq Amin. They were pious, very righteous. Look at their ibadah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Two thirds of the night he's standing in prayer. And when his feet are swelling up, he's saying, I should be grateful servant. They were very pious servants that were rightly

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guided. They were noble, God fearing and trustworthy servants who possessed perfect manners. In Sorrento and I 8485. So many prophets are mentioned. Allah subhanaw taala describes him as worker then he can exit morosini there were those who did air seven kilometers slowly hain all were from among the righteous servants. In surah. Number 38. I have 47 the prophets are described as well. cellophane chosen ones are the best ones. In sort of earlier in 101 61, Allah subhanaw taala defenses messenger or mccannon in obion, annual a prophet of Allah would never act unfaithfully No, they were noble men who were faithful and honest people and the statement of even our best who who

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aren't who summarizes this in a very beautiful way. It is reported and Will Smith.

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Even Miss wrote it on the lower end who said that Indeed Allah observed the hearts of his servants. He checked, he observed the hearts of all all his servants, and for whether the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a hierarchal arbitrary bad and he found the heart of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be the best heart. He was

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Someone who possess the best qualities, the best characteristics and this is why for Stata, so Allah chose him were Bertha who very sanity and sent him with his message. So the prophets of Allah who really the best men, then we see that the prophets of Allah attained true servitude to Allah meaning they showed Buddha servitude to Allah soprano Darla. And we see this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala refers to the prophets as

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in the Quran. What good Albertina and mentioned our servant, right, Muhammad Sallallahu. cinemas also called out prophets are described as in who can Ogden shockula no Harrison is described as a grateful servant. So we see here that if Allah subhanaw taala calls them out, then what does it mean? They showed that they were

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through their worship, through their repentance in a web through they're seeking forgiveness from Allah soprano. Donna knew how they said I made a vow for his son. Right? And Allah subhanaw taala advised him not to do that. Instantly he returned instantly he repented other medicine I made a mistake. And what happened that Allah Adam O'Meara, B Karina, he repented. So all the prophets of Allah, we see this in them, that they were those who repeatedly sought forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala said them, how often did you seek forgiveness in one day? 70 to 100 times a day. Look at the doors of the prophets. Have you noticed? There are those that are mentioned in the

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Quran? Who's the author of the prophets of Allah? And what do they show? That word, amazing servants of Allah they were. Then believing in the prophets of Allah means that we believe that all the prophets and messengers were human beings, and when they were human beings, that means that they possessed no divine attributes. They had human perfection, but that does not mean that they were divine. No, they did not possess any divine attributes. In sort of Ibrahim i 11, pilot lombroso loom in Nando, ala Bashar mythical, the prophet said, we are only human beings like you, in sort of calfire 110 the prophets Allah is in the midst old say, in Nova Nova Shannon, myth local, I'm a

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human being just like you. In a decent Muslim we learned once that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam led the people in prayer, and he did not pray the correct number of regard. So the people they did not say anything. One of them went and said has the number changed the prophets of the laws and and said no, what happened? He said, This is what you did. You did not pray for instead, you prayed something out to the prophets out of others and said, verily, I'm a human being like you. I forget, like you forget. So if I make a mistake, you have to tell me. So the fact that the prophets of Allah sent him for God, what does it show that he was a human being? Likewise, part of this belief is to believe

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that they possessed normal human characteristics. Part of this belief that the prophets were human beings is to believe that they possess normal human characteristics. Internet of ICANN io 20, we learned that the profits let Karuna thumb when I'm shooting a film as well. They ate food. They walked in the markets, angels do that. Angels don't need food. Allah subhanaw taala is above the need of eating food. Right? So prophets of Allah, they ate food. What does that show they were human beings, sort of art authority, when you're alone, as well done with real they had wives and children. So what does that show? they possessed normal human characteristics, they all experienced

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death. In sort of earlier in one i 144. A woman were hamedan illa Allah soul, or the harlot men Publius was messengers before him fast and remember when this AI was revealed, in what context, the Battle of boyhood, and when the rumor was spread, that the prophets have a lot of Satan has been martyred. And because of the reaction of the Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala revealed these ayat, that just because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died doesn't mean that you give up, you leave your religion. So that shows that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died and the prophets before him also died. Now, where are their souls now? And how are they? And what's going on? Remember that there is

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a barrier between us and them and what is that barrier?

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So we cannot really know exactly what's happening. But we learned that when the Prophet sallallaahu Sena went for a mirage for the night journey, he met, different prophets were in different heavens, and he also led them in prayer. All right, then in a hadith return, which inshallah we'll learn about later, that the Prophet

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They perform Salah in their graves. That doesn't mean that they are alive like in the sense that they are alive as a person is in this worldly life, that life is the life of birth.

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All right, but we see that other human beings, once they die, their good deeds also stop. Correct, their worship stops, it's only sacajawea that will continue. But the prophets of Allah, even after the departure from this world, they remain in the worship of Allah, then we learn that the prophets did not possess knowledge of the unseen, they did not possess knowledge of the unseen, just like the other human beings do not possess knowledge of the unseen, but there are several incidents from which we learned that the prophets that for example, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he was given some knowledge that other people did not have.

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Like, for example, he saw gibreel in his original form, he could see jabril when the people could not,

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you understand that is part of life. So does this mean that he knew all the hype? No, it means that he was given some knowledge. But when he was given that knowledge, that knowledge did not remain laid for him.

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You understand? Like, for example, if there's a book that is closed, what is inside is laid for you, it is hidden, correct. But when you open it, is it right? No, when it is closed, you start saying are inside this book, this is written and that is written and that is written, then you are claiming to know the knowledge of the unseen. But once you open it, and you read it, then you're not claiming to know the knowledge of the unseen that is visible to you that is accessible to you. You understand? So the prophets of Allah, were given knowledge that the rest of the people were not given, that the rest of the people cannot attain no matter what, you know, tool they make, no matter

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what machine they make, no matter what means they adopt, they cannot attain that knowledge. Why? Because Allah give that special knowledge, the prophets. But remember that when Allah gave that knowledge to them, that knowledge was not saved for them? It was known for them. All right, because remember, that slave is two kinds. One is general Hayden, mutlak General,

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absolute matters of the unseen. What's going to happen tomorrow? When is it going to rain? All right, what's in the womb of a woman? These are matters of

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life. McCulloch, the other is nesby. Relative relative to who to a person to a situation. And this varies from person to person. You understand? Like, for example, I'm in no uncertain matters, and you have no idea, you know, of certain things. And I have no idea.

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Correct? Like, for example, what you ate for lunch? Okay, what you ate for lunch? I have no idea. But if I start saying, I know what you had for lunch, unless I saw unless somebody told me I cannot claim that knowledge. But just because I don't know what you had for lunch doesn't mean, you don't even know. You know? I don't know. Clear. So just like that the prophets of Allah were given more knowledge. And the rest of the people were not given that. But that does not make them believe.

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Because people use such incidents as evidence that the Prophet knew unseen.

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And that is incorrect. The prophets of Allah were not given knowledge of labor, they were given extra knowledge that other people were not given. And this makes absolute sense. Like for example, if there is a person who's performing a particular role

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in an organization, then he is informed of certain matters, which are confidential.

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All right, which are private, which he's not supposed to tell others about. Now, just because he knows those things, doesn't mean he knows everything. No. So this is very logical, clear, any question about this? That the prophets of Allah had knowledge of Les Mis be meaning which was relevant to them their situation, whatever Allah informed them off, and that's exactly what we learn from the Quran surah to Jin Ayah 2627, it will lay the follow up to Allah lavey Allah is the Knower of the unseen and he does not let anyone know about it. In lemon is who was who, except for the messenger whom he approves off. Then what happens? Allah gives him some knowledge, not everything,

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some knowledge, because he needs to know in order to perform his role as a messenger,

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like the incident of our basketball Buddha, who I knew when he was caught as a captive in the Battle of bud

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All right, and he tried to get away without paying ransom. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, what about that wealth which you and your wife buried in Makkah at such and such place?

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And he said, I know you're a prophet of Allah, because nobody knew about that wealth except for me and my wife. So who informed him of that? Allah subhanaw taala gave him that knowledge right? And remember that Allah sent messenger to Mohammed Salah was in it and who was that messenger Djibouti. Back when the prophets Allah Lawson was sitting in the houses of the Yahood and they plan to throw a rock on him DVD went and told him

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Okay, it's a little out of 188 it's very clear color and liquid enough synephrine voila, Baba. Illa Masha Allah, Allah con to Allah movie, if I knew the unseen, less than a minute higher, I would have accumulated much goodness, much wealth. But the fact is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not possess the knowledge of the unseen. In another Hadith, which is in Bukhari, also we learned that the dispute was happening. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I am only a human being and you people have disputes. Maybe someone amongst you can present his case in a more eloquent and convincing manner than the other. And I give my judgment in his favor, according to what I hear,

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based on the little knowledge that I can in from the situation, beware, if ever I give by error somebody something of his brothers right, then he should not take it as I've only given him a piece of fire, then. So this heart is also what does it show that he was a human being who did not possess knowledge of the unseen then the prophets did not have the ability to give guidance. So it will ask us if 56 in Nikola Tesla demon,

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you cannot guide whom you love, how much the profit sort of Alison wanted that. thought it should be guided. But did he accept that guidance? No. He did. And was the profits all of a sudden able to guide him with sustained relationship with you? What about you Farah,

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even to Farah

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who would the prophets of Allah Islam intercede for those who Allah allows? Right? And the intercession is also supposed to be accepted by Allah. You understand to the ultimate authorities With who? Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Then part of believing in the Prophet is to believe that they're innocent, meaning they're infallible. What does that mean? That they do not commit sin? Rather, they do not remain in sin? What does it mean? To believe that the prophets do not remain in sin, they are righteous servants of Allah

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insalata najem ayah three and four, we learn about the prophets of the law of sin and Romanian. And in our in our in our human you, he did not speak of his own desire. Whatever he conveyed was from who? Allah subhana wa Tada. So we cannot imagine that a sinful person would be receiving the word of Allah and passing it on. Because the Quran was revealed were upon the heart and that heart had to be a vessel that is pure and righteous in order to receive property and pass on property. This is why we see that when the prophet SAW his son was little what happened his heart was washed at virological. So what happened his heart was washed

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into the eye a 39. Allah praises His messengers alladhina yerba Luna de sala de la jolla Shona Hey, Shona Illallah they fear Allah, they don't fear other than Allah. It's because of this fear of Allah, that they are rightly guided into the IoT. We learned Leah fear Allah, Allah who might have caught them in them become a matter of Allah is going to forgive all of your mistakes, those that you did before, and those which you will commit later.

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So we see that the prophets did were righteous and free of sin.

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But we see that because they were human beings, there were times when they Urd when they made mistakes, but remember, that they did not remain in those mistakes, rather what happened, Allah subhanaw taala guided them

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and they repented of them and he said them

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he made a mistake, right? But then Allah dot him how to repent, which is why in the Quran we learned that Allah Adam received the words from Allah, Allah taught him how to repent. So Adam repented,

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knew her lesson and made Dora for his son, Allah subhanaw taala advised him not to do that new Hydra salam, Saad forgiveness, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Aversa, Watteau, Allah and Allah subhanaw taala corrected him immediately.

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Right in Saratoga What do we learn that the moon everything they came presented excuses to remain behind the Prophet sallallahu Sallam allowed them. Later on Allah revealed, alpha Allahu Anka, Lima and into the home.

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So, mistakes happened, but to remember that those mistakes were not major.

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We cannot imagine that a prophet of Allah would commit a major sin. No.

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Mistakes happen because they were human beings. But remember that Allah subhanaw taala guided them out of that situation.

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The rest of the human beings if they make a mistake, or they informed instantly, no, sometimes people don't even realize. And when they see that, how there's problems in their life, one after the other, they think about it, that what did I do wrong that I'm suffering from this, and then they do is the cloud, and they think and think and do it over? Right? But many times it happens that we make mistakes, and we have absolutely no idea. Don't we learn that a person could fall into Hellfire because of one statement that he has said.

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And he makes it too gentle because of one statement that he has said?

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The prophets of Allah, Allah guided them in every situation. No, sorry, Santa. He even committed accidental murder. But what happened, Rob bill fairly fell off. He said, Oh my Lord, forgive me and Allah, forgive him for love Allah, Allah forgive him. So remember that the prophets of Allah, they were free from major sins and all in decencies, if they ever heard, Allah guided them, and did not leave them in sin. their mistakes and repentance from them, demonstrate the fact that they were the best of human beings. Because what do we learn that all the children of Adam our hapa own, they make errors, they make mistakes, and who are the best of those who make mistakes at the web, those who

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repent. So the prophets of Allah, they're described as a web.

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Those who repented to a loss of panel data, again and again repeatedly. So these are a few things that we must believe in about the prophets of Allah one more thing to believe in everything that the messengers brought.

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So we must also believe in everything that the messengers brought, whether it was revelation, or it was miracles, in sort of the natural eye 4344 we learned that Allah subhanaw taala says biloba, when it was over, Allah sent the prophets with clear evidences, and also scripture, clear evidences, this includes miracles. Now remember that a miracle is what a proof of the truthfulness of the Prophet and what is a miracle and extraordinary event that doesn't happen? Normally. That is beyond human capability, extraordinary event, Supernatural, you can see, and it's beyond human capability. But remember that while the miracles were proofs of the prophets truthfulness, they were not the only

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A prophet was known to be a prophet, and true, even before those miracles were shown, because the truthfulness of a prophet is evident on his face. All right, when people saw the face of the prophets of Allah, and they knew he was not a liar, they knew he was a mean, and saw this even before number one. And this is a reason why when the people demand it from their profits, miracles were they given? Were they given? No, every demand was not fulfilled, only some were shown, and the miracles that the prophets of Allah brought, Did everyone believed just by looking at those miracles? No. All those magicians they believe, but the rest of the people they refused for their

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own still persisted. So remember that Allah gave the miracles as aid. But they were not the only proofs

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of the truthfulness of the prophets of Allah. All right. This is why we see that the joshy, when he asked, it was again, about the profits or losses in different different matters, that he asked him. So what miracles has he brought? No, he asked him, what's his message? Who has believed in him? Right? What does he tell you to do? What does he stop you from? Because these are all evidences of a profit. Now, remember that Karma Karma is something similar to a miracle in the sense that it's an extraordinary event different beyond human capability that happens at the hands of who a righteous servant of Allah is a follower of a prophet. But that is also in a way a more deserved the Prophet,

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a miracle of the Prophet. Because if his follower, something amazing has happened with a scholar, what does that show that the one whom he believes in is true? And then the third thing is magic. Magic is performed by who? magicians, human beings. What's the difference between magic and miracles? Magic is something that is within human capability. within human knowledge, it's possible. Remember, so how are you the nurse because many times magic is what it's a trick.

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affecting the eyes of people, or it is taking the help of the shale team.

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Human beings can go to moon, but can they go Assad? No, they cannot sue the animal, right? That the jinn. He said that I'll get it for you before you rise from your place. But the one who was given knowledge, what did he say?

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in the twinkling of an eye? And who was that it is said that it was an angel. And why did he do that at the command off? So they man are the center? All right, so that was better than what the gym did. What they didn't could have done. So anyway, there is a difference between mordialloc calama magic and inshallah we'll learn more about this in normal Quran. Okay, that how the Quran is a miracle, then it is also necessary that we believe that the messengers fulfill their responsibilities, how did they convey clearly they call to the worship of Allah, they gave good news and warning that it is law and that's key of their nations. They directed the affairs of their people, and they honestly

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conveyed in clear terms, everything that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed to them the prophets of Allah, what did they say oh by Luca risala, to be conveyed to you, the messages of minority and remember that Mohammed Salah is intimate had to deal with that. What did he asked the people that Oh, people have conveyed? And what did they say? Yes, you have conveyed. And that is when Allah subhanaw taala also revealed the ayah. Today your religion is complete? How is it complete when the messenger conveyed it all? So remember that part of believing in the messengers is that they were honest men who delivered everything. Because there are people who will say, well, there's also you

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know, a different part of the Koran that we don't know of that is hidden. That is only the LDS who know about it. It's all lies. Whatever the profit, total loss was given, he can read it, he passed it on. And if a person thinks that he did not pass it on, then this is great disrespect to the Messenger of Allah.

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It's a chronicle long behind the admission will let you enter a little corner to be like I said, I'm really gonna have to live

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