Sulaimaan Ravat – Sahaba Profile – Umme Salamah Binte Ummayah {RA} Part 1

Sulaimaan Ravat
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ln was silent woman haben bacon Welcome to Sahaba profiles. My name is Solomon rabbit. Today we discuss the life story of Musa Lama Binti omiya rhodiola. And her name was Hindi vintage omega and as we see with many personalities from Arab descent they get called abou something or omit something after the name of the children and always at times it would be after something that not there is not necessarily representative of the name of a child, but most of the time it had to do with the name of the child. Now she was noble by birth very intelligent, very wise, very skillful. She came from a very wealthy, very well known family, very respectful

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family. And her husband her first husband was Abdullah bin Abdullah Asad masumi and he later on became known as Abu salah and their story is famous is the story of Abu salah and almost Solomon. Now her husband Abu Salah was related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his brother by circling meaning he was his milk brother, and he was the 11th person to accept Islam. Her husband Abdullah bin Abdullah said masumi is the 11th person to accept Islam. So both my son Emma and her husband, Abu Salah were part of the initial group of people who had accepted Islam. She had married a man busara mom, who was very handsome, who came

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from a very noble family and her father, she also came from a very good family. Her father was known to be so generous, that anyone who traveled with her father, they didn't have to bring any provisions. All the provisions would be at the cost of her father, the the food, travel, convenience, all of that. And they lived a very comfortable life coming from this kind of a background both husband and wife. However, things changed very radically when they accept that Islam, the whole family turned against them. They lost their status in the community, family members tried to make life very, very difficult for them. And this forced them to make each other to ever

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senior when the opportunity arose and when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had given the permission. Almost salah and Abu Salah are part of the first group of 16 people, which included Othman when ferns rebel been a worm, man being a host of the lab in this order, the alarm and on and then there was the first group of 16 and then later on, there was a bigger group of 83 men and 90 ladies in which there was the great Sahabi Jaffa, Vitaly one of the lavonne that made hegira to a senior and what wildstein ever senior in high Basha, she gave birth to a daughter whose name was Dana, and then she gave birth to a son whose name was Solomon and that's where she got the name oma Salama and her

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husband, Abu Salah, then they had a child Omar and then they had a daughter, Dora, and life was very good in habersham. And then at some point, they got news because they used to miss home as much as they were comfortable in a senior and as much as they never senior they were allowed to practice their Deen and they were allowed to practice their religion freely. They used to miss home home is home after all, and their home was mccurtain Makana. So one day they had news that Omar bin Hata, Brody 11 had accepted Islam. And we know what happened when Ahmed will have accepted Islam. He went openly and he proclaimed his Shahada and because of his very, you know, forceful personality, it

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became easier for Muslims after Omar accepted Islam, but an exaggerated report reached the Muslims and abyssea that things are now you know, okay 100% you know, a friendly environment for them to practice their Deen. So they returned. But when she returned to Makkah, Abu Salah Maha masala, that's when they realized it was a rumor. Things may have become a little better with the acceptance of Islam by Omar. But you know, the Muslims are still being persecuted Muslims were still being tormented. Muslims were still being you know, harassed. And then it was just around that time that the permission was given for his gelato. Madina munawwara because she and her husband wanted to go

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back to a presidium, but then permission was given for them to go to Makkah to invoke karma. And this is where there was the greatest test in the life of almost Solomon. What happened was, she and her husband decided one day that nature is compulsory, and we are going to go to macatawa karma. And they started gathering the provisions and gathering the animals and getting ready for the journey when all of a sudden her family came. And they said to our husband, that Where do you think you're going? He said, No, we're going to Medina. They said, No, this is our daughter, we are not going to allow you to leave her to leave with her. And they they forced him to make a choice that he would

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have to make him alone or he would have to stay now he didn't want to fall short of fulfilling the commands of Allah. So he made he made each of them and yet he left his wife and children behind because the family did not want to release not not long after he left and made his or her in laws came Abu Salim his family came to her house and said no, our children cannot grow up with you when our son is not here. This is the children from our bloodline. So therefore we're going to take the children away from you and we will bring her bring them up. Now imagine imagine what went through this woman's heart and imagine what went through this woman's emotions that he was about to make

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each other with her husband and children. Now her husband is in Medina. Our children are forced from

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taken away by her in laws, and she's left all alone. And scholars write that every single day, every single day, she would go to that very spot from where she was separated from her husband and her children. And she would cry, and she would make a lot of medical data. And it was like this for quite a long time. Some scholars say that for over a year, you know, she was totally separated from them. Until one day she was at that spot, and she was weeping and crying and making dua, and one of the members of her tribe passed by and said, What's the matter? And she told them her story. And they went to the seniors in her family and into the seniors in her husband's family, and he gave

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them an absolute piece of his mind. And that's when the realization dawned upon them that what we're doing is inhumane. What we're doing is cruel, and they return her children to her and they allowed for her now to make Hitler to Madina munawwara we will continue the discussion from this point onwards in our next Sahaba profiles. From myself, Raymond rabbit Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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