Sajid Ahmed Umar – Ramadan Reminders 08

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of having a good friend circle, including helping to achieve a taco and the effects of good company. They also explain the benefits of having a friend circle to avoid harm and how it can affect one's chances of getting a taco. The speaker concludes by discussing the importance of serving Islam and the benefits of having a good friend circle.
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He was married to a salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh All praises belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala, our Creator, our sustainer our Latisha The only one worthy of worship from Felicity will gll and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Dear viewers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has prescribed the month of Ramadan to assist us in attaining a tough one. And in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala we find several instructions that also teach us a means towards achieving a taco and in earlier episodes, we discuss together the importance of a taco and what it means and the price that Allah subhanho wa Taala has set for the goal and how the score is a

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means of great benefit for a taco May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst them. One of the verses that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran that teaches us a way of ensuring that we achieve a taqwa is when Allah subhana wa waterland said yeah you are levena Takuma and remember as we said before, that when Allah subhana wa tada says yeah, you have levena pay attention Allah subhana wa Jalla is addressing you directly and no one understand that there's a command coming on the other side of this address. So what is Allah subhanahu wa tada say? He said, Be conscious of Allah subhana wa tada create this barrier between you and the punishment of jahannam fear disobeying

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Allah subhana wa tada how we're cooling masala tea by having a good friend circle by being amongst and with those that are truthful and righteous and pious and honest.

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Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us the effects of good company and bad company. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam summarized the reality of company when he said that a murukku Allah D, that a person is upon the way of his companion.

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So the purpose of a lot more it will send them toward us a beautiful parable the prophets of Allah Allah, He will send them the ultimate educator, the ultimate teacher, he teaches us the effects of having a good friend circle and a bad friend circle. He teaches us how a good friend circle is a means of constant benefit, maybe a lot of benefit, or maybe a little bit of benefit. However, there is always benefit, and always a way to achieve the dosages that would make one from amongst the mythical. The purpose of Allah while he was in them said that the example of a person who has a good friend is like a person who has a friend that sells perfume that sells.

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Now let us look at a perfume sell. If you go visit this friend, and he's a generous friend, he will give you a box of perfume as a gift. And you would have benefited a lot from your visit to this person. If he is not that generous, then at least he will take out a bottle of perfume from under the counter and offer you something.

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And with that, you would have appreciated some benefits as well. Not a lot of benefit as before, but they still benefit. And if he's not so generous, then at least you will benefit by assuming the good smells that exist in the environment that you are in. So when you visit him and you walk out of that shop, or out of that place, the good smells of that environment rub onto your clothes, and when you meet other people outside they know exactly where you came from. So you are always in this win win situation you are always benefiting. So this is the comparison to a person who has a truthful friend, a honest friend, a pious friend. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained to

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us the effects of bad company and how it affects our chances of attaining a taco. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described a person who has a bad friend to a person who befriends and ironmonger the one who smells iron and works near the blast furnace from sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that when you visit this friend, or if we really contemplate and deliberate over the reality of a person who be friends and ironmonger we understand that when you visit this friend, if you get too close to the blast furnace, what will happen? A spark will come out of it. Land onto your clothes and burn your clothes. That is great harm.

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But if you say, Okay, let me stand back.

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When you stand back, you will still be affected by the smoke that exists in that environment, it will rub onto your clothes and when you come out of there, you will be affected by those bad smells and people will know exactly where you came from. And if you think and say to yourself that I will be very careful, this is bad company, I will be very careful, I'll stand right by the door. I'll be wary.

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Then know and understand that the

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carbon monoxide and the harmful gases that exist in that environment, you will inhale those gases you have no choice you have to breathe, right? You will intake those gases and you will be harmed nonetheless. So your situation in that environment is a lose lose situation. So learn from this observance of Allah, the importance of having a good friend circle, you end the month of Ramadan, revise your friend circle, revise those that you spend most of your time with throughout the rest of the year. And understand that just changing those that you attach yourself to will be a means of your entry into gender insha Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. If you attach yourself to

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the wrong people, it will be a means of your destruction in this world and the next I leave you with these words to ponder over. And with that, I will end this video with our normal tagline for the month of Ramadan. And that tagline is a Muslim is an entity of activeness and proactivity. What are you doing Oh servant of Allah, in serving Islam, and the Muslims for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala how they will love Ireland and love you all for the sake of Allah sallallahu wasallam or Baraka? Vina Mohammed Ali, he was a big my Santa Monica. law he opened a cat

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