Sajid Ahmed Umar – A Lady Who Hated Muslims!

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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I want you to be straight on the straight and narrow enter the house from its dog.

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From his window is shimmy, enter from its door be straight.

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And this is from Tacoma. Tacoma being straight speaking straight from the from you acquiring taqueria, your levena Amadou tequila Hulu Colin sadita Oh you believe be God conscious. And what will help you get there? Colin sadita speaking an upright word. Not a crooked word. an upright white. This is from taco right. So this is what the courage did proper cat did it work now. Now let's don't lose hope brothers and sisters. Islamophobia.

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It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. In a lot of cases, the opposite happens. And this is what happened. What happened when the chorus spread, spread the propaganda. Remember that example of the websites I gave you is spread the website instead of people saying they go to it. Right? This is what happened. People from all over we're sending people to come see the What's this? Who is this person visiting the Quraysh go and see.

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Go and see him.

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So what happened when they went to see they saw good character? How many people came? How many people send their messages? The messages went back they said What did you see? Did you see the sorcerer, a madman who is buzzing the Quraysh this mighty clan in charge of the Kaaba birds came with stones

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to remove elephants on their watch. Who is this man? spinning them they said we don't know what we saw was a man with such good character sweetest words

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welcomes you with a smile. You see what is happening? opposite effect. opposite effect. When you insincere brothers and sisters. Does it work in your favor?

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x you will be exposed

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didn't work in their favor. All they did was assist in spreading the word of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam making this unknown, even more known.

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Right? This is what happens today. Look what Islamophobia has done for Islam. Who doesn't know about Islam? Yes, the issue is but and this is what happens they hear the wrong message of Islam, the fox news narrative and so on and so forth. What happens any educated person says Hold on a second Yeah, it's cool. I had classmates who are Muslims and neighbors who are Muslims have dealt with people who are Muslim we read up on this thing.

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How many reports they have received, saying we became interested in Islam because of something we saw on the news.

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And then what happened?

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It was a means of our guidance. We picked up the foreigner visits Panama they picked up the Quran and

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change them.

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You know in in my home city Lester, I nevertheless there's a young boy, my home city in Leicester

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it snowed a couple of years ago. So the Muslim is from a Masjid, which I would consider local had I been living in Leicester must've been.

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The Masjid is in a wonderful, you know, really if you if you if you Google it less than if you try Google Maps.

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Maybe Google will give us some royalties because how many times have we said Google here.

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If you go on Google Maps and you type musty dormer Leicester, you'll see it's in a very unique location is there's a hill that comes down there's a road going this way and a road going this way. And masoumeh is at the bottom of the hill right in the center of the two roads that go up unique as you driving, you take a bet that you just see this beautiful mascot in front of you very unique. Now note that it's its center to a hilly area, so two high roads going up. So it snowed and the roads were full of snow, obviously.

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So what happened some of the muscles from the semester decided to be true to their being Muslims. They went and bought these green jackets, the right shoes on so forth, and they started themselves directing traffic, making sure someone's on the top of the hill, right? There's no car coming. So the person at the top would allow the car because you slide this slide, you can slip, you can avoid an accident. Some cars were going up getting stuck all of a sudden, five people with the back pushing your car up the hill.

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Right? Imagine and that Muslim is looking in the rearview mirror, just seeing his beard but Pamela being pushed,

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right? What happened was,

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and then Muslim, a British female who lived in this area, who said that she had a relative went avani Stein and I think if my memory serves, I don't think he was injured or he was killed that she say she hated Muslims. And it was the worst time of her life. She had to live in this area. It's an area where

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Muslims have settled.

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He was the worst impression of Muslim and she wrote to the newspaper. We knew I didn't even know this was happening until I read this article.

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What happened?

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She was

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halfway conquered, stuck started sliding.

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All of a sudden

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clatter clatter clatter hands, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom around the couch looks up in the mirror is bearded men.

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The people who the TV has made a hate because they gave her the wrong impression.

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Right? And she didn't know better, as many like her. Whilst there's many who go and read this many who don't.

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She sees her car sort of rolling backwards to a destruction is being pushed up this year. Until the cargo traction and she left.

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So she decided you know what? I owe it to them. She wrote an article newspaper, this is who I am. This is how much I hated Muslims until this day, this is what happened.

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People see you before the * did these people speak to her? No, she was in a vehicle window shot she drove afterwards.

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But she saw what they did change the perception.

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Right? So what we're saying brothers and sisters is Islamophobia.

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What we saw as, as a result of the propaganda of the courage we see today as a result of Islamophobia and the propaganda regarding Islam. And everybody, you will only see the worst was the mistakes of the Muslims out there. That's what you will see.

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And that's your brothers and sisters.

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Have a good heart with the non Muslims.

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respect them as a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't know better. A lot of us. Yes, we human beings we emotionally hurt because of what they do, but they do it because they don't know better. What do you want?

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We haven't showed them the Islam that this was supposed to have seen. Right?

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They haven't seen it.

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What they've seen is what's come out on TV, what's being shown on the internet. the mistakes of a few we're not saying that they haven't been Muslims who made mistakes we say yes.

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