Saad Tasleem – I Saw a Butler

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a man from a gas station approached a woman and asked her questions about a butler. He then approached a woman and asked her questions about a man from Costco. He explains that the man from Costco is a noble man with a lot of money and is attracted to women because they are often impressed by them. He shares this story with the group and asks them to share it.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala suta less than or equal to LA. So I was just at a gas station and a car pulled up

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a Rolls Royce. And there walked out of this car, a butler like a straight up Butler, Alfred pennyworth type of Butler, he had like the butler suit on and everything. And another cop pulled up a bunch of young guys. And they, they saw the Rolls Royce and they saw the butler. And they were like, they got really excited. So they walked up to the guy and they're they're asked him questions, and they're like, you must work for somebody rich and famous, and all that kind of stuff.

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And then I got it, I started thinking how to love these young guys, they're so excited, and they're so

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impressed by this person, or this Butler, or this Bert, this, supposedly, whoever this Butler works for, and they know nothing about this person. And besides the fact that they're rich, and they have lots of money, and they own a nice car. And I thought some kind of law, this goes completely against you know what Islam teaches us that person's value is not judged by their material things and what they own and the things that they can buy. And it's the opposite as allies. And it says in the Chroma Kumar, in the light at Costco that the most noble amongst you

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are those who have the most tequila,

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those who are most conscious of a law those who are most pious and nuts. That's what gives a person nobility and status and honor. It's not the things that you own and penalize we know the past sentiment form is that a majority of the inhabitants of Paradise agenda, they're going to be poor. So that even does show us even more than some kind of law. It's not about the money that you have, or the material things that you own and all that kind of stuff. It's actually it's a sign of a person's email. And

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if their amount is low, you'll see that they'll be attracted to possessions by other people. And they'll be like, Oh, you're so cool, because you have a nice car or because you wear nice clothes, or you can afford this or afford not what and on the other hand, if a person has strong man, there'll be attracted to her they will find piety and taqwa to be to be to be something that that they're attracted to. And it's something that they they that you know, they're impressed by them. Anyway, so this just happened to be right now I just wanted to share it with you guys. So yeah, alright inshallah. Until next time,

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