Saad Tasleem – Cursing and the N-Word

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of cursing and using profanity in our culture, which is becoming accepted and often associated with religious practices. They suggest that people should try to be above their own language and that they may become des amortized as they spend time in environments where people curse. They also mention the use of the N word and its historical significance, and suggest that people should stop using it and try to change their behavior.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another vlog. I know you didn't think I'd be back this early but haven't been and now we're making it happen. All right. So today I wanted to talk about an issue, which is very, very common, widespread in our culture and society. And that is the issue of cursing, and using profanity and all that kind of stuff. Now, as you know, profanity and cursing and all that it's kind of become part of our language, it's become part of our culture, where you, it's very hard to go a day without hearing cursing, and it's kind of like, it's become part of our language as well. And sometimes we've had a lot like, we don't even realize we're

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cursing. And if you look at the online world, for example, people will use words like let's say things like lm, eo, or WTF, or whatever. And these are, like, good or practicing Muslims and things like that, right? So it's become so common, it's become so accepted. And for us as Muslims, this is something that we should actually rise above, right? We have the the statement of ns or the Allah that I'm, for example, and I believe, as mentioned in the show, hands and bodies like Muslim, and he said, the person send them never used, like obscenity, he never curse people. He never uses, he never used like foul language. And this is to teach us that He is our role model. So I send them, so

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we need to try our best to be like that. So even though it's like the norm in our society, or whatever, it's accepted that people curse. Oh, like I said, we got to be above that. The problem with being in an environment where people curse

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is that we may be in that environment, or we may have friends or whatever that curse. And we may not take part in it. But the reality is that the more time we spend in that environment, the more desensitized we're going to get. So it will eventually could lead to a time where you know, we start cursing as well, you can try this, you can try this experiment, go a week, without hearing any cursing. So like, if you watch TV shows that have cursing and stuff, like just stop watching them for a week. Stop being around people that curse a lot, and just go like a week without hearing any type of profanity or cursing. If you go back after that week, and you go hang out with, for example,

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your friends who curse you're gonna feel a big difference. Why? Because when you spend time away from a sin or something bad, your heart kind of goes back to its natural state of purity. But as I said, the more time you spend within a sin or be surrounding what time you spend being surrounded by a sin, the more you're going to become desensitized to it and the more is not going to be problem. The second issue I want to talk about was using the N word. Now I've seen this happen sound a lot like young DC, kids or whatever, using the N word like it's no big deal right? Now, my opinion is no one should use the N word. Even if you're Black or African American, I don't think anybody should

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use that word. It's not a good word, it, you know, has that history to it and derogatory and all that kind of stuff. We need to be above that, but especially young Muslim kids, thinking it's okay, or whatever. I know why Muslim kids will sometimes use that word, I think it comes from a sense of relatability or they can relate to the African American cause, or, you know, kids, you know, they see themselves as it's kind of like a parallel, you know, the struggles that African Americans went through in America, being a minority, and all that kind of stuff being misunderstood, blah, blah. And that kind of gives this a young Muslim kid, this sense of thinking that, you know, they are just

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as entitled to use the N word, as someone who's black, for example, but like I said, I don't think anybody should use the N word, but especially especially young Muslims, or young Muslim kids, and I know I said this, they see kids, it's not just they see kids, if they see kids, Arab kids, all kinds of people. And I know there's another term, which people kind of like substitute and they cut and the term I don't know if I should say, it's, it's sand and word, right? So it's kind of like that's like the Arab or Middle Eastern version of the N word. But yeah, so just want to call attention to that we need to stop when you stop using that N word and hope we can make a change. Starting with

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everyone who's listening to this. You'd be the person who makes the change in your friends and the people around you profanity, and we're all that kind of stuff. All right, so that's just a couple thoughts inshallah Tada. And Allah knows best until next time, take care was set. I'm on a comb what happened to LA he was about a cat.

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