Riyadul Haqq – The Humility Of The Sahabah

Riyadul Haqq
AI: Summary © The "hammat's" flag is a significant event for all diseases and malices, including the mother of all diseases and malices. The flag's significance is demonstrated in the " hesitation" of the alarm culture, where the "medicals are seen as pride and independence. The " hesitation" of the alarm culture is also discussed, where the "medicals are seen as disrespectful". A woman was killed by a group of cowboys and their families are described as disrespectful.
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When I was

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at the dinner when you

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want to Chateau La la la la sharika

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sola la Posada

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about to cover some limits meaning theater and

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my biographer will be lurking in a shape long of regime spoiler man over him in the law Homer the Equatoria saloon Adam

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some somebody who was suddenly

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a lot

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earlier and later Ana Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad anwar

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Ibrahim in the academy

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Spectre listeners salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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A few weeks ago,

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spoke on the topic of

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humility in general. And prior to that a few months ago, I spoke on the topic of arrogance. And last week, spoke specifically about the humility of the messenger Salama Heidi.

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As promised in Sharla. Today, I'll share a few thoughts about the humility of the noble companions, this habit of the alarm.

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regarded by the earlier man,

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as the mother of all diseases,

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the origin and the source of all spiritual ailments.

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arrogance can be traced

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to being the root cause of many ills,

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both individual and social.

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And it's something which Allah has warned against in the court, and it's something which the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, warned against in his Melbourne study.

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And, most importantly, all of the prophets of Allah, and especially our Noble Messenger, sallAllahu wasallam, in word and indeed,

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demonstrated the obligation of humility, and this harbottle the alarm

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since they were molded by his words and his company,

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they despite being the greatest of human beings, after the prophets of Allah, were also the most humble unbelievably.

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And the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam transform their character

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and change them from

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who and what they were to who and what they became, is nothing short of miraculous.

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The Arabs were a very proud and defiance nation.

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They accepted, in fact, they resent the idea of a Moloch.

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in Makkah, as well, there was no king.

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They had chieftains of Clans, families, and tribes.

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And they had a council of elders and leaders.

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Some of them were considered preeminent amongst these leaders. But ultimately, there was no one single monarch or king.

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Furthermore, the Arabs weren't even used to fancy titles. Even the oldest

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of the chieftains amongst them would be addressed by his Konya.

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And that actually remains a custom till today.

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So the Arabs were always very proud and defiant nation.

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And yet, the prophets Allah Almighty who

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transformed them

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To be full of self dignity, but in their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And with one another, he taught them to be humble.

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And that's exactly how this heart of the alarm became. Because they more than anyone else recognize the obligation of humility, and the harms and the dangers of pride. haughtiness, Americans see that vehicle of the alarm, he would actually say on the member.

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And he would say very graphically,

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to the extent that understand the moniker of the alarm and sayings that we would hear abubaker a severe karate alarm, I'm speaking on the member in such a manner that we would find it distasteful. So What was he saying that they found it distasteful or unclean?

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will buckle the alarm used to say is

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that man has emerged

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from the place from the passage of urine twice, that's his orange.

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So we're back it'll be a lot more speed. And it'll be a lot more who says that a worker of the alarm would speak about the birth and the creation and the origin of man.

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And in such a manner that we would find it distasteful because he would remind this habit of the alarm

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that we we hit

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last season the Holy Quran and to explain this further understand this last season, what the robot annamma fellow wanna say

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that he is versus sort of the scene that he strikes a parable man strikes a parable for us, when I see a huddle

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and he forgets his own creation.

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Parliament you hear a lot more hear me.

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So he says that,

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who will resurrect

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and who will revive the bones when they have become disintegrate?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that man

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poses a question

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who will bring back to life and revive these disintegrated? But

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and yet when he poses that question as an objection to Allah, he forgets his own creation, that last panel who Adana created him from nothing, he brought him into existence from naught. Why is it then difficult for LA to resurrect him from a piece that already exists? This verse, although originally refers to that the wording is what that Oberlin amatola want to say?

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But he strikes a parable for us, and he forgets his own creation. Well, Mr. have often used this verse. in another context, of course, this is the original meaning, but they've also used it in another in another context, which is that man is always objecting about other people, such as in appearance.

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So when a person considers someone else to be crippled, disabled, less able,

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less handsome, less beautiful, less attractive, less prepossessing.

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If anyone considers someone else to be inferior, and actually says about them, that he or she is such,

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so that will a man have said does he not remember this verse, where he complains about others, or judges others for their appearance and their abilities, want to see a handle? And he forgets his own creation? So going back to what Rebecca severe, viola used to say, he used to graphically described to the Sahaba of the loved one, who and what we are.

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And what what is that ultimately,

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and we're working with the love and used to say, that man has come.

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His origin is from the passage of urine twice. So when he

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from his father, he passed as a drop of sperm through his father's passage of urine.

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And then when he was born,

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he emerged from his mother's passage of urine into this word that says orange

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That's his homage.

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This How about the lover and

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even even the character of the law and the famous hand him an image of Tara from monster Sahaba de la

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he would say

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that no matter how much you embellish, he used to say, food is a parable for us. Food is a striking example for us. What did he mean? He would, he would then explain

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that no matter how much you season your food

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and no matter how much salt and spice you apply to your food, you know ultimately what and where its destination is.

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So over you've mccampbell the alarm on us to say, no matter how much you salt and season your food, you know what its ultimate destination is.

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And then he used to say this is an example for us of the

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that the whole dunya No matter how much we spice it up, no matter how much we decorate it, and season it. Its ultimate destination is similar to our to the destination of foods. So both where you've McCargo de la Abubakar Casa de carro de la Horne, and others have added the alarm on home use these apparently distasteful but very graphic examples to remind themselves and others of the reality of human beings and their life on

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who are the slaves, slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that's all.

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So man will Farsi European law

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a famous and noble Companion of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was wearing patched clones, rough patch course clothes that were patched.

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someone objected and said to him, couldn't you were fine or close them this considering who you are?

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Some manual files, you know the alarm wiring, who said in the Mount

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Olympus camera in the salon. He said I am only a slave. And I dress as a slave dresses.

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So this How about the alarm, we're always conscious of the fact that they are not kings on Earth.

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Rather, they are all the slaves of the last panel.

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So they dressed and they lived and they conducted themselves in line and with each other as slaves will lie. This is exactly how they thought about it. It'll be in line.

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He had a servant.

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people noticed that

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he would dress exactly like a slave dressed.

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He said they both had exactly the same suit of clothes.

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So he was questioned about this. And his reply was, let me tell you the reason for this.

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Milan robiola was a freed slave. So once without the clarity of the alarm, had harsh words with below the alarm, and it will be a lot

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of character. He was very

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relentless, and sharp and harsh when he wished to be.

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And in fact, the Sahaba of the law when he was caught in his speech, so

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he had harsh words with vilanova, the law firm. And he said to him given a soda.

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He said Oh son of the black woman, so get out of the law and went to the School of Law and the law mighty who was sending them and complained to him, that this is what will that are set to me. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam summoned a will that or the value of the alarm, and said to him in the future, he he said, Buddha, you are a man in whom there is jahi they still journey and ignorance. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said these more words

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The slaves and freed slaves they are your brothers.

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So feed them of what you feed yourselves and clothed them with what you clothe yourselves with, if it really alarm took the words of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So literally, that from that day onwards, he with his own servants, he would feed them the same food as he fed them fed himself, they would eat with him, and he and his servant are dressed in exactly the same suit. No one could tell the two apart.

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Even now for the alarm,

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a highly esteemed

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businessman and a very wealthy individual. He came penniless, from Mecca to Medina, as part of the hedger.

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so how about the alarm rang?

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When they were made brothers by the prophets of the love it was some of them is I'm sorry, brother said to him, that I wish to give you half of my wealth.

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So will that under 100 now for the loved one said to him, he even offered to him he said, Look, I have two wives, I'll divorce my one month and you can marry her course we may not understand this, but they were the Sahaba of the Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made them brothers.

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And suddenly, Allah bless you and your family and in your wealth. There is no need for you to give me anything. Show me the marketplace. So I'm going to find it now for the love on went to the market. And beginning from nothing, he began trade. And eventually he became very wealthy businessmen, especially after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But

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despite his wealth,

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his attendance and his servants people say that no one could tell the difference between a man of mouth and his servants. And his work as an attendant, no one could tell the difference.

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That's how humble they kept themselves.

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And no one no one was a great example of humility than the ones who are the most, who are the closest to the prophets of Allah. It was seldom and the most senior beginning with abubaker Cynthia

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workers the vehicle the alarm

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wise, intelligent,

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renowned nogle looked up to buyer

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but his humility or search

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one occasion imamo How do they relate to this beautiful story

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that the from Abu Dhabi a lot more in the companion, who says that I was seated with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a gathering.

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When all of a sudden abubaker of the alarm came

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holding his cloth, raised somewhat so that his knees were showing.

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So he had gathered his clothes, and walking quite fast, and holding his cloth with his hand clutching his lower clock with his hand. He walks rapidly to the gathering of the sort of law. So the law it was Solomon's clothes with his lower cloth was raised so high that parts of his knee was showing.

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He then came and sat in front of the messenger. So Lola, it was in him but as he saw him coming, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam looked up and said, your companion, has just been in a dispute with someone because we'll look at all the alarm looked very upset. And what had happened is a worker of the alarm had, well he explained to the prophets of the alarm, it was sort of them. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw him coming and said your companion, meaning a worker, has just been embroiled in an argument or disputes.

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So when he came and sat down in front of the messengers, a lot of them

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you said to him Yasuda, LA

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I had an argument with

00:19:25 --> 00:19:29

the Sahaba of the lover and Rahim. They were not angels.

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And a lot kept them here.

00:19:34 --> 00:19:37

So that they could serve as an example for us.

00:19:39 --> 00:19:40

If they were angels,

00:19:42 --> 00:19:44

men could easily say they were angels.

00:19:45 --> 00:19:49

But this How about all the love frankly, they lived as he

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they have the same thoughts, the same emotions.

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The same lapses the same weaknesses, as any normal him as any human being.

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would have

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the beauty of this habit of the alarm, if we think of them as companions,

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and then we realize them stinks,

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then we lower them.

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But we should never look at the Sahaba or the law, top down,

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we should always look at them bottom up. So instead of looking at them as Sahaba,

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and then noticing their flaws,

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we will actually detract from their greatness, when we think of them as human beings, and then see how they behaved, how they lived what they became, then that would only increase our love and admiration, in fact, are all in reverence for this habit of the law.

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So we're gonna do a lot more insidious sort of law. I had an argument with Ahmed and

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I came to my realization. So I went to him see forgiveness.

00:21:13 --> 00:21:17

A lot. But he said, I went to him seek forgiveness straightaway.

00:21:18 --> 00:21:19

no delay.

00:21:21 --> 00:21:36

I went to him seek forgiveness, but I might have the lover and was still angry. So he refused to forgive him. She said, Yeah, I sort of had an argument with Bob. I didn't realize my error. So I went to him to ask forgiveness, but he refused to forgive me.

00:21:39 --> 00:22:10

So I've been working on the alarm and came to the Prophet Sall alarm it was, in the meantime, bringer of the alarm. His anger subsided, and he realized his error for arguing and also further his error for not forgiving Abubakar of the alarm. So he went back to the alarms house in order to forgive him and seek forgiveness himself. But he said there's a more buckler here they said no. So he realized he must have gone to the Messenger of Allah. Allah Martin dangerous of them. So a lot of the law, okay.

00:22:11 --> 00:22:25

So when a lot of the alarm came towards a gathering, and the profits of the law legal system saw him with data that are the alarm who sees the face of the Noble Messenger, so the law changed,

00:22:26 --> 00:22:28

and he began frowning

00:22:29 --> 00:22:32

and expressing his anger in his face,

00:22:34 --> 00:22:35

straight away.

00:22:40 --> 00:22:43

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sentenced.

00:22:45 --> 00:22:47

And in his sensitivity,

00:22:48 --> 00:22:53

his emotion showed them his noble face, his joy, his pleasure,

00:22:54 --> 00:22:57

his satisfaction, his displeasure, even his anger.

00:23:01 --> 00:23:04

If someone ever accuses you of being sensitive,

00:23:06 --> 00:23:08

then you can reply to them with two things.

00:23:10 --> 00:23:13

One, the prophet SAW the love it was sudden and more sensitive.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:17

Allah says to him

00:23:19 --> 00:23:21

indeed we now

00:23:22 --> 00:23:24

in the hula hazama khalidiya

00:23:25 --> 00:23:29

thing like the moon Aquila, Nevada Marina Bay Area to La

00:23:31 --> 00:23:37

La settimo messenger of Allah we do know, we surely know that that's what they say grieves.

00:23:41 --> 00:23:47

But know that they don't reject you rather these sinful people they reject the signs of Allah.

00:23:48 --> 00:23:51

So once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sensed?

00:23:53 --> 00:23:55

Normally soft people are incensed.

00:23:57 --> 00:23:59

That's the first answer the second answer

00:24:01 --> 00:24:06

that you accuse me of being sensed. Maybe you are being incensed.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:11


00:24:15 --> 00:24:25

prophets alarm it was someone's emotion shoulder in his face when he saw the alarm arriving from a distance. His anger welled up.

00:24:26 --> 00:24:36

And his noble features began to change and show their anger and their disapproval. instantly. abubaker the law realized

00:24:38 --> 00:24:43

despite everything, a worker the love and fear for

00:24:44 --> 00:24:59

the law firm, less the displeasure of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam affected negatively. So boca de la vida lens forward and kneeling. This is a sign of humility, kneeling on his knees with his feet.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

thighs raised in a very humble and surveilled position.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:12

Abubakar, the love unsaid Yasuda law, I was the one who was an error. I was the one who was wrong.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:15

I was the one who was more wrong.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:18

It was my fault.

00:25:20 --> 00:25:41

Then tomorrow the alarm arrived the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, Allah sent me to you. So you all rejected me and called me a liar. But aboubaker said that you speak the truth. And he has honored me with his wealth, and in his soul and with his family.

00:25:44 --> 00:25:54

Falun Gong tariku li sahibi Falun Gong tariku Lisa Heaney. So when you leave my companion alone or not, oh, you're not going to leave my companion alone.

00:25:57 --> 00:26:00

That was the Hadeeth of the alarm.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:06

But the lessons in here, the humility of a worker of the alarm, and that's

00:26:07 --> 00:26:13

the alarm. Yes, they were human beings. They had disagreements, they became angry.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:30

They aren't. But instantly, the alarm came to read his realization sought forgiveness from Bob. And the alarm being off his nature. He was still angry. So he refused to forgive.

00:26:32 --> 00:27:00

But then he himself came to his realization and went to the house and a worker of the love aren't see forgiveness and forgive. Then a worker of the alarm, when he realized that the anger of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam may affect him or the alarm negatively. He humbled Himself further and accepted all the blame and said the ATO sort of law I was the wrong. I was the one who was in greater error.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:04

These were the Sahaba of the law.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:12

We over a small thing, where we bear grudges for months for years for generations.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:25

Walk or the alarm. In the fifth year of hedgerows, we learned in heavy metal if

00:27:26 --> 00:27:28

his humility or search

00:27:29 --> 00:27:42

that when his daughter was accused of a sin of which she was innocent. One of the people repeating and perpetuating the room was his own cousin, brother, Mr.

00:27:45 --> 00:27:45

And Miss

00:27:48 --> 00:27:52

was the daughter. Sorry, it was a son of his maternal arms.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:55

So Mr. Was his cousin brother.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:09

And a worker of the law. He was very poor. He was one of them had you know he was very poor. So what are the love, I'm used to pay for him. And he used to pay for his car maintenance. He used to provide them.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:12

So because of the law.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:24

He felt that of all the people Mr. Who's a family member who knows Ernie shadow the alarm around her, who's his niece,

00:28:26 --> 00:28:27

the daughter of his cousin, brother,

00:28:28 --> 00:29:01

the daughter of his benefit. Someone who looks after him pays for her, provides for him cares for him. How could he repay all of those favors? And with the knowledge and personal knowledge that he had of the family and have a shadow of the alarm? And despite being a blood? How could he make that grave mistake of perpetuating the room and repeating the allegations? So aboubaker the alarm run in his anger? He said Biola I will never spend a dime on him again.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:03

I will never spend on

00:29:05 --> 00:29:08

a last panel without I reveal the verse or sort of

00:29:09 --> 00:29:14

when I did it all on fatherly minko. Masada and Obama Sakina Mahajan,

00:29:16 --> 00:29:29

when Yahoo was finally allowed in your federal law or local law for over 18 lattes, and let's not those of bounds the meaning of wealth and richness, riches amongst you.

00:29:30 --> 00:29:35

Let them not swear, taken out in the name of Allah, that they will not give

00:29:38 --> 00:29:59

to their relatives, and to the immigrants and to the needy and Paul, in the way of Allah, all of that in reference to Mr. His cousin, Brother, brother, they should overlook excusing forgive. do not wish that Allah forgives you your sins, and a lot his most forgiving, Most Merciful. So we'll pick it up.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:15

lavon heard this verse immediately, despite all his anger, imagine, imagine his daughter is accused the anger and the dignity of the Father. And in his anger he swore that he will never spend a penny on

00:30:16 --> 00:30:32

him on him again. Yes, soon as he heard this verse, all Buckaroo the alarm burst into tears, and said butter. Of course, I wish that my lord forgives me. By law, I will never withhold their home from him again till the day I die.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:35

Instant forgiveness.

00:30:36 --> 00:30:56

He minutes. Why do I mention the story in the context of humidity? Because it's to do with pride. When we feel that our pride has been pricked, our ego has been violated. That's where the anger serves. So that's where the anger arises. With a worker of the alarm. I'm his family on

00:30:57 --> 00:31:02

his dignity, the honor and dignity of his daughter.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:19

All of this was attacked, and his favours and his bounty were all rejected and repaid with this offense. And yet, we'll look at all the Allaha and he forgave everything. Often its pride which prevents us from forgiving

00:31:20 --> 00:31:23

its pride but which prevents us from forgetting

00:31:24 --> 00:31:27

some slides some offense in the past.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:32

What did it do? Its pride at the end of the day.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:37

Cases of road rage often is just because

00:31:39 --> 00:31:40

eyes lock.

00:31:41 --> 00:31:49

It's all about how you look at the other person. That's all. No words are exchanged. No words are exchanged.

00:31:50 --> 00:31:53

No signals are made. No signs are made.

00:31:54 --> 00:32:02

But two eyes locked, two pairs of eyes lock. And each is thinking and imagining

00:32:03 --> 00:32:15

what the other is thinking. We reading into each other's mind. We projecting our own fears and insecurities and thoughts onto the other person. we're imagining things

00:32:16 --> 00:32:22

just because our eyes locked straightaway we in our paranoia and our fear. We begin thinking

00:32:23 --> 00:32:35

what's he looking at? Why is he looking at me like that? What's he saying? Why is he staring at me? And then before you know it one thing leads to another road rage people get out of their cars in the middle of the road

00:32:37 --> 00:32:51

in hustling, bustling traffic, go over. Begin a fight, arguing arguments lead to a fine fact leads to violence. And what's it all for no basis in reality just once prior just once given nothing else.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:06

It's pride which prevents forgiveness of what goes on the alarm I'm had every right to be indignant to be angry. And yet in his humility forgave and overlooks everything and when they forgave they forgave.

00:33:07 --> 00:33:10

They harbored and born no ill will.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:16

That was the another example of the humility of aboubaker of the

00:33:18 --> 00:33:18


00:33:23 --> 00:33:28

about Casa de Viola was a bone lead. He really was.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:33

That's why nobody dissented. Nobody disagreed with his.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:47

Your soft he was humble, and yet, nobody dead step ahead of him. Despite his position, despite being the first male Muslim,

00:33:48 --> 00:34:18

first male, adult Muslim, despite being so close to the messenger Salalah highly, despite being the father in law of the prophets of the law it despite being revered by the others, however, the alarm, you're so humble, that on occasions a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent him on an expedition, and whenever he would dispatch an expedition, he would appoint an immediate over them, a group lead, and often it would be someone other than Abubakar Viola.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:25

And yet abubaker de la barnwood calmly and respectfully and obediently

00:34:26 --> 00:34:37

remain part of that group and delegation, not as an amine, but as a lower person as a follower rather than a lead. He had no objection whatsoever. No.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:43

When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away.

00:34:45 --> 00:34:47

And how about the alarm elect?

00:34:49 --> 00:34:50

How did his election come about?

00:34:54 --> 00:34:54


00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

this was the new power of Arabia, so much was at stake the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Next leader would be

00:35:04 --> 00:35:05

the ruler.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:07

The uncrowned king

00:35:08 --> 00:35:13

of the whole of Arabia, something that had never happened before in the history of Arabia.

00:35:14 --> 00:35:16

Never were the Arabs so united.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:22

It was a majestic position, the province of the law it was in less than everything.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:30

And yet how are the Sahaba of the Allahu Allah? We're not talking about the Imam

00:35:31 --> 00:35:32

of the masjid.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:39

We're not talking about the leadership of a small group of a society or a charity,

00:35:40 --> 00:35:43

or a small trust, or a company

00:35:45 --> 00:36:02

or even the Mr. And the leadership or group of three, four people. We're talking about, who is now going to be appointed to be the Khalifa of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the rule of the whole of Arabia. How did the Sahaba of the law behave?

00:36:05 --> 00:36:14

Abu Bakr rhodiola and of all people in the Salif urban side, he stood up in one hand, he took the hand

00:36:15 --> 00:36:34

of the alarm. In the other he took the hand of a waterway, the Dublin Jabra for the alarm and raising their hands he addressed the assembly saying, Oh people are assembly of the Mahajan, rune and the unsolved I propose to you one of these two leaders, either I'm gonna do a ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.

00:36:36 --> 00:36:38

That was a macro Viola

00:36:41 --> 00:37:22

Viola one, what was his response? He turns around and say you circle back under the law and by law, no one cannot step ahead of the man whom the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appointed as his deputy on the most on the in the place of Salah in order to leave the companions in prayer whilst he was still alive. No one can step ahead of that man. Oh aboubaker. No one can be placed above you. That was his response that will back out of the line. He wasn't secretly harboring that it made the lead and that amine and the Silesia? What was the alarm orange response?

00:37:24 --> 00:37:45

His response was to further the words of aboard Vader. He shouted artists at our assembly and Mahajan on an unsigned Is there anyone that you believe should surpass and be placed ahead of well buckle the alarm when he was the one who was appointed to lead the Muslims in prayer. Whilst the messenger subtle alarm It was almost an alarm.

00:37:48 --> 00:37:48

Everyone said

00:37:50 --> 00:37:56

and the alarm and response was stretch your hand audible burka so that may give you my pledge.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:02

Each one through the Mr. And Mrs. Hill up on the other

00:38:03 --> 00:38:09

side of the lover instead choose between a warm either way that said How dare anyone step ahead of

00:38:10 --> 00:38:18

your lover Emma said Is there anyone who can step ahead of aboubaker Give me your hand stretch your hand the aboubaker Let me pledge my allegiance to

00:38:19 --> 00:38:22

that that's how the abubaker of the alarm was elected

00:38:24 --> 00:38:37

as a leaf of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We're not talking about the Imam of the masjid or the leadership of a small group or society or a trust. We're talking about the Eman and the leadership of the entire

00:38:39 --> 00:38:45

it's the humble who deserve to be leaders. It's the humble who deserve to be leaders.

00:38:46 --> 00:39:03

They are the true leaders. Those who have even an eye out even a mustard seed even a grains worth of pride and arrogance in them. Allah subhanho wa Taala banishes them from Jenna, let alone accepts them as a leader of any sort.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:10

How about the lover who feared given

00:39:11 --> 00:39:16

in order to what degree Am I had Adam? law he relates Ethan's Muslim

00:39:19 --> 00:39:19


00:39:21 --> 00:39:22

the Son of

00:39:24 --> 00:39:26

Man now for the alarm.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:37

The alarm he says Abdullah Mohammed in Alliance and Abdullah have Norma rhodiola.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:44

They both met on the hillock of muddler in muckety muck aroma near Masjid Hara

00:39:49 --> 00:39:53

I say near and most of them around because strictly speaking the must

00:39:54 --> 00:39:55

the area to do sorry.

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

Between safa and marwah. That area

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

Known as Miss it's not actually part of the machine

00:40:04 --> 00:40:09

so they both met on the hillock of muddler Neil mustard and her arm

00:40:11 --> 00:40:17

and they both came together and blood and under the rounds and Abdullah had normal the alarm.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:33

They spoke and then Abdullah Mohammed last left, walked away. I'm delighted no matter the alarm rang him I remain standing with headband. weep profusely

00:40:35 --> 00:40:41

so his companion said to him, oh, man, why do you weep? What makes you weep?

00:40:43 --> 00:40:48

So he pointed out I'm delighted I'm gonna master the love and man said the law just informed

00:40:50 --> 00:40:53

that he heard the messenger so a lot of it was seldom say,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:14

men can feel all behemoths all men hardening men keep a cup of law which even now, whoever has a mustard grains worth of pride in his heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala would fling him flat on his face in the fire of

00:41:16 --> 00:41:20

hearing this one heading about, about arrogance and pride.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:28

Left Abdullah ignore the alarm on my standing, weeping profusely. They fear

00:41:29 --> 00:41:37

they fear for themselves. They fear pride. And that's why they forced humility on themselves, they really did.

00:41:39 --> 00:41:39

A book called The alarm.

00:41:42 --> 00:41:50

Even after he became a leaf on one occasion, it's remarkable story. On one occasion, he learned that

00:41:52 --> 00:41:53

we love titles.

00:41:56 --> 00:42:00

We love reminding ourselves and others who we are, really to.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:10

Someone asks us who we are, we recite a string of achievements and titles.

00:42:11 --> 00:42:14

We'll look at all the alarm was ready for the Muslim

00:42:16 --> 00:42:17

Imam of the Muslims.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:22

He learned that

00:42:23 --> 00:42:43

a lady had vowed to do Hajj all the way from Medina to Mecca, obviously. But she had vowed to do Hajj in a state of silence, observing a vow and a facet of silence, which really isn't permissible in Islam.

00:42:44 --> 00:42:51

There's no such thing as a vow of silence permanently or for a set period. That's why even in Attica,

00:42:53 --> 00:43:09

when you go into seclusion in the month of Ramadan, in Attica, of course, you are to detach yourself from everyone and everything else. But and you are to keep speech to a minimum.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:26

But even in the state of Attica, you are not allowed to observe a vow of silence. So you must speak, if and when required. For in Islam, there is no act of every bother known as a vow of silence.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:30

As opposed to

00:43:31 --> 00:43:54

some other faiths where a period of a vow of silence is considered an act of worship in itself. But there is no such prescribed or recognized act of worship in Islam, which is a vow of silence for any period. Of course, one should reduce and refine one speech as much as possible, but not with the intention of either

00:43:56 --> 00:44:18

vow of silence. So anyway, this lady made a vow of silence of doing hedge in a state of silence. So we'll look at all the alarm when he learned that he wished to correct. So what did he do? Did he send a messenger? He was a halifa. Did you send a messenger now, you went to her himself? She was old. He went to her himself.

00:44:20 --> 00:44:36

And then he began advising her that Look, don't go to Atlanta, you want to go to Hajj and you've sworn a vow of silence, but you shouldn't do this. So don't hedge but without the vow of silence. So she didn't recognize him. So she said to him, Who are you?

00:44:38 --> 00:44:43

So he said, I'm a man of the Mahajan, one of the emigrants.

00:44:44 --> 00:44:51

Law. He didn't say to him, her own The Holy Father sort of law. I'm Abubakar Siddique.

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

Even though you could have just said I'm a man from amongst the maharjan on the emigrants. So she said to him,

00:45:01 --> 00:45:04

From which group of the immigrants?

00:45:06 --> 00:45:08

So he said from the brush,

00:45:09 --> 00:45:23

he still didn't reply. Is that from the Quraysh? So she said, which of the brush? Are you? So what kind of the alarm said to her? You really do ask a lot of questions, don't you? Then he said, I am a bobak.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:28

Law, only then he revealed to her that I am Ababa.

00:45:30 --> 00:45:32

That was his simplest.

00:45:35 --> 00:45:43

And when he stood up after the pillar after being appointed the honey, what did he say to the people the first thing, I am not the best one amongst you.

00:45:45 --> 00:45:49

I am not the best one amongst you, even though I have been appointed over you.

00:45:52 --> 00:45:57

So if I'm correct in what I say, follow me, if I make an error, then correct me.

00:46:00 --> 00:46:12

That's how this How about all the love. That's how severe the alarm was. He would often say, I wish I was a blade of grass. In his humility, he would say I wish I was a blade of grass.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:20

He was humble with the Messenger of Allah. It was someone who was humble after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:46:23 --> 00:46:27

and who, who followed him and would have known

00:46:29 --> 00:46:37

at least for the Buddha, Casa de la Viola and one could say that he was always soft anyway. There's always soft he was always humble.

00:46:39 --> 00:46:40

And he was quiet.

00:46:41 --> 00:46:42

And he wasn't

00:46:44 --> 00:46:45

large of build.

00:46:47 --> 00:46:53

He wasn't imposing in a stance. With a model the alarm It was a total opposite

00:46:54 --> 00:46:57

of the alarm. As a shadow the alarm

00:47:04 --> 00:47:19

can either measure a certain way that condom asthma with adorable odor, that when I spoke when Omar walked he walked fast when he spoke, he made sure that the other person heard when he hits it hurts.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:24

Canada, Masha cerveza

00:47:25 --> 00:47:30

the condom is smart with a lot of odor. So a lot of the alarm was like that.

00:47:31 --> 00:47:42

He would not hesitate. And he would be humble himself. He'd force humidity on himself. He makes sure nobody else was Eric law, but never.

00:47:45 --> 00:47:48

We spoke about what you've no capital the alarm earlier that he would say

00:47:51 --> 00:48:05

food is an example of the world for us. No matter how much you spice and salt and season your food, you know what its destination is and all that human capital the alarm and being a party of the Quran and one of the earlier mount was hava

00:48:06 --> 00:48:12

Allah. He he would have students who sits around and would visit him would walk behind them.

00:48:14 --> 00:48:26

So one of his students relate to that one day we went to see or even acaba de la Horne. And then when we finished, he rose, we Rose with him, and he walked so we followed him

00:48:28 --> 00:48:42

under the alarm and saw him and all of the alarm saw was when you began with a few people following him straightaway without saying a word he approached him and lifted his stick rather over him.

00:48:44 --> 00:48:58

So but you know, garburator your love I'm this Adi, an animal this harbottle the alarm, he actually the narrator says that he puts up his hands in order to protect himself from the rug of the alarm

00:49:00 --> 00:49:08

and he said only your money. So I'm gonna do a lot more in who said Do you not know that walking in this manner with people following you?

00:49:10 --> 00:49:12

He said, this is

00:49:13 --> 00:49:32

a theory effect. For the one who is being followed signal to limit War Within Latin Lita. This is a fitna meaning a trial and tribulation and a test for the one who is being followed. And this is a disgrace and humiliation for those who are following him.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:46

Why is it a trial kind of person sees people walking behind him shavon whispers in our soul. So you're important. people follow you. You the lead

00:49:48 --> 00:49:51

law. The law firm was the lead.

00:49:52 --> 00:50:00

But he made sure that he never thought of himself as a leader in that way. Nor did he allow anyone else to think he was a leader. Even if it

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

just meant one person walking behind.

00:50:03 --> 00:50:11

So when a person walks behind us, we are accorded that respect. Then shavon whispers into our soul inflate

00:50:13 --> 00:50:25

with a sense of self importance. And he does that. A small loss alarm and he was cinema. I'm delighted to Mysore, there'll be a lot more and who says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Moses de

00:50:27 --> 00:50:29

barro, the biller him in a shape Langer, Virginia. I

00:50:30 --> 00:50:32

mean, Hamza, he went after he went,

00:50:33 --> 00:50:44

but I seek refuge in Allah and I seek His protection from the curse devil. And then he continued, I mean, Hamza he whenever he wanna fit

00:50:46 --> 00:50:48

from his whispering

00:50:50 --> 00:50:51

from his blowing

00:50:53 --> 00:50:56

and from his spit.

00:50:57 --> 00:51:03

And then I'm delighted because although the alarm, clarify what each of these words meant,

00:51:05 --> 00:51:09

by seek a loss refuge from the curse, devil from his

00:51:11 --> 00:51:16

hums, which means is touch from the touch of shape?

00:51:17 --> 00:51:24

And what's the touch of shape on madness? When and from is blowing. And what's the blowing of shavon

00:51:26 --> 00:51:33

shavon blows into you inflate shoe and fills you with pride, haughtiness, and arrogance, self conceit,

00:51:34 --> 00:51:35

and from spitting.

00:51:37 --> 00:51:45

And what's his spitting? A sugar, poetry? Not bad poetry? Not good poetry, but bad poetry.

00:51:46 --> 00:51:49

Why is she called spit?

00:51:51 --> 00:51:53

While was called spit.

00:51:57 --> 00:51:58

The reason is that today

00:52:02 --> 00:52:06

I'll give you another example St. Abdullah, Allah and he had someone reciting.

00:52:07 --> 00:52:09

And the person was reading fast

00:52:10 --> 00:52:11

and reliable and

00:52:13 --> 00:52:29

the alarm said husband got the ship. And in fact, he used this phrase when someone said that he completed the Koran in such a short time. So I'm delighted to be in love and said, heaven God, this idea that this is rapid recital, like the recital of poetry.

00:52:30 --> 00:52:42

So how do we figure this out? How does this work? Have them have this share? That rapidly reciting like the record recitation or recital of poetry and

00:52:43 --> 00:53:09

seeking a loss protection from the spitting of shavon which means sharing poetry? The reason is today, when people read poetry, normal poetry, how do they do it in most languages, even in Arabic, even in all the Asian languages, and even in English? How is poets recited with a lot of flair, Grace, and very deliberately and slowly. True.

00:53:10 --> 00:53:15

Even in Arabic, but traditionally, the Arabs wouldn't recite poetry like

00:53:16 --> 00:53:27

it used to be the other way. That's why I'm the Latin was a little bit of the alarm allowed and said, have them got the share? So how would the Arabs recite poetry? One word rap,

00:53:28 --> 00:53:29

like rap.

00:53:31 --> 00:53:47

So when I'm below him, so there'll be a lover and heard someone reciting the poem rapidly or he was told about someone who finishes up or earns sugar. Is that how you recite that's rapping like the rapping of poetry, you don't rack with the Koran. You read it slowly and deliberately.

00:53:48 --> 00:54:08

And that's why shavon spitting is what Abdullah Masood, or the alarm or undefined and this was part of the due to the loss of the loveliest alum from his poetry. Why because you spit couplets you spit versus you spit rhyme that's a wrap.

00:54:09 --> 00:54:13

So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to seek a last protection

00:54:14 --> 00:54:37

from the spitting of shape long, but going back to what I was saying, his blowing when she bomb blows into you, he inflates you. It gives you a sense of self worth and self importance. And let not anyone think that he or she is immune from that. When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sought a last protection from the blowing and the inflating of shape one then who Oh.

00:54:38 --> 00:54:59

So when one person walks behind another shape arm, inflates and individually and says Look how important you are. That's why the alarm are unsettled but you have no guarantee. He raised his rod rather than said Don't you realize this is a fitna a trial for the one who's being followed. Why? Because this will mislead him into pride.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:26

arrogance. And it's also Villa meaning a source of humiliation for the one who's following because it makes other people think that they are inferior. So no one should allow themselves to appear superior, or anyone else to be inferior. So I want to be a lot more angles far more forceful, he saw a gamut of the alarm, being followed by students who raises rather of

00:55:28 --> 00:55:38

the alarm and would ensure that he was humble. And does this and others were humble. He could not tolerate an arrogance of any sort whatsoever.

00:55:40 --> 00:55:44

Does that mean he himself was full of pride, Allah, Allah,

00:55:45 --> 00:55:56

no matter how he was, apparently, he was tall, broad bill, louder voice strong, fierce, relentless,

00:55:57 --> 00:56:14

bold, courageous in every sense of the word in speech, and indeed. And yet, his heart and mind were humble and softened by last panel. They really were. I mean, it'll be a lot harder than

00:56:16 --> 00:56:25

he was a medium. I mean, the alarm only remain the Khalifa for about 10 to seven months, a lot of the alarm for 10 years.

00:56:26 --> 00:56:49

And the greatest expands the Muslim area of rule expanded far more Far, far more, many fold more in the during the hilar for the lover, and then it didn't during the time of year for the alarm, richest flowed into the coffers of the

00:56:50 --> 00:56:56

Byzantine wrong. At least the region of Anatolia and Sham were conquered.

00:56:58 --> 00:57:14

Persia was humble, and the wealth of Persia and Rome flowed into the coffers of Medina. And yet How did ameerul momineen The uncrowned king of Arabia, how did he live? How did he dress? Allah?

00:57:17 --> 00:57:19

And Allah Han who says,

00:57:20 --> 00:57:31

I counted for patches, just between the shoulders of Bobby on his cloth, for patches just between the shoulders.

00:57:32 --> 00:57:37

That means, if a cloth ripped, and one of the Alarcon wouldn't go

00:57:39 --> 00:57:53

and purchase another cloth, he patched it up. Was he conscious of making sure that the texture was the same, the color was the same? No. The cloth was on one type and sometimes he would have leather patches on a normal cloth.

00:57:55 --> 00:58:01

He lived humbly and he you know, he thought he would have the love on the son in law of the prophets of Allah. It was him and his cousin brother.

00:58:03 --> 00:58:10

He advised Barbara de la Dino what he said to him. He sets an ultimatum mini

00:58:11 --> 00:58:31

if you wish to meet up with your two earlier companion, meaning the sort of laughs a lot more alayhi wa sallam Abu Bakar Sandeep is an O'Meara momineen If you wish to meet up with your two earlier companions, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Bakar then

00:58:32 --> 00:58:35

shorten your long for life.

00:58:37 --> 00:58:39

shorten your longing for love.

00:58:40 --> 00:58:43

Eat less than your fill.

00:58:44 --> 00:58:46

Fold your izhar

00:58:47 --> 00:58:52

and repair and patch your sandals with your own hands. Then you show me

00:58:55 --> 00:59:15

if you wish to meet your earlier companions, the messenger sallallahu Sallam of the alarm, shorten your longing for life. curb your longing for that. Eat less than your fill. Fold your izhar and patch your cloth, patch your patch and repair your sound.

00:59:17 --> 00:59:18

What's the meaning of fold your ears are?

00:59:22 --> 00:59:30

in many cultures and especially then wealth and status were often marked by the length of one's cloth.

00:59:31 --> 00:59:53

Even here in Europe, in medieval times, would normally have even now wedding gowns. You have a huge tail and you have people holding on to the tail. So traditionally, the length of the tail of a dress or even a male a men's gown was a mark of status and wealth

00:59:54 --> 00:59:59

and shortness of cloth was a mark of simplicity, humility and

01:00:00 --> 01:00:01


01:00:03 --> 01:00:46

so this is why I might have the alarm I was told by any other the alarm unfold your cloth. Don't let it hang Don't let it and drank and patch your sandals yourself. So a lot of the alarm and you would dress so simply, despite being immune what meaning uninstall the alarm says that ice I, I saw, I would see four patches, just between the shoulders of the alarm, one of the narrator says, I once counted the patches in honor of the alarms cloth. You know how many he had in one piece of cloth 1414 patches, and some of them weren't leather, ie they were of different material than the rest of the cloth. It didn't bother him.

01:00:50 --> 01:00:53

Even though he was a medium meaning did he have servants.

01:00:56 --> 01:00:58

People who waited on him

01:00:59 --> 01:01:06

whilst he was a medium, meaning the leader of the faith or one or eight says I saw him walking around in the marketplace. You know,

01:01:07 --> 01:01:15

in one hand, he had his rod. In another hand he had some meat which he hit which he wish he had just purchased and walking through the marketplace with

01:01:16 --> 01:01:22

some meats in one hand and his rather than stick in the other. He walked home until he entered his door

01:01:23 --> 01:01:24

that was

01:01:29 --> 01:01:45

a former ruler or one of the royal family of Persia. One of the royal family are one of the members of the former royal family of Persia after it was conquered. He came to Medina, his name was Amazon. He came to Medina

01:01:46 --> 01:02:18

and he went looking for the alarm. Do you know where he found? He was sleeping in the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam underground, soundly asleep now guards, no door no doormen, no security, nothing, no bad. He was just certainly sleeping on the ground. This member of the royal family one of the ruling elite of society and parents who have grown up in Golden silver.

01:02:20 --> 01:02:25

He said this is the truly blessed king.

01:02:26 --> 01:02:28

He is a truly blessed

01:02:30 --> 01:02:32

model the alarm slept alone

01:02:36 --> 01:02:45

without any doormen, guards security. That's how he was. I spoke about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam last week he was walking

01:02:46 --> 01:02:49

and as Have you read the alarm and came up on a dunk

01:02:51 --> 01:02:52

and he said Yasuo Allah.

01:02:54 --> 01:03:02

He shifted back and he said Yasuda Allah climb onto the donkey. So Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no.

01:03:04 --> 01:03:26

And that is Southern baetica inland algo Lea, that you are more rightful and more deserving of the front of your animal than I am unless you give it to me. So the companions are the sort of law I give you that spots of armor suit of armor is the province of the lovely some kind on women of the alarm the same once he was walking, and he saw a young lad

01:03:27 --> 01:03:28

he saw a young land

01:03:30 --> 01:03:31

on a on a donkey

01:03:32 --> 01:03:40

and this was outside Medina. A lot of what he was doing was walking alone. Outside Medina why he was a mirror mock me.

01:03:41 --> 01:03:51

No car, no camel, no horse, no transport nothing walking outside Medina. So he saw a young lad on a donkey.

01:03:52 --> 01:04:12

So I'm going to be a lover and summoned him. And when he when he saw there was a lot of the alarm resets him. Let me ride on your donkey with you. That young lad seeing he was on one of the 11 he actually left off the donkey and he said Amit and what we mean. So I'm one of the alarm set him now you ride and I'll sit behind

01:04:13 --> 01:04:34

him insisted the land model the lover and refused. So the young lads sat at the front of the donkey and one of the 11 rode pillion with him on the back and they both entered Medina and everyone was staring here is a median would mean the leader of the faithful riding pillion on a dunk with a young lap.

01:04:36 --> 01:04:40

It didn't matter. It just really did not matter to them.

01:04:42 --> 01:04:53

Well luckily for them, a donkey or a camel or a bit of own bit his own was one of the famous Turkish horses, which was considered a mark of honor

01:04:55 --> 01:04:59

even aboard with the terminal Gerardo de la horn when the Laverne

01:05:01 --> 01:05:06

travelled to receive the keys to the whole of Jerusalem because Jerusalem was conquered.

01:05:07 --> 01:05:20

But the bishops of the city, they refuse to hand over the city. Part of the negotiated settlements was that we will only hand over the keys of the city, symbolically

01:05:21 --> 01:05:36

to not to any of the military commanders, but only to your leader. I have the alarm. So I'm gonna be a lot more in Kane. Allah. He was a member of the alarm,

01:05:37 --> 01:05:43

marching north, in order to claim the holy city of Jerusalem of Mr. Deluxe.

01:05:48 --> 01:05:53

And how did he travel in a procession with an entourage Allah

01:05:54 --> 01:05:57

with one attendant one attendance

01:05:59 --> 01:06:02

on a camel muscle horse on a camel

01:06:04 --> 01:06:20

and the two of them shared it and you know how they would share it on one of the alohar. And according to one narration, he would say I recited sorta one Sora concentration as the as seen, when I finish, then you recites and for each surah use, we take turns on sitting on the cap.

01:06:24 --> 01:06:25

And he arrived, he was walking.

01:06:27 --> 01:06:30

When he arrived, they saw him arriving from a distance.

01:06:33 --> 01:06:34

It was a pool of water.

01:06:35 --> 01:06:47

We might have the alarm and all the bishops are there waiting for him. The elites of Jerusalem, all of them were resplendent in their robes, including the military commanders amongst the Muslims.

01:06:48 --> 01:07:05

And here's a meat on what many in our Minnesota and they're watching him from a distance and you know what he does? He enters that pool and puddle of water large pool. So what does he do? He stops, he takes off his shoes, his sandals, and he walks barefooted in the pool,

01:07:07 --> 01:07:11

with the reins of his camel in his hand, and he walks through.

01:07:12 --> 01:07:13

When he arrives

01:07:15 --> 01:07:23

at the terminal, Jarrah, the alarm is set to him overall, he said to me, if only you had brought

01:07:25 --> 01:07:37

a horse, a bit of a good horse, then it would have been good for you to present yourself in front of these dignitaries of Jerusalem. So I might have the alarm set to him.

01:07:39 --> 01:07:40

or more of a there

01:07:42 --> 01:07:54

you see the affair being there, being from there, meaning I do not see the matter as being from there. I see the matter as being from there.

01:07:55 --> 01:08:01

Meaning what matters ultimately, is not what they think what the law thinks.

01:08:02 --> 01:08:18

And what readout of the alarm and also set him on mute and what meaning you entered the pool in that manner. And with this kind of clothing you shouldn't have. It doesn't look good to these people. So I'm under the Allah and had a lot of affection for award Vader. Despite that he thumped him in this chest.

01:08:20 --> 01:08:46

Being who he was, he thumped away that lightly on his chest, and instead of all warm either, I wish it was that it would have been someone other than you who said this is a no award VEDA. Allah gave us honor and dignity through Islam. As long as we seek honor and dignity in Islam, Allah will elevate and honors and the moment we seek honor and dignity and anything other than Islam, Allah will debase and humiliate us.

01:08:48 --> 01:09:03

He dressed humbly simply. He couldn't care whether he was riding a donkey pinion with a young lad, whether he was pulling his camel through water with the rains in his hand. Whether he had patches on his clothes, it did not matter to him.

01:09:05 --> 01:09:14

He was humble of heart when he passed away, even on his deathbed, Allahu Akbar, Allah lot.

01:09:15 --> 01:09:16

You will stand

01:09:18 --> 01:09:20

in front of Salah was brought

01:09:25 --> 01:09:29

to one time, this habit of the alarm gathered around.

01:09:31 --> 01:09:32

People came to see him.

01:09:36 --> 01:09:37

A young man came

01:09:39 --> 01:09:57

and one of the alarms bleeding to death. Whatever they gave him to drink, Seatown the wound in his stomach. It wouldn't stay. It seeped out the wound in his stomach. They knew he was going to die. This is a medium mini BB of all people.

01:09:59 --> 01:09:59

A young man

01:10:00 --> 01:10:03

Came see him maps him and left as he's walking away.

01:10:05 --> 01:10:09

And one of the love is literally actually bleeding to death

01:10:11 --> 01:10:12

with his wound gushing

01:10:14 --> 01:10:16

in that state of weakness.

01:10:17 --> 01:10:41

He turns around and as he's watching the young men walk away, he sees that the young man's cloth is hanging beneath his ankles below his ankles. So he summons him. When the young man he signals, the young man is summoned, he comes back. He says to the young man, or lad, in fact, is our sin who is so big what

01:10:42 --> 01:10:46

he says young man, lift your cloth, lift you

01:10:47 --> 01:10:56

above your ankles, for this is far cleaner for your cloth, and far more fearing of your Lord. Even on his deathbed

01:10:58 --> 01:10:59


01:11:01 --> 01:11:10

Abdullah had not busted the alarm or even at approaches. I'm delighted and I burst the alarm and Homer begins praising him. Oh, Amit, and what we need.

01:11:11 --> 01:11:15

A lot chose you for the company ever sort of laughs alarm it was

01:11:17 --> 01:11:34

alarm ag that a me of the believers. And you fulfilled your duty. And he praised the alarm. And the alarm and reply to him was as far as his imara his concern is being an amine. He says,

01:11:35 --> 01:11:45

of this leadership, I only wish that I can come out of it's equal, in that I have no claim against anyone and no one has any claim against.

01:11:50 --> 01:12:00

Then Abdullah Nakamoto, the alarm on his own son, and his own son who spoke to him and he says to him, go

01:12:03 --> 01:12:09

and visit me in Arusha, the mother of the believers, give her my salah

01:12:11 --> 01:12:11

and Satan,

01:12:13 --> 01:12:17

that Bob conveys this Salaam to you,

01:12:18 --> 01:12:28

and do not say ameerul momineen. For this day, I am no longer that Prince of the believers are no longer ameerul momineen the leader of the faithful,

01:12:29 --> 01:12:33

even at that moment is so conscious.

01:12:34 --> 01:12:39

Why did he send him he's looking for a burial place next sort of sort of La Silla lies.

01:12:40 --> 01:12:41

She says go and visit

01:12:42 --> 01:12:58

me in Arusha. Convey my salons to her. Do not say a medium what meaning for this day I am no longer than in need of them meaning, rather say I would have no hubbub conveys a salon to you, and request permission your permission to be buried next to

01:13:00 --> 01:13:03

the Messenger of Allah and his noble companion.

01:13:05 --> 01:13:06

At Chateau de Allah.

01:13:07 --> 01:13:17

She actually said in reply, that I had reserved that place for myself, so that she could be buried next to her husband and her father in her own house.

01:13:19 --> 01:13:23

But she said, I give it to her

01:13:24 --> 01:13:31

a lot. She had reserved that place for herself. But she gladly and willingly gave it to him a little bit of

01:13:33 --> 01:13:56

humility on his deathbed humility throughout his life. So much so we've got going on the alarm and he refused to tell people I'm heading for docilely that's what others would call him. And what are the alarm on Ian's deathbed he says to his own son, convey my salon but say, Bob gives us alarm not amusing what meaningful I'm no longer than meat of the mopani

01:13:59 --> 01:14:03

this was a while back cara de la. This was a Marathi Allah

01:14:04 --> 01:14:07

and what are the Allah and despite being who he was Lahore

01:14:09 --> 01:14:13

his stories are amazing. Just of humility, nothing else.

01:14:14 --> 01:14:23

It's narrator that once at night is available alarm or the alarm, one of the 10 promise gentlemen, who was walking at night in Medina

01:14:25 --> 01:14:32

in the dark of the night alone, and he saw a figure walking with carrying

01:14:34 --> 01:14:39

a large jar of these earthen jars in,

01:14:40 --> 01:14:51

in Africa in the Middle East in rural areas Africa, Middle East and Asia. Those of you who are familiar, you know that before the arrival of taps and

01:14:58 --> 01:14:59

modern plumbing systems

01:15:02 --> 01:15:16

For tax and times, how would we have water just be a large jar right outside the house, and they would normally collect water from there. And the word jar in English comes from the Arabic gentlemen.

01:15:17 --> 01:15:28

So in Arabic the word Jarrah refers to these earthenware jars. And the plural is Gemma, Gemma, Gemma JIRA. But the English word jar comes from the Arabic jar.

01:15:30 --> 01:15:39

So I'm one of the Allah was available are one of the Allah and he saw a figure carrying one of these large jars.

01:15:44 --> 01:16:03

And what he was doing is going to these houses and pouring water from the jar into the jar outside the house. So he stopped him and he got close to him stopped him. And lo and behold, who is it none other than the alarm?

01:16:05 --> 01:16:14

So it's very normal, the alarm are unsafe to him or meet him that meaning Allah has relieved you of this, you are the meat of them. I mean, what are you?

01:16:16 --> 01:16:19

So I'm out of the Allaha and said to him, let me explain to you.

01:16:23 --> 01:16:24

I had a thought.

01:16:25 --> 01:16:32

And the thought was just one thought certain thoughts that pass through his mind. And that thought was

01:16:36 --> 01:16:48

that see how these people meaning the unsolved so in order to understand this, the Quraysh were from Makkah and raha Joon were predominantly from the kurush.

01:16:49 --> 01:16:51

And prior to Islam to

01:16:53 --> 01:17:06

the Quraysh in maka, maka being a kind of city, state and Medina, which was known as yathrib. Being a city state, there were rivals and the predominant people.

01:17:07 --> 01:17:13

All the ruling elites of Macau were the Quraysh and the ruling elite of Medina where the unsub

01:17:15 --> 01:17:17

previously they were known as the osom has an edge.

01:17:19 --> 01:17:26

So, they had always been this rivalry between the ratio of Mecca and the Olson has an edge of you always.

01:17:28 --> 01:17:30

But after Islam,

01:17:31 --> 01:17:56

they came together, but not as equals for both Allah in the Quran and the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Both place them hard, you don't have the brush over and above the Olson hazard edge of Medina. So I got the alarm. And during his khilafah he says that he told us about the VW r one that had a certain thought and what was that certain fleeting thought

01:17:57 --> 01:18:01

that see how Allah has given us superiority over the

01:18:02 --> 01:18:21

the awesome hazards, and how now they are our followers. And they are subordinate to us. Despite all the rivalry of before, he said, I had that thought and I suddenly realized that it's it's an ill thought. It's not humble.

01:18:23 --> 01:18:43

And I should not be thinking like that. So I'm going to do a lot of essays in order to correct myself in order to compensate for that one thought. He says, I made an intention, that this night, I will go and collect water and pour it into the jars of all the widows of the unseen

01:18:45 --> 01:18:47

in order to discipline himself

01:18:49 --> 01:18:50

to discipline themselves.

01:18:52 --> 01:18:56

That was his humility. He had a thought.

01:18:57 --> 01:19:13

He recognized the error of that thought and he made amends for it, he corrected himself and wish to pay compensation and his compensate compensation in itself was full of humility, by which he humbled himself.

01:19:15 --> 01:19:31

This is how the Sahaba of the law I needed the law Horton. Even when he was meaning he was a leader. You know the treasury of the Muslims, he would regularly sweep the Treasury himself. He would sweep the floor of the Treasury, the beta man

01:19:32 --> 01:19:36

Abu huraira how the alarm was made an immediate a governor in a certain area.

01:19:38 --> 01:19:47

So he used to carry firewood on his back and throwing the sack of fat or throwing the bundle of firewood on his back. He would walk.

01:19:48 --> 01:19:59

He was the governor that a me of that whole city and he would walk and he would humorously say to everyone for me, make way for the Amiga. Make way for the Amiga.

01:20:01 --> 01:20:14

So he will tell people make way for the immediate so they make way they part and leave a path for him. And they just watch him as he's walking past carrying a bundle of firewood on his bank. This is how this habit of the alarm.

01:20:15 --> 01:20:21

Even if man I'm not a fan of the alarm, despite being wealthy in his own right, he was a businessman

01:20:23 --> 01:20:54

was extremely wealthy. And yet this habit of the alarm, saw him standing on the edge of the sort of last alarm and he was wearing a cloth, which was not worth more than four or five times. A simple story. One is our level of cloth, not worth more than four or five drums as a couple of pounds is a made of the move meaning and his lower cloth is an izhar of four or five that comes with patches.

01:20:55 --> 01:21:02

And his upper cloth was simply a cloak, a mental which was ripped,

01:21:03 --> 01:21:08

which was actually ripped. And that was immutable meaning of not fun with the

01:21:09 --> 01:21:26

needle the alarm when he became a mirror Mini. He wants once went to the marketplace, selling law of the prophets of the law. It was on them now the halifa and the leader ameerul momineen of the Muslims, what does he do? He buys some food

01:21:28 --> 01:21:29

in the marketplace

01:21:30 --> 01:21:36

for his family. So someone quickly rushes forward and says you don't want me to carry that for you.

01:21:38 --> 01:21:43

So he says no, the father of the children is more deserving that he should carry it

01:21:44 --> 01:21:45

for his family.

01:21:47 --> 01:21:56

So I'll give you the alarm and refuse to allow anyone to carry his groceries for him and carrying his groceries on hand. He walked out

01:22:00 --> 01:22:01

even as a man

01:22:02 --> 01:22:20

we ourselves even if we aren't really amount or leaders, we have students we have followers we have disciples, we are employers we are businessmen we are heads of organization It does not matter It does not matter there is no shame no harm in going to the shops shopping last season

01:22:22 --> 01:22:33

quoting the poor ah Molly had a rough time when she fell as well. The Quraysh what kind of messenger is this? That he eats food and he walks in the marketplace purchase

01:22:34 --> 01:23:02

profits alone and it's an on wood shop in the marketplace and we'll look at all the alarm wood shop and trade the alarm about his groceries arrived in one hand and meat and the other idea of the loved one would do the same that's how the so how about all the alohar no as no Grace's no pride no arrogance, they didn't have one sappy and one say meaning it's a phrase I use that when we go normally when we have meetings

01:23:04 --> 01:23:25

we say that okay we've got an invite share foreigner modern are foreigners such and such an alum so I said well yeah put his name down and then add two three more people with him and so why two three more he said you know no Alan comes alone he has to have his sights set up the inside is a to Arabic word safty means his cup bearer sight means his driver.

01:23:26 --> 01:23:32

So I said you have to have a Serbian aside. So Allah you have no Vitaly, but on the alarm.

01:23:33 --> 01:23:44

your loved one had no Saudi no cup bearer, no waiter, no attendant, no one to carry their groceries. They lived simply they lived humbly

01:23:46 --> 01:23:53

or, you know, the alarm around, you know how he would shop. Once he bought some cloth. He chose the club.

01:23:54 --> 01:23:58

And he said to them, how much is this? There's three there, three there.

01:23:59 --> 01:24:30

That's four or five pounds. Depending on the price of silver. If one gram is equal to a few years ago was one pound 10 pounds a few years later, because of the hike in the price of silver. I calculate it to be about one pound 90. So it's hovers anywhere between one and two pounds one day. So he said How much is this cloth? They said three pounds, five pounds. For five pounds normal maximum six. Just says okay, I'll take it. And then

01:24:32 --> 01:24:38

it was too long for him the sleeves. So he said cut the sleeves and fold them up. That's it.

01:24:40 --> 01:24:42

And he was ameerul momineen at the time.

01:24:43 --> 01:24:51

That's how they live. That's how they dressed. All of us have out of the locker and these were the greats, however, what to say of the

01:24:53 --> 01:24:57

auto dealer and he was a mirror moment in one day he went to see a model the asset of the

01:24:59 --> 01:24:59


01:25:01 --> 01:25:10

So he went to his house and not only Assa was doing some repair work and building his house. So when you went to see him and modeled the asset or the alarm and was carrying bricks

01:25:11 --> 01:25:13

and mortar

01:25:15 --> 01:25:20

so a lot of the alarm joined him. Along with Mr. vinyasa, he started carrying

01:25:22 --> 01:25:23

bricks and mortar with him.

01:25:25 --> 01:25:25

And he was

01:25:29 --> 01:25:38

in fact, once he went sees a turban, the fabric zaidan the fabric was a young lad during the time of the Prophet sallallahu. It was a young lad, extremely.

01:25:40 --> 01:25:46

So during the time of audible hubbub, the alarm was still extremely young zaidan the Sabbath

01:25:47 --> 01:25:50

and the light in our bus were more or less at the same age.

01:25:52 --> 01:25:53


01:25:54 --> 01:25:56

he went sees Aiden without it,

01:25:57 --> 01:26:03

about me wrath about the laws of inheritance. So he went to ask a muscle they went to the marshmallow with him.

01:26:08 --> 01:26:09

So when he went to his house,

01:26:12 --> 01:26:16

they'd been fabricated, the alarm was obviously shocked that the alarm came.

01:26:17 --> 01:26:38

So they might have the alarm set himself Okay, say stay as you are. And then he said to him, I have come to you to discuss something about the laws of inheritance. Why? Because the prophets of the love it was cinema season in the Hadith, what Frodo museo said it that the one most knowledgeable of the laws of inheritance is they didn't have

01:26:40 --> 01:26:43

so much of the love and when see when he was ameerul momineen.

01:26:44 --> 01:26:48

zeta metabones was younger than his own son, Abdullah.

01:26:49 --> 01:26:50

So he went segment see.

01:26:51 --> 01:27:04

And then when he told him why he had come seems even the third but there'll be a lot more and I said, Oh, I need them. I mean, you should have told me, I would have come to you. You should have summoned me. I would have come to you

01:27:06 --> 01:27:12

might have the law firms said, No. I'm the one who is in need of you. That's why I had to come to

01:27:15 --> 01:27:17

speaking of zeta methodic. There'll be a lot right he was an addict.

01:27:21 --> 01:27:28

Once he, he led Salatu janaza have his mother. He prayed a lot through janazah of his mother.

01:27:30 --> 01:27:31

When he finished

01:27:32 --> 01:27:43

and he was mounting his horse or camel, most likely was his horse, it was mounting holes. This was at the thought of the alarm. Abdullah had not had burst or the alarm

01:27:44 --> 01:28:06

went up to him. And he grabbed the stirrup of the horse with one hand, the steering of the saddle with one hand and the foot of Zaida. monotherapy, to the alarm and with the other and he helped they didn't have it. He tried to help them the Sabbath, insert his foot into the stirrup. Can you imagine

01:28:07 --> 01:28:15

anyone would consider that survival that's what a servant or a slave would do. And who was doing it? I'm delighted.

01:28:19 --> 01:28:54

So I'm delighted ombersley Allah, my grab the foot of zaidan the Sabbath and entered it into the spirit which he held with the other hand, so instantly is able to throw the alarm and said to him, the same segment of fabric that I'm one of the allowance so young, and they were the same age with the light narrow similar agent with a lot in our bathrooms even the fabric, Satan fabricated the alarm and straightaway said oh cousin brother of the messenger subtle alarm, it was sudden them leave it. Don't do it. Oh, cousin, brother of the messenger. So the law it was.

01:28:56 --> 01:29:05

So I'm delighted I'm boss of the alarm as reply was, this is how we have been instructed to honor the order man amongst us.

01:29:07 --> 01:29:27

This is how we have been instructed to honor the LMR amongst us. So you know what's even the thought of the alarm? And he did. He took the hand of Abdullah him and I burst the alarm on humor, and he kissed it. And he said, and in this way we have been instructed to honor the family of resort of loss of the lies.

01:29:28 --> 01:29:30

That was their humility before one

01:29:32 --> 01:29:32

for the sake of

01:29:34 --> 01:29:38

the law one went to visit someone who was young enough to be his grandpa.

01:29:39 --> 01:29:45

Whilst he was a mutant what meaning and he said to him no was my need so I had to come to you.

01:29:48 --> 01:29:59

One could go on and on about the Sahaba of the alarm. I've related the story about Bob going into patrolling at night seeing that tent in an open space.

01:30:03 --> 01:30:06

He was patrolling at night he saw a tent.

01:30:09 --> 01:30:15

And he had not seen that tent before in that open space. So he went over, there was a bedroom, outside the tent.

01:30:16 --> 01:30:18

And he heard sounds,

01:30:19 --> 01:30:23

the sounds from inside the tent. So you said to the veteran

01:30:24 --> 01:30:26

while those sounds

01:30:27 --> 01:30:29

so the Bedouin said to him,

01:30:31 --> 01:30:39

You carry on. I it's none of your business. So I'm going to be a lover and set him still What are these sounds? It was groaning.

01:30:41 --> 01:30:45

So he said, my wife is in labor. She said, wait.

01:30:47 --> 01:30:55

He said My wife is in labor. I am a Bedouin from out of the city. I am in need. And I have come seek assistance from ameerul momineen.

01:30:57 --> 01:30:58

We didn't recognize

01:30:59 --> 01:31:01

the alarms that wait here he went home.

01:31:03 --> 01:31:04

his young wife young,

01:31:06 --> 01:31:12

in the middle of the night, and who was she? She was a daughter of a leader of the alarm and faulty model the alarm.

01:31:17 --> 01:31:21

So he said, he said to him, he said to her, he said,

01:31:25 --> 01:31:26

Come, get ready.

01:31:27 --> 01:31:41

and gather foodstuffs and utensils. And then he went with the pots and pans and utensils and the food carrying it all the way to the tent. He sent her inside and told her look after this woman in labor, pens,

01:31:42 --> 01:31:44

and he sat outside he lit the fire.

01:31:46 --> 01:32:00

And the alarm was blowing into the fire with the smoke wafting through his noble beer. And he is cooking. After a while the wife of the bedroom and delivered a baby boy. So all consumer the alarm.

01:32:02 --> 01:32:29

She pops her head out and sets the Allah one. Oh ameerul momineen give your brother glad tidings of the birth of a son. That was when the Bedouin realized who he was. And he was in beside himself in shock. So remember, the alarm said, doesn't matter calm, become a part of the alarm and fed the family food. And then told him that tomorrow morning, come and see me and I shall give you what?

01:32:30 --> 01:32:38

I shorten the story but sapan law in the middle of the night, going home, taking his family to help one bedroom

01:32:40 --> 01:32:54

in the middle of the night with his own family whilst he was immutable meaning that was a matter of the law. Though countless stories of the alarm time, and that others have battled the alarm. I'll suffice with this.

01:32:55 --> 01:33:08

One could speak of with mom or the alarm and the alarm was man with the alarm saying one day he was seeing you know how he would sleep in the masjid saying no guards, no dorm and he would sleep just like the alarm lying down in the

01:33:10 --> 01:33:26

stories of Angular the alarm line and his humility the way he acts the way he dressed the way he conducted himself. A waterway that the mogera heard the alarm that magnificent leader of the Sahaba of the lava and from a very someone of whom we know very little.

01:33:27 --> 01:33:41

And yet undoubtedly he must have been great in the sight of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the leading so how about the alarm loved him dearly. He really loved him because he raised his hand and said choose him as an immediate either way.

01:33:44 --> 01:34:01

And he was prophet Silla Hardy, who was elected into a me know how to heal the trustworthy, the trustee of the summer and I've spoken at length about a worry that will be the genre of the last one. All of the Sahaba did in the eighth year of hijra, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

01:34:02 --> 01:34:11

sent and would have been last or the last one. As the as the commander of an expedition in a husband of that is sent us in the eighth year of

01:34:13 --> 01:34:18

this was barely a year after I moved on us had become

01:34:22 --> 01:34:22

a Muslim.

01:34:23 --> 01:34:28

So he barely became a Muslim. Barely a year had passed since he had become Muslim.

01:34:30 --> 01:34:32

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent him

01:34:34 --> 01:34:51

on this expedition as the leader he requested in Fort reinforcements. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent reinforcements from Medina and in the group of reinforcements, you know who they were many of the Sahaba of the love and including these three great ones a book on

01:34:53 --> 01:34:59

the terminal genre. And when they arrived, who was the leader of this expedition, the reinforcements

01:35:00 --> 01:35:00


01:35:01 --> 01:35:04

not Abu Bakar not a lot. But

01:35:05 --> 01:35:08

when they arrived, obviously

01:35:09 --> 01:35:25

prophets Allah love it, who sent them set to abort Li the terminal gerar that I have made you the immediate of this expedition. And I asked that I mean, and the leader of that expedition, so when you meet, you both follow one another.

01:35:26 --> 01:35:35

So when they arrived, there was a bit of misunderstanding and some discussion about who was the Amiga now of the joint group.

01:35:36 --> 01:35:53

So I'm gonna ask that look, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made me the leader of this expedition, and you are merely reinforcements. So reinforcements do not overtake command, which is true. And it was at the height of the Allah and when the other Sahaba

01:35:54 --> 01:36:00

they said that look, you are the leader of your group, but a waterway that is our lead.

01:36:04 --> 01:36:44

So it will be the heart of the alarm on set hourglass. He said, Look, this is what the messengers a lot of them said to me. But he said, and he gladly relinquished his leadership. And he gave total command over 200 of the last. So in that expedition, can you imagine in that expedition, someone who had barely become a Muslim a year ago, sorry, who had been a Muslim for barely a year, he was left and made the leader of the expedition and who served under him Abu Bakr as the honorable Bob obey the law and all the other great Sahaba of the law. It didn't matter.

01:36:46 --> 01:36:46

They were humble.

01:36:48 --> 01:37:06

Whenever we didn't have the alarm and was in the mesh, he was surrounding Damascus. And one of the alarm and gave instructions to Hartley will eat travel from Sham from from Persia, and arrive as a reinforcements for abort leave the terminal Jarrah when they met

01:37:09 --> 01:37:16

aboard May the third Matura hora de la Juan was overall commander, he was Chief Commander in Chief of all the forces of Shang

01:37:17 --> 01:38:02

when Harley didn't will either the alarm arrived aboard with the terminal giraffe or the alarm set to him. Normally he would lead Salah, but he said to harden the lead, he said, Come, you have come as reinforcements, you lead as insula. So Holly didn't worry that or the alarm has said no. How can I step ahead, in front of the man of whom Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he is a trustee of this. And how did the lead refuse to lead them in Scala? This was a humility of this habit or the alarm. I could give you example, after example, from the lives of so many of us, how about all the love that humility in knowledge, that humility in learning?

01:38:04 --> 01:38:14

Abdullah, ignore a lot of the alarm humor. Someone asked him a question. So this is why I'm glad the alarm added he was highly knowledgeable, highly intelligent,

01:38:15 --> 01:38:18

highly intelligent, highly knowledgeable.

01:38:19 --> 01:38:23

Someone asked him a question. Abdullah, who normally Allahu anchorman

01:38:26 --> 01:38:32

dropped his head and remain silent. They thought he never heard the question.

01:38:33 --> 01:38:56

So he was just thinking, they thought maybe he never heard the question. So someone reminded him and he said, I heard the question, but I am thinking, he said, leave it with me. Let me think about it. If Allah grants me the understanding of this question, then I will give you a reply later. If not, then Allah knows best.

01:38:57 --> 01:39:00

They wouldn't just rattle out answers are suited them.

01:39:02 --> 01:39:09

So I could give you example of their examples of their humility in learning and address and knowledge in their conduct.

01:39:11 --> 01:39:26

But we don't have time I end with just one example. I haven't spoke about spoken about any of the women folk monks so how about the alarm, and that is another topic in itself. But speaking of money in the shadow, the alarm rang her. She was extremely

01:39:28 --> 01:39:30

in shadow the alarm her

01:39:31 --> 01:39:43

when she was on her deathbed, and I'll end with this. The same Abdullah hypnobirth who visited on his deathbed I'm delighted navbars visited me in a Chateau de la Horne.

01:39:46 --> 01:39:59

So when he arrived at the door, will not be in a shadow of the alarm. His nephew was there. And I'm delighted in our bus or permission to the nephew said to me in Arusha on mother of the believers.

01:40:02 --> 01:40:13

She was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when she was, what did she think of herself? She was the wife of the Messenger of Allah. She thinks she was special

01:40:14 --> 01:40:25

when she was falsely accused, and lies was spread about her words are in that famous had evil if which I've commented on in thorough detail.

01:40:26 --> 01:40:32

Her words are, she said, I knew that Allah was somehow going to exonerate me.

01:40:34 --> 01:40:36

But I never thought

01:40:37 --> 01:40:40

that alone law would reveal versus in my honor,

01:40:41 --> 01:40:42


01:40:44 --> 01:40:47

flesherton phenos

01:40:48 --> 01:40:53

column in the column in the column Allahu Fie,

01:40:54 --> 01:41:07

that my soul, my myself, I consider myself to be too unimportant, too insignificant, and too worthless for a laugh to speak about me through revelation.

01:41:08 --> 01:41:09

But law did reveal this.

01:41:11 --> 01:41:39

That's what she thought about herself. She never imagined ourselves or someone great and grand, simply because she was the wife of the messenger sort of the lights on them, all her airs and graces and her jealousy with Rasulullah sallallahu. Even someone will simply add to their love for him. But what she thought of herself, what she believed in herself was this, that she was too worthless, far too insignificant, far too lonely for a lot of speak about her in the corner.

01:41:40 --> 01:42:09

But law did reveal versus so on her deathbed. And the like my boss came to see her, the nephew said, Oh, mother of the believers. I'm delighted and our boss has come. She said, I don't want to see him. So she was in her pain. She was on her deathbed. So the nephew said, Oh, mother of the believers, he is one of your beautiful sons. So she said, to come in. So I'm delighted when our boss came in, sat down, and he began praising her just like he praised

01:42:10 --> 01:42:11

the law.

01:42:12 --> 01:42:17

And he praised her so much. He said, You are the most beloved to the Messenger of Allah Almighty.

01:42:18 --> 01:42:28

Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah revealed verses of the Quran in your honor verses that would be recited in the mustards of Allah till the day of reckoning.

01:42:30 --> 01:42:40

And he continued to praise after hearing all of that praise. What were the what was a responsible, I mean a shadow the alarm on her. Her response was

01:42:42 --> 01:42:49

lower than the Quinta Nasim c&c. She said, I surely wish that I would be something long forgotten.

01:42:51 --> 01:43:01

It's a very difficult phrase to translate into English. She said, I surely wish that I could only be something Nexium and sia, something forgotten, forgotten.

01:43:02 --> 01:43:06

That that was her response. Even on her deathbed.

01:43:09 --> 01:43:17

I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala enables us to stand May Allah makers amongst those who can follow in the footsteps of the Sahaba of the Allah

01:43:18 --> 01:43:48

in their humility, and in their simplicity. May Allah protect us from the sin of pride and arrogance. May Allah clean our hearts and purify them of even a mustard grains, weight, even atoms, weight of pride, self concedes, and haughtiness and arrogance was the love of cinema after he was sued in the Vietnam War. He also huge marine chromic a lot more than the condition when he learned this stuff. It'll go on at all.

The Humility of the á¹¢aḥabah (RA) – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 22nd January 2016 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester (UK).

This lecture will make one realise how far removed we are from the humbleness displayed by the greatest amongst the Sahabah رضى الله عنهم.

Replete with numerous examples of humility, this lecture will help us evaluate our actions and thinking. Recognising that we have a problem is the start of getting a problem solved. Inculcating humbleness within ourselves will bring about the love of the Creator and Creation.

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