Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #14

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The early morning prayer is essential for the worker's presence in the church and their impact on the social and political climate. Jesus prays for his brothers and partners, emphasizing the importance of personal privacy and finding him in a good state. During busy days, people who are sick and do not want to be called Chinese would be pulled to a mission, and those who are sick and do not want to be called Chinese would be pulled to a mission. Prayer is crucial for the worker's presence in the church and their impact on the social and political climate.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013. They 14

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how you combine

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or not having become fi specific, Alfie Huddleston O'Hara

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is in the mercy Scylla of Harmonia applicability to tune in agenda when it's Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and your cobalamin Allah before they had a shoddy Mubarak, Shahada Ramadan when you pray fit in and Jen netta in Charlotte hotel and Debbie. Oh, my God machete that's Sophia kuno. Hola, Heather moto and Avada the Moto barely had the methacholine and pm la vida pmla kinetica una casa con Avi. util is criminogenic chaloupka Allah Allahu wa Salatu fudgey will ask

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men suddenly when they need definite agenda when they come up Carla in Houma, Salatu was a lot of awesome man someone better than either Hello Jenna, my brothers and sisters, we sit talking about the pathways that will lead us to Jenna.

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Yesterday we talked about the

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the night prayer, which is the most beloved prayer in the seller holla after the obligatory prayers, and today's pathway and today's topic is also related to yesterday's to last night so yesterday's topic, it's about the seller, unfortunately, a lot of the early morning prayer.

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The early morning especially the early morning prayer and the art of prayer, as the Prophet Mohammed Ali sathasivam says and hated

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it, man somebody was saying whosoever praised the two cold ones will enter Shan Shan, enter Shan the two code ones as explained by the scholars is the early morning prayer circle function and the Scylla class of the middle prayer Saba Plaza and Salah to function but today I'd like to focus on specially selected fashion the early morning prayer which is in fact the

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heaviest Salah on hypocrites so Pamela is concerned and whenever you can

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come up with any sort of sub Mohali as consolata monofin salatu wa Salatu the Asia

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center whether we are element Murphy Hema min height,

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the ATO whomever no habla Yanni lo netstat the hair the tree salatu

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wa Salatu photo feature map Gemma FEMA hit caphyon Nester Hannah, you

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will miss it one of our young boys

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that have given preference or Mo, Hakka yeah and he

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has to suddenly start up and further was solidly Asia fija notitle m&s Murphy meme and the utter wuma window headwork Salatu was

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Salam ala

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Han at the momentum, that

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sort of fashion

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then led you Sahakian

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known as an alarm and led the use of heckling over a man that cannot imagine how he could have

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come up with the formulae from a digital twin measured to some imaginary

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munsterlander they

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had they had it up

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there and it had it mature.

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So hey,

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man, someone first of all FEMA

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for Wolfie the Mattila

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he undefeated Mattila. Yeah and in that kaleo your corn how the yo yo Allah subhanho wa Taala can guarantee

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her the Leo enter house into an ultimate lesson plan our tie. Tim should be knowing that

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we know Illa Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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subhanho wa Taala

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without that can you know subtitle First of all, Fisher math

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man someone first off he's in it for our fee, the Medina Larson

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Handle it at a token with Omaha the sharks polio

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before the support of

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my brothers and sisters, the heaviest Salah on hypocrites are the fraudulent prayer and the and the night prayer. Yeah I need a shot player. The Prophet Mohammed Allah Sufism says, if people were to know the good of these two prayers, they would walk, not walk, they would crawl to the masjid.

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Just like a baby crawling, these people would crawl to the mission

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of the love nama, he says, even the people who are sick, not to be at the time of the Prophet Mohammed, Salah, not to be considered amongst the hippo of hypocrites, they would be dragged what law he says they wouldn't be dragged, they would come holding to people and being dragged to the mission so that people don't point fingers to them and call them hypocrites. I do love my mother used to say, in our time,

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people would come at for a show, even if they're sick, but they will be dragged. The feet are dragged to go to the masjid to pray. If people were to know the good, and there's so much good, especially praise to frazzle the early morning prayer, monks someone First of all, please Mr. Murphy the Mattila whosoever prays,

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Fazal inshallah he is under the protection of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala would protect him that day the entire day. If you're the insurance for the day, pray some professional in Gemma and knocking on my band again, Ramadan you find a lot of people doing though. You find a lot of people praying for each other in the masjid. But again, remember this is the harmonic school.

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It's just a training. So right after Ramadan, if you want to know whether Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept your CRM and you say that you're fasting Ramadan how to no really I will talk about this a lot more later on in Charlottetown in some future episodes, but really one of the signs is if you see yourself playing in JAMA in Ramadan, and then you find yourself after Ramadan praying for the engine and this is one of the sons of Allah subhanaw taala has accepted you fasting of Ramadan

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but the problem my brothers and sisters, how can you pray fresh out in Jamaica in the measure? If you're, you know, awake, you feel awake the whole night? You know, maybe on your intranet or how can you wake up or further before you fall asleep?

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So don't blame you know the time of blame yourself because you're the one who's been awake the whole night.

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And remember, the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed and his sub to select

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a sub for the heart.

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A Savannah Nina illuma la Yama love in a lovely look. Man how Allah subhanaw

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taala sell off he had the machine

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number the Kunal a shrimps for cohosts Yeoman Hashem. For Yeoman cannon adorable come Sina alpha center.

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The corner shows fear the other Masha

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wishes for co hosts dakoda coming up with a list of two Samurai Shatta Wale Hadith who fatten Allah and that's for fat a lot.

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First of all, it had an abdomen Masha

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fionn Whitehead McDonnell will come see the alpha center

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which shows how co hosts

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with our NBA Yama II did I'll be setting them up decently

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we had a walk unit in less than $1 as I said by

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Sarah Silverman home so back to the little home Aloma nothing that he loves. They love men, human men home children. Oh, man and woman massages sharp elbow massage it was a mistake you

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have to hit you

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have to hit some of you

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have to hit some of the shots. So awesome. also send a message to Jenna. Either Clinton how glad Sophie nerdy lover I think Bill is had to go he would look really Archie. You're my lovely lovely, lovely No. That real Murphy when she had a mashup nephila shows Oh Carlos

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and the stock

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through my immunity lesson Hannah Honda Allah said you didn't know who la

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minha let me be one of those people whom

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you shouldn't be Mr. Obama to him personally. Let me know daddy.

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How are you living wasabi carefully

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worded in wasabi and Medina whom Ancelotti himself

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we use along with Anki.

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So lots of fun application frameworks

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cannot win a camera as the man

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had the most trouble with a solidity hostile attack.

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This doesn't matter

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though we say that the whole person has

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some magic and subtle aha solution to near the heart killer. You cannot solve the

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seller and the

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hook. She has a severely subtler double sell or money market of masterpact and then he or she Delia and he had the mama for condemning the telephone.

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And she she said we wish her the Alibaba sell her but I can mock up after hater it Herculean effort after

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they open a shop at Maui and they had this key so we have a mechanic

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and he talks about

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it's called Belinda Moscow party.

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Why didn't you apologize Ellie is

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showing that in Makkah Fatah * number Santa Claus Santa having events he kind of camera shy but the offer was panda hotel. So at Omaha college, while I had you been T,

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Mac and footer pmla fosatu fashion

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method hasta la professional,

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no matter

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what's gonna happen? Well, it did not affect us a lot

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of fashion.

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It didn't matter to you suddenly to suggest the key that it

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could have

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my brothers and sisters, seven people that will be put under the shadow of a law that day when there is no shade accepting shade amongst them amongst all seven categories of people and men who loves the massage and he loves to press out to Africa and Asia and the other press individually. A woman who loves to pray of West panel Italia would call them and he would put them under a shade. Did they wouldn't they have no shade except the shade one was planted with

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my brothers and sisters. There was this woman that told us she was washing this diseased. It will you know there was a dead woman, you know, she was being watched by this woman and this woman was telling us the story. She says yes, she was washing her. But then her hands went on her chest and I could not you know sort of you know, remove her hands so I can you know wash her chest. So she called the shift the shift told her Okay, we'll just put you know, what's your whatever you can if you cannot remove her hands, just put you know wash and wash the hands and wash whatever, you know, bought or sold her body that you can sell off you know, reach and if you cannot open her hands, it's

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fine. But ask why know what happened to her. So a woman who's washing she as the mother You know what happened to your daughter? How come you know her hands are just like stuck their chest. She says that's my daughter. She never missed. So luckily

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she never missed clearly. Except when she's going through her menses that's the only time when she was not sure Mr. Seiler other than that she never missed the morning prayer the original prayer or the night prayer pm. She never did. So how did she die? She died praying pm the night prayer before that's how it was

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now lots of Hang on. This is

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a good ending

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to another episode of rocket Ramallah 2015 I see a celebrity

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