Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #11

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the story of the Prophet Mohammed as a monk and his deeds being judged by culture. The importance of sincerity in actions and deeds is emphasized, along with advice for getting a good end. The speaker also touches on the king's clothing and the importance of being sincere in deeds for a better end. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of being a good fit for Allah's ML (Mail statement) and how to be a good fit for his worship.
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100 in love satu sama so let's salaam aleikum allover Kadam the other words, as he would come in you into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012. They 11.

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In Bahati, the prophet Mohammed as I send them, you know, mentions the story of,

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of this man in this battle. And at the end of the battle, the Muslims went back into the camps, and then they were talking.

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So this, each of them were always talking about things that happened during the battle, and they will all praise in one guy who seemed to be fighting so vigorously.

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But the prophet of Islam, he said to them, that man isn't hellfire.

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They were sort of astonished. You know, the guy seemed to just, you know, the night before he was really like, you know, fighting so vigorously and, and he was like, brave, he looked like he was brave, and very courageous man. But the prophet as ism says, he's a monk that people don't have fire. The next day, I'm one of the the soldiers decided to go and follow that men.

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And then, as this man was sort of, again, fighting and the guy behind him, we just, you know, watching him, he had some wounds, and then he was going through so much pain, that he took his sword. And then he leaned against his sword, he put the sword and link against his sword and he gives himself so

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the man came back to the process and when he told him he says, jasola, a shadow, undercover Sorolla, or profit I bear witness that you're a prophet of Allah. The Prophet is why, how come? He says, the man that you said he's amongst the people I've had fire? Indeed, I followed him, and this is what he did. He committed suicide. So here Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, the same the the other habit which is in Buhari, whereby the Prophet Mohammed it has autism says, in them metal, with how it even metal before it, deeds are judged.

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According to the person's final, final deed, the deeds are judged according to the personals finding, find those D D and E, the his his his end, how would his end be or how would your end be? The deeds are judged by

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a person's final beat?

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Or find an ending

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which in fact brings the topic of sincerity?

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how sincere you are in your deeds.

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The Prophet Mohammed it saddens me to say a llama in the SI Luca Hurston. hajima or Allah I asked you to bless me with the good ending with a good end

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is another Hadith which is also in Buhari about

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a man as the Prophet Mohammed I sent him he says he'd be doing the deeds of the people of agenda of heaven. And until he is only one cubit between him and Jenna, and then he will do

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some deeds of the people of Hellfire and he would end up in hellfire. And likewise a man from the people of Hellfire doing the bad deeds, these are the people who have fire. Anthony is only one qubit between him and Hellfire and then he will start doing deeds of the people of Jenna and then he will be amongst the people.

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Again about know the Hatem the good you know the end

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as the property is to say again, Allahu Allah blessed me with a good end.

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And this has a lot to do with your with with your with your sincerity in actions and deeds and sayings.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the celerity window soupy one woman, Natalie, let me say that my Salah, my most of my sacrifice, my life, my death, it's all for Allah.

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If it is for Allah Subhana Allah tada no name, no fame. I'm doing it sincerely purely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to add two things, ladies and gentlemen that will help you get a good end. There are many things but I'm going to pick two things here that will help us get a good end. But number one,

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sahab so the more or less befriend a sincere person

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a brother or the sister in the system befriending a sister who's sincere brother befriending a brother who's sincere. befriend someone who's sincere. My brothers and sisters

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would help you get a good initial

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study more or less as model holiday and finally for the manufacturing and men would follow the footsteps of his close friends that

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Each one of you meticulously choose their friends. Yo, Mike Varney Maria de la gente De Tomaso de la Yeah, we're in a definite fula and and herida men will bite his hand on the day of judgment and he would say, Oh, I wish I followed the path of Rasul Allah. I think he said that he would say, I wish I did not follow so and so. And he will mention the name of that person who deviated him. So and So, I wish I did not follow her. I wish I did not follow him that person who misguided me

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there was a kink. It's a it's like, maybe not true of a story, but the meaning of it, there was a king who had many, you know, close friends to him that people that you know, surrounded him, and they were not really too sincere with him. They were just there because he is the kink. So, one day

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he's the man who, who makes his clothes wanted to teach him a lesson. So he brought him something he says, Okay, I'm working, you know, a very, very beautiful clothes for you. I'm making this you know, I'm making this very beautiful garment for you. And if you were to wear that garment, you will see the people that really love you.

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You will see them you know, you you'll know them they will appear you know that you will you will be able to see them the people who really are there you know who are who love you like you because of your or you, not you not being with you because you're the king or because they need things from you. But because he really cared about you.

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the next day the the

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Taylor came,

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and he brought nothing, he brought something from like air says, King here it is the garment.

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King says where is it says here it is. You see again, you know, it's from air, but I made it you did me, you know, months in the making. And if you just wear it,

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if you just wear it, you can see things

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the king believed.

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He says, okay, you have to take off your clothes, so that you can put this garment that can make you see things.

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So the king took off his clothes became naked. And then the man says, Okay, come, let me help you wear it. Wear, you know, Right hand, left hand. And then here, close it. Now you're wearing this garment. He was just wearing air. It was wearing nothing. We just here's the garment. Now look, look, see, and he's going around, and people. They're looking at him but he's the king. He's naked. And they can tell him anything. They're not sincere, you know, the people around him. They can say anything. And the king is like walking as as, you know, bragging look, you know, seeing things people love me. They're smiling at him. So he thinks that people walk by not like him. They love

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him. People are looking at Mr. Smiley, they can see anything. He's the king

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until he passed by kids, little kids.

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And that kid was lucky. Okay, the honest. Oh, the king, the naked King, the naked King.

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And then the king realized

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this little boy here is so honest, he does not carry anything in his heart. He's so honest. He told me what was wrong with me.

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He was sincere, but you people were not sincere.

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So here's the thing. befriend a sincere friend, who can point out your your mistakes with hikmah to you,

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who care about you. Not because of what you have, but because of what you are.

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And the other thing that will also allow them to help you get a good end is

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effortless American Illa

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be sincere in your deeds for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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business here, you know, in your deeds are a loss.

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The seven categories of people that we that will be will be put under the shade of Allah the day when there's no shade except the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Amongst the seven categories is a man

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who stayed alone, Holly and that kind of lacanian forefather painter.

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He was so sincere, invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, not only publicly but also privately making that alone, asking Allah Subhana Allah so much so that he's eyes started, you know, shedding tears.

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He was sincere. He doesn't only cry on his run people will give southern counties around people publicly, but also privately.

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He was honest. At the end, they said the scholars they said for our

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dedes in fact to be accepted for our airmen for our a bad to be accepted our worship to be accepted he's got to meet two conditions and if last while motiva

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if last and whatever his last sincerity

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for Allah, whichever whatever however the Prophet Mohammed is

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following the acts and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed is

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this you know, these are the two conditions for our ML to be accepted and our worship to be accepted.

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So I used to see in fact Ramadan with teach us how to be sincere. We don't go around in people and fasting boasting and bragging and fasting everybody has.

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So Ramadan, in fact teaches us this quality of sincerity.

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How can I be sincere?

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and shot load data, maybe in the next episode or so. We'll talk a little more about sincerity until tomorrow for another episode of crack your Ramadan. 2012 I say I said

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