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A Tree in Paradise

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Navaid Aziz

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There was a young boy during the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu. It was set up who wanted to build a fence around his house. So he comes to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says, You're a civil, I want to build a fence around my house, except my neighbor's tree is blocking it. I've asked him to give it to me, but he refuses, can you please intercede? The Messenger of Allah sallallahu on your son goes to this man and tells him, I will buy this tree off of you. The man says, No, I don't want to sell it. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam says, Give this tree as sadaqa and I promise you a tree and a garden in paradise. The man says no, this is

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my right and keeping it. Some of the other companions the gathered around the acciara Salalah this offer that you made of having a tree in paradise? Was it only for this man or is it for everyone? He said, it's for everyone. So I moved to LA when he goes to this man and he says, you know who I am. I'm a Buddha. I own one of the biggest burdens and all of Medina over 300 palm trees. I will give you all of these trees. If you just give me this one tree, just give me this one tree. The man says Have you lost your mind? Why would you trade your whole garden for this one tree? And he says that's none of your business. So he says call us take this one tree and give him your garden.

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He gives a treat to the boy he builds his fence. He makes his way home. And he's excited. He's pumped up as he's running home. He's shouting to his wife. Yeah. Oh my god. We've had such a profitable trade. His wife gets excited as well. You know what happened if we just get a million dollars? What happened? she shouts out. We've traded our dunya for our Acura. she shouts back Allahu Akbar, what a profitable trade that has been. Now I think about this moment, you know, what would have happened in our times in our DNA? Ah, then a man says I've traded every

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single tree. He comes on. You know, the wife's getting the pots and pans ready. She's at ground ones pots and pans throwing at him. Round two. I'm taking the child who and feeding him up with round three. You know, he's sleeping on the floor tonight. And that's, you know, all the things that would have happened. But oh my god, ah, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with her. She's like, may Allah be pleased with you? Yeah, but she comes into the house, they pack their stuff up, and they get ready, get ready to leave. Now the the most sentimental moment of the story is in its conclusion, that if for any of you who have children, you will know that when you give your children

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something, you want to bring them happiness, you don't ever want to make them cry. If they ever desire anything, you want them to have it. So as they're leaving the house, the children have a Buddha they have dates in their hand. A Buddha he asks them all children, did you pick up these dates before I came into the house, or did you pick them up? After I came into the house? They said oh my father we picked them up after you came into the house. And a Buddha one by one took the dates out of his children's hands and threw them back into the house and he told his children inshallah Allah will replace it with something better than the

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these were examples for us of Hannah law, that even their children didn't cry. Thereafter they understood that gender is everlasting gender is going to be better