Nadim Bashir – New Year’s Resolutions

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The holy month in Islamic history is discussed, with emphasis on the holy year and the holy spirit. The speaker discusses the responsibility of Islam to do what is in one's power and the consequences of running out of power and changing tire plans. The importance of planning for future events and achieving goals is emphasized, along with the need to stay optimistic and not forget the actions of others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of making plans and achieving goals in the coming year.
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A humbler we are going through the month of the hija. And if you say this, if you study Islamic history on women of photography Allah that on one time he was sitting with the sahaba. And they were trying to decide when should we start the calendar, the Islamic calendar, one month, should we start the Islamic calendar and when should we end it? And there were a lot of discussions that went back and forth some set of Ramadan, some set of your world because that's when the problem was, was born. Many, many suggestions came forward at the end aluminum, hatha yoga yoga, and he decided that the month where we will start the Islamic calendar is the month of Muharram. And the month where we will

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end it is the month of the hijab. And he gave a logic behind his choice or his his decision. He said that people go for Hajj primarily, of course in the hijab. And as we all know, that hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever performs hydrogen, and whoever does not engage in any kind of argumentation confrontation, or it does not engage in any kind of intimacy with one spouse and so forth. Then he says, Raja ik Yeoman will lead to more, they will return back to their homes as if they are a brand new child, or they are a newborn child. And a newborn child does not have any sense, of course. So this concept, the almond upside was that when people come back from

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hij, this as if this is as if it is a brand new start in their life. Because many of us, we always want a brand new star, we want like a fresh new start. And this is what happens many times when the year is about to end in December. And you don't when we talk about January coming around, you start people talk, you hear people talking about New Year's resolutions. So the concept in Islam and as we're coming forward, as we're coming to the end of the end of the Islamic year, and we're starting we're about to start a new Islamic year. The question is that what plans are you and I we have first of all is that there is an idea of the Quran that we all recite every single day. In fact without

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this idea or without the surah perhaps our slot is not even accepted. That is total Fatiha with into the Fatiha Allah mentions ei canabal, do what you can to stay in. And a lot of times we recite this ayah and we understand the translation, but we don't understand the meaning and the depth of this if Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says, oh, only you do we worship IACA now but the only you do we worship and only from you we seek your help. And what that means is seeking help here in this direction means or implies that first of all, we have to do everything in our power, what Allah requires us to do. And then we have ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will come because the only thing that

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Allah wants to truly see from us is the hard work. The results are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala when it came to the Prophet said Allah Allah Allah he was sending them trying to encourage his uncle Abu Talib to become a Muslim. At the end of the day, the problem Saddam he could not and Allah send an idea to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca demon, but what I can Allah you had him in your shot, you cannot give hidayah to whoever you like, yes, the hard work was your responsibility. You did what you had to do. The results are in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Musa alayhis salam came all the way to the sea and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, fugly br Sokal

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Baha the Musa take your stuff, take your stick and hit it on the sea. Now let's take a step back and pause here for a second and think what's the logic behind this phenom is right behind them. Okay, and what are the people of Musa said yeah Musa Inala mudra Kuhn that's it, we're caught. We went with you, we put our faith in you and now fit on his right behind us. He's gonna catch us he's gonna torture us. God knows what he's going to do. And Allah subhanaw taala says for the BR sulcal Baha take your stick and hit it on the water now what will that do to the water? Take Imagine going to a lake taking the stick and just hitting on the water is not going to do anything. But Allah said, do

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this. We are told IAQ in Abu Dhabi, you're gonna stay in if we want to have Allah, we do what we're told to do. And then eventually Allah subhanho wa Taala he part of the sea. Tao was Musa responsibility. He did what he had to do the rest of the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala when use of Allah His son was locked behind doors, and he was invited to haram. What could what could use value some do? Besides the fact that he has to run out of the room. He has to escape that haram. He knows that there are closed doors these are not just closed doors. There are locked doors. Now imagine running someone running towards a locked door. We will say what's wrong with that person,

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but the use of it is some did what he had to do in

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His power he left the result in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. And what do Allah say in the Quran was taba called Bab Amin, ALLAH SubhanA says that as he was coming to the doors, the doors were opening up. He did what he had to do the results on the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Musa when Allah subhanho wa Taala Ibrahim Ali some go to the mountain and just make an event, make an errand and make an announcement and invite people to come imagine a person going on the mountain and telling people to come what go with that would that do? But Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran and certain hedge, he says, Well, I've been financier been hedge yet to Khadija and then you

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will see people coming on their foot men couldn't leave our meeting. Yeah, Tina mean Khalifa genomic, they will come from places that you cannot even possibly imagine. That's that's another translation that I I'm paraphrasing here that this is what this ayah means. So the point I'm trying to make is that there are some certain choices that Allah has put within our in our control. And Allah wants to see us do that. Exactly. And the rest of the hands of Allah subhanaw taala this is the definition and the meaning of iAk. And I will do what you can to Stein, if I want to help if I have a flat tire, if I just sit there and call someone and say come and help me out. That's not

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necessarily mean getting out of your car, start changing and start going you know, start the process of changing your tire and then someone comes and helps you up that is not the end. So as we come and we have to start making new year resolutions. First thing is we do everything the power of making plan is we do everything that we can and we make a plan and we do whatever is in our capacity, the rest is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala The second thing when we make plans, Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about in South Africa Half The Story of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam a story that you and I are very familiar with. Some of the people of the oration went to the Jews of Medina

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and said give us some tough questions. So we can so we can corner this man who claims to be a prophet, they came to the Prophet Sal Wildwater he was send them they asked him three questions. The Prophet saw some said that I will get back to you. What did the Prophet alayhi salam forget to say, in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he instructed us was a Allahu alayhi wa sallam and not only the Prophet, he instructed all of us he says that Willa Taku Lana, Rishi in the fact that he cavada do not say that you're going to do anything we have a plan. I'm going to do this. Yes, you're going to do this. This is your plan. Allah has his own plan. But when you make these kinds of plans, first

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of all say in sha Allah Now today, there's a different team that inshallah inshallah that you and I we say okay, when you and I we say yeah, inshallah will come, it means I'm not planning to come okay. That is what our inshallah journey means. But in sha Allah, the real meaning of in sha Allah is what? That I have a plan. And if Allah has another plan, then that is what's going to take precedence your son, unless Allah has something else in plan for me, then I will inshallah I plan to do this otherwise Allah's plan will take will take precedence. So this is the second thing and Allah says in the Quran was called Rob Bucha either in a seat when you forget your Rob, he not say if you

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forget to rob that remember Allah he says, when you do this, when you forget your rock, which in Arabic implies the most certainly as human beings we will forget about Allah because you know when you and I we make plans and imagine if we are very resourceful we have everything in front of us and everything goes according to our plan. We begin to feel that you know what Alhamdulillah I'm, you know, I'm such and such person, I have this much capabilities. When I make a plan A goes through know, Allah says was good Rebecca Edina seeds that remember Allah when you forget. And finally, the last thing that we have to always do when it comes to making plans is that we have to always remain

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optimistic. Look, we are going to as Muslims, we're going through a very tough time as it is. We see what's happening in America, okay, to a lot of Muslim families, not just only Muslims, we see what's happening to minorities, that not only that you see what's happening to our Muslims in Kashmir, May Allah help them and we see what's happening in front of Steen and we see what's happening in China. And a lot of times Muslims do become you know, they fall into disparity, that and things are never gonna get better. And first thing is that we have to keep in mind that losing hope in Allah is like losing your iman. losing hope in Allah is like losing your iman you can as a Muslim, one can never

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lose your hope and Allah subhanho wa taala. Whenever the Sahaba came to the province of Salem and they had disparity in their nature, the pulse of them he will change that immediately. He will remind them how powerful ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is. And yes, there are going to be trials, there is going to be challenges that we all have to go through because this is what we believe in

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But at the end of the day, we will remain optimistic because in the next part of the IEA and subtle curve as to the UI, we should be reciting every single Friday in that same area. Allah says Wakulla Arsa that say, and this is a dua the United should memorize. I, sir, uh, yeah, howdy Yachty and Iraq be that indeed Allah will guide me, Allah will show me the right path. And think about those people. And this, these ayat were right after the story of those youth who were in the cave. Now, was there any on him with that with those with those youth in the cave? Was there any half of the Quran with them in that cave? Were there any kind of religious scholars with them? No, there were just a bunch

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of youth of the community. They did not want to worship the King who was calling them who was calling people towards his ibadah. They escaped and they went and they indicate and this is the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala led them to believe in the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the definition of the Daya when you saw this when you we say the story of Ibrahim it Islam first he sees the sun, then he sees the moon, he sees the moon, then he sees the sun. And he says that when he sees his son, he says hi that Edward this is even bigger. This has to be my Rob and eventually when the sun was gone, eventually slowly and gradually, Allah guided him to believe in that one

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Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is a dua the United We should be reciting. And this is a dua of optimism that in sha Allah, Allah will guide us, Allah will put the pieces in place that will help our situation in sha Allah. So this is part of these are all three things. Part of making a plan and executing a plan. First of all, is once again we do everything, what's in our capacity, the hard work is our responsibility. Results are in the hands of Allah. Number two is what we don't forget Allah subhanho wa Taala we make plans, we might be very resourceful, but we have to always turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and number three is what

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was number three?

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Optimism. Always when optimistic, shallow things will get by things will become easy. You make a plan. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has another plan. You join a company, you feel like that I'm going to be here for 10 years. Two years later you get fired or something happens. That was Allah's plan. Usually, in a lot of cases as we're told we're told to make plans. But sometimes our plan may not be the same as Allah's plan. But when we keep on asking Allah for guidance, I saw a yesterday and the rugby league aka Robin hada, Rashida, oh Allah bring us closer and closer to the guidance than inshallah Allah will make that path easy. Ask Allah subhana wa to give all of us ability to practice

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one has been sent or heard. And please going forward, make plans make great plans, as I just said that the concept or whatever. This is the coming of the end of the year. We all need a fresh start. Let's try to make resolutions and let's try to pursue our plans and goals in sha Allah. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us ability to practice one was been sending her does that Kamala height a cinematic unbelievable cartoon

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