Muiz Bukhary – But I Do Not Understand Arabic

Muiz Bukhary
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And then you might ask me, okay, but I don't understand Arabic. So, you know, it's obviously going to be monotone as well, you have to seek knowledge in that regard. We live in such a modern era, you know, we have no excuses whatsoever we're going to be definitely have we had a question about in the code of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you don't use all the tools that we have at our disposal to seek knowledge,

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we used those same tools to seek worldly knowledge. We, you know, follow online courses, we do all kinds of things to secure worldly knowledge. At times, we want this degree finding it difficult to perhaps fly over to a different country, we are ready to sit at virtual classrooms and follow the courses online. And say for example, okay, if he's not a fully fledged course, you just want to know some things about Photoshop or something about web designing, and you want to learn it by yourself. There are enough and more YouTube videos, yes or no? And what do you do you go sit on that and you follow the instructions gradually becoming a master in that particular element. So why can't you do

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the same thing in the Koran in regard the Quran, say, for example, if you say step zero Sugata, you're going to get ample a plethora of videos discussing the top set of certain fathia I'm not endorsing every single video that's on YouTube, it's upon you have to choose the scholar that you trust and listen to the content at the end of the day. But there is enough and more content and there are scholars who stick to the Quran and the Sunnah who are contributing to the Islamic video library on a daily basis. It is upon us to derive benefit from that content. Now we are going to be held accountable for the DFM a you had that smartphone with you you had that iPad, you had that

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laptop, you had access to all these platforms, but you did not use it for good purposes. Instead, you used it for evil purposes or purposes that do not benefit you in this world over here.

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You're going to be held accountable and we're going to be questioned about last time.

But I Dont Understand Arabic ┇Short Reminder┇Muiz Bukhary┇Pertubuhan Al Khaadem

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