Muhammad Alshareef – Have You Ever Tasted Jannah

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The Congressional Speaker's Day agenda is discussed, including a presentation of Islam's success in bringing happiness and happiness to people, a discussion of the return of the American president to Iran, and a proposal to allow people to join a TV panel to convince them to forgive actions of those who lost their victory. The importance of showing faith and loyalty to the people is also emphasized. The segment ends with a recitation of the Koran and a discussion of the return of the American president to Germany.
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sinner hamdulillah

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subhanho wa Ana Stein and wanna stop fiddle when our old Avila Himanshu Ram fusina. Amin say Dr. Medina, mi de la hora para mobile Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika pasado Mohammed Mohammedan Abu rasuluh bad for OC C'mon FCB toquilla Takada, Marana la sala de de de Kofi kitabi al Karim for cazalla levena Manasa la Pato Kati Morton Illa one two Simone.

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Call us Allah yohanna Sakuraba qumola de cada Kaku minasi wahida wirkkala caminhadas Olga Olga Semin humare Jalan Cassie Romani what Taka la la de Luna v what a ham in La karnali Kumar fever some

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dear brothers and sisters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wants sat down, and he explained to the Sahaba and to the entire oma, the last person to leave from Hellfire, the last person to be released from jahannam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this man would come and as he escaped from Hellfire, and he's torched, and, and burned from all that and he's walks away from it limping and falling, trying to escape until he finally escapes. He turns back to help fire and he says, I'll come to the lab lady and gentlemen, he says, All praises to Allah Alhamdulillah who saved me from you, save me from hellfire. And then he says, By Allah, no one, not

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a single human being that ever lived has been blessed with more than what I have been blessed with, to be to escape from hellfire. And that was the greatest hammer that he could imagine that anybody could ever have gotten. And then at that moment, a loss of Hano tala allows a tree, a tree to grow nearby him. And when that man sees the tree,

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he raises his hand, and he sees the shade in the tree. And he says, Yeah, Allah, give me that tree. Let me drink from the water the tree let me bask in its shade. And then Allah subhanaw taala says to him, I'm afraid that if I give you the tree, you will ask for more. And definitely, the son of Adam is always asking for more always asking for more. He says, Yeah, Allah, give me the tree. Aloha, give me that tree. And I promise that I'll never ask for anything more than that one tree. And so Allah subhanaw taala allows him to tree and while he's in the shade, and thinking that no one else has gotten a blessing such as this beautiful tree being saved from hellfire. Allah subhanaw taala

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commands another tree to grow one more beautiful than the first one. When he's sitting and looking at his shade and looking at the tree he sees a more or less tree. He says, Yeah, be that one or love that tree that she loves. Aloha Aloha. I won't ask for anything more. And then he keeps doing this. Allah subhanaw taala says, didn't you promised me that you wouldn't ask for more? And he says he said he ought to be just this last one last Aloha. And then Allah subhanaw taala allows him that tree bill committees of Hanna who was Allah

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala commands another tree to grow near the gates of Jenna one more beautiful than the first two. And then he says he are a bee that tree. Oh my Lord, give me that tree. Give me that tree last aloe vera Ha. And Allah subhanaw taala says Didn't you promised me that you wouldn't ask for any more trees. And he says this is the last one. This is the last one Give me that tree. And Allah subhanaw taala from his mercy gives him that tree. And when he's basking in the shade and drinking from the water of that beautiful tree, he starts peeking into general. And he starts looking into Jenna. And he starts forgetting about the tree that he's in. And he says, I'll

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be at Sydney or be at Sydney. He says Oh Allah, let me enter into gender or law. Let me enter into gender. And then Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, he says, Oh my servant. Oh, my slave. Didn't you promised me that you wouldn't ask for anything more. And then and then the Prophet said a lot I sent him said he's, he had he couldn't control himself. But he saw the agenda and he could only ask Allah subhana wa tada that Allah subhanaw taala says, what will finish me from from your pleading? What we're finished me from from your consistent asking, would you would it suffice you would it make you happy? If not only did I enter you into Gen. But I allowed you the riches of everything in the world

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while Mr. homma or Mr.

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And continue and give you the riches of the world in the entire world as a prize over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over 10 times again. And then the person he saw, and he locked his eyes, and he says to Allah subhanaw taala, attested test has to be one interpolant. I mean, he says, Are you mocking me and you are the Lord of the universe? Are you making fun of me? And then the prophet SAW that the narrator he started smiling, and he's laughing. And he said, asked me why I'm laughing. And they said, Why are you laughing? He said, because the prophets of Allah ohaneze sent him was laughing. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, asked me why I'm

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laughing. We said, what makes you smile, yada? sutala he said, Because Allah subhana wa tada smiled, when his slave said, a test there has to be one terrible Allah me. So do you do you mock me and you are the Lord of the heavens and the earth. You're the Lord of the universe. And Allah subhanaw taala says, last week, I'm not mocking you were lucky Allah Okada. But rather, I can do whatever I wish and I have the ability to do it.

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Brothers and sisters, if you turn to any page in the Koran, you'll always see that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the jinn and war and cause a war cause that tells the prophets that a lot of them in this calling the believers to toward this agenda, and warning them from the Hellfire on every page, but I asked you about this agenda has any of us ever tasted Jenna, has any of us ever smelled the fragrance of gin? Has anyone ever heard the beautiful sound of gender? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and if you can imagine anything beautiful, the most beautiful thing in the world? No, the agenda is better than that. And how do you think could see the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said that Allah said that I've prepared in general for my servants my pious servants merline

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what eyes have never seen before while ozone seminar and no ears have ever heard before, while Hassan Bashar and no one has ever imagined it, like you'll say use your imagination. Try to think the unbelievable it has never come upon the heart of a human being what Allah subhana wa tada is preparing for his servants in general.

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And read in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah tala Muna

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lots of panel data says, and no soul knows what's hidden for them from the comfort of the eye, meaning the satisfaction as the reward for they used to do that they have no idea. Now fear lahoma karate is what Allah subhanaw taala is preparing for them in general. In this dunya and here, in especially in North America, you'll see people that they're always trying to entertain people, and they're always trying to find, but trying to find the best way to have fun and have the most fun. But I tell you, dear brothers and sisters, that there are three types of fun. The first fun is what people think is fun. But actually behind that fun are those few moments of supposed happiness lies,

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the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala lies regret in the Hereafter, lies sadness, and it's not a true fun maybe on the outside, just for those few moments, the person may think he is having fun, but the ramifications of things that come after that. It truly isn't fun. And that is the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When a person thinks they're having fun, by drinking alcohol, or person thinks they're having fun by committing Zina or a person thinks that they're having fun by maybe not wearing Hijab or having fun with the money from ribba and so on. They may think this is fun, but it's not fun in the sight of a loss of panel data. And when that person finds out on the Day of

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Judgment, what that what happened to that. And in fact, these things are called say, a sin. But see, because it does Sue it does evil back to the person and it's not fun. The second type of fun that people think other worldly things, they move on to things the permissible thing of the dunya someone may be happy with a car, they may be happy with a new toy, and so on the dunya but this is cheap, fun. This is cheap, for Allah subhanaw taala if they knew what Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for them in general, they will know the worthlessness of these material things and suffice it that all these things will come to an end

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and this

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Type is the kind that Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared for his pious servants in general. And this comes the true fun is in thought of man is in obedience to Allah subhana wa tada the true satisfaction and happiness comes when a person memorizes a new student, the true happiness and fun comes when someone is good to his parents. When someone does fit into law him and tries to gather his family makeup between his family. That's the true fun when a person obeys Allah subhanaw taala and a person can feel it when someone takes from his pocket, he only has a sandwich he sees someone without a sandwich and he gives them he knows and he can feel that fun from inside can feel the

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happiness Allah subhana wa tada says

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nothing here.

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Allah Subhana tada says quoted before, by the virtue of a law of uniformity and his mercy, the virtue and mercy of Allah forbid valic affiliate for a whole let them get their happiness and fun in that cool hydronium nyege mount that is better than all the things that the people try gaining all the money that people try collecting in their bank account, the roughness and the virtue of Allah subhanaw taala is higher on midnight mount is better than that. And that happened was taught to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you'll see some people traveling and they'll stay places like Hawaii and Florida or a vacationers paradise, and in these Paradise is that they claim to give the human being, you'll see things like Jacuzzis and you'll see things like apartments and very big living quarters, and cruise ships and so on. But I tell you one thing that they cannot offer you is in mortality, they cannot offer you to live forever. That's something they cannot give you. And if they have a huge buffet, and there's a microscopic thing that goes in your stomach and makes you have diarrhea or stomach ache, can they bring you happiness after that when when Allah subhanaw taala allows you to become sick, they cannot

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bring you health and they cannot make you live forever. They claim this as a paradise. But in fact, it is a novice paradise, a quote unquote paradise, because they cannot give these things only a loss of Hano tada gives the center gives the complete eternity that a person has an agenda. That's why you'll see them always talking about in their fiction novels, about the fountain of youth about someone looking and finding this special water that makes someone live forever. But it doesn't exist in India actually is a fiction novel, because it doesn't exist in the dunya it exists with the loss of Hannah hautala either in general for the person or in hellfire.

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Let's take a glimpse at some of these things and only a few glimpses of the is to talk about Jen in

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the ambience or the the atmosphere of the jinn Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And imagine yourself now when you hear these is imagine yourself that after all those days of waking up for all those days when you turned away from the hot on that now is your moment to rejoice Now is your time to say 100 levy as heaven and hasn't that Allah subhanaw taala says those people that enter agenda, they say 100 Allah to Allah Praise to Allah that made the sadness go away, meaning the sadness of working hard and not not that sadness. But they strived in the dunya fearing that they wouldn't be entering to gender and that fear goes away when they enter into Gen Alhamdulillah hilarie as Hebron and husband, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, or Julie oma even

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Allah subhanaw taala says would you who neoma even the faces on that day will be joyful and radiant illuminated from the happiness of entering Jen that he saw he had all the happy that they did what they did happy that they work woke up for Pamela happy that they woke up happy that they threw that ribbon money in the garbage happy that they were there. Lisa he had all the now they know that I'm lucky that I did what I did, and I'm happy that I turned to Allah subhana wa tada Lisa he had all the fields and nothing Alia in the highest and in the lofty Jenna Murphy holla the atmosphere. You will see some of these beautiful places they still say these Hawaiian paradise and stuff. All it

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takes is someone who talks too much to ruin your entire vacation. Someone who's backbiting the sitting right beside you on the cruise ship and he's talking rubbish and little

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ruin your entire vacation. But that's not like it in general with all this beauty, the people that are beside you will never speak love here. They will not speak in vain talk, they will not talk about brothers so and so what he's wearing and how sister so and so didn't do this or didn't do that. There's no backbiting agenda. There's nothing of that. No grill, no, no hatred, animosity, nothing of that.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, learn to smile, see her love here, you will never hear this unsuitable speech in general. And in fact, what they will be saying to each other is a Salaam Alaikum Salaam and peace between the people of Jenna.

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And Gen. z is the greatest gift that a person can have. I remember once in Mr. Nebo, he and I spent an entire year reciting the Koran to a chef there, Mr. Never we have a little holla. And when we when I was coming to the completion, it was like one year of just completing the quote on one time learning how to recite the plan properly. I came with a cassette tape to the messenger. And I told the chef, I said, Yeah, Chef, I was today's the final day, and we're gonna finish, you know, just today, I said I wanted to record this, so that I can give it to my mother in Sharla, because she would didn't have the chance to be here with me, in Medina. So I'd like in the summer when I go back

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in a few weeks, I'd like to take this tape back with me. And so as we recited the final sewist coming down, until finally when we had completed the Quran in the shift, began making draw in the draw, he said, or law blessing from his parents with crown of light on the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, he said this, because, you know, he know my mother was gonna listen to it later on.

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So then when I went back in the summer, and everybody's waiting for the gift, this is a watch for you. This is you know, for this for you. And then from my mother, I pulled out this cassette tape. And then she said, What's this, and I said, just listen to it. And then you know, their citation was going on. And she was listening to it, until finally he came to the draw. And she was listening to draw. And when he said, old love left from his parents with crowns of light on the Day of Judgment, she started crying, and she says will lie. This is the greatest gift you could ever have given me. This is the greatest gift that you could ever have given me. And indeed, that Zen is the greatest

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gift that a person can ever get a loss of Hano tada taala. After explaining the agenda, he says that he can foes lobbying, that indeed, this agenda is the greatest achievement that a person could ever get to work with your brothers and sisters for this agenda. Amen. Amen. And these are the most blessing people that walked on this earth, his son because of the poverty they didn't even have money to change their sandals, and they didn't have money and and he would be tortured and and the struggles that he went through. And his son told him his son Abdullah, and he taught his children like, like she taught him stuff. They said to him, yeah, be metal. Ah ha. He says, Oh my father,

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when is when is relaxation going to come? When are we going to finally be relaxed from all this pain and and poverty that we're in any amount of time Allah told his son be Oh, well, he has 14 to half agenda. He said with the first step that we take him to Jenna inshallah, on that that's when the true relaxation comes. Apolo quality has stopped for a while he will echo what he said and Muslim you know what a Muslim at Cisco threw in a whole whole lot for him.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v Baba, Baba.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, or Jo, Hawaii, huie oma even Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, da da foofy mucho de novo Latin.

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Speaking about the people of Jenna, Sadie foofy will do him that if you looked at them, you can see and you can recognize another lesson nine illumination and the beauty of the blessing that there in the radiant blessing. You can see it in the face of the people agenda. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the people of Fiji

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that you're going to be in garden and going to be with rivers flowing and don't think that you have simple gardens. I know you see all the beautiful gardens here, but if you try sitting in the garden, you'll see bugs coming out and you'll see ants coming to take your food away and so on. That's not the garden of Jenna. See Jana sumana ha. These are the rivers that a person can dip their hand into the river and drink from the river in general when a person imagines fruit that he wants it that it will come

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to him and and he won't even have to just the pain of having to reach out and grab the fruit won't that won't be an agenda, the person will want the fruit and the fruit will come to him. And then he'll just take it and eat it.

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And Allah subhanaw taala one of the greatest blessings in Jen feeds in to one of her female colleagues, the sukan angamaly moqtada that they will be in a novel and a blessing position over all of humanity. FEMA, it says the plan in the Maliki moqtada near and close to the league, a sovereign omnipotent King Allah subhanho wa Taala you will see when Asya Allah has Salah when she was being tortured by phenol, she said about Vivian Healy and debate and she said Oh Allah build me a castle build me a home beside you. In general, I want to live beside you or law in general. And when a person really loves Allah subhana wa Tada. They don't want to miss out being with the loss of hunter

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with Allah on the Day of Judgment, and they want to turn away that harm, and push that hot arm away so that nothing stands between them and the loss of habitat and being able to live near Allah subhanho wa Taala in general, dear brothers and sisters, this gender is something that a person builds in his life now. You are now building today, yesterday and tomorrow, you're continuously building your houses and your garden in general. Some people build it with proper bricks. And some people try building these gardens in general with tin and believe me, castles engender don't grow from sin. There once was a pious slave who had a master who was very much disobedient to Allah

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subhana wa Tada. So he wanted to teach him the airwaves in the wrong ways that he was doing. And so he wants when, when the new farming season came, he found his opportunity the master told him to, to plant wheat to plant wheat. And so he said, okay, he went and he took barley seeds, and he planted the barley seeds. And he left. And as the time went by, and and the seeds started growing, and they started coming out the master recognize that these were barley seeds, and they were what they weren't wheat seeds, like he had told him, it wasn't coming out as weak. And so he took the slave and he started beating him. And he said, didn't I tell you to plant to plant the wheat? Why did you

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plant the barley? And the slave said, while he's being beaten, he said, I planted the barley hoping that it would come out as wheat. I planted the barley hoping that insha Allah, it'll come out as we and he said, You're crazy. He said, How can you plant seeds of barley and expect it to come out as wheat? And then he stopped and looked at him? And he said, How can you plant seeds of sin and expect to last palletized to forgive you? How can you plan the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala and hope for a faraway?

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A far away party from Allah subhanho wa Taala you're planting the seeds of Hellfire and hoping that it's going to come out as gentlemen. When he says this, the slave master was quiet. And he did Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he told him that you are free for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he returned because just like in the simple dunya matters. A person understands these things. When it comes to Jen. The people hide it and close the harsh reality of the situation.

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a poet's one cent once said ladder rollin ma e Baba nosey. escucha Illa let's see can koblin moti abney ha he said that there is no home and no castle for a person in after he dies except the castle in the home or the place that he was building before he died. That's the only place that he's going to be going to the inventor happy hiring for them is going to hope that if you build it with head with good deeds, then the beauty and the architecture of that castle in sha Allah will be beautiful. We're in Burnaby Sharon harbour Burnie that is he builds it with a with a spin and the disobedience of a law is not the architecture that's going to be a messed up and looking not so nice harbor But

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anyhow, the person who tried building it is going to be in trouble.

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Brothers and sisters was all in you can go on and on of the blessings for the people in zen, but there's one blessing that goes above all the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala when the people who are going to fire enter fire and when the people are going to Agenda enter agenda and then it's closed.

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And then Allah subhanho wa tada calls them and then they all come and then they say, Allah subhanaw taala says hadn't been shaken as he Dooku Is there anything

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else that I can increase you in. Now you're looking at Zen and everything that the person wants is there in general, Allah subhanaw taala says, What more do you want? I mean, is there anything more that you want? And then they'll say, they'll say, Oh our Lord lm to buy your boo Johanna. Didn't you make our faces alumina?

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Kidding Amina? Nah. Didn't you save us from Hellfire lm to the sin agenda? Didn't you enter us into Gen? What more could we ask for? And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, so you actually fallen in hijab. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will uncover the veil between himself subhana wa Taala. And the people of Jenna and the prophets of Allah, Allah sent him said that there'll be nothing in Jenna more beloved to them than seeing the face of a loss of Hannah or to Allah. in general. The reward of faith, instead of seeing the reward of believing in the unseen is to see that on the Day of Judgment, you believed in Allah subhana wa tada in the dunya, even though you didn't

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see him and then the reward on the Day of Judgment is to see a loss of Han Allah tala or Joe Julio oma even

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know Allah subhanaw taala says the faces on that day will be illuminated. A lot of behind now we are looking to Allah subhanho wa Taala. in general.

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The brothers and sisters do we really want this agenda? Do we really want to be near a loss and panel data? Do we want to stand beside or sort of lasala maharlika center and have on our left and right I will buck you're an ominous man and it made me want to be with a volhynia inshallah, Nami, Malik and I'm a chef here at Mount. Do we want to be with these people? Are these the people we love? Do we want to be with Khadija and ah Isha and prossima? Or who do we want to be with? Our Hadith we said was a tomato mom and a half the companions, they were scared because they knew the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was better than them. And they knew there were certain companions that had

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a higher position. They said, the auto pseudo law, they said, Well, we see you on the Day of Judgment, when you enter into the high places. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, and this was the most beloved Heidi to them, Mr. Oman and he said you will be with whom you love on the Day of Judgment. If you don't love the profits on the lawn is sort of like you love things on television, and you shun away this, when you don't know anything about these people, then do we truly love them in our heart? Do we truly want to be with them in sha Allah, Allah in general, dear brothers and sisters is something small, you may ask how do I work for this agenda? And how do I work for it, and

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I tell you inshallah, and hopefully only if only a few, a small percentage of us here do this, then Allah subhanaw taala in sha Allah will be happy and Allah subhanaw taala is more happy than any human being with the Toba of his slave when the what the toboe when he repents to him, Allah subhanaw taala is most happy with that with that servant, and if the person comes, puts his hand that Allah puts his armor on when the person comes walking, Allah comes running. I tell you, dear brothers and sisters, let's make a pledge to a loss of 100 was not a pledge with money, but a pledge of your time. If someone had an airplane flight in the morning, and he was leaving at five, he would

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put his alarm on at three o'clock, so he wouldn't miss that airplane flight. And if a person and some of the children here will know that if they're Saturday morning cartoons, that they'll wake up early in the morning to turn on the television to watch those cartoons in the morning. But I tell you, Allah subhanho wa Taala comes down not only in Laila tahajjud and not only in Ramadan but a loss of habitat it comes down every single night in this last third portion of the night and says hadn't been interested Ebola is the anybody who's going to make dots so I'll answer is Don had a meeting with Stella fitting of Finola Is there anyone who's going to do so far asked for forgiveness

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so that I would forgive that person. I tell you dear brothers and sisters, let's put our alarms on just one day. Just put it at two o'clock in the morning or three o'clock in the morning, put your alarm on, and wake up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To pray only to rock is only to and you can go back to sleep after that and wake up for failure to lock eyes. And instead think of one sin, just one to standing between you and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and ask Allah to forgive you for that. And we all do this as the loss of hansadutta forgive us for that one sin and promise that we're not going to go back to that sin after we get up from that sajida promise Allah subhanho wa

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Taala and inshallah a lower figure forgive you and alone will be happy with you in sha Allah and when you're there and your face is on the floor to a loss of Hano Matata. Then you can remember your brothers and Philistines and believe

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Give me that so I will come very high to Allah subhana wa tada and you will remember everything the sadness is of your doing. That's where you ask for the mercy to come from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in the lahoma Iquitos alone and maybe you're living in Salalah yourself anymore sistema llama, Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed Kenapa, Lita Ibrahim, Ibrahim Abadi, Carla Mohammed, Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Anika hamidah Majeed, la fille de hyena, homie Sina, Porsche he didn't even know what Savino, Sabina weather Kirino and Cena along them in a hater home in Asahi, volunteer feta homing fatawa firewall and email alarm offended and muslimeen I want him to see Matt what is me Nina what Mina? What a lift Vina fall over him. What are the two main him one sort of homological veto? I do with him Allahumma Lanka for

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a living you can be born out of sulaco partido wanna only Allah Muhammad Athena Kadima to him Allahumma xlg akadama Home Alarm and will be him batcycle la de la Yura Donna common

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in the La Jolla model villandry wildish sanita is an corba enhancing fascia it will move kettlebells

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from tobacco for the port of La VMAs kuroko washko Rouhani army hears it from Politico La La yada momentous naran

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