Mufti Menk – Why Build Bridges?

Part of the Building Bridges Tour. Davao, Philippines. Hosted by Faredatunnisa Foundation

Building bridges. The first bridge the venerated Sheikh informs is the bridge with Allah.

He is Rabbun – the one how nourishes,who protects, the one in absolute control of all aspects of existence.

So we build the bridge to Him to connect with Him when we return to Him. Remember- Where you are going is where you came from.

If Allah could create you from nothing, don’t you think He can create you from your bones?

This life is only 60-70 years in average. But those who died for 500 years are dead for longer then they were on Earth. Keep passing the tests by building that bridge to Him by worshipping Allah alone to cross the most important bridge in our existence – the bridge over Jahannam – As-Sirat. Those who built the correct bridges to Allah on Earth will cross as fast as lightning. Seek your forgiveness of Allah and your bridges will be built. And don’t let syaitan blow your bridge up  by forsaking hope in your Creator Ghafurur Rahim. Never give up on the mercy that Allah has promised.

The next bridge is the bridge to Muhammad s.a.w. We have become racist, tribalist, we have broken bridges where we should have been building them.

We all connected through Adam a.s. But Allah says He created us different from each other for us to know each other. Sadly every tribe believes they are better. Iblis’s crime was just that – ana khairun minhu- I am better than you. Stop thinking we are better than others. We are equal like the teeth of the comb. We all have equal access to Allah and what makes us better is that bridge we built with Allah and His Rasul s.a.w.

So begin perfecting that bridge with Allah and His Rasul by building your relation with Him immediately. Start it by finding time in your daily routine to listen to the talks published on Muslim Central.