Mufti Menk – When will I get justice?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of patient behavior and forgiveness in achieving greater love for Allah is emphasized in Islam. The speaker warns against giving anyone who thinks they have done something wrong and suggests forgiveness is a means to avoid future mistakes. The importance of patient patience and faith in Islam's ability to help individuals is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to stay true to Islam and show appreciation for others' actions. It is also emphasized that protecting individuals and not letting anyone take advantage of them is crucial in achieving greater love for Allah.
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Smilla he will hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah Heba Rasool e Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, many times we are told to be patient. The term Sobor is a term that all Muslims are aware of, and it is repeated now and again, no matter what happens, we are taught, bear SABR Be patient, sometimes you have a sickness or an illness, while you are making dua, and while you are seeking remedy, you are told bear patients, correct, you get a reward for bearing patients. When calamity strikes you, you are told bear patients, that is also correct. When someone does something bad to you, you are told bad patients. But obviously, that particular one is a little bit difficult because we know Allah is just, if I were to slap you across your face, do you not have

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the right to slap me back? The answer is yes, you do. The Quran says well just

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say to me, flu, ha, the recompense of something bad is something exactly equivalent to it back. But Allah says famine Alpha was laha, Jo, Allah, Allah, whoever is ready to forego and to make amends, their reward is with Allah. It's not easy. So you're allowed to retaliate. But at the same time, you are strongly encouraged to forego forget, forgive or try to forget a times we are human beings, we won't be able to do that. But we're actually instructed to try to make amends. Allah says the reward is great. The reason is, sometimes it is in the best of your interest to let things go, it will be more expensive to pursue them. For example, someone does something to you, you do it back to them,

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they do it back to you in a bigger way you do it back to them in a bigger way. Does your life not need to continue and progress somehow, or you are stuck in something that is not allowing you to progress? That's why Allah says you know what, let it go. It's cheaper for you sometimes to let it go. But not all the time. Not all the time. But I want justice, you want justice wherever someone has wronged you. And people come to us and say, bear sobre, bear sober, be patient? Well, I've had enough. That's what it is. Or you might say, when is Allah going to mete out the justice that he promised? Allah is the most just, that is an extremely important feeling for a human being, we would

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not be able to worship a deity who is not just imagine coming on the day of judgment, and there is no justice for you. I mean, what was the point of that day of judgment? In Islam, we firmly believe ALLAH is just, he will give that justice, he will ensure it happens in this world and the next or at times.

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In the next, and not here. Why not here? While there are many reasons, Allah Almighty sometimes wants to elevate your status in mind, by being patient, do you know many people turn away from Allah Almighty, when there is no problem in their lives, nothing is wrong. You have no harm, you have no loss, you have no sickness, you have no calamity, no one is working against you. Some people turn away from Allah, they begin to enjoy on Earth such that they forget they have a maker to go back to. So Allah says, We want to keep you in constant check. So the more we send calamity in your direction, if you're a believer, it is a sign of the greater love of Allah for you. It's the love of

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Allah, in Allah either a hub Bab Edenic de la, we've heard this hadith so many times when Allah loves you, that is when he tests you more and more. But my brothers, my sisters, someone has wronged me or someone has wronged you, when are they going to face the justice of Allah? Isn't it about time? So Allah Almighty responds to that in the Quran

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was Bill Allah says bear patients bear patients or Moussa beluga, in robbing

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your patience is not

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proper except, or you're not able to actually bear that patients except by the help of Allah.

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So it's not easy for me to tell you or for you to tell me by patients and then I suddenly am able to bear patients you are not able to bear patients except and unless if Allah helps you so seek the help of Allah. Allah is the Owner. Allah is the cure. So Allah says Massa Baraka, illa biLlah your patience is not going to come except from Allah. So worship Allah, wa la Zen and

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him, don't be saddened by what they're saying against you or about you that is false. Don't be saddened by it because Allah will make sure that justice is served in this world and the next or just in the next. And if you are ready to forgive, maybe Allah might not punish someone because you have just let it go and you have forgiven Subhan Allah and sometimes Allah mete out the punishment in this world, if you have forgiven thereafter, that person may not see the punishment in the hereafter because you had forgiven them. It can happen. So Allah says Lata Zenn la him, don't be saddened over them, don't be sad and over them, what are they saying? What are they doing against

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you? Don't worry, Allah says we are here. We know what's going on. We planned it for you before you were born. That is the meaning of the term predestiny. So thank Allah, don't worry, what are they able to do? What are they going to do? What's the worst thing? They're going to miss your life a little bit? Who is the Owner of their lives? Allah, so hang on Allah is coming.

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Why does Allah give us time? Why does Allah give them time? Why we want to see it here and now someone slaps you and you want to see an angel slap them at the same time? The head is moving what happened? Ah, wow. But no one gives you. You want to see no Allah says, What Colonel?

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Sir, no Arjona man was always in haste. He always wants things quick, quick, relax. We know the right time. We know the right time it's coming. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, First bill, in our done law in how to bear patients bear beautiful patients. Will Allah He we promise you Allah says in in his emphasis, Allah Almighty says we emphasize that what the Promise of Allah is the truth. False bill, in our done, he hung for patients, the Promise of Allah is the truth. If Allah told you, he is coming for them, he's coming for them. If Allah told you, he's coming for you, he's coming for you.

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It's the truth. So what does Allah say?

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In the mean time, that is the moment when you're supposed to come closer to Allah. Do not allow your calamity to drive you away from Allah. Do not allow your problem on Earth to take you further away from Allah, your problem, your calamity, the issues you have with people or whatever it may be in terms of negativity, it must bring you closer to Allah. Allah says bear patients the Promise of Allah is the truth. First bill in our Allah Huck was double fiddley then big in the meantime, continue to seek forgiveness for your own sins, doesn't mean someone has wronged me. I'm waiting for the justice. Have you wronged someone else? That's a good question. Are you in the right place with

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Allah that you're supposed to be? Do you even pray? Do you even do what Allah wants you to do? Do you even abstain from haram and you want justice? Yes, justice will be served. But sometimes you might be in greater wrong than you actually think. So Allah says it's tough when litem big seek forgiveness for your sin was a bit behind the Arabic and declare the praise of Allah worship Allah glorify in the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the praise of your Lord been Lushy when Ivanka evanka at night and early morning,

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which means morning and night, worship Allah and don't worry about what they're saying. Don't worry about what they do, because Allah Almighty will definitely mete out the justice at the time he has given this respite in order for that person to make amends and for you to become a better and closer person to Allah that's one of the reasons

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so things are not coming right why? Because Allah loves you. He says come closer so now you're doing five Salah days is coming even closer so now you're doing you're soon gonna come even closer so now you're doing you're ahead you come even closer now you're reading Quran Come even closer. Now you've improved your dress code Come even closer. Now you've eradicated haram relations Come even closer. Now you've actually done this, this what's happening, the longer he's delaying, the better you as a believer is becoming that's a gift of Allah. But if you're going further away, or you haven't learned a lesson, then you better take heed. That's why Allah says, You think someone wronged you in

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the interim you seek forgiveness for your sins. In fact, Allah Almighty tells Musa alayhis, Salam and Harun when they prayed against the Pharaoh, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, By the OG but that Anwar to Kuma, Fustat, tema, we have already answered your DUA. It's a matter of time before we destroy the Pharaoh they already knew through revelation, but Allah didn't stop there. He says in the meantime, be steadfast. Imagine to the prophets Allah is saying in the meantime, be steadfast. Allah says bear patients in so many places in the Quran, and a day will come when the Almighty will bless you with

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The justice that you deserve. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, may Allah Almighty help us. If Allah has promised you Jana for something he will give you that Jana, if Allah has promised you forgiveness, He will forgive you as soon as you seek that forgiveness. If Allah has promised you a great reward for something, He will give you the reward. If Allah has promised you something amazing for a deed that you're doing when you do it correctly, he will give you the deed. Whenever you've done a good deed. You say a banner ticket been mean? Oh Allah accepted from us. I did the deed but I'm not too sure as to the exact sincerity of the deed or the concentration within the deed for

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example, your prayer, your charity, sometimes you give a charity a small feeling within you have a slight droplet of pride comes in. Don't allow that to spoil your deed quickly say oh Allah accept it from me. I'm your humble servant. You gave me wealth, not for me to become haughty and proud for me to help others so that I can earn Jenna here it is I got and I gave as best as I could accept it from me and still grant me the humbleness and humility. That's why there is a great reward for a person who respects the poor knowing my charity was not going to be possible if there were no poor people on earth. You thought about that?

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masjid, you come to it to fulfill Salah one of the pillars of Islam, a poor person, you got to go to them to fulfill another pillar of Islam. How do you treat the masjid and how do you treat the poor person? Did you know The treatment of the poor person is more important than the treatment of the masjid although it is the house of Allah. Like the Hadith speaks about the value of the Kaaba, great, Masha, Allah the greatest why not, but the value of another human being sacred, that blood is sacred. It's on another level. May Allah Almighty grant us humility, humbleness, when Allah has promised something it will definitely occur when Allah has promised that justice will be served for

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you or against you. It is coming for you or against you no chance that it's going to go away. But I tell you, my brothers, my sisters, that patience, Allah has told all the prophets to bear it.

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So Bear patients, if Allah promised you cure if Allah promised you profit after loss, it will come but bear patience. And in the meantime, be steadfast, don't lose yourself. This world is very temporary. It's the akhira that is permanent. In this world. We are here to lose things, we will lose our loved ones one after the other. It's the plan of Allah, there's no chance that you're not going to lose your loved ones. If you haven't already lost close people to you. Get ready, it's going to happen. And when that day comes, don't become upset with Allah, it's part of the plan of Allah, there's no chance that it's not going to happen. So what we will gather on the other side by

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the will of Allah if and only we are steadfast May Allah forgive us. So continue worshiping Allah and continue bearing beautiful patients. In Allah Hamas sobbing Allah is with those who bear patients in every way that you can think of. May Allah Almighty grant us the goodness of this world and the next May Allah grant us patience. And indeed, may Allah serve the justice that we are waiting for. May Allah help the Muslim ummah and May Allah help all of us individually, those who are oppressed across the globe, no matter who they are and where they are. Allah knows better than you and I are, who they are and where they are. We ask Allah to help them We ask Allah to give them

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the victory that He has promised them.

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One more thing before I end, Allah Almighty tells the messengers and tells the believers do you think you're going to entered genital for those? Do you think you are going to enter paradise? When you have not yet been tested? Like those before you have been tested? Um, has he been to

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the hormonal John

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Deacon method on learning Holloman Kabini calm Do you really think you are going to go to paradise without a test? Do you really think you're going to go to Paradise and we have not yet tested you in the same way we tested all of those before you including the prophets. What was their Allah says

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must set Humala

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was losing who had a cooler or soon one man alma mater, no Sula.

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War came to them, famine came to them disease came to them last came to them disaster came to them until they said and the prophets from among them said when is the help of Allah going to come? Imagine how much support they had? The messengers who knew the help of Allah was with them. They are saying when is the help of Allah going to come? That's the question they were asking. So for you and I, it's a simple question. I started off this lecture with a similar question. When is the help of Allah going to come? Allah says Allah Behold, are you believer, we revealed to you what the Quran

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In it, what do we say? In Allah He Corrib at that point you must understand the help of ALLAH is near. He is getting you to where he wants to get you before the help of Allah comes. And that's why at the end of Surah Yusuf Allah says, had he this day as well sub Rusu oven no and home Cody, Cody booja. Una.

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When did the help of Allah come to the messengers, when the time came when they almost lost hope they knew it convinced in their hearts, but you know what, at times, it becomes so difficult. You can imagine as a human, some of us go through challenge upon challenge one is barely ending and there's another one bigger than that one, and then another one comes bigger than the other one, but Allah built you through it, he knew I'm going to help you one by one to become stronger and stronger. So you can bear the 20th challenge which is going to come in your direction that will be so massive, if we started with it, it would have finished you so we started with the small ones to

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make your practice one day this guy trouble you next day that guy probably then the big guy troubles you then a bigger guy comes and then something huge happens. You think Allah Allah you you already trained me, man Subhan Allah Subhan look at it that way. It's a positive thing. You look at the young now and you look at the environment outside and how corrupt it is. And you you think you want to protect your children not realizing you have to teach them how to swim in the deep end. They need to know how to deal with the chaos that will surround them at a time when you won't be here. And you know what the chaos might be worse than what it is right now. May Allah help us all we worry about

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our children, but trust me, they will face their challenges. We just have to give them the revelation and we have to tell them what Allah told us. May Allah Almighty grant us all strength May we be from among those not only who accept the message but who change our lives for his sake. Akula Kohli Harada SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad


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