Mufti Menk – Pag Asa – Hope

Zamboanga, Philippines, 09/04/2019, Building Bridges Tour.


In this talk, the learned Sheikh Menk addresses the topic of Hope.

He touches upon the need for us to have hope in the mercy of Allah s.w.t.. You do not know what the future holds for you but Allah knows. Put in the effort after which turn your hope to your Creator.

You need to have hope in your Lord in who possesses your future.

It all begins with us. Allah does not change the condition of a nation in a positive way unless we change our condition  in a positive way.

We came onto earth to spread the message of Islam which is Peace. This is a religion of Hope in Allah’s Mercy and Allah’s  Forgiveness. When the Prophets came onto earth, they struggled. Why did Allah make their lives difficult when He could have made it easy? HE did it to them in order for us to learn that life is a struggle , a challenge. This is why every single one of us faces problems. It is for Allah to test our hope in Him.

And remember that the shayateen’s job is to make us lose hope in Allah because if we think Allah does not forgive us, we will cease seeking His forgiveness.

So keep your hope in Allah and His Mercy shining bright always and strengthen it by constant remembrance of Allah.